Submission dated 10/06/13/20

author: FireCracker

Archive? You'd better.

Warnings: Dark Multiverse. Companion piece to A Moment in Time and Cold Fire, based on Earth-43.

Pairings: Barry Allen (Flash II )/ Wally West (Flash III), Wally West (Flash III)/ Roy Harper? and a surprise GUEST!

Wally misses his friend Roy Harper, killed by Bruce Wayne in a rage. Barry wants his redhead happy and has a solution.

Blood Run

Barry slept the sleep of the undead, body rigid and eyes open. He wasn't alone. Wally glided into their bedroom after a successful hunt. While sated, he thirsted for more. Barry's blood was far richer and sweeter than any human variety available, like the finest wine. Wally moved closer to his sleeping companion, a statue of blonde perfection wrapped in exotic bedsheets.

He sat on the bed, leaning over and kissing softly. Lips brushing over high cheekbones and lantern jaw. Gentle licks along satin smooth skin over a corded throat. More soft kisses over a sculpted chest. Tongue snaking down lower, curling over sleep pants. Nails raking slowly over curves and muscle.

Desire spiking, Wally stripped naked and sidled next to Barry. Turning the stiff form around, he bit deeply into red sweetness, savoring his treat.


Wally woke hours later with the vampire equivalent of a hangover. His senses were dull, his head throbbed and his body buzzed with low vibration. Blearily he looked around. He was in bed alone.


Wally rolled to his side, feeling wetness drain from his ass down the back of his legs. His belly likewise was sticky and wet. An inhuman hiss with bared fangs.

"Not here? Where are you?"

He sat up abruptly. It cost him, as sharp pain stabbed his backside. Wally eased to a crosslegged position and focused.

/Why hide? I'll find you, Barry./

Silence. Wally couldn't determine his companion's location. There was nothing to lock on to.

The redhead got up angrily, grabbing his ass at another stab of pain. "I can't believe this. So its like that, huh? Fine, you have to come home sometime."


Hours later Wally still had no idea where his wayward mate was. He decided to do some web surfing on the political climate of his new world. He was enthralled with the similarities to the world he left behind. A network of hard light screens made a vivid display over a large desk.

A broad hand clasped his left shoulder suddenly. Snarling, Wally spun around in defense mode. "SSssss"

"Easy there, Wally."

Wally stared in astonishment. "Clark? What brings you here?"

Superman smiled serenely. "Just wanted to see how you were adjusting. It's been a few months."

The redhead was perplexed. "Pretty well, actually. But why didn't I sense you? Something's off today."

"Ah, so that's it." Clark sat next to him with a flourish. "Have you seen Barry?"

"Hm." Wally snorted. "He was here then pulled a disappearing act hours ago. I gave up trying to track him down. What I don't understand is why I can't trace his location."

"Meh. He probably doesn't want you to know."

Wally made a face. "Why should that matter? Under normal circumstances I can know where he is anytime."

"True." Clark went silent, thinking.

Wally's eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Come to think of it, I didn't sense you either. What's going on, Clark?"

"Ah...Barry didn't tell you, did he?"

"Tell me what?"

"Well, he and I are of the first generation. Our vampiric power supercedes other generations."

Wally paced the room. "I don't think I like the direction of this conversation."

Clark followed him with his eyes. "You and Barry never discussed this topic?"

Wally paused in his pacing. "We danced around it. I could never get a straight answer out of him. We clashed once and the outcome made me suspicious about a few things."

"But he treats you equally, correct?"

"Always. But there are times I can sense he wants to force the issue about things. Fortunately we've never had to test each other that way."

"Hmm. Wally, there can be no secrets between you two. Unless..."


"Unless there's something he doesn't want to share. Unfortunately you wouldn't be able to compel him."

"We are well and evenly matched as Flashes, Clark."

"I sense that. But not as vampires."


"Oh boy." Clark rested his chin in both hands at the desk. "I remember when I had this conversation with Kon-El. He didn't like it either."

"How's he doing, by the way?"

