Three years later

On Themyscira time flew by, Percy trained even harder, he along with Diana had gotten immensely powerful. Their demigod abilities by far outstripped any other demigod who was fathered by Poseidon or Zeus respectively. Of course it wasn't just his demigod abilities he trained in. He trained further in his Ki ability, as well as his wielding of weapons, and his physical senses and abilities. Both of them had even managed to surpass Heracles' raw physical strength.

Percy on the many times where he would venture out of the island, had met many demigods who he became close with, close enough that he would send Iris messages to, or even visit. Some of them weren't to surprising, such as Katie a daughter of Demeter, Bianca a daughter of Hades, or Silena a daughter of Aphrodite, or even Reyna and Hylla daughters of Bellona. Others, however, were a big shock, such as meeting and befriending some of Artemis' hunters, such as Zöe Nightshade, Atalanta (huntress), even Artemis and Athena themselves were somewhat fond of Perseus, which was a surprise since Artemis hated males, Athena hates Poseidon, and both of them didn't even know about Sally having a kid. Perseus also met two naiads who were apparently betrothed to him by his father, their names were Mera and Atalanta (naiad).

Perseus even followed in his mother's footsteps, going around the world, however he didn't just cause destruction, he would also help people. One of his favorite past times, was running around the forest, flying around the sky, or swimming around on the bottom of the ocean floor, most of the time he chose the marina trench, where he found the old palace of Thalassa, the old primordial goddess of the sea. Upon exploration of the palace, he met the titaness Tethys, who became fond of the young man, he also met Thalassa herself, along with Tiamat, the primordial, sea serpent goddess of chaos from Mesopotamian mythology. He found and forged a strong bond with his sisters Kymolopeia, and Rhode. He met Thetis and formed a somewhat friendship with her.

His meetings with some other gods though, didn't go so well. Susanoo and Tsukuyomi hated him as soon as he met them, had it not been for Amaterasu, he would have been killed by the two of them. His meeting with Skadi and Njörd actually didn't go half bad. Thor and Loki were indifferent to him. Odin and he did not get along at all. Sif and Hel were actually pretty cool to hang out with, and they were kind of hot as well, not that he would ever tell any goddess that, given who he lived with, that would surely be a death sentence.

'perhaps I shouldn't have called him a pirate wannabe, who should be in a retirement home.' Percy mused to himself, reflecting on his meeting with Odin. The Egyptians were a weird one, due to their gods and goddesses needing hosts to roam around on the mortal plane. The christian pantheon was an odd one as well. He didn't expect the angels, devils, or fallen angels to look so humanoid or attractive. Then there were also the Yokai as well, that busty blonde fox lady, or the busty pussy were some of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

'I should really talk to mom. According to Thetis, there is something I need from mom, in order for us to get an equal footing to battle Kronos with. I need every advantage I can get if I am going to stand a chance to battle him. The Styx should give me an invulnerable body, as well as boosting my physical capabilities, however what about the mental afflictions it comes with? Didn't Achilles descend into madness, craving nothing but death and destruction, thanks to the blessing of the Styx? Either way it goes though, I can't wait any longer. I have to get to the underworld and receive the blessing. Honestly I am still convinced that might be the easier part. Getting mom's blessing to go to the underworld and bathe in a river, in order to get a powerful durability upgrade, with a high chance of dissolving into nothingness, on the other hand? Yeah, not so much.' Percy dryly thought to himself, as he propelled himself through the water, shooting towards Themyscira.

Upon reaching the shore, he noticed Diana was once again waiting for him, something that had become a common occurrence, since he unloaded the weight on his shoulders to her years ago. She was looking at him expectantly, tapping her foot, with a raised eyebrow. Demanding to know where he was, no doubt.

"and just where have you been? No one has seen you since yesterday morning!" Diana snapped at him as soon as he got to the shore. Percy just snorted at her, and said, as sarcastically as possible, "Well mom, I was swimming around talking to some friends, thinking on Thetis' idea, and how I could possibly convince mom to agree to it. Quite frankly, I think convincing mom will actually be harder than the obtaining the blessing itself."

