Diary entry: How does my Mom do it? How does she have a beginning, middle and end? I am great at the beginning – tons of ideas, but then where does it go? How should it end? According to "Aunt" Paris my Dad can also write, she says the editor of the Yale Daily News would get so frustrated about my Dad, he would suddenly write a piece because Granddad wanted him to get a "byline" and it would be good. If I didn't look like my parents, I would be pretty sure I was adopted, because here I am struggling at school to get a C in English the daughter of a professional writer/editor and the CEO of the largest newspaper industry. So, not only don't I know where anything I write is ever going, let alone how it will end, but I can't even be in a school that will just give me an "A" for effort! I have no luck. Speaking of no luck – I think that I am the only kid in the school who knows for certain her parents didn't have sex just once for every kid in the house. So, my parents are really loud and very active; what happened to keeping your kids in the dark about your activities. I mean, Grandma Lor I could imagine her being really obvious about her loving Grandpa Luke; although, to hear Mom tell it (or read what Mom wrote) Grandma Lor was very private and Mom didn't know about a single date she went on while growing up, at least not until it was her English teacher (remind me to write about Max some other time, because right now I am trying to figure out why I can't write and not doing so well). Now Grandpa Mitch and Grandma Shira, they only had sex twice together, and yup there are a lot of stories about their other escapades, hmm, probably shouldn't write what I know because if someone were to find it – could be embarrassing. So, ok, diary, see what I mean – where is the middle? This is just rambling and not even interesting rambling. Mom, Dad, where are your genes? What turned on in me? Definitely not the writer or editor – and do you actually have a science side? Either of you?

Rory Gilmore-Huntzberger is sitting at her desk, the sun is streaming through the window of her home office and she has taken a break from writing and starts thinking about her children. Mostly she thinks about Lia, she works so hard in school and the grades she is getting in math and science - well, they astound me. She does read, actually reads all the time, but she struggles so much with English and writing assignments. Time to get back to work before Logan gets home.

"Hello, anybody home?" the door closes and crickets. Logan wonders how a house with 4 additional people living in it can be so quiet at 7 o'clock at night. It has been a long day, but somehow coming home to a quiet house is not nearly as relaxing as it should be. A sound in the distance indicates that 2 girls and 1 boy are making their way down the stairs.

"Dad? You home? Thank god! Alice, we can eat! Mom, Dad is home, dinner time, I'm starving! Basketball practice and no snacks, come on guys, let's eat!" Richard's voice rang out through the house and his sisters Lia and Mia joined him in the dining room. Logan walked in and took his seat at the table, wondering what had happened to the enthusiastic greetings from his children – it seemed like only yesterday they leapt into his arms first before heading in for dinner.

"Should I start serving?" Alice inquired of Logan

"Yes, please, Mrs. Huntzberger will be here shortly, I am sure she is just putting the finishing touches on her latest article" god, I love saying Mrs. Huntzberger thought Logan after that reply. While he had been saying it for years now, 19 and soon to be 20; it still had a very special quality and he found a reason to use it every chance he could. He wanted everyone to know that Rory Gilmore was now Mrs. Huntzberger and they were together.

What Logan missed was the look that flitted across Lia's face as he mentioned the finishing touches on the next article. Just today, her teacher had suggested she get her mother to "edit" her papers for her in English – improve her grades. Fortunately, Lia was not expected to be the next CEO of the Huntzberger conglomerate and run newspapers, magazines and the newly added publishing house, but it still felt strange to know she had no talent in the family business. Richard could write, Mia – hell, she was the one who would be the foreign correspondent, she could write all day and night. Lia was jealous and felt marginalized and a total misfit.

"So, how was everyone's day" asked Logan as Alice put out the salads hoping that by doing so she could keep the dinner warm for Rory. She also noticed the look on Lia's face, but knew it was not her place to ask what was wrong – she had a soft spot for Lia, she once worked for her great-grandmother Emily Gilmore for about a month, that was a long time in that house. Now she served for Emily's granddaughter, whom she remembered, but she realized that Rory didn't remember her – maybe someday she would mention a Friday night dinner memory. With Rory that might be possible, she talked to everyone kindly, no one was beneath her, this made Alice pause and wonder if she really was the granddaughter of Emily Gilmore.

Richard smiled as he noticed his mother come in through the kitchen to the dining room – she was so quiet and Dad was talking about his day, everyone was politely eating their salad but not really listening. Richard wondered if his Dad actually noticed how they all tuned him out, but they didn't tune out Mom; no one tuned out Mom, she commanded everyone's attention and Richard watched as she gently pulled on Dad's collar and quickly brought her hand over his shirt.

"AAAAHHHHH – that is cold! Ace! What the ?" Logan jumped out of his seat and danced around pulling his shirt out of his pants and yanking on it – finally the ice cube fell to the ground. He turned around red from embarrassment and grinned at his beautiful wife doubled over, dying of hysterics while the kids were also laughing so hard.

"oh, Mom, that was perfect!" exclaimed Richard

Lia couldn't talk she was laughing so hard and Mia was cleaning up the milk she had sprayed across the table. Even Alice and the cook Dave were laughing. Rory finally got control and went to give her husband a warm welcome home – he held her at a distance making sure there were no more ice cubes before leaning in for the kiss when he hears her whisper "in Omnia Paratus". They both grin