"Fine. He might pop in to see you sometime."

"I'd like that. But about Barry..."

"I asked him myself if he'd been straightforward with you on this topic. But Wally, let me first say this. You are a very, very powerful vampire. With those abilities in addition to your Speedforce there are no limits as to what you could achieve. In time you will learn to hone and perhaps combine those abilities to an astounding level."

Wally thought that over. "There's a caveat though."

"Barry expressed to me your concern at being a 'slave' as he put it."

"True. I admit when I first 'returned' I was a bit sensitive on the topic."

Clark laughed. "Redheads. Barry actually loves your fiery defiance. He doesn't want or need a slave. We all have runners to fufill those needs."

Wally had a thought. "Maybe its time I made a few runners myself."

"Good idea. They make nice casual companions too. In a pinch a good snack when things get rough. Best of all they're on call 24/7 at your whim."

Wally ran his tongue over sharp teeth. "I could get on board with that."

"Your relationship seems solid to me on all counts."

"What was the original Wally like? Barry doesn't seem to talk much on that topic."

Clark sighed. "Even now, its very painful to his memory. The other Wally was a bit different than you, calculating with a cold streak at times. But the two of them had a chemistry that's rare. Until you came along."

"It's kind of good to get outside perspective on this, Clark. In the back of my mind I always wondered if I was just a substitution for some lost love."

"Not really. Barry researches everything to the nth degree. He has a dimensional viewer tuned to various frequencies, including that of speedsters. After viewing multiple earths he determined that you were the Wally he wanted most."

Wally shook his head. "Unbelievable. Brains out the wazoo, just like my Barry on Earth -0."

"Do you miss him?"

"I do. It's weird...I have Barry and miss Barry. I feel like my wires are crossed sometimes."

"You are bound here now." Clark showed his fangs. "There is no turning back."

"I know. There's a hierarchy with vampires, isn't there?"

Clark nodded. "You already picked up on that from the encounter with Barry you mentioned. What actually happened?"

"Let's just say we had a mild argument. I made a move to attack him, he got pissy. The next thing I knew I was stopped in my tracks and knocked out. He didn't even lift a finger."

"Eternity is long, Wally. All mates have these confrontations at times."

"Barry said as much. Look, its logical. But I sure as hell didn't expect to be brought down like some inexperienced kid. I was ticked."

"There was much you didn't know. It's an ongoing process."

"You and Kon-El have any dustups?"

"Some. Generally we work through them pretty quickly. Once I was angry and planted him in an iceberg at the South Pole. He was frozen and weak by the time he made it back. Naturally I welcomed him back warmly."

Wally's expression was priceless.

"Barry reacts to such things far milder than I've been known to do. I tend to be harsh in some of my methods, Wally. But make no mistake. It takes a lot to make him rage. But when he does...well...even Bruce gets out of the way."

"Are you telling me that you..."

"When the 'Big Change' occurred a century ago, there were power struggles among the first generation. We determined it best to form a cooperative effort of control. Thus, the JLV, Justice League of Vampires. Things were rocky at the inception."

"Must have been a helluva power struggle."

"Unprecedented. We nearly destroyed the planet. Foolish desire and ego nearly ruined everything. It was vital that we rediscovered our methods. We relied on mortal memory to guide us. It was difficult...the change remade us all into essentially new beings. Only history and memory remained intact."

"Barry said something similar, that no one is ever the same as they were before."

"True. And considering the power some of the members wield, cooperation was the only way we wouldn't destroy ourselves and the world."

"But friendships remained intact?"

"To a degree. But our vampire natures were new to us at the time. It was difficult to control our instinct for conquest and aggression. Over time we developed ways to direct our dark urges."

Wally was silent a moment.

"That being said, some aspects of our nature can never be controlled. As far as Barry goes you have nothing to be concerned about, Wally. He loves you more than his immortality."

"I believe that, sense it."

"Good." pale blue eyes sparkled, flecked with red.

"I didn't sense you either at first."

"I didn't want to startle you too much. But I've enjoyed this visit immensely, Wally. You're beautiful."

