chapter 1

A long time ago there were two regal brothers Primes. The eldest used his prime powers to raise the sun and start the day, while the youngest used his prime powers to raise the moon and start the night. Together they created balance for transformers all across the galaxy. Over time the younger prime became resentful. The transformers relished and played in his brother's day and shunned and slept through his beautiful night. One fateful day he refuse to lower the moon to make way for the dawn. His brother tried to reason with him, but the bitterness in the young one's heart turned him into a wicked bot of darkness Nightmare Fright. He vowed shroud Cybertron and it's planet's in eternal night. So the older brother used the most powerful things known the bots the elements of harmony. He defeated his brother and banished him in the moon for eternity. The older took responsibility for sun and moon thus creating harmony for all.

A young bot read. "Hmm elements of Harmony I read them some where but where?" he said.

He was walking down the street. "Hey Hot Rod, Blitzwing is throwing a party you want to come?" a bot asked.

"Sorry guys I have a lot of studying and training to do," Hot Rod said and left.

"Is that all he does?" one of the bots asked.

Hot Rod ran to the library and bumped into his young dragon bot helper. "Burner!" Hot Rod said.

"Yes?" Burner asked.

Hot Rod started to go up the stairs. "What is that?" Hot Rod asked pointing at crushed box.

"It was a gift for Blitzwing," Burner said.

"Burner we have no time for that stuff," Hot Rod said.

"But we are on a break," Burner said.

He started to look through books. "Where is that book on prophecies?" he said.

"Right here," Burner said.

Hot Rod took the book. "Elements, see Bot in the moon," Hot Rod said.

"Bot in the moon but that is just an old bot tale," Burner said.

"Bot in the moon an ancient evil bot who tried to take over Cybertron and it's planets. Then on night of the two thousandth year the stars will aid his escape." Hot Rod said. "Burner make a note to the Prime please," he said.

"Okay," Burner said.

"Dear Optimus Prime, I discovered that something bad is going to happen, I discovered that the bot in the moon is in fact Nightmare fright. He will soon escape and we need to find away to stop him, your student Hot Rod," Hot Rod said. "Send it off." he said.

"But Hot Rod," Burner said.

"Just do it," Rodimus said.

"Fine," Burner said and flamed it off. "I wouldn't hold my breathe because Optimus is getting ready for the summer sun celebration," he said.

"Don't you understand the summer sun rise is the on the night of the two thousandth year," Hot Rod said.

Then Burner burped. "I know he would want to take immediate action," Hot Rod said.

"My dearest Hot Rod you are very diligent and brave, but you must stop reading those dusty old books," Burner said.

Hot Rod gasped. They were on a ship. "I am sending you to Botville on planet earth. Where the summer sun celebration is held and make some friends," Burner said.

The ship landed. "I doubt the fate of Cybertron and it's planets rests on me making friends," Hot Rod said.

"Just try," Burner said as a bot came up.

"Hi I am Hot Rod," Hot Rod said.

the bot gasped and ran off.

"Okay let's check on the food," Hot Rod said. The came up to the farm called sweet fruit acres. "Hi I am Hot Rod," he said.

"Hiya Hot Rod I am Jazz the Frutos family loves making new friends," Jazz said.

"I am here to over see the preparations for the food for the summer sun celebration," Hot Rod said.

"It's going well would you like a sample?" Jazz asked.

"Sure if doesn't take too long," Hot Rod said.

Jazz's family came up and he introduced everyone. Then Hot Rod left after that.

"Okay weather it says some bot named Powerglide is suppose to be keeping the skies clear." Burner said.

"Clearing he's not doing a good job at it," Hot Rod said and then a bot crashed into him.

"Excuse me," Powerglide said. Then grabbed a cloud and rinsed Hot Rod off. He saw Hot Rod dripping wet. "Oops I guess I over did it," he said and the flew really fast around Hot Rod then he saw Hot Rod with an annoyed look and started laughing.

"You must be Powerglide," Hot Rod said.

