"How things have changed," Selena said to her cat Isis.

She remembered meeting Bruce and really hitting it off with him. At the same time, engaging in a little flirting with a certain costumed crime fighter who'd been chasing her.

"Kind of funny. It was similar with Batgirl and Robin. Both thought they had a choice to make; not knowing the others identiy." She laughed, "I gave the boy wonder a little wink and it drove Batgirl nuts... Hmhmm, I never did ask how they found out about each others identities. I would love to know who let the cat out of the bag." Isis gave what sounded like a disproving meow.

"I know. I'm as bad as Freeze with the puns.

Kind of funny that Bruce's junior partner beat him to the alter." Selena's thoughts went back to that day of sitting next to Bruce as Gordon led his daughter on her way to become Mrs. Grayson.

By that time, Selena knew most of the people in attendance, many of them in more than one persona. The maid of honor and the best man were both protegees of Superman. The maid of honor was also known as the maid of might, and the best man known as the world's mightiest mortal... Funny that his name was Batson. Of course, she had to tease Bruce about that. The young man had been a substitute Robin in his younger years after all.

Selena and Barbara had been plotting against Bruce that day. She purposely threw the bouquet directly to Selena, who caught it as deftly as you would expect.

With that the two were off to their honeymoon. The best man and maid of honor filled in as Nightwing and Batgirl for a couple of weeks.

It worked. By the time the Grayson's returned, Bruce had proposed. Tonight, they'd have dinner at Wayne manor. They'd talk about wedding plans and how to cover their alternate identities.

She pulled up to stately Wayne manor to be greeted by her fiancé.

"Hello Bruce." She greeted him with a kiss.

"Hello Selena. Alfred says that dinner is almost ready."

They walked into the dining room. Selena was no pauper. She had met Bruce at an event attended by only the elite of Gotham society, but her fiancé's home made even hers look like a hovel in comparison.

He pulled out a chair for her. "How gallant."

"As Alfred raised me to be."

"And as you passed on to your charge from what Barbara tells me."

"I'm very proud of him."

Selena smiled. "As you should be. He's a fine young man."

Alfred arrived to serve their meal. Both thanked him. "My pleasure Master Bruce, Miss Selena."

"You know she was very suspicious of me at first."

Bruce gave her a puzzled look.

"Barbara... I think of the three of you she was the last to trust me. Thought I was trying to charm you two into making some mistakes."

"Were you?"

She paused and in a mischievous tone answered, "Maybe."

Bruce chuckled. Then he asked. "Regarding the wedding, who will be your bride's maid?"

"Hmm, I was thinking Harley."

Bruce looked like he was about to choke. She laughed, "Just kidding...How about Mercy Graves?"

The look he gave her was priceless. He sighed, "Who are you actually thinking about?"

"Not sure yet. What about you?"

"I can't. I'm going to be the groom."

She broke up laughing. When she recovered, she clarified, "Who's going to be your best man?"

"I was thinking either Alfred or Jim Gordon."

"Good choices."

"We have another subject to address though."

"Oh, what's that?" She was fairly certain she knew the answer though.


That carried a lot of questions. "I've thought about that." She told him. "If Catwoman disappears right around the time we get married, some people might notice the suspicious timing. I think Catwoman needs to be out there for a while. Maybe then I can arrange for her to meet some tragic end...One that wouldn't leave a body to be found."

"Going to just stay at home, or will you be joining us in the Bat cave?"

"And leave you alone with the likes of Ivy or Talia, oh no."

"Okay, you'll join us. But if Catwoman will seem to die then what's your new identity?"

She smiled, "Isn't it obvious?"

He shook his head. "You have too many surprises. Trying to stay ahead of you is taxing enough when I have to. I'm not going to when it's not necessary."

"Oh, but it will always be necessary my love," she said with that slight purr he'd heard so many times. "But not this time. 'Batwoman' seems the obvious choice."

"I wonder what Barbara will think of that."

"I've already spoken to her. Didn't want to step on her well pedicured toes too much."

Bruce gave her a puzzled look. "I can't tell if you two get along or not."

"Haha, we do. It just took her a while to decide I could be trusted."

"Thought you were just using your feminine wiles on me and Dick?"

"Yes, and to be fair, at first I was."

Bruce laughed. "Well she doesn't need to worry about that anymore."