Wally smiled. "Bet you say that to all the redheads."

Clark reached out, squeezing Wally on the chin. "There aren't many, and certainly not with your body and looks."

"Why Big Blue, is this a come on?" Wally smirked mischeviously.

Superman eyed him hungrily. "Ssss. Barry chose well. Just so you know, my Ice Fortress is always open to you."

"Hm." Wally speculated. "Who knows, Clark? Maybe a three way is in the future."

A black brow lifted. "Three way?"

"You heard me. Don't think for a minute I don't know you're trying to get in Barry's pants."

"Ssss. He always leads me on a chase."

"Maybe I can convince him to stop long enough for a grab." Wally laughed.

Clark laughed as well. "Try holding onto lightning. I feel like Wile E Coyote."

"I think he caught the RoadRunner once." Wally sobered. "Maybe I'll test a theory tonight."

"What theory?" Clark was curious.

"The heirarchy thing. Perhaps a focused power level is the key to breaking it."

"I admire your fiesty will, Wally. However, neither that nor your power will be enough. Don't you remember what I said earlier? His vampiric power exceeds even yours, though as Flashes you are fair equal."

"I want true equality, Clark. Not a gift."

Clark shook his head. "You misunderstand, Wally. You can't succeed the one who makes you."

"I'm aware of vampire lore, Clark. But I've never been traditional anyway."

"You aren't the first one who's tried. Although in your place I suppose I would feel the same way, never knowing if my maker would force me into something. Barry isn't like that."

"The others who have tried. What happened?"

Clark looked away briefly. "They either went mad, were made to forget or were subdued."

"Think I'll take option D."

Superman sighed. "Suit yourself. I've said my piece. But before I go..." he rolled up a sleeve, offering his arm in friendship.

Wally hissed, lusting at the rich blood he smelled underneath the skin. Is it like Barry's? He wondered.

Come, find out. Clark's voice choed in his mind. Wally sank his fangs into the meaty forearm. Broad fingers stroked bright red hair gently.

"Great Rao!" Clark shivered, an animal growl in his throat. He clutched Wally close. "A pity Barry got to you first."

Ssss. Super High Test, Clark." Wally could feel the kryptonian's vein pulsate in his mouth. Sweet sweet blood, like smoke and fire. His eyes burned with heat as he suckled and pulled on the lifeline. He wanted all of it.

Clark turned his head away, growling. "You can't take it all, Red. But if you come to my Fortress I will give you more and then some."

Wally lifted bloody lips away, eyes wild. "Yessss. Soooo like Barry...but different, too!" lick of fangs.

"I know." Clark heaved. "And now that you've tasted us both? Do you have your answers?"

Wally backed up a bit, nodding. "Like the finest wine, Clark. Yours is sweet smoke and fire. Barry's is lightning and honey. You burn my eyes, he fries my brains. I will have more!"

Clark held his arm. "Our blood is extremely addictive, Wally. It's why we're so selective with mates and those we favor."

Wally snarled, feeling hot and wild. "I drank from Barry this morning in his sleep. Perhaps he hasn't returned out of anger. What do you think?"

"He isn't angry. But I think you need to're on a junkie high right now between Barry's blood and mine."

Wally moved at Superman again. "So you say, Clark. Human blood is satisfying, yes. Basic gut food. And you're right, I'm rather depleted right now. But why settle when I can have gourmet?" he lunged forward.

"We'll talk later. You are welcome anytime at the Fortress." Clark disappeared instantly. Wally grabbed empty air. He huffed in annoyance, hands on hips.

"That's interesting So even Superman runs from me."

"I seriously doubt that." a familiar voice said suddenly. Wally whirled around.



"Good evening, Wally. I trust your day was eventful?" Barry glided past carrying a grocery bag. Wally followed him to the kitchen area.

"You snuck up on me. What have you got there?"

Barry pulled several items from the bag. "Just some extra plasma I wrangled from one of the hospitals. Its good to have emergency stash. I brought wine, too."

