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In regards to where this fanfic and the previous one in the series take place in regards to the Journeys show timeline, this one happens after the episode where Ash and Go go to Alola and meet Ash's classmates and before they leave. (Let's say they stuck around in Alola for another day or two.)

As for the previous one, it probably happened after the episode where Ash met and battled Korrina and he stuck around in Kalos a bit longer to check up on Bonnie on Clemont. Which lead to the circumstances where he and Greninja reunited and then subsequently dismantled Team Rocket's presence across the regions of Gens 1-6.

Enough rambling! Onto the fanfic!

1! 2! 3! Let's Go!

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon or the anime, I just bought copies of the game and some related merchandise. (Don't give me that look.) If I did, Ash would've gotten a Jangmo-o or it's evolved forms in the Sun and Moon series at some point and would have gotten his Fightium-Z back from Tapu Koko.

Melemele Island, Alola Region. Ten Carat Hill: Farthest Hollow.

"I just want it stated for the record, that we're here because you wanted to catch some more Alola Pokémon." Ash snarked to his fellow Research Fellow craning his head down so the bill of his cap can block out the intense Alolan sun as he and Go exited the caves Ten Carat Hill is known for having reached the open central area of the location.

"Well I'd like it stated for the record that I was fine checking out Verdant Cavern, but you had to listen to the rumors that couple who were probably Team Rocket luring us into a trap said about a Totem Pokémon being here even though this place isn't one of Melemele's trial sites." Go retorted as he blocked the harsh sunlight by throwing his arm up over his eyes.

He was equally annoyed with his Research Fellow who had insisted Go not use the Repels he had bought since they'd agitate Pikachu and Raboot's sensitive noses, even though they kept getting heckled by stupid Zubats.

The two youths tolerated the cave dwelling Flying-Types after the first couple came by looking to be caught after seeing Go had added one to his growing collection of Pokémon.

They took being turned down well once Gou had made the mistake of giving them some bread he kept in his backpack.

Then more Zubats came along either looking for bread or to get a Trainer. When the boy's patience with the Zubats had run dry, Ash had Pikachu start aiming Thunderbolts near where the Zubats were flying to scare them off. He and Pikachu made sure the Thunderbolts initially didn't connect so they wouldn't unnecessary harm the Bat Pokémon.

The Zubats took that as a sign their prospective Trainers wanted them to prove their might before they would get caught. So they started throwing weak attacks like Supersonic or Wing Attack at the boy's Pokémon.

Which meant Go had to recall and send back Raboot whenever it got confused and ran into a wall hurting itself, and Ash had to whip out that folding fan with a PokéBall design he keeps in case these situations happen and smack Pikachu with it to cure the Electric Mouse's confusion.

At that point Pikachu was done playing nice and started throwing Thunderbolts about indiscriminately on the Poison/Flying-Types.

Unfortunately the Zubats would not be deterred!

So then Ash, Go, and their Pokémon started booking it to the cave's exit as the excited swarms of Zubats attacked them, the Zubats not caring if their attacks accidentally struck the humans they were after.

The damn bloodsuckers only backed off because the two had finally found their way to the Hollow, the bright light convincing the cave dwellers that the two Trainers weren't worth their attempts to get captured.

At least Goh has a Carbink, Sableye, and one very photogenic Jangmo-o to show for coming along with Ash on this trek.

Once his eyes had adjusted to being in the sun once more, Ash turned back to Go, "You could have just gone to Verdant Cavern yourself. Heck, Kiawe and Sophocles volunteered to go with you."

"I don't like Kiawe. He's a jerk." Go told Ash, still pissed the guy had to pick on him for not being good enough to support Ash as his new rival as part of some dumb secret test of character. Like Go wants to be rivals with the crazy kid who took down the mob and doesn't balk at the idea of fighting Legendary Pokémon.

Heck from what Lana has told him, Kiawe wasn't much of a rival either considering their first actual battle happened the day Ash left Alola. Hau was more of a rival to Ash and 2 of the Trainer from Kanto's battles with the guy ended on a bullshit note if Ash is to believed.

"Yeah, he kinda is." Ash admits reluctantly, "Also he's kind of a dork."

Ash suddenly grins a smile Go has come to associate in the 2 months he's known the other boy with trouble and mischief, "If you want to get back at the guy, get along well with his sister and she'll probably adopt you as her 4th big brother. That drives Kiawe nuts."