"You heard of me?" Powerglide asked.

"I heard you were suppose to be keeping the sky clear," Hot Rod said.

"I am looking forward to showing the Sky stars what I can do," Powerglide said.

"The Sky stars the best fliers in all of Cybertron?" Hot Rod asked.

"Yes," Powerglide said.

"I bet they wouldn't take a bot who couldn't keep the sky clear for one day," Hot Rod said.

"Hey I can clear this sky in 15 seconds flat," Powerglide said.

"Prove it," Hot Rod said.

Powerglide did it and Hot Rod was shocked. "Okay let's check on Decorations," Hot Rod said.

They came into a building where decorations are being done. "Things look good," Hot Rod said.

The bot who was decoration turned around. "I am Mirage," he said.

"Hello Mirage I see the decorations are in order," Hot Rod said.

"Where are you from?" Mirage asked.

"I come from Iacon," Hot Rod said.

"Wow the capital city I always dreamed of going there," Mirage said.

"Well I better go," Hot Rod said.

He walked for a while. "Okay music." Hot Rod said. He saw a bot with birds. "That's great, I am Hot Rod who are you?" he asked.

"Blades," Blades said quietly.

"Well I better get going." Hot Rod said. Blades saw Burner.

"A baby dragon bot she's so cute," Blades said.

They walked down the road into the library and they opened the door and there was a party. "Hi I am Bumblebee I saw you and noticed you were new so I threw this party so you can have some friends," Bumblebee said.

Hot Rod was drinking his drink it got hot and he ran off. It was getting late and Hot Rod was trying to sleep.

The celebration was starting everyone was so excited. Then they saw Optimus Prime was missing. A large bot appeared. "Do any of you know who I am?" he asked.

"You are Nightmare Fright," Hot Rod said.

"You must know why I am here then," Nightmare said.

"You are here too," Hot Rod said.

"Remember this day for it was your last the night will reign forever!" Nightmare fright said.

Hot Rod went the library along with Bumblebee, Jazz, Powerglide, Mirage and Blades. He tucked Burner into bed. "You must be a spy!" Powerglide said.

"I don't think so but you do know what is going on don't you Hot Rod?" Jazz said.

"Yes I read it in a book and we must use the elements of Harmony to stop him I just wish I knew what they were." Hot Rod said.

"Elements of harmony a reference guide," Bumblebee said.

"How did you find it?" Hot Rod asked.

"It was under e." Bumblebee said.

"Okay the elements of harmony are the most powerful artifacts know to bots, there are six but only five are know honesty, kindness, laughter, generosity, and loyalty the sixth is a mystery it is found by the spark." Hot Rod said.

"They can be found in the Cyber free forest," everyone said.

The six bots headed into the forest. Then a cliff gave way Hot Rod was clinging for dear life Jazz took his hands. "Jazz what do I do?" Hot Rod asked.

Jazz looked for a second. "Let go," Jazz said.

"What?" Hot Rod said.

"Let go and you will be okay," Jazz said.

"That is not true," Hot Rod said.

"What I say is the complete and honest truth let go and you will be okay," Jazz said.

Hot Rod let go and was rescued by Blades and Powerglide. They continued on their way and then they ran into a griffin. "A griffin," Hot Rod said.

Blades noticed something was up. As the bots were about to attack he stopped them. "It's okay," Blades told the griffin and saw a thorn in it's paw. He pulled it out and it licked him.

"How did you know about the thorn?" Hot Rod asked.

"I didn't sometimes we all need to be treated with a little kindness." Blades said.

They went into the forest and saw trees with scary faces. Bumblebee was laughing. "Bumblebee what are you doing? Run!" Hot Rod said.

"Oh guys can't you see?" Bumblebee said. When I was little bot and the sun was going down... Bumblebee sang.

"Oh tell me he's not," Hot Rod said.

The darkness and the shadows they would always make me frown... Bumblebee sang.

"He is," Mirage said.

I'd hide under my pillow from what I thought I saw by grandpa Bee said that wasn't the way to deal with fear at all...Bumblebee sang.

"Than what is?" Powerglide asked.

He said Bumblebee you got to stand up tall learn to face your fears you see they can't hurt you just laugh to make them disappear! Bumblebee sang. "Ha ha ha!" he said. Then scary face vanished.

Everyone gasped.

So giggle at ghostly, guffaw at the grossly, chortle at the kooky, whoop it up with weep, tell that big dumb scary face to take a hike and leave you alone and if he thinks he scare you he's got another thing coming and very idea makes you want to laugh! Bumblebee sang.

Everyone was laughing.

They saw an upset serpent. "I see you are fine serpent I won't let this go unchecked," Mirage said and he removed his light up part and attached it to the serpent.

"Thank you," the serpent said.

"No problem," Mirage said.

They head off and found a bridge out. "I got this," Powerglide said. He was setting up the bridge when these mysterious bots appeared offering him to join their flight team. "Sorry I have to say no I can't leave my friends," he said and fixed the bridge and came back.

They headed into the castle and Hot Rod started to do his work. Then Nightmare fright appeared and took him and elements. Nightmare night destroyed the elements.

"You think could've stopped me?" Nightmare said.

"Hot Rod," he heard and the spark he felt.

"You think you can destroy the elements of Harmony that easily?" Hot Rod asked. "Because the spirits of the elements are right here, Jazz who reassured me when I was in doubt represents the spirit of honesty. Blade's who tamed the griffin with his compassion is the spirit of kindness. Bumblebee who banished fear by laughing in the face of danger is the spirit of laughter. Mirage who calmed a sorrowful serpent with meaningful gift represents the spirit of generosity. Powerglide who couldn't leave his friends for his own heart's desire's is spirit of loyalty. These five bots stopped every obstacle who threw at us," he said.

"You still don't have the sixth element," Nightmare said. "The spark didn't work," he said.

"The spark did in came from with in me, when I was so happy to hear you, to see you when I realized you all are my friends!" Hot Rod said. Then sixth element appeared. "You see Nightmare Fright when those elements are ignited by the spark they create the sixth element energy." he said.

Then the elements became armor and the stars surrounded Nightmare Fright and then there was a flash.

"My head," Powerglide said.

"Everybot okay?" Jazz asked.

"Look at Mirage it's amazing, the crest on you're armor it looks just like your ener-mark," Blades said.

"So does yours," Mirage said.

"Oh yeah," Powerglide said.

"Look at mine," Bumblebee said.

"I thought you were just rambling but maybe we do represent the elements of friendship." Jazz said.

"Indeed you do," Optimus said appearing.

"Optimus Prime," Hot Rod said coming up.

"Hot Rod my faithful student I knew you could do it," Optimus said.

"But you said it was an old bot tale," Hot Rod said.

"I said you had to make some friends nothing more I saw the signs of Nightmare Fright's return I knew you were the one with energy inside to defeat him, but you could only do it when you let true friendship in your heart," Optimus said. "Only if another would as well," he said.

"Sentinel Prime," Optimus said.

The young bot gasped. "It's been over a thousand years since I have seen you like this, it's time to put our differences aside, we were mean to rule together little brother," Optimus said.

"Brother?" Hot Rod said.

"Will you accept my friendship?" Optimus said.

Sentinel hugged him. "I am so sorry, I missed you so much big brother," Sentinel said.

"I missed you too," Optimus said.

"You know what this calls for a party," Bumblebee said.

All the bots in Botville were celebrating.

Hot Rod looked sad. "Aren't you happy pupil? Now that battle is won and you can return to your studies in Iacon," Optimus asked.

"Just when I learned how wonderful it is to have friends I have to leave them," Hot Rod said.

"Burner make a note," Optimus said. "I decree that the bot Hot Rod will stay here in Botville and study friendship and report his findings to me," he said.

"Thanks Optimus I will study harder than ever," Hot Rod said.

Everyone was very happy.

To be continued.