Wally curled a lip at the pouches. "Not the same without the psychic energy. Fresh is far better."

"No, not nearly as nourishing, especially when cold. But in case of disaster we can get by on it." He looked Wally over closely. "You need to hunt."

"I will, shortly. But I have an experiment to perform."

"Sounds fascinating. What is it?"

"I gained some useful information today."

Barry smiled vaguely, peering in the refrigirator. "Did you enjoy your visit from Clark?"

"Of course you'd know."

"Yes. He likes you a lot, you know."

Wally leaned against the stove. "We had a nice long visit. He invited me to the Fortress any time."

Barry looked at him sharply. "Oh?"

Wally was smug. "In fact he invited me twice as a house guest."

"What's on your mind, Wally since I'm not reading yours?"

Wally grabbed his significant other by the hand. "Come with me into the living room."


Barry placed his coat in the closet space. In annoyance he kicked off his shoes.

Wally watched him. "It still seems strange you going around in civilian gear."

Sssss. "Even more annoying is having to modify shoes and clothing to handle speed."

"Issue with friction, sexy?"

Barry glowered at him hotly. "A loaded statement, Red. Your blood is high tonight, no?"

"High as the skies, Blondie. And wanting more." Wally fondled his crotch briefly. Barry was on him instantly, holding close.

"I strongly suggest you get on with this experiment." he purred. Sharp teeth nipped Wally on the ear.

"Ahh. Yes." Wally arched against his lover before pulling away reluctantly. "Just stand here, please."

Barry stared, his blue eyes flickering red. "What am I supposed to be doing?"

"This is a test. Not of the emergency broadcast system." Wally snickered, making a gesture.


"Never mind, weak joke."

"Get on with it." Barry showed his teeth.

"Just resist anything I try mentally." Wally was serious. "Put a thought in your head. I'll try to push through it by force."

Barry was serene, his expression unreadable. "Ah...I wondered when we would do this. You delight me beyond my wildest imagination."

"We'll soon see how wonderful I am. Ready?"

"Do your worst. Or best. Either is fine with me!" Barry laughed wildly.

Wally pushed at Barry's mental shields. They were palpable and real as any physical barrier. Reality warped the air, as Wally stretched out with his mind. Invisible fingers reaching, seeking purchase in Barry's psyche.

He pressed his own thought outward, a fierce expression of concentration. On your knees, Blondie. Strip naked and beg so I can take you on the floor.

Barry's face tilted up suddenly, his own expression equally fierce. A low growl escaped his lips.

Wally continued. And before I'm through I'll split you clean in in half. Your screams will be music to my ears. I will do the nastiest things ever to that hot ass. He sent out more mind tendrils.

But it was like hitting a wall. In his minds eye Wally saw an evil smirk in response. Barry's mind shield shattered like shards, slicing his tendrils. Shards that flew into his minds eye, piercing him to the core.

In rage he sent vivid visions of sexual conquest and mental control, shaped like psychic knives. An emotional assault designed to batter and break Barry's mind shield. But it was a slippery, ineffective attack. A dark cloud weaved into his mind, subsuming his thoughts and mental strikes.

I know what you want, and what you're trying to prove.

To his amazement and shock, Wally's eyes snapped opened suddenly, as if from a dream. He found himself in Barry's arms. The other vampire held him in an iron grip he couldn't break.

Wally stared sightlessly at the ceiling, his thoughts now scrambled and frantic. Can't be!

Is. Barry savagely sank his fangs into the soft throat.


It was a state Wally was familiar with. He was caught between dreaming, sleeping, and nightmare. His body was swollen with desire, his mind fogged and unfocused. Reality and perception crashed into colored blur and noise.

He had a sense of being face down. Nails raked along his body, leaving trails of fire. Strikes on his ass cheeks, giving pain and pleasure. The blows intensified nearly making him black out from sensation. Fingers jabbing and probing, burning and scraping him inside with vibration. Hot thickness seeped under his belly, spreading everywhere. Heat radiated up his back. He was close.

