Diane and Kurt have now been married for sixty years. Diane chose to finally retire after developing arthritis in her left hip and knee. It was too difficult for her to walk as much as she needed to for her job. Kurt had also retired to just spend time with his wife. It was just the two of them at home now. All their children had grown up and moved out. The twins were now in college.

"Kurt," Diane called for her husband who walked into the living room, "can you give me a hand up?"

Kurt helped his seventy-four-year-old wife to her feet. Diane needed to use her cane a good portion of the time. Diane struggled to start walking.

"You stiff?" Kurt asked his wife.

"Ah, a little," Diane hated when her leg would stiffen up. Kurt held onto his wife as she made her way to the bathroom. "Can you help me? I don't think I can do this safely, alone."

"Of course," Kurt helped his wife use the bathroom and then out into the hall, "wait," Kurt stopped and went to stand in front of his wife. Kurt held his wife's face in his hands before kissing her. He reclaimed his spot on her other side and continued to help her.

Diane groaned as she sat in her recliner, "you know that always makes me feel old."

Kurt chuckled, "you are still the same beautiful girl I fell in love with six decades ago."

Will came over for a visit later that day, "you know, since you retired, you've done nothing," he joked with his best friend.

"The same could be said about you," Diane joked right back.

Will hugged Diane, "how are you doing?"

"My leg is pretty bad today," Diane winced as she tried to readjust herself.

"You need help?"

"No, I need a new leg. I feel like a prisoner in my own home." Diane all of a sudden felt her leg cramping, "ah! Will!"


"Cramp, ahhhhh!" Will began massaging Diane's leg in the hopes of relieving the cramp. As her leg began to feel better, Diane began to cry. "Thank you, Will," she sniffled.

"Hey, it's okay. I know this has to be hard for you, but you're okay."

"I miss living you know. It's just such a hassle to leave the house anymore."

"Maybe they should try a different medication."

"Again, it's a hassle to leave the house."

"Well, why don't we at least go and sit outside?"

"Alright," Diane raised the chair so that she could stand. Will stood beside her in the event her leg cramped up again.

"You need me to hold onto you?" Diane nodded and Will took her arm. Once they were outside Will took Diane to sit on the porch swing. He held it steady as Diane sat before joining her.

"I'm so tired of sitting," Diane complained.

"Diane, make an appointment with your doctor."

"Will," Diane tried to think of an argument, "fine, I will make an appointment if it will get you to shut up."

Will just laughed, "you are so easy, Lockhart."

"You should have figured that out when you found out that I got pregnant at fourteen."

"It's Friday night, you coming over?"

"I don't know."

"Everyone is going to be there. Including your great-grandchildren. Plus, Kurt's there."

"Wait, Kurt was just here?"

"He left when I got here. He figured I had a better chance of convincing you."

"I guess you better help me up so I can change." Will steadied the swing with one hand and helped Diane up with the other.

"Do you need some help changing?"

"I should be fine. Just stand outside the door in case I need you."

"You know, you two should move your bedroom downstairs," Will said as he held onto Diane while they climbed the staircase.

"No, I have lived in that room for sixty years and I will not move out of it until the day I die."

"You are so fucking stubborn," Will said as they made it to the second floor.

"Will, I lost my independence for an entire year once," Diane began to get emotional, "I am now losing my independence again. Only this time I won't be getting it back. There isn't one person in this family who has a clue about what I am going through. It's so easy for everyone to tell me what I should be doing. The problem is, you all don't know what I am feeling. To me, my life is already over." Diane turned and limped to her room leaving Will behind. Will sat on the floor outside of Diane's bedroom door. He could hear his best friend crying. She was right, they didn't know or understand what she was going through.

"Will!" Will jumped up and ran into Diane's room, "I need help." Diane said looking down.

"Hey, it's okay," Will said as he walked over and put a hand on her shoulder. "What do you need me to do?"

"I sat on the couch to take my pants off and put new ones on, but I can't stand back up."

"Okay," Will took Diane's hands and helped her to her feet. "Grab onto my shoulders while I bend to pull your pants up." Diane did, "there all done." Will looked at Diane who had more tears in her eyes. "Hey, what's wrong?" Will brushed away a few tears before taking her in his arms. Diane began to sob and Will lowered them both onto the couch where he held his mother-in-law and comforted her.

When Diane finished crying she pulled back and looked at Will, "thank you."

"Anytime, Lockhart."

"I need to re-do my make up," Will helped Diane push up from the couch. The woman made her way to the bathroom.

Once Diane was ready, Will helped her down the stairs and into his car. They pulled up to Will and Alicia's and sure enough, Kurt had taken Diane's car. Diane couldn't really get in and out of the truck anymore. Will walked around and helped Diane out of the car and into the house. Diane's great-grandchildren ran to greet her followed by their parents. "Okay, everyone, let grandma sit," Will smiled. He helped Diane in the living room and to the couch where Kurt was sitting.

"We may have to start having these dinner's at our house," Diane said to Kurt after she was seated. "It would take me less time to get there." Alicia walked into the living room and hugged her mother. At one point Will and Alicia's children and grandchildren all went out back to play around.

"Kurt, we still on for the weekend?" Will asked.

"Absolutely," Kurt said.

"What's this weekend?" Diane asked.

"Don't you remember? Will and I are going camping and fishing this weekend," Kurt told his wife.

"I don't remember that. Well, when will you be back?"

"Monday evening at the earliest. What's wrong?"

"Nothing, it's just that I made an appointment with my doctor for Monday to talk about my arthritis."

"I can take you, mom," Alicia said, "I'm staying with you this weekend anyway."