"4th?" Go questions confused whilst mentally adding, "siscon" to the list of reasons he doesn't like Kiawe.

"I'm her second big brother and Lillie's brother Gladion is the third big brother." Ash answers with a proud grin, "Lana's sisters consider me they're future brother-in-law, and I've practically adopted Lillie."

"You seem way too happy about that." Go snarked adding, "probably a siscon" to the list of things about Ash that disturbs him.

"I'm an only child whose only friends before I turned 10 and met Misty and Brock, was Gary who became a jerk and was the reason none of the other kids in Pallet Town wanted to hang out with me, and Serena who had to go back to Kalos the day I met her." Ash threw back sharply drawing a wince from Go who added that to his growing list of things he wouldn't expect of the Trainer from Pallet Town. (of the Kanto region.)

"Being a sort of brother figure to Max and later Bonnie was an awesome experience. So now I kind of want to adopt as many brothers and sisters as I can." Ash continues wanting to steer away from depressing subjects like his lonely childhood whilst wishing he had hung out with his cousin Molly more often as a kid.

Probably could have prevented the Greenfield Incident from happening if she knew she had someone to turn to if her parents disappeared besides evil magic tiles containing strange psychic creatures that can warp reality, age her to being a ten-year old and later a teenager, create fake Pokémon as powerful as Legendaries, and eventually crush the world under a wall of crystals that would never stop expanding.

"Let's find your Totem Pokémon and a Spinda for me and then get out of here." Go states somberly scanning the area for their quarry.

"I don't think that'll be much of a problem." Ash tells Go whilst drawing his attention to the center of the hollow where a Hakamo-o the size of it's evolved form is standing with it's eyes closed and arms crossed whilst a Rockruff plays tag with a couple Spinda and a Cutiefly.

The Hakamo-o's eyes snap startling the playing Pokémon around her as a challenger approaches with a Pikachu on his shoulder and another human with him.

Wait, didn't Tapu Koko mention a Trainer with a Pikachi on his shoulder when he gave her this duty? What was his name again? Arron? Ritchie?

It'll come to her eventually Hakamo-o decides as she meets the Trainer's gaze and likes the familiar fire in his eyes. On the edge of her senses Hakamo-o detects Tapu Kuku's prescense but brushes it aside to focus solely on her future opponent.

"Yo! Hakamo-o!" Ash hollars to the Dragon/Fighting-Type his grin matching the fanged one the Totem Pokémon has, "Me and my Pokémon want to take on a Trial. You're the Totem Pokémon, right?"

Hakamo-o nods vibrantly before bouncing on the balls of her feet, getting ready for the battle whilst Spinda and Cutiefly follow the Rockruff away from what is about to be a battlefield.

Go joins them with Raboot by his side planning on catching one of the Spinda and maybe the Cutiefly and Rockruff too once Ash has completed his Trial.

As the Totem Pokémon warms up for the battle, Ash mulls over which of his Pokémon he should use for this life or death battle. He did promise to show Greninja what these trials are like so the two can fight together without it being a life-or-death battle against dangerous criminals.

Though right now Ash is feeling like giving one of his other Pokémon a chance to fight and gain some experience. He could always take Greninja to Brooklet Hill and do the Trial there so he and the Ninja Frog can use Hydro Vortex whenever they please, "Pika?"

Ash looks to his Starter curious about what his suggestion is and sees the Electric Mouse opening and closing his mouth like he's trying to bite something whilst his paws press his ears on top of each other to resemble a fin?

"Ah!" Ash vocalizes apparently getting whatever Pikachu is saying to Go's confusion, "Yeah, let's go with him, buddy."

Ash draws a Pokéball from his belt as Hakamo-o finishes her warm ups and readies herself for battle.

"Gible! Let's go!" Ash declares as he sends out his first Dragon-Type to battle who pops onto the field with a hearty cry before immediately turning around and leaping for Ash's head.


Hakamo-o, Go, Raboot, and the Wild Pokémon present watch confused as Ash laughs jovially despite the fact Gible was attempting to munch on his brain.

"Bet you've wanted to do that for a while, haven't you little guy?" Ash asks the land shark as he grabs Gible by his side and tries to pry him loose as does Pikachu who grips the Dragon by his tail and tugs.

"Gib Gible!" The Land Shark manages to say whilst still determined to sink his teeth into his Trainer's skull despite Ash and his Starter's attempts to loosen the dimunitive dragon.