"No, not until I tell you to." a smooth voice commanded. A hand like hot ice reached under his belly, grabbing his swollen cock and squeezing hard. With a shout Wally folded and collapsed in frustration. His hands were bound with speed force energy, restricting his movements further.

Please, Barry...please...hips jerking crazily.

He teetered on the precipice, body shaking in pain and pleasure. Hoarse, animal grunts erupted from his throat. And all the while Barry sipped him slowly with deliberate bites on the nape of his neck. Licks across his shoulders. A wet trail along the spine, moving down. Licking circles over perfect cheeks. Tongue teasing along the crack. Soft kisses down low.

Pleeeeaaaasee Wally pleaded again, heaving and shaking.

Beg me. Barry slapped the lush ass again hard, making it quiver and bounce.

"Give it to me! I'm begggginnng..."

Wally suddenly felt white hot agony stab his balls, sweet and terrible. He swelled and burst everywhere, screaming. His body moved on its own in concert with Barry. He was driven down again and again, savage thrusts plowing him to submission.

Wonderful was his last thought before losing consciousness.

Barry rolled him over and suckled his nipples. Sleep.


"Damn, Barry. Are you going to kill him with love?"

Clark and Barry were playing a game of chess in the crypt living room. To all outward appearances they seemed to be two human friends having a friendly game. Casual clothes added to the illusion. Superman was even wearing his glasses as 'Clark Kent.'

"I admit I may have gotten carried away, Clark. Wally's been out for over a day. I suppose I'll have to endure another episode of him wanting to drain me dry." Barry moved his Queen. "Wally's a bit fixated on the idea of control."

"Well somebody sure lost control. He's covered in love bites." Clark moved his knight. "You're ridiculous, you know that?"

Barry frowned at his next move. "Give me a break, Clark. I just gave him what he really wanted."

"Which is what?"

"A test of wills and pleasure. And the prize? Anything goes."

Clark lifted his pawn. "I think you plan to knock him out every night."

Barry laughed. "I only aim to please. I've never done anything he didn't want."

Pale blue eyes narrowed in suspicion. "For now."

"Wally is the one who issued the challenge."

"And Wally is the one who is now recovered." the redhead entered the room, clad in a robe. He appeared disheveled and weary. "Am I interrupting your chess game?"

"Of course not." Barry answered immediately. "Would you like some wine?"

A hiss. "Only yours, Barry."

Clark spoke sideways. "Told you."

Barry almost smiled. "Downstairs is someone who'll take care of that. Please be nice to him, he serves us well."

Wally ran his tongue over sharp teeth, eyes feral. "How very interesting." he was gone in an instant.

"Smooth, Barry." Clark was smug.

The blonde tipped his King. "Beats getting jumped in my sleep."


Wally returned upstairs and noticed Superman was gone. Barry was reading a book on the sofa.

"What happened to Clark?"

Bright blues looked up. "He got a call from one of his runners. Apparently someone has been scanning the area around his fortress."

"Seems odd. A security breach?"

"Possibly." Barry put his book down. "Feeling better?"

Wally made a face. "Meaning now or from last night?"

Barry cocked his head. "I meant now, but if you want to talk about last night that's fine too."

"Where to begin?" Wally took a seat.

"We share everything, Wally."

"Except equal control, apparently. You wrecked my best efforts."

Barry shook his head. "You sell yourself short. That psychic attack would have destroyed or maimed ninety percent of vampires. Considering you've had minimal amount of time to hone and train your new abilities, there's nothing for you to be upset about."

Wally considered that. "That's something, then. Still, I wanted..."

"To control me." Barry smiled. "I understand."

"My instinct drives this, Barry. I know you treat me equally."

"It's one of the contradictions we spoke about earlier. Intellect versus instinct. Always at war."

"At this point I'd settle for a truce. I hate feeling erratic."

Barry's smile faded. "The reality is you can't control me unless I allow it."

"That's painfully clear."

"That being said, I have no problem relinquishing control to you."