"And that's why we're getting along now. In fact, I was thinking that as part of my Batsuit I'd give Batwoman red hair. Maybe drop a line about being Batgirls older sister or something like that."

"Clark and Billy can help you with that. One of them can 'overhear' you call Batgirl sister. And maybe you could give one of them an interview and just say it out right."

"Good idea. I'll talk to Billy. Isis seems to like him."

"Alright. We'll arrange it after you reveal yourself as Batwoman."

She nodded. "So, tell me about these Batsuits. Since I'll be wearing one."

"I have several. Designed to different specifications. The ones that you usually see me, Dick and Barbara wearing are kind of general purpose. I have others for more specialized functions. For example, I have one that can defeat almost any rifle round. It can resist any stab or cutting force and reduce any blunt force hit substantially...of course I can't turn my head in it," he said with a chuckle. "I even have one that's intended to defend against Kryptonians. But it's built like a tank and moves like one."

"Expecting trouble with Superman...Or Supergirl?"

"Hopefully not, but I have contingencies for almost anything. Besides, we don't know that there aren't more survivors from Krypton out there somewhere. Maybe they don't all share Clark's values."

"What about Billy and Mary...Or Black Adam for that matter."

"Similar powers, should be effective. Although magic can be unpredictable. You really need to be at high alert to deal with it."

She nodded. "So, do I get one of those nifty belts?"

"Haha. Yes, you do."

"Do you think there'll be a problem with keeping my whip?"

"Why should there be?"

"Kind of a signature weapon."

He shook his head. "Not unique enough to be a concern. No reason someone else might not use one. Same with bolas, I know you've used those before." He added, "Got to drop the cat theme completely though. No more purring or cat puns."

"Oh, don't tell me you don't like my purrrrrr."

He smiled at her. "Let's keep that in private."

"Hahaha, okay." She then paused, "So who's on the guest list?"

"Well, Gordon of course."

She asked, "Decided on Alfred for best man?"

"It's fitting. I think it will be a good time to talk to Jim. I know he suspects that his daughter is Batgirl. Might as well put the cards on the table."

"Are Barbra and Dick okay with that?" She asked.

He nodded. "I've already spoken to them. Barbara's sure we're just confirming what he already knows."

"I think you may have a rival for the title of world's greatest detective."

"I'm sure of it... Anyway, as for guests, we have a number of people in our normal social circles."

"Ah yes, the high society of Gotham."

"Yes, our allies in the justice league might be another matter. For some there's just no way to explain how we even know them."

"How about a second reception? Say in the hall of justice."

"A good idea. I'll talk to the league about it. As for the public ceremony, Clark Kent and Billy Batson can justify being there to cover the event."

"And will that little tart Vicky Vale also cover the event?"

"I don't know, but if she is, she can watch me kiss the bride."

"Well, I do like the sound of that."

Bruce got back to the subject. "Green Arrow can be at the public ceremony."

"I don't know his identity."

"Oliver Queen, owner of Queen Industries in Star City. Also, Britt Reid."

"Owner of the Daily Sentinel, isn't he?"

"Yes. Along with being the Green Hornet."

"Hmm, wealthy businessman by day, masked crime fighter by night. Sounds familiar."

"I guess there is a similarity. And before you ask, yes I got their permission to tell you." He paused, "Most of the others just couldn't come up with an explanation for how they know either of us."

"Well, we have our private reception for the ones who are really important to us."


"Tomorrow you can talk to the league about the second reception while I go for my fitting."

"Sounds like a good plan."

As they finished their dinner Selena commented. "That was wonderful Alfred, thank you."

"The pleasure is mine madam."

"Come with me Selena. I want to show you something." Bruce led her to the sitting room where they sat next to each other in front of an old tube television.

"Not exactly a romantic way to spend the evening." She commented.

"No, but I have something I want to share with you. It's an important part of who I am."

Now she was curious. She snuggled up next to him as he started the video. He hit play to start an old black and white show.

Over the old images came a voice. "When crime haunts the night. A silent crusader carries the torch of justice. Those with evil harts beware. For out of the darkness comes, The Gray Ghost."

"I got the whole series as a gift from Simon Trent himself."

It was then she saw something she'd never seen before. Something she suspected that few had ever seen; A childlike joy in the eyes of the man she loved.

She smiled and settled in to watch.