Ten years had passed since Perseus and Sally had come back to Sally's second home, Themyscira, as well as Hera coming to live on her people's island. Sally mused on how things had changed in the last decade.

'it's hard to believe it's been ten years since we came back to the island. I am surprised, and happy that Perseus has been accepted by the rest of the amazons. Hell, even Hera has opened up quite a bit to Perseus, which I didn't think would happen, guess my son really can change people, can't he? I wonder if I can ask Hera to let mother, grandmother, and my aunt to visit, I am sure Perseus will be happy to see them again after a while. Speaking of my son, his power has grown exponentially under the tutelage of Hera, Hippolyta, as well as Poseidon, who had been visiting with the approval of Hera and the fates, as well as the surprise appearance of his half sisters, Rhode, Kymolopeia, his half brother Triton, his stepmother Amphitrite, and his nieces, Atlanta and Mera. Truly a family reunion. It actually didn't come out as a disaster.' Sally was interrupted from her thoughts by a large vibration, followed up by a loud sonic boom.


Sally glanced up, catching sight of Perseus and Diana clashing their fists with one another, locked in a stalemate. Perseus fell back, before bringing up his knee, only to be blocked with Diana's own knee. Launching his fist, the two warriors once again slammed against one another. The amazonian princess barely managed to win the physical power struggle, as her opponent was thrown away, she flew after him.

Perseus seeing Diana coming at him, threw his hands out, cupping them side by side, and yelled, "SPARTAN RAGE!" a burst of sea green energy rushed towards the wide eyed beauty that is his opponent. Diana was to shocked, not expecting the ki blast, it slammed into her, she fell to the ground, unleashing a cloud of dust.

Perseus was hanging in the air, covered in cuts, bruises and some blood, while panting a bit, slightly winded and out of breath, having been sparring with Diana for several hours now. Well given his stamina, he should make a woman very happy.

The dust cloud parted, Diana was struggling to her feet, she too was covered in cuts and bruises, with some blood on her body. Perseus grinned down at her, with a look of smug challenge flashing in his eyes. She glared at him, with playful fire burning in her own eyes. She spread her legs on the ground, before launching up towards him, with the ground cracking from where she was previously stood.

Perseus flew at her, determined to win, the two rammed into each other, their fists meeting in a flurry of blows, neither one seeming to gain an advantage, as they traded punches and kicks.

Diana threw her hand out and launched her own ki blast at him, "maiden's anguish!" a wave of electric blue ki lashed out towards Perseus, who then countered with his own blast, "Atlantis fury." the blue burst rushed out and collided with her own. The two warriors gritted their teeth, as they fought and pushed with all of their might, each one wanting to win, to be victorious, to show their strength.

As each of them pumped more energy and power into their blast, with a loud howl. Perseus managed to let loose a surprising burst of energy, taking Diana by surprise, and securing the win. Diana smiled, happy that her student managed to beat her, before the blast knocked her unconscious and slammed her into the ground. Perseus smiled happily, before falling to the ground, unconscious himself.

Sally just sighed, shaking her head, as she walked over to the two fallen warriors and gazed at them fondly. She looked at her son, and spoke to him softly, "I am so proud of you my son, you have grown much in your strength, in terms of your demigod abilities and ki powers." she then leaned down and kissed his forehead.

Turning around, the young and beautiful mother came face to face with Hippolyta and Hera, both of whom had come to the battlefield, due to sensing the power displayed by Diana and Perseus. Upon getting there however, the two just shook their heads, wearing fond, if exasperated smiles. Glancing around they were astounded at the damage to the area, as well as the injuries sustained by the two warriors in the craters.

Hera snapped her fingers, teleporting them all to the queen's chambers, before grabbing a couple of senzu beans, and feeding them to Diana and Perseus. Hera then asked, "so who won?"

Diana pouted, "he did."

Perseus just grinned stupidly, before stating proudly, "yes, yes I did. Though to be fair, it wasn't by much."

Diana just gave him the evil eye, she was not amused nor was she impressed. Hera, Sally, and Hippolyta just smirked at the princess, her attitude about losing was amusing. "I do have to say though Perseus, you have grown in leaps and bounds in your strength, speed, and endurance. That's not even mentioning your demigod abilities, which have far surpassed any other demigod child of Poseidon, or Neptune for that matter." the former queen of the gods said.