Emerald green eyes flickered red. "Are you serious?"

"Yes. Anything you want, as I said before."

Wally smirked at the thought. "Hmm. Gives me a few ideas. Mostly nasty ones."

Barry stretched on the couch lazily. "I happily look forward to all your perversions. However, there's something else I wanted to bring up. It's a touchy subject. One that concerns Roy Harper."

Wally looked away, eyes closing briefly. "What about him, Barry? He's dead on this earth."

"Killed by Bruce, I know. But I saw how you were affected by his demise despite the fact he wasn't 'your' Roy."

Wally sighed. "Not exactly the same, but similar in some ways. We really hit it off despite not really knowing each other."

Barry stared intensely. "Would you like him back?"


"I said-"

"I know what you said. Are you serious?"

Barry sat up suddenly. "Yes. Tricky, but possible."

Wally's mind raced at the possibility. "It would be quite an experience."

"The problem is he's already dead. So there's the matter of his soul. It will depend on if its still intact with his remains."

Wally frowned. "Wait. If his soul is gone, you're saying he can't be resurrected?"

"Not as anything worth bothering with. Pretty much just a mindless bone bag."

"No, I don't want that. Is there a way to find out if his soul is retained?"

Barry paced the room. "First, we find out where he is interred. We'll have to examine him up close to know. A soul gives a particular aura we can see."

"What about his family?"

"I've already done research, Wally. His young daughter died in a car accident. As a result he battled drug addiction for quite some time. He appeared to be a loner with no other family connections. I hear his dedication to destroying vampires came from this tragedy."

"I don't see the connection."

"Nor I, at least not directly. I'm not privvy to all his life details but he did have some criminal record. Perhaps someone else he was close to fell to our kind."

"Maybe." Wally smiled.

"This pleases you?"

"You have no idea, Barry! Besides we have plenty of room here."

Barry sat down again. "A gift for you, Wally."

Wally plopped next to the other vampire, hooking an arm. "Let's get started as soon as possible."

"Sounds like a plan. I'll contact one of our runners who works downtown as a reporter. She has access to all sorts of information."

"What's her name?"

Barry smiled widely. "Lois Lane."

Wally blinked in shock. "Wait, what? Isn't that Clark's wife here?"

"Well, they were married before. But things broke up unfortunately." Barry shrugged nonchalantly. "Stuff happens, you know?"

Wally was suspicious. "Uh huh, sure. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?"

"Only after it happened. Pity."

Wally laughed out loud. "Oh brother. So there's no friction or anything?"

"None whatsoever. Clark and I decided the best way to deal with her was to utilize her talents. He still cares for her, though. It's the only reason she's still alive."

Wally put a hand to his head. "Despite all the changes I've been through some of this is still too weird to process."

"It's only just beginning Wally."

The redhead nuzzled affectionately. "I feel like a kid in the candy store."


"Please, Lois. Sit down and make yourself comfortable." Barry led her to the couch. She dropped down with a flourish, setting her purse on the table.

"I can't stay too long, Barry. There's an exclusive with my name on it for the evening edition!"

"Understood. Wally and I need some research done on Roy Harper."

The brunette swallowed uncomfortably. "What, you mean the vampire slayer-" her words choked off.

Barry squeezed her shoulder reassuringly. "Fear nothing, Lois. We just need some information. Can you provide it?"

Her eyes wavered to Wally, who observed her coolly from across the room."It depends on the information." She glanced over at Wally. "And weren't you...didn't you die, Wally?"

The redhead smiled at her normally. "I got better. Can you help us?"

Lois stared at him apprehensively. "You seem normal, not... Excuse me, reporters instincts. But what happened?"

"A doctor helped my condition. Improved it actually."

"Then why are there still vampires?!" she blurted angrily, forgetting herself. "A cure would change world wide outlook, save families everywhere. We could-" in shock she realized her mistake.

Barry was instantly next to her, lips on her ear. "Enough. Find out what you can about Roy and contact us immediately. Understood?"

"Y-yes"...Lois gulped, edging away. "I'd best get started."

