I wasn't the best of people. In fact, I was probably one of the worst. As I stepped through the portal the Ancient One so kindly created for me, I knew that I'd do whatever it took to survive. Betrayal, kill, murder, cheat, torture, the whole nine yards. Not just that, I'd always wanted power. Real power. The kind that couldn't be lost through age. The kind that would stay with someone forever. And that,that was what I now had.

What I'd said to the Ancient One was completely true. I would always stand with Earth. I'd omitted a few things though. The only Earth I would stand with would be one belonging to me.Why have overwhelming power if not to make use of it?

Don't get me wrong, I had no desire to indulge in needless cruelty. But I wasn't as white as I tried to present myself in my first encounter on this world either. And, underneath all the jokes, all the banter, I think she knew it too. As I became aware of the cacophony of millions of human and other lives in the city, one stood out.

One presence towered among them all. I could hear the tensing of the muscles of the large green being stood before me, the frantic thumping of its heart far exceeding any human standard. The Hulk was standing with his back to me, looking at the newest swathe of devastation before it.

As it roared, a bit of apprehension clouded my mind. Was I making the right choice to present myself to the world this early? There was a reason that Thanos only arrived in 2018. He'd wanted to execute every last stratagem and expend every last tertiary pawn he had before moving to the primary and secondary ones. My being here could-no,would-change that. I'd have to deal with the fallout. After this, I'd have every last government and secret agency after me, desperate to figure out how I ticked.

But it was already too late. I'd ceded the iron control over the darker part of my nature that I'd unconsciously maintained ever since I woke up in space. My entire being was vibrating with barely suppressed excitement, battlelust beginning to flood my veins. I stepped forward and punched the Hulk in his back with all my current might. The force seemed held back for a second, before it exploded with a BOOM so loud it shattered the window panes of a series of shop a block away.

The Hulk was sent ass over teakettle going through building after building, the buildings themselves falling over in a domino effect.

I winced. Maybe I should've held back a little bit.

I rose into the air and sped after the Hulk. After reaching him before he went through yet another building, I grasped his neck, and-wasn't that odd, a hand lost in the folds of gargantuan green flesh able to exert enough force to lift, to pull- heaved him upwards towards the sky. We'd done enough property damage on the ground, time to get rid of any further collateral damage and take this to my domain. As I followed his ascent upwards, furious green eyes watched me lift off in a sonic blast, helpless to muster the speed to counter me. Amusement filled me at the sight.

My eyes began to itch, like the worst possible itch that you just couldn't get rid of. Abruptly, it changed midway into pain, like the sort you get for too much screen time. Fortunately, I had an inkling of what I had to do. If this didn't pan out, I'd be checking myself into the nearest clinic for Kryptonian eye care, which is to say my eyes were either screwed or I'd just experienced some radiation of a potency enough to affect a Kryptonian.

I began to envision heat, power, energy leaving my eyes. The world turned red. I could feel that the power in my eyes would follow my conscious will. I looked towards the green mass hundreds of meters above me, and let loose. I never could have imagined what happened next. The Hulk began to scream, to yell his anguish to the heavens.

You can't even conceive how loud and ear-piercing the sound was, you just had to be there to understand. Ever hear a bunch of animals, birds screeching and barking and cawing with all their might. Multiply that times a hundred. Then multiply that- You get the point. I'm pretty sure that if not for my general invulnerability, I'd have blood pouring from both my ears.

It was time to finish this. The Hulk was on his last legs. I wasn't even winded. He had cuts all over his body from where he was scorched by my laser beams. My entire suit was pristine, not a curl of fabric out of place. Blood was dripping off his body, smoking in the air. There wasn't a single tear in in my skin. One of his eyes was swollen shut.

I could calmly perceive all of this while we were both still climbing upwards in the sky. The entire fight, he hadn't even had gotten a blow in. There was a coldly strategizing logic which began to pervade my thinking processes the longer this fight dragged on, in stark contrast to the general brawling I'd been attempting hitherto.

Ideas and tactics previously absent began to flood my mind. I picked one of the least damaging ones based on everything I'd seen of this Bruce's durability up until now. We still needed him alