After watching the movie City Of Angels (the one with Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan) i decided to write this small piece, taking place years and years after the movie ends.

I will not say much about the plot, since it will spoil the whole story, more than the Summary had done, so, i will just say have a good reading and i hope you like the story.


When the angel Seth give up his angelic status to become a human, years and years ago, he could say he did enjoyed almost all experiences human been had been able to experiment and never once, he regrated making that decision.

First off, he felt the warmth of the sun was amazing, be able to see everything in color was also fantastic, as well as the feeling of sand under his feet and the taste of food on his tong. Sure, he still missed the song from the angels every sunrise and sunset, but on the other hand, nothing compared with the sound of the ocean and the waves crashing upon his body, every time he decided to take a dive.

He also experience not so pleasant things as well, loss, heartache, pain, illness, loss and death. However, knowing that was something that happened to all humans, the former angel just let it pass and deal with it like any other human, especially, after the traumatic experience he lived just after his transformation.


Years come and gone and after a while, Seth, now Seth Plate Angelo adjusted very well into human race. With Nathaniel Messenger´s help, he managed to find a job, at the library he used to hang out as an angel, he even managed to get a drive license, know places with another kind of perspective that when he was an angel and made quite few friend in the course of his life, but still, he never managed to fall in love again, as he never forgot his beautiful Maggie, for whom he had fallen in love became human in the first place.

Of course, like any human being, Seth´s time also had come, but he wasn't sad, he fulfilled his life on earth as much as possible and was more than happy to come back home once again and see his fellow angel comrades and perhaps, his long lost love._


When it happened, Seth was sleeping peacefully on his bed at the nursery home he was living a few years now. Despite of enjoy been a human, the former angel never create a family, this way, the age finally comes and his memory started to fail him, Seth had no choice other than sell the house and move to somewhere he knew he would be taken care off. That night, as many other nights he was sleeping so heavy, that he didn't realize when two figures entered his chambers.

It was pouring outside when two figures arrived at Sunnyside Home for The Elder in order to scout someone to heaven. One of them, was Cassiel, one of Seth´s former angel comrades and the other was a spirit, one of a few, who had permission to accompany an angel on his mission.

''Its really his time to go?'' asked Maggie, the spirit in question, who was once Seth´s lost love and the one who had permission to come down to earth, just to guide Seth back home.

''He chose to become a human all those years ago, now his time has come.'' answered the black angel as they approach the bed.

''But he´s only 65-years old, he still has a lot to live'' Meggie protested.

''Seth had lived his life plenty since he took the fall, he enjoyed every single moment of his human experience since the first day as you saw for yourself and yet he never forgot you'' Cassiel said and in response Meggie just nodded.

''Well… I did missed him too'' she confessed, but the other angel didn't seemed to pay attention and turned to his old fellow.

''Seth, time to go, old friend, woke up'' Cassiel commanded and in response Set open his eyes and sit up, not longer the old man, but as young like he was when he first became human.

Still, he didn't realized it at first ''Th last time you come for a visit, you really just come for a visit, couldn't you wait till dawn at least?'' Seth asked and in response the other angel laugh.

''Its really time to go home my friend…'' he pointed to the body in the bed. ''And I have someone here who wants to see you'' he took a step at side, just to reveal Maggie standing there.

''Hi Seth!'' she smiled at him ''I missed you…''

Seth´s eyes widened in surprise and slowly he got up and approach her, touching her face. ''Its that you, really you?'' he asked amazed and she laugh.

''Yes, I am… I asked permission to come with Cassiel and take you back'' she said ''I love you Seth and I really missed you''

''I missed you too, I love you'' he said and they start to walk, when suddenly, Cassiel cleaned his throat.

''Seth, you still remember the protocol?'' Cassiel asked professionally ''What you liked best?''

''The protocol…Oh, sure!'' he chuckled and looking between his old dead body, his friend and of course, Meggie, he smiled and said ''From all those things I enjoyed while been human, what I liked best was to met Meggie and fall in love with her'' he said and smiled to his love, they walk back home, hand in hand, now together for eternity.