So this is the first time I've tried this so bare with me. I have a couple ideas for a FF but I suck at writing so someone who thinks this is a good idea PM me and we will figure some out so until then just read the ideas.

Mulan storyline

What if World War III started? What if Max's father was injured so she took his place? She never been a perfect daughter so no one would care right? What if Fangs dad was Top Rank soldier in the war? What if Fang had to train the lowest ranking team in the camp? What if two people who were never supposed to meet, met and all heck broke loose?

Sooo I had somany ideas for Maximum Ride and now I don't -_- So as I think of thing I'll post another chapter or something but if this is what writers block feels like I hate it XD so just PM me and we'll get started on writing and editing and things