"Yeah I get it, I should have brought you with me to Unova so by the time I went to Kalos you could have Mega Evolved." Ash admitted knowing the whole going on a new journey with just Pikachu was getting old. Zekrom probably wouldn't have messed with him and Pikachu the second they set foot in Unova if he had Gible smack the Deep Black Pokémon in the face with a Draco Meteor.

"How'd you get all that from so few words?" Go pointed out perplexed to which Ash turns to him and answers with Dragon/Ground-Type still on his head, "Gible can be pretty concise when he wants to."

Go blinks surprised having figured Gible was like his Trainer in that he wasn't very... Eloquent.

"Probably has to do with how Infernape became a bookworm like you after I went to Unova and Gible thinks his head is pretty tasty to gnaw on." Ash adds on drawing a scowl from Go at what sounds like a slight before he focuses on the last part of that sentence.

"But isn't Infernape's head on fire usually?" Go commented trying to figure out how Gible could comfortably gnaw on the Flame Pokémon's cranium, "Wait, I should be trying to figure out how Gible apparently got smarter from trying to put bite mark's in Infernape's skull."

"Maybe when Gible bites people he sucks out some of their brains." Ash suggests before his eyes glanced up to Gible having given up trying to extricate the Psuedo-Legend from his crown, "You're not doing that now are you?"

Gible wiggles his body left and right since he can't exactly shake his head right now whilst saying his name sounding insulted at the insinuation.

What does Ash think Gible is? A Nihilego? Wait, how does Gible know what a Nihilego is? Gible wasn't there to see Lillie's mom make her darkest, most twisted fantasy of falling prey to a tentacled Pokémon a reality. Maybe there's some credence to Ash's theory that Gible's a smartness stealer.

Still won't stop Gible from showing Gible's affection for others by biting on their yummy heads.

"We're getting off track here," Ash addresses looking to Hakamo-o whose tapping her foot with her arms and looks seconds from just jumping at her Challenger and fighting him instead of the cute baby Dragon on his head. Wait, where'd that cute come from?

Hakamo-o shook her head rapidly feeling her cheeks warm up, burying that weird weak feeling down and focusing on the battle as her Challenger finally got Gible off his head and set the Dragon/Ground-Type down on the ground in front of her before he went to stand by his Pikachi's side a few feet behind the Pokémon that'll be her opponent.

Hakamo-o leaned forward and gave the smaller dragon Pokémon a toothy grin as the fiery aura denoting her as a Totem Pokémon flared to life around her, filling the Scaly Pokémon with the certainty that any Special attacks the little dragon throws at her won't be enough to take her out.

Gible clenches his little fists, readying a Rock Smash to nail the Alolan dragon in the face with, nearby the Rockruff that had been playing around earlier gets in an alert stance ready to join the battle if Hakamo-o calls for her aid.

On some unseen signal the battle begins as Hakamo-o suddenly lunges towards Gible, catching him off guard from her speed. Gible swings out a Rock Smash empowered fist when Hakamo-o draws close only to blink befuddled as the much larger Pokémon sidesteps around the attack and retaliates with swinging a Sky Uppercut into Gible's stomach that knocks him up into the air spinning head over tail.

"Charge up a Dragon Pulse!" Ash calls out to his first Dragon-Type as gravity starts pulling him back to the earth. Still spinning in the air Gible opens his jaw and fights down the urge to Spit Up that berry he had earlier today he'd almost mistaken a Bounsweet for and readies a Dragon Pulse.

Hakamo-o hides her smirk knowing the attack won't do much for her and crosses her arms over her head ready to take it as the turquoise ball of draconic energy forms in front of the Land Shark's gaping maw.

Ash resolves once this battle's been won to reward Gible with some of those Malasadas Hau refuses to enjoy with him despite the Alolan boy's love for them. He's really quite impressed Gible can keep control of the energy sphere and also not accidentally fire it off whilst falling from the sky and tumbling about, "Fire it now!"

Ash grins as he watches the Dragon Pulse streak down towards Hakamo-o, having timed his command just when Gible's spinning descent would line up his attack with where Hakamo-o is standing right now.

As an added bonus firing the Dragon Pulse ended Gible's disorientating fall and launched him back up into the air, the explosion from the attack making contact with Hakamo-o knocking him even further into the sky.