"Thank you," Diane said, "I need to get up and move around some."

Alicia helped her mother up and the two made their way to the kitchen. "Will you be alright standing if I go check on dinner?"

"Yeah," Diane said as she grabbed onto the counter. "Do you have something with sugar I can drink? My blood sugar is low."

"Let me see," Alicia said as she opened the refrigerator, "shit!"

"Alicia," Diane called her daughter, "I'm dizzy."

Alicia rushed to her mother and helped her over to a chair. "Hey, Will can you come to the kitchen for a moment?" Alicia tried to sound as calm as possible. "Can you run and get my mother something to drink with sugar? Her blood sugar is low and we don't even have sugary food."

"Yeah, it's on the list. I'll go don't worry. Hey, start giving her some sugar for now," Will said as he left.

Diane was holding onto Alicia because she was afraid she'd fall forward if she didn't.

"Grandma," Grace's daughter Ali walked in.

"Ali, honey what do you need?" Alicia asked her seven-year-old granddaughter.

"Can I have a popsicle?"

"Sure," Alicia had a thought, "Ali, can you bring me one for great-grandma?"

"Okay," the girl replied and took a popsicle over to her grandmother, "here, grandma."

"Thank you, sweetheart."

Ali looked at her great-grandmother, "grandma, what's wrong with great-grandma?"

"She just hasn't had enough food today. She needs some sugar." Alicia held the popsicle up for her mother to eat. Ali walked to the sink and grabbed a towel. She then pulled a chair closer to Diane and climbed on top. Ali hung the towel on the collar of Diane's shirt so she wouldn't get anything on it. "Is that helping at all?" Alicia asked her mother.

"A little," Diane responded. Ali had sat in the chair next to Diane and put her hand on top of her great-grandmother.

Will walked in with the sugary items he purchased, "hey, I got her some juice. I'll pour her some."

"Thank you," Alicia said to her husband. Will brought over the juice and some peanut butter crackers for Diane. Alicia thanked her husband and asked him to go back to her dad.

"Do you feel better?" Alicia asked her mother once the glass was empty and the crackers were gone.

"Yes, thank you, sweetheart," Diane said to her daughter. Diane then turned to Ali, "thank you for helping honey. That was very sweet of you," Diane kissed her great-granddaughter's cheek.

"You're welcome, and I'm glad you feel better. Do you need any more help?"

"No thank you. You should go play," Diane told the little girl. Ali got down and ran to go outside.

"Do you want to sit here for a moment?"

"No, can you just help me to the living room?" Alicia helped her mother up and held on while they made their way to where Kurt and Will were. Alicia helped Diane take a seat on the couch next to Kurt.

Kurt put his arm around his wife, "you feeling better?"

Diane nodded, "how did you know?"

"Will texted me so I wouldn't worry. I knew things were under control and I know you hate a fuss."

Diane smiled, "thank you."

"You know what I'm going to say now?"

Diane sighed, "do you have to right now?"

"Yep, this wouldn't happen if you would eat more."

"Wait, has this happened more than once?" Alicia asked.

"I just don't always feel hungry," Diane tried to defend herself.

Kurt turned to his daughter, "if I'm not there to make lunch or dinner, she won't eat. She doesn't always say when she's hungry either because she doesn't want to bother me," Kurt then glared at his wife.

She doesn't know how, but Diane managed to push herself off of the couch and leave the room.

"Diane broke down to me at the house," Will said.

"Yeah, she's been struggling with all of this," Kurt added.

"I can talk to the doctor about all of this on Monday," Alicia added before standing to check on dinner. That's where she found her mother. Diane was sitting at the kitchen table with her head on her arms, crying. "Mom, are you alright?"

Diane's head snapped up at her daughter's voice. She sniffled and wiped a few tears away, "I hate when your father talks about me like I'm not here, or when he treats me like a child."

Alicia sat next to her mother and put a hand on hers, "he's just trying to help you. We'll figure this all out. I would probably feel the same way in your shoes. Why don't you go outside with the kids?"

"I don't really feel like it," Diane was depressed.

"Well, after dinner, I'll grab my bag and drive you home. We can have fun this weekend and on Monday I bet the doctor will really be able to help you."

Diane smiled, "thank you, my sweet girl. I love you."

"I love you too, mama"

Alicia helped her mother into the house and over to the couch. Diane groaned as she sat and Alicia could tell that her mother was at least physically tired.

"After you rest for a little while, would you like me to help you up to bed?"

"No, I want to spend some time with you."

"Mama, we have the whole weekend."

"I know, but I can wait to go to bed."

"That's fine," Alicia said, "just let me know."

"Your father needs to go on more trips like this. I hate how he feels the need to stay home and take care of me."

"From what I understand, if he didn't stay home, you wouldn't eat."

"I need to get better somehow. I can't live like this."

"Mama, relax, we are going on Monday to try and find a better medication for you. I think we should also ask about you starting some antidepressants. At least temporarily."

"I suppose so," Diane sighed.

Diane and Alicia spent the weekend talking and watching movies. There wasn't a great deal that Diane was up for. Diane's doctor prescribed her stronger medication for her arthritis and some antidepressants. It took a few months for Diane to really feel a lot better. She would now cook and go out. She still had days when her pain was greater than others and still needed her cane for the most part, but she was learning to enjoy life again.

"Well, it's been a while since we did that," Kurt said out of breath.

"Depending on how I feel tomorrow, it may be a while before we do it again."

"Hey, I'm here and ready when you are."

Diane laughed, "of course you are."

Diane felt as if she had her life back and while she still had to make adjustments, it was far better than it was before.