Hello everyone this just going to be a small and quick chapter on things that have been going on my mind for a while relating to the story and other potential fanfics.

Firstly I would like to ask anyone interested to be a beta read to please DM me. After the last chapter, I realized that I still make mistakes that cost me critical time and that if I plan to make this fic entertaining to you all I will have to ask for some help from you guys as well.

Secondly, while I do have a plan for the next 6 chapters and potential ending, I do not have many filler ideas that may potentially fit the story. This is why I would like to ask you guys for any potential chapters that you may like to see whether if it's any interactions or activities as long as it may fit the story and are reasonable. I plan to have this story around 20-30 Chapters long so the more ideas the better.

Now then the next thing and final thing this AN will be addressing are potential Re:Zero fic ideas that anyone would be willing to adopt. This fic is probably gonna take a while to finish as well as write and so in order to sate my thirst for knowledge fics I am hoping that one of you fine fellows can adopt the following potential fics. I don't really do this but, I really enjoy the premise and I hope other people do and, so if you are interested DM me and we can talk so we can set up the adoption papers lol. However, if none of the fics are adopted within the next 3 weeks (How slothful), I may pick one out and attempt to do write it out myself but I cannot confirm if I will. If I do manage to find people willing to I will announce it in the next chapter.

Criteria For Adopting:

Willing to publish chapters regularly (No month-long wait for new a chapter like a certain someone)

Writing experience would be appreciated and noted while applying although not exactly needed

Creative and Innovative


Writing Prompts

Another Chance From Zero

Subaru had done it. He had made Emilia queen and, although he had to perform many vile and heinous things in order to make it happen including sacrificing the lives of his companions and himself, he was more than content with the outcome of his decisions. So why was he stuck doing this again with an absolute moron?!

The story will be about Pride!Subaru being stuck inside Canon!Subaru head with him not being able to do much besides spectate and talk with him, however, in times when Canon!Subaru feels either one of the seven sins such as wrathful or slothful or when he's willing to transfer, Pride!Subaru can momentarily take control and use his powers (Which can be either a power you make up yourself or my own power if you wish to use it) however each time Pride!Subaru takes over, he gets more assertive even when he's not possessing him which can be small in the beginning however slowly becomes a problem as it builds up. (It transfers between loops) The story starts in the final loop of arc 1 however Canon!Subaru can only start to hear him in the loot house fight.

The Power Of A Metia

Before coming to Lugnicia, Subaru never really thought about how useful his old flip phone besides making phone calls to his parents and the pizza place compared to the latest and trendy phones that his classmates always used. However, he will soon come to realize how useful his flip phone will be when starting life in another world.

While the phone won't be nearly as powerful as other prominent metias nor will it be OP. It will be useful to Subaru since with his phone the photos/videos he takes transfer across loops which will be crucial in getting evidence. As well as being able to take photos, he can call his parents (As long as nobody else is overhearing him) when he wishes and they won't be affected by the loops or Satella since they're not in Lugnicia. Now then while I don't expect the story to go that different from the main Re:Zero source (Although I have no problems with that) I would like some noticeable and unique scenes/chapters (Some examples could be confronting the Roswaal Manor residents from photos that Subaru took when attempting to escape from Rem since, in the main story, Subaru took quite a few photos of her while trying to run away or presenting photos from the aftermath of Betelgeuse attack while Subaru is trying to convince the royal candidates.)

And that will be all for this small AN! Like always feel free to review the story or DM for any questions concerning it and until then Live Strong! -IdkwhyIpost