Fortunately or unfortunately for Gible, Hakamo-o leapt up from the smoke generated from the attack hitting her and soon reached him in the air. Putting her claws together over her head, internally grimacing having not expected the little dragon's attack to hit that hard despite her aura shielding her, and spikes them down over Gible's head sending him crashing down into the earth.

Hakamo-o does a three point landing and looks over her shoulder to see what Pokémon her Challenger will throw at her next only to balk as Gible hops out of the crater he made from his 'flight' recieving an impromptu end, still ready and raring to fight.

Hakamo-o grins viciously impressed since most baby Pokémon she fights can't take more than 1 or 2 hits before they run off crying. This little guy's a fighter like her.

Hakamo-o lunges towards him planning to punt him like a soccer ball only to miss as the smaller dragon dodges like his Trainer commands and throws a Rock Smash at her which connects and knocks her away.

The much larger dragon turns her tumble into a roll, stopping once she's cleared enough distance from her opponent. She rubs her jaw where Gible's Rock Smash connected and can feel one of her fangs got knocked loose.

That only produces a savage grin from the evolved Psudeo Legendary who bolts towards the Gible once more, this time swerving left and right so her opponent won't know where she'll be coming from.

"Dig!" Ash commands seeing Gible is having a hard time following her. Gible nods and hops up in the air before diving into the ground, throwing up dirt as he burrows into the ground and leaves Hakamo-o to tsk as her quarry escapes her for the moment.

Hakamo-o sweeps her gaze about waiting to see where Gible'll emerge from. She turns around to check behind her, recalling the number of opponents she's faced in the place who are fond of doing that with the move.

Hearing the Gible's Trainer call out a Dragon Pulse prompts her to face forward to see Gible's right under her nose. She's too slow to dodge and takes the attack to her chest throwing her away from Gible who retreats back into the hole he made.

Knocked onto her back the Totem Pokémon winces certain that Dragon Pulse chipped the scales on her chest. If it weren't for her Totem aura that second Dragon Pulse might have taken her out of the fight.

Hakamo-o springs to her feet and sees Gible's emerged from his tunneling again, curious what she'll do next. Best not to keep him waiting, Hakamo-o thinks as she clenches her fist, and throws her head back to let out a war cry. A silver glow appears around her as the chipped and cracked scales she's accumulated from this fight shatter.

Totem Hakamo-o became nimble!

Before anyone can blink, Hakamo-o blurs forward and reappears in front of Gible and lands a Headbutt on him sending him flying back.

Ash calls for Gible to retreat with Dig, but Hakamo-o is there before he can escape. She swings her tail around, the tail becoming suffused in a green aura mid-swing, and strikes Gible across the cheek sending him further back.

Amid his flight, Gible's Pokéball pops open from Ash's belt confusing and then startling him as it draws Gible back into it before another Pokéball opens and releases the Pokémon it contains.

Greninja blinks confused before narrowing his gaze and focusing on the Totem Pokémon rapidly approaching him, he shelves the matter of why he's battling now when Ash decided to have the Dragon from Sinnoh fight instead, and quickly throws a pair of Water Shuriken the Totem Pokémon's way that forces her to stop and retreat.

Ash has Greninja use Double Team and watches as his Water/Dark-Type blurs forward, matching Hakamo-o's current speed, and disappearing before multiple Greninja appear all around the battlefield drawing a snarl from her as she can't pick apart which ones the real one.

He'll figure out why Dragon Tail can suddenly do that later when all the previous times he's seen the move used, it didn't send Pokémon struck by it back to their Pokéball and sent another one out at random.

Ash follows up by commanding Greninja to use Water Shuriken. Hakamo-o bites back as the various Greninja clones around her create a watery throwing star in each of their hands. She leaps into the air easily clearing all the Water Shurikens the clones and their originator threw at her smirking unaware a single one of the Greninja clones waited before throwing their second Water Shuriken.

The real Greninja's grin matches his Trainer as he throws the Water Shuriken and strikes Hakamo-o in the back knocking her out of the sky.

She quickly hops out of the crater she made, huffing and not commenting on the fact it was right next to the one she had made earlier in the battle by using Gible like a volleyball.

She blitzes towards Greninja planning to wipe that grin from the Ninja's face with a Sky Uppercut only to watch befuddled as Greninja easily outpaces and dodges around her attack.

A low hum reaches her ears right before pain arcs across her back and Hakamo-o howls wounded, turning around to see in one of Greninja's hands is a mass of dark energy in the shape of a ninjato whilst the attack's wielder stares her down with an intense glare.