"Lois, my dear. Aren't you forgetting something?" Barry's voice was like silk. He wrapped an arm around her.

"I..don't believe so." lovely features went slack as she relaxed in his hold.

"Then I shall remind you." fangs sank into her throat.

Wally watched silently as Barry sipped from her. A red trickle eased past her collarbone, teasing his senses and driving him wild. Just as he flexed to move, a warning went off in his head.


Wally found himself rooted to the spot, completely turned on and unable to tear his eyes away.

/Damn you, Barry/

Wicked laughter echoed in his head. Wally growled low in frustration and excitement. Barry held Lois gently, kissing the curve of her breasts next. A bite near her cleavage had Lois moaning. With practiced ease Barry slid lower to the floor, spreading her legs. His head disappeared under her skirt.

Wally heaved, wild eyes as red as his hair. /You're going to pay for this!/

Lois arched back in bliss, lips moving soundlessly as Barry moved beneath her. Pale blue eyes snapped open as she let out a shout, hips rocking as she held on desperately. Her pleasure crested as Barry held her in place.


Barry kissed her thighs, dragging his teeth without breaking the skin. "Your pleasure is mine, dear Lois. Now you may go."

Flushed and panting, Lois managed a smile. She fumbled to get her clothes in some semblance of order. "I must look a mess." nervous hands ran through dark tresses.

"No, you're most lovely. But we need that information as soon as you can get it."

"Y..yes, of course."she stood unsteadily. Barry helped her up. Lois turned towards Wally again.

"It's good to have you back, Wally." she managed, still out of breath. "But you're not...I can tell by your eyes-"

"Yessss." Wally hissed, moving toward her. The neck wound was too tempting. "There's no need to pretend any longer."

Barry jumped in between. "She needs her strength right now."

"The two of you shouldn't fight." Lois said dazedly, opening at her blouse. "I can-"

Wally licked his lips hungrily. "The lovely lady is offering, Barry. Now stand aside."

Barry cocked an eyebrow. "I believe this will be our second fight."

"Probably. I want her! Now move."

"No. Remember the last time we did this?"

Wally hissed again, eyeing the creamy throat so near. "You shouldn't deny me. She is-"

Barry turned to Lois suddenly. "There's some orange juice in the fridge. Go, get some."

Coming out of her stupor, the brunette rubbed her neck. "I think I will, thanks."She made a quick exit. Wally watched her go.

"So you get the goodies and I'm left starving?"

"That wasn't my intent, Wally. A house guest should always leave satisfied."

A sneer. "So is that some kind of rule? I'm so damned turned on I can't think straight. And you get the juiciest snack. Where's MY freaking satisfaction?"

Barry kissed him hard. "I'll make it up to you, I promise."

Wally gripped him."You'd better, before I wreck this place."


Lois returned to the living room in a rush, running a comb through her hair. "Just got a call from my editor. There's a hot story on the mayor he wants me to review."she was energized, pale eyes sharp and clear. She walked up to Wally, smiling aggressively.

"Nice ass, Red." she slapped him across the butt. Astonished, he nearly grabbed her. "Be careful, mortal."

"Being mortal isn't an offense-"

"Get moving." Barry snapped, feeling his own control wane.

Lois paled. "Sorry. I'll be in touch". She darted out.


Wally watched her go with regret. "A wasted opportunity."

Barry dropped down into an overstuffed chair, kicking off his shoes. "Not for me."

Wally turned his way. "I guess not, since you got her best snack."

"Think of it this way. The next house guest we have you can do the honors."

"Sounds like a plan. And speaking of plans..." Wally sat on the arm of Barry's chair and leaned over, whispering in his ear. The blonde vampire grinned.

"You have imagination, Wally."

"So. Do I get the keys to the car this time?"

Bright blue eyes were soft. "Yes, anything you want as much as you want."

Wally lifted his lover in a fireman's carry. "Good, because I'm ready to burst."

Barry smiled, showing his teeth as he was carried to the bedroom. "My work is never done."


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