It had been two months since the courthouse shooting and Will was holding onto some information. When he got to his girlfriend's apartment, he wondered if he should tell her. Alicia smiled at her boyfriend, but quickly saw the grim look on his face.

"Will, what's wrong?"

"I have to tell you something. Why don't we sit on the couch?"

The couple went to the couch and sat in silence for a bit, "Will, please just tell me."

"When I called your dad, the day of the courthouse shooting, I heard someone in the background."

"What do you mean?"

"I heard a woman asking him to 'come back to bed'."

Alicia sat there in shock, "really?" she said quietly.

"Yeah, I'm so sorry sweetheart."

"My mother can never know."

"I didn't have any plans to tell her."

"I kind of hope that once she's recovered, my dad will tell her. However, it's been my experience that affairs are never revealed by the cheater without someone finding evidence of one first."

Peter's trial:

"And is it true that you have had an affair with Miss Westfall?" Lucca asked.

Alicia couldn't believe that was the information Lucca found to discredit Kurt's testimony. She was glad that she couldn't see the look on her mother's face, but she saw her mother do something she had never done in court before. Diane stood and walked out of the courtroom. She held herself high and carried herself with the same poise she always had.

Alicia decided to not contact her mother that day. Instead, she and Grace went home and found Will waiting for them. Grace hadn't said a thing to her mother either. She could tell how upset she was at the courthouse.

"Hey," Will walked up and hugged his wife.

"It's all my fault," Alicia broke down in his arms. "I just wanted to discredit my dad's testimony. I didn't think she'd find that."

"This is not your fault."

"Wait, it's true?" Grace asked in shock.

Alicia turned around to face her daughter, "yes, it's true. When Will called grandpa about the shooting, he heard Holly in the background. Your grandma was in such bad shape that we decided it was best to not tell her. I never thought in a million years it would come out like this."

"Mom, it's grandpa's fault for hurting grandma by cheating on her. I think that you should talk to grandma and tell her that you never meant for her to find out that way."

"I guess I do owe her an explanation."

Will saw his wife run out of Diane's office practically in tears. He grabbed his things and followed her home.

"Alicia! Wait, what happened?" they had finally both walked in the front door.

Alicia turned and Will saw that her cheek was red, "I told her that she should just treat the girls like she treated us growing up. To pretend they aren't there and she slapped me. My mother has never laid a hand on any of us before. I shouldn't have said that, but I was so mad at her." Alicia's anger turned into sadness, "I was angry about her reaction to my knowing about the affair and not telling her. I'm such an idiot."

"No, you're not."

"Will, I need to leave the firm. I can't work there with my mother anymore."

"Then we'll leave."