Go's comment that Night Slash shouldn't look like that goes ignored by everyone as Greninja releases his grip on the attack and his expression relaxes as it dissipates into the air.

Gible's Pokéball bursts open, releasing it's occupant in front of Ash who calls out for Greninja to tag him back in to the fight.

Greninja nods and retreats back to Ash's side as Gible sprints forward to meet Hakamo-o in battle once more, the Water/Dark-Type catching the urgency in the Land Shark's tone.

If Greninja had to guess, Gible has something he needs to prove by winning here.

Still reeling from that Night Slash Greninja landed on her, Hakamo-o sees Gible is back out looking to go one last round with her.

Going with what her gut tells her, she'll win this battle if she can land one more Sky Uppercut on him. Unfortunately her gut also tells her he can do the same with either one more Dragon Pulse or one more Rock Smash.

Whoever gets the next hit wins this battle.

"Draco Meteor!" Ash declares cutting off any more musing Hakamo-o might have who readies a Sky Uppercut at the same time Gible starts glowing orange and a corona of the same orange energy can be seen within Gible's body.

Hakamo-o moves before Gible can finish charging the most powerful Dragon-Type move. She appears in front of him, fists cocked back ready to drop it down on Gible's head as she smirks viciously at the little Dragon Pokémon that had really wowed her during this fight.

"Go for her head!" Ash calls at the exact moment she was about to launch the Sky Uppercut only to seize up in pain all of a sudden, the grim realization that Night Slash cut deeper into her back than she thought.

Gritting her teeth and fighting through the pain, Hakamo-o swings her fist down on Gible. The attack lacking the speed her Autotomize boost gave her, thus creating the opportunity Gible needed to hop onto her fist to follow up with leaping onto her head before chomping down on it.

Dread sinks in for Hakamo-o just moments before Ash bellows: Fire! Then all Hakamo-o knew before unconsciousness claimed her as a result of Gible firing the Draco Meteor at her from point-blank range was pain.

Ash and Go watch as Gible and Hakamo-o are enveloped in an explosive blast that draws to mind the image of a miniature setting sun.

Before Go can voice his amazement at the sight, the sphere of draconic energy detonates releasing a blast wave that knocks him stumbling back, Raboot keeping him from falling on his butt. Nearby Rockruff digs his claws into the ground and grits his teeth, whilst the two Spinda cling desperately to a rock whilst the shockwave buffeted them.

Cutiefly having been sent skyward and probably would have been blown farther away if Tapu Koko hadn't flown over and caught the tiny Fairy-Type in his arms before swooping down behind a tree out of Ash and Go's sight and setting the Cutiefly down before he made himself scarce.

As the blast waves washed over him, Ash holds his cap to his head not wanting to lose it as he squared his legs and dug his shoes into the ground.

Ash sent Greninja a grateful nod when he felt the fully evolved Water-Type grip his arm to keep him from getting knocked back whilst the Ninja Frog's other hand had created and stabbed a Night Slash sword into the ground as a makeshift staff to keep himself standing.

Putting the trick Ash and he had come up with for beating Viola's Vivillion and her gale force winds to good use, Pikachu stabbed an Iron Tail into the ground behind him to keep himself rooted in place as the last of the shockwaves from the Draco Meteor exploding sailed over the area.

Ash grins seeing Gible through the dissipating smokescreen standing upright albeit a bit scuffed up. Behind him Ash can just barely make out the Totem Pokémon's beaten form as he headed his way over to thank Gible for giving it his all with Pikachu and Greninja following after him.

Seeing Gible beaming as he charges towards Ash, the Trainer from Kanto quickly takes his hat off and deposits it onto Pikachu's head, not wanting anymore bite mark's on it.

"Doesn't that hurt?" Go questions as he approaches Ash whose laughing without a carefree as Gible chomps on his head, whilst internally hoping when he catches a Gible it doesn't share Ash's Gible's habit.

Raboot puts a paw to his chin and strokes it in thought contemplating whilst Ash answers that Gible knows to not bite too hard on his head. Maybe Raboot should kick a fireball at Go to show the boy his fondness for him?

Raboot sets that matter aside for now as Ash heads to the defeated Totem Pokémon's side whilst pulling a Super Potion and a Revive from his backpack.