"I have felt my power grow, but I am not sure it's enough. Given what fate seems to have in store for me, and there's always room to grow and ways to improve." Perseus said solemnly.

'wow, way to kill the mood son.' Sally thought dryly.

"well, as long as you and Diana keep training, I am confident the two of you can and will handle anything and everything that comes your way. Diana, you are the strongest amazon to ever grace this island, and Perseus, not only do you have the powers and abilities of your father, but you also have the warrior and fighting spirit of the saiyan race. You may just be the strongest demigod I have ever met and heard of." Hippolyta told them both.

"I sure wish I shared your confidence, your majesty." Perseus said to her.

The young half god and half saiyan left the room, heading out to the sea to practice some more with his godly heritage. Training intensively, pulling up massive waves, vibrating the earth, bringing cyclones and tornadoes around the island, causing hurricanes, carefully controlling them so they don't damage or destroy the island or anything on it, in any way, shape, or form.

He didn't notice Diana coming up behind him. "why do you push yourself so hard Perseus? You don't have to do anything and everything alone you know. The world doesn't rest on your shoulders alone. We all live here, we all have an obligation to protect it. It's not just your burden to bear." she told him.

"do you know what's in store for me, in just three years Diana? The great prophecy? The one that scared the Olympians so bad, that our man whores of fathers, decided they wouldn't go around and have children?

A half blood of the eldest gods

shall reach sixteen against all odds

to see the world in endless sleep

a hero's soul cursed blade shall reap

a single choice shall end his days

Olympus to preserve or raze

kind of seems to me like it does rest on my shoulders, no? It is my responsibility, my burden to bear. In the end it will come down to me and the choice I make. I will single handedly be the one who ultimately decides whether or not Olympus and the world survive. I have to train, to go beyond, to push my limits day after day, breaking through any and all barriers, to better myself. I can't ask that anyone join me, I won't be the one who sends them to their deaths. I have no right to ask that of anyone. No, I will fight this battle alone, win or lose. That's not even counting on what else lies out there, beyond this galaxy." he spoke softly, with a faraway look in his eyes.

Diana just looked at him, with worry and sadness in her eyes. 'so young, yet burdened by so much. Why must the fates be so cruel?' she opened her mouth and told him, "maybe I'm out of line for saying this Perseus, but that's really selfish of you."

Perseus was about to say something, however Diana wasn't done yet.

"You can't go off to fight against powerful adversaries, and expect everyone to just be okay with you doing it alone. You're our friend, Perseus. How would Sally feel if her one and only son died, because he went off alone to fight dangerous beings? How would your grandmother or aunts feel? What about your step mother? Brother? Sisters or nieces? What about…...me? Do they all feel nothing to you? Do I? So please, accept our help.

We love you Perseus, whether that be as a friend or brother, or maybe even something more, it doesn't change the fact that if something were to happen to you, it would crush all of us, and though you may not wish it, I know that each and every single amazon will go with you to battle, or war, big or small. You taught us just as we taught you. We may have trained you in the ways of battle, but you taught us in the matters of humanity, you showed us that not all men were the same, that some are different, you showed us it's possible to be powerful yet humble. Who cares if the prophecy says it's your choice? That doesn't mean you have to do anything or everything alone, even the gods need help every now and then. So please, let us help you when the time comes, okay? Promise me!" she spoke powerfully.

Perseus was stunned for a moment, not sure where or how to begin. Finally, he just sighed, and nodded his head, knowing that when Diana got like this it was impossible to argue with her, and though he wouldn't admit it to anyone, he was relieved, he didn't want to do anything alone.

"how can you say that you, your mother, and all of your people would be okay with just potentially throwing away your lives? Why would you risk your life?! My own life isn't worth all of yours!" he told her harshly.

"because, you're our friend, and it's the right thing to do, chances are, we would get dragged into the conflict regardless anyways." Diana snapped back.

Perseus sighed, before turning back to the sea, allowing his father's domain to soothe the storms brewing inside him.

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