So I've written this story before but have to rewrite it. Hopefully you'll enjoy! :) Xx

Stephanie Tanner was sleeping in her bedroom, whom she shares with her big sister DJ. Anyway, she was suddenly woken up to hear the cries of her 1 years old baby sister Michelle, so she quietly gets up from her bed and tipped-toed out of the bedroom so she won't wake DJ up, as she peeks in her baby sister's room to see Michelle standing up in her crib. Stephanie turns on the light, picking up a step-stool and brought it over to climb on to meet face-to-face with Michelle. "What's wrong Shelly?" She asked.

"Shelly" was a nickname that she gave to Michelle.

"Are you ok?" She asked her.

Michelle plopped back down on her crib and rubbed her eyes from tiredness and crying she did.

"You miss momma do you?" Stephanie asked.

Michelle looks up at her big sister with tears streaming down on her chubby cheeks and cooed.

"I know," Stephanie started. "I can sing you a lullaby that momma sung to us when we couldn't sleep, but I'm gonna sing in my version for you."

She climbed over the crib and pulled Michelle onto her lap and held her tightly in her arms, hugging her protectively.

"Hush little baby don't you cry." Stephanie sung, "Stephy's gonna make sure you are safe." She smiled. "There is no need to be crying, cause big sister's got your back and she won't let anything hurt you."

Michelle was getting sleepy in Stephanie's arms.

"Because you are my baby sister and I love you very much." Stephanie finished.

Michelle was now asleep in Stephanie's arms, sucking on her thumbs.

"I love you Michelle." Stephanie whispered. "Always will."

She kissed her head.

"And momma's will always be in our hearts just like what DJ and daddy said." She added, hugging the baby close to her.

What Stephanie didn't know is that their father, Danny Tanner, was standing by the doorway listening to his middle daughter singing to Michelle. He had a smiled and tried to control the tears but failed because he was so happy that Stephanie and DJ loved their baby sister so much and he was so glad Michelle was here, but wished his wife Pam was still alive.

"I love you Pam," Danny whispers. "And our little girls."

He quietly walks in Michelle's room to see both girls sleeping peacefully, so he carefully put the blanket on top of them and kissed their heads.

"Night baby girls." Danny whispered.

He turned to leave the room, turning off the lights and quietly shuts the door.