Ash feeds the Totem Pokémon the diamond-shaped medicine and quickly steps back as the Dragon/Fighting-Type chews on and then ingests it. A moment later Hakamo-o comes too and gets back on her feet carefully seeing the Greninja has a Water Shuriken bared in case she attacks.

A bit paranoid but Hakamo-o can get where he's coming from having had to watch out for her little siblings all the time due to the Kommo-o that layed all of them being a very hands-off parent.

Putting Greninja's overprotectiveness out of her mind, Hakamo-o looks to Greninja's Trainer confused why he'd heal her after the fight. That's a bit of a weird courtesy to be extending your opponents.

Ash swishes the Super Potion bottle in his hand drawing Hakamo-o's attention to it and speaks in an even tone, "This is going to sting but then your back won't hurt as much when you move around."

Hakamo-o shrugs letting the human do what he wants even if she bets it'll probably heal and the new scales she'll have to replace the ones on her back with will grow in within a week or two.

Though Hakamo-o ain't one of those creepy pink humans with the same face that live in the Pokéball building so what does she know about getting better?

"You should still check yourself into a Pokémon Center for a few days so Nurse Joy can fix you up." Ash says unaware to Hakamo-o's thoughts as he moves to her back and sees the slash Greninja left there.

Ash cringes and wonders for a moment if Greninja might have learned Night Slash wrong in the heat of the moment of their frantic fight with Namba's Electivire who was out to kill the both of them upon it's mad scientist Trainer's orders.

Maybe he should ask Gladion or Nanu if the move is supposed to do that sort of damage, Ash decides as he sprays the Super Potion drawing a low hiss from Hakamo-o who otherwise remains still.

Hakamo-o moves to feel the cut on her back out as numbness sets in, but the human stops her mentioning moving her arms about like that will make it hurt worse.

"Benefits of being friends with an aspiring Pokémon doctor." Ash answers the question Go was about to ask judging from the expression on his face. Though Ash is still a bit rankled his other friends are so surprised he has this sort of knowledge swirling around in his head.

He keeps a journal full of things Brock, Cilan, Clemont, or Professor Kukui say in passing that might be useful to know later on if he has something to do with Pokémon.

With the spray bottle used up, Ash sticks it in his backpack to refill later and stands in front of the Totem Pokémon once more grinning vibrantly, "Thanks for the awesome Trial, Hakamo-o!"

Gible and Pikachu join Ash in expressing their gratitude whilst Greninja gives the Psuedo Legend a respectful nod finding her to be an interesting opponent in their brief duel.

Hakamo-o responds similarly to the former three and throws a fist out to which Ash, then Gible and Pikachu meet with their own resulting in a fist bump between the four of them

Hakamo-o holds the fist bump out for Greninja who looks confused for a moment before nodding and knocking knuckles with the dragon.

Hakamo-o then brings the fist back to Ash and turns it on it's palm before unfurling her claws to reveal she had been holding a brown diamond shaped crystal with a symbol of a clenched fist inlaid within it.

"A Z-Crystal?" Go comments recalling the one Kiawe had used right before he nearly burned Go and Raboot (mostly Go) to a crisp with that oversized fireball of burning death Kiawe's Turtonator had chucked at him.

"Huh, neat." Ash comments succinctly as Hakamo-o gives the Z-Crystal to him, "Finally got my Fightinium Z. I wonder if this is the one Tapu Koko swiped?"

"I'm pretty sure the odds of that is pretty low." Go snarks unaware the Hakamo-o had indeed received that very Z-Crystal from Tapu Koko.

Said Guardian Deity sweatdropping at the Chosen's very accurate guess. Maybe he can make it up to the kid later for filching the Fightinium Z by powering up one of his other Z-Crystals so he can use one of the signature Z-Moves like Pulverizing Pancake, or Malicious Moonsault.

The Chosen certainly won't need Sinister Arrow Raid anytime soon given his Rowlet's bizarre fascination with that Everstone it has.

Maybe Catastropika?

Or given the Totem Pokémon he'd passed the Fighting-Type Crystal to was pointing a claw at the Pokéballs on the Chosen's belt and then at herself, maybe the Chosen should get the Dragoninium Z from Poni Island and Tapu Fini then the Tapu of Melemele can upgrade it to use Clangorous Soulblaze.

The Electric/Fairy-Type can figure that out later as he hears the Chosen question if it'll be okay for him to catch the Totem Pokémon to which Hakamo-o responds it'll be fine with a dismissive wave of her hand.