"You're not wrong, which is kind of a first." Diana smirked. Percy's eyes narrowed towards the dark haired beauty. "Oh Diana, it's a good thing you have beauty, because otherwise you wouldn't have anything at all." Percy shot back, making her gape at him for a minute, while he turned and walked off towards his mom's home.

"HEY, we aren't done here!" Diana ran after him. How dare he mock her! Although she wasn't to upset, she knew he was playing around with her, just like she always teased him in good fun.

Hippolyta walked out of the palace, hearing Diana yell about Perseus caused the busty queen to shake her head and sigh, though she wore a small smile on her face, she was happy for the two of them, despite the age difference the two of them were extremely close. So close in fact, that the queen was wondering when she would become a grandmother, because while neither one of them acted upon their feelings, they certainly did hold a large amount of affection for one another. The glances they would shoot each other often, as well as often the two of them sparred with one another.

Seeing a blur race by, followed not to long after by yet another blur, the queen just rolled her eyes up to the sky. A loud explosion shook the ground, Hippolyta's eye twitched. Dammit, did those two not realize how much time and effort went into fixing the island every time they destroyed it?! "Say you're sorry, right now! You know what you did! Apologize!" that was unmistakably her daughter. She walked over to where she heard her shout.

Upon getting to the sight, she snorted, barely managing to keep herself from being heard. Percy was held on the ground, with Diana was sitting on top of him, holding his hands to the ground, while Percy was smirking up at her.

"my, my Diana, I knew you wanted me underneath you, how bold of you. Out here in the open? That's pretty kinky, all these years I have known you, yet never once mentioning a voyeur fetish, I'm hurt." Percy made sure he looked into her eyes while delivering his speech, at the end he gave her a smirk and a wink. Her eyes went wide, a deep scarlet blush taking over her face, she then looked down at him, and shocked him by her next action. Glancing into his eyes, and being lost in the beautiful sea green, she noticed, perhaps, for the first time, that his eyes were like looking into the depths of the oceans, swirling whirlpools of emotions were held in those gorgeous orbs. She never noticed herself getting closer, and closer. The distance between them being shortened each time, and before either of them knew it, they were face to face, literally mere centimeters apart.

She went for broke. Bringing her face down, she captured his lips with her own, much to the shock of everyone present. Time seemed to stand still, for Percy and Diana, it was as if fireworks had gone off in their body. The two of them lost track of the world around them, as they continued kissing, Diana slipped in her tongue, wrapping hers around his, sucking on it. She let go of his hands, as she ran her fingers through his hair, while he brought his hands up and rested them on her hips, causing her to shudder, not in fear, but rather in anticipation.

Hippolyta was watching all of this with confliction. On one hand, it was her daughter, the crown princess of the amazons. The other hand, however, was that both Perseus and Diana deserved some relaxation and happiness, which they can find with one another. She wanted them both to be happy, she was not sure on the road of action to take here.

She drew in a deep breath, and decided. Hopefully this didn't come back to bite her in the ass.

Well that's a wrap.

What did Hippolyta decide to do? Why? What is going to happen between Percy and Diana?

I plan to show how and why Percy met all of these other gods and goddesses in flashbacks.

So I decided the dragon balls won't be around on earth, but there are other galaxies/universes that have them.

While some things from dragon ball happened on this earth, not all of them did, so Percy and possibly others will travel around to other solar systems and stuff, helping them out, maybe even meeting Goku and the others, who knows ;) lol

Now that I really sit and think about it. I can kind of see Percy's and Jason's relationship similar to that of Goku's and Vegeta's.

Still looking to harem members, also I am adding a few more fandoms to this, such as Mortal Kombat, Highschool DxD, maybe others, idk yet.

Now as for the fic itself, revolving the plot of PJO/HOO. You may have noticed I skipped a few years and mentioned some characters. Well the cannon quests happened, but differently, Percy and Diana solved them, he also snuck out of the island a bit, to meet friends of his.

Percy and Kronos will battle in most likely in possibly three or four chapters, and then I think it might be about five or six after that where we have the battle with the giants.

Anything else to add? Let me know. Thoughts and suggestions.