Waking UP

I felt the most awful thrumming noise begin to wake me from my sleep. I'd had a terrible day at college yesterday, with a lot of submissions and practicals to get done. It was pretty hectic, and I pretty much went out like a light when my head hit my pillow after I got home.

Let me tell you, Engineering college is not a joke. It took me years of entrance exams and hard work to get into a prestigious one.

Today was the first day of the hols after a whole term of studying and numerous exams. And so, getting woken up? After what felt like barely a minute of sleep? That made mefurious. I wasn't the most pleasant of people shortly after waking up in almost any situation, but now?

I couldn't even think straight with the annoyance and anger I was feeling, resolving to yell my head off at whoever woke me up.

I began feeling a bright light shining on my eyelids, and so I hurriedly opened them. To say that I was dumbfounded, would be putting it mildly.

I was floating in space, without facing a lack of oxygen and needing to breathe, right above a certain blue ball merrily staying stationary under me. The thrumming noise which had woken me was apparently a satellite which had just hurtled past me to the far side of the Earth.

That wasn't the only mindbreaking discovery I'd made recently. I wasn't wearing the clothes I'd gone to bed with. Because that would be too easy for whatever bastard put me in this situation, which I wasn't even sure of even being real, or a hallucination, though God knows that I've never smoked or drank alcohol or indulged in drugs in my life, being only eighteen and determined to lead a healthy lifestyle.

When I got a good look at what I was wearing, I rubbed my eyes and slapped myself, hard, on both cheeks.

'Cause there was no way that I was seeing what my eyes were telling me I was seeing.

I was clad in the exact replica of General Zod's suit from Man of Steel. With one addition: you guessed it; a cape.

In appearance, I'd gone through some drastic changes. I still had my old body with its 6'4 height and broad shoulders, but where I'd had muscle just beginning to develop by recently joining the gym, it now looked as though a rush had been placed on it. I now had a six-pack, with thickly muscled forearms but not obscenely, just managing to stay intimidating on an 18 year old's frame.

I snuck a hand up, feeling my face and hoping desperately that I don't look like the second coming of Zod. I like my own face, thank you very much. Apart from my cheekbones being slightly higher now, there didn't seem to be any noticeable changes. I heaved a sigh of pure relief. The feeling quickly faded somewhat when I remembered I still hadn't looked in a mirror. At least I still had black hair, though it was a moot point as General Zod also had had black hair.

But holy cow, I was feeling way too much input.

It was like I'd been blind my whole life and now, suddenly, I could see. Lex Luthor's words to Superman had never felt more true. I could see the minute electrons, molecules and atoms in the air, the particles which detached from asteroids and other space debris near and far, I could even see right through the next satellite which came flying by, right into it's inner workings and components, and into empty space beyond its far side. The entire electromagnetic spectrum lay bared to my gaze.

My brain felt...expanded, for lack of a better word. I had much more processing power than I had possessed earlier.

I felt, I felt...a panic attack coming.

Why the hell was I here? Where was here, for that matter? Was Yahweh or Vishnu, or any of the other myriad gods we humans pray to responsible for this? Or was it one of the many inter-dimensional beings of DC, or some other eldritch abomination, or was it something else entirely?

Mind, I wasn't exactly that bummed out about being granted a Kryptonian's powers, on the contrary, I was a hard-core Superman fan, having Kryptonian biology was a priceless gift. Though I still had to find out whether I was a Kryptonian or something merely approximating those powers. I needed to find out if something else had been added to the mix. I get that that was rather paranoid, but I'd rather find out the extent of alterations to my body sooner rather than later.

Speaking of powers, I didn't even know what grade of Kryptonian I was. Hell, there were so many different versions of Supermen! The Young Justice cartoon had a Superman who was pretty weak compared to the mainstream comics. The DCAU Superman had been better in terms of physical power, though still no match for Darkseid. Or there was the chance that I wasn't Kryptonian at all, and was a Daxamite or one of the other sister species to native to Krypton's system.

God, I really hoped I wasn't a Daxamite. Lead was far more common than Kryptonite and could and was a far more targetable weakness than the latter.

That was just the DC lore I was most familiar with, what with being only eighteen. I hadn't bothered to read a lot of in-universe information which had occurred before the late eighties. And didn't that bring home the reality of how monumentally screwed I was, depending on where I'd ended up?

Alright, first things first. Find out which earth this was. I tense up my body, and hurtle myself forward. Serious speed kicks in, and I'm heading straight for a super-powered crash landing.

I suppose I put a bit too much effort into moving.

Anyway, look out Earth-?, because here I come.