Tapu Koko nods his head not one to stand in any Pokémon's way from joining a Trainer on their journey. Especially the Chosen who has gone above and beyond in ensuring Alola's continued peace and prosperity.

Besides this whole Trial was set up just so Tapu Koko could get the Fightinium Z back to where it belongs. It never occurring to the Legendary Pokémon he could have just given the Fightinium Z back personally.

Ash complies with Hakamo-o's request to be caught by producing an Ultra Ball from his backpack, momentarily wondering why he, Go, and everyone he knows only ever use the normal Pokéball to catch a Pokémon, and presses it to Hakamo-o's outstretched fist. Bumping the capture button on it against her knuckle and adding the Dragon/Fighting-Type to the family.

Tapu Koko puts the Chosen and his companion plus their Pokémon to his back and jets off to his home, unaware of the rather cheesy victory pose Ash took as he and his Pokémon celebrated clearing the trial, getting the Fightinium Z back, and adding Totem Hakamo-o to the team.

Go thankfully was there to be embarassed Ash does that for the Tapu. Ash snarked back that Go will know what it's like someday to feel that sense of accomplishment.

Go then called Ash an asshole before he took to catching Spinda and Cutiefly. Rockruff taking Hakamo-o's example to heart and only allowing Go to catch her once he battled and defeated the canine Rock-Type.

Fortunately Raboot learned Blaze Kick from the experience. The other Spinda not wanting to be left behind by it's friend also joined Go despite his reservations at the unnecessary catch. Ash being the one to convince him to not separate the Spinda from each other.

Once the two got back to Hau'oli City, Go punched James in the arm for convincing Ash to drag him along through that Zubat infested cave. Ash took the opportunity to inform the TRio he got their Z-Ring and Darkinium Z back from Petrel who couldn't pull off the poses to use Black Hole Eclipse (and looked pretty stupid doing so before Scraggy smashed a Focus Blast in his face) during Ash's war with the rest of Team Rocket a few weeks ago.

When they asked if he was going to give it back, he looked at them like they were stupid and reminded them of the fact for most of the years he knew them, they tried to steal his Pikachu or any other Pokémon near him and his friends that caught their fancy. Why would he give them their Z Ring back so doing that could be easier for them?

Who even gave them their Z-Ring anyway?, Ash would ask them prompting the TRio to sweat and stammer up excuses that they'd stolen it which neither Ash nor Go were buying.

At that exact moment Nanu felt a shiver go down his spine as he was in the midst of an interview with Matori and her Alolan Meowth whose looking to be his secretary. Why does she think he needs a secretary? He's got Acerola for that.

He already pawned off that offer Kukui gave him to be part of the Kanto Kid's Elite Four on the unsettling girl with an affinity for Ghost-Types.

Maybe he'll just give this girl a job here as a Dispatcher so Nanu doesn't have to get complaints from people about that rich lady whose Persian likes to skulk about and annoy people. Old broad needs to keep that vindictive feline on a leash.

The next day Ash made a trip to Akala Island to take on the trial at Brooklet Hill with Greninja and walked away with a Waterium Z after the two bested a Totem Lurantis.

But that's a story (That I don't feel would be that interesting to tell.) for another day.

Bonus scene that one could call an omake: Meanwhile over a mountain in Johto...

"Are you that Ketchum boy's Charizard?" A tired voice asked as it approached another member of it's kind.

"Yeah, what do you want? A fight?" The Flame Pokémon belonging to Ash asked wondering what this sad looking lizard wants. Thing looks like it hasn't eaten in weeks.

"I want to die." The other Charizard answers tone serious causing his fellow to throw him a confused look.

"Why?" Charizard asked unable to comprehend one who despite the aura of misery and defeat he carries still hides a strength and intensity in his eyes.

"My Trainer is dead, because I failed to come out of my Ball and keep him freezing to death." The Charizard of Red elaborates in a bitter tone, "This is the second time I have failed him. My first was when I let myself be bested by Gold's Typhlosion. My second failure came from my inattentiveness and cost Red his life."

Red's Charizard stares into the eyes of Ash's, "Do you have any ideal what it's like to fail your Trainer like that, not once, but twice?"

"More than you can imagine." Charizard replied thinking back to how much of a brat he'd been refusing to fight with Ash years ago at the Indigo Conference, and then how we wasn't strong enough to defeat the Fake Entei who'd stolen away his Trainer's mother and had nearly killed him.

