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"Hello there! General Kenobi!" - Conversations/Talking

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"How beautiful you're organs are!"-Dark/Unkown Conversations/Thoughts

("Natsumi Schwarz is pretty hot...") Thoughts

For Subaru, it was supposed to be just a regular school day in the strange world he has been transported into for no apparent reason (Again) alongside his friends and companions from Lugnicia and people that came from completely different worlds that seemingly been chosen to go for school without a proper explanation given however he didn't bother trying to question why this was happening nor how did it happen since he long ago gave up trying to understand the logic of fantasy worlds.

Subaru once again took a seat at his usual spot which was in the back of the classroom and beside his friends and, after putting aside his messy array of unfinished papers from the day before and gave a warm greeting to his friends and classmates which was promptly greeted with mixed reactions from them, he droned out as he went into thinking. Once Subaru was in thinking it was as if he wasn't even there anymore as he could now only focus on only his thoughts a skill earned thanks to the countless loops he had to use this skill alongside "Return by Death" in order to reach the "Happy Ending" that he has so wished and fought for.

However, unlike the previous times in Lugnicia where he could find a solution thanks to "Return By Death", Subaru was unsure how he could free everyone from this strange place this time however regardless he still attempted to learn everything he could, hoping to find a clue on how they could potentially escapee because he knew that the faster they got out the better it would be for Emilia and Felt candidacy election as well as everyone else, however, he remained unsure about how much time they could be losing in Lugnicia or what could be happening yet at the same time... he was unsure if he wanted to go back if given a chance.

He had died and suffered more times then what most people could ever possibly imagine and handle and if this place truly was safe and peaceful for not just him but his friends as well then he wouldn't mind being here with some monsters, strange adventures, or even magic-using soldiers noting that they were starting to warm up and become friendly.

Shaking his head to himself he knew that wasn't an option since while the Witches power over this world was limited her powers in Lugnicia were not and he had a feeling that the more time he spent here the more she would get upset with him for reasons he does not know or even want to know and potentially releasing her anger to him on to Lugnicia as retribution. And with Reinhardt and (Reluctantly) Julius, two of the best swordfighters stuck here alongside Roswaal one of the best magic users in the kingdom Lugnicia will be at the mercy of her and the witch cult.

Just thinking about it made Subarus brain tremble and so he decided he will have to start looking for a way to save everyone (Once Again) from this place while enjoying the peace he had left to recover from his mental scars and enjoy his school life (That he failed to appreciate back in Japan). Interrupting Subarus train of thoughts Roswaal announced to the class "Noooow then class I am afraid that we will have to skip our lesson today." Roswaal said in a rather jokingly somber tone.

Everyone was now confused considering they had not experienced a free day from lessons or even a bad weather day except for that one time in which Ainz used his magic in the show and tell and so everyone was waiting for an explanation on why some more than others "Umm Roswaal-Chi not that I am ungrateful for no school but what's the occasion?" Subaru asked voicing the class question. "Whyyyy won't it be rude to not introduce ouuuurselves to the new class Subaru-Kun?"

Shocking everyone in the room that there's once again a new class has appeared out of nowhere although Roswaal was not finished just yet. "Class 2 (And Class 3) and the School Faculty will be joining us as well. You may be dismissed however I expect you all at the Gym by 12 at the latest and if no one else has any more questions you may be dismissed." As he closed his usual teacher book which was unusually black and walked away. Slowly everyone followed suit as they left the classroom with their companions chattering about the new classroom and various off-topic discussions. Unaware that more than a few people were already eager to meet their acquaintance.

"Well, what are we gonna do with the hour we got left from Ros-Chi?" Subaru asked trying to start a conversation with the group "Hmmph Betty has already arranged to meet with Mare in the Libary for tea I suppose." In response to this Subaru dramatically clenched his heart and fell to the floor. "Subaru-Kun! Are you alright?" Rem asked worriedly "Physically yes but emotionally no." As he pulled his sleeve over his face as he pretends to cry "Our little Beatrice already has a date! I feel happy but I don't want to let our drilled hair loli go!"

Beatrice seemed a bit flustered and annoyed by Subaru's usual over-the-top jokes and she was already considering punishing him however before she could give it much thought, Ram had already kicked him in the stomach as he went soaring yelling.

"Why would you do something so mean Nee-Sama!" Subaru groaned out as he was being cared for by Rem as she applied a small amount of healing mana "You're actions sadly represent Roswaal-Sama as well as the rest of us and, I will not tolerate such pitiful displays from you that will clump us with you." Ram replied rather cold but not unexpected. "Noted!" He said as he slowly got up the floor as he started chuckling at his own terrible joke which was soon joined by Emilia's giggles and eventually everyone in the group shared their own bit of laughter.

However, in the darkness unknown to the rest of the group was a mysterious woman viewing the scene seeming a bit upset and disappointed. "So this is how he could have ended up as? What a disappointing reality for sure, imagining him not being able to hunt with us wounds me. However, I am sure that his bowels would look just as lovely as his, regardless of what version of him it is, wouldn't it Natsuki Subaru?"As she couldn't help but lick her lips in anticipation.

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