A/N: This was written as part of my 'soft hours' event on my tumblr. I may add to these in the future.

Thire was going to be honest: he hadn't heard half of what Fox had said in past few minutes. He should've been listening. He was a commander, so if any of the shinies had any follow up questions, it was probably best that he knew what had already been mentioned.

But it was just too hard to focus when he knew who'd be visiting the GAR base any moment.

It seemed Fox was finishing up his spiel, since he was now going on about how the troopers had to always be the best of the best, because "you are the only clone troopers many of the Senate will ever see. You are the face of the GAR on Coruscant, so I expect the best…"

Thire was glad his grin was hidden by his bucket as Fox trailed off, clearly having seen the petite blue Senator that had just been escorted into the back of the room by an on-duty sergeant.

Ah, well. He should probably finish up for Fox while his poor, enamored vod tried to reboot his brain.

"All of us commanders will only expect your best work, your best behavior, and your best foot forward every day. Oya!"

A smattered cry of oya echoed back to him before the men began to disperse into the squads. Thire gestured towards the sergeant escorting Senator Chuchi, and he mentally pat himself on the back when she came to a stop in front of him and Fox.

"Commander Thire, Commander Fox, it's wonderful to see both of you. I received your message saying it would be best if we held our meeting now, I hope I'm not interrupting anything…"

"No, no ma'am! You're fine— you're not interrupting anything," Fox hurriedly amended. Thire found it hilarious how quickly he'd become flustered just by this small Pantoran's presence.

"You'll have to excuse me, ma'am, but I have to attend to some of the new troops. I hope it'll be alright if it's just Fox briefing you today," he cut in slyly. He knew his brother was probably glaring daggers at him right now, but he knew Fox would thank him in the long run.

"If It's fine with Fox, then it's fine with me," Senator Chuchi replied.

"Uh, yes— if you'll just follow me, we can speak in my office…" Fox's voice trailed off as he led her away, leaving Thire silently laughing in their wake.

Senator Chuchi had Fox wrapped around her little finger. Thire wondered how long it'd take the two of them to realize.