"Then help me die a worthwhile death at the hands of a powerful opponent." Red's Charizard demanded to which the other Charizard scoffed.

"No. I have no interest fighting a weakling like you whose ready to give up after screwing up a few times." Charizard tells him not wanting his elder's blood on his hands or his death weighing on the Dragon's conscience, "Go find a Legendary to kill you."

"I did. The Entei found couldn't kill me." Red's Charizard reveals before smirking mockingly at Ash's knowing what he says next will get him what he wants, "I defeated the Entei. Unlike you who couldn't do the same with a fake one."

Charizard glared murderously at him for that jab before closing his and taking a deep breath, exhaling embers when he does, "You know, the funny thing is... I know you're playing me,"

Charizard's eyes open, a flame lit in them, as he smirks, "But you're right."

Red's Charizard's grin widens as his counterpart readies a Dragon Claw and tells him, "I probably shouldn't enjoy this given the circumstances, but fuck it. I've been wanting to take you and that Edgelord fool's Charizard down a peg for a long time now."

Red's Charizard got what he wanted that day. Ash's Charizard for helping learned Blast Burn from his elder.

Via the Charizard with a death wish using it as their final attack which nearly killed his opponent who was now desperate enough to grant the wish of Red's Charizard by throwing the strongest Fire-Type move back at him. The attack consuming and incinerating the Dragon of Red leaving nothing behind.

Charizard was in a good move after that battle having flexed on the Charizard so many fools he'd Fire Blast in the face said was his superior in strength.

Then Charizard recalled his opponent had bragged before the battle about defeating an actual Entei which pissed him off to no end.

Charizard will just have to one up that achievement by defeating Entei, it's siblings, and the other 2 Kanto birds he had yet to fight.

Wonder if his Trainer will run into a Zapdos or Moltres again in the near future like he did in Kalos.

AN: This is the bonus scene I originally had in mind but I came up with something else that will now be it's own fanfic I'll post in a couple days once it's done.

Gible has some unresolved issues with his defeat at the hands of Tobias's Darkrai. Unlike Heracross and Torkoal who didn't take their loss as hard, Gible considered the defeat a motivator for his Trainer to not bring Gible along to Unova like he'd heard Ash did with Aipom when he went to Sinnoh. (Gible didn't exactly get an accurate retelling of how that happened.

Charizard sort of made it his mission to seek out and defeat Legendary Pokémon to flex on how awesome he is to everyone. He's pretty salty N denied him the lesson in humility he would have taught Iris's Dragonite and thinks the guy's a twink.

Charizard's especially salty during that fiasco with Team Plasma, that he didn't get to fight Reshiram to smack some sense into the (it-the-time) mind controlled Legendary Dragon/Fire-Type.

He certainly wasn't pleased he missed out on fighting the Zapdos and Moltres Ash ran into whilst traveling Kalos that had a part in his Noibat and Fletchinder evolving.

This should give you a good ideal what my next fanfic will be.

I'll also be sticking a list of what Pokémon Go has in this AU so far here (because I like keeping track of these things.)

Go's Pokémon as of the show at the point this fanfic takes place: Raboot, Caterpie, Metapod, Venomoth, Venonat, Paras, Parasect, Butterfree, Pinsir, Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Scyther, Tailow, 3 Dustox, Tentacool, Mantyke, Sentret, Stantler, Misdreavus, Dewgong, Skwovet, Darmanitan, Sandile, a giant-sized Golurk, Cubone, Spearow, Rattata, Pidgey, Nidoran Female, Nidoran Male, Oddish, Poliwag, Grimer, Ekans, Farfetch'd, Exeggutor, Goldeen, Magickarp, Giant-sized Magickarp, Binacle, 5 Flabebe, Scatterbug, Phantump, Fletchling, Sobble, Wingull, Ariados, Pineco, Heracross, Hitmonchan, Raichu, Trapinch, Vibrava, Flygon, Pyukumuku, and Alolan Exeggutor.

Pokémon Go's caught in this Fanfic: Carbink, Sableye, Jangmo-o, Zubat, Cutiefly, 2 Spinda, and a Rockruff.

Final things to comment on: As of typing this Fanfic, it's been a few days since the Zapdos Raid Battle episode which I'll probably do a fanfic about. (Hint! Hint!)

Until next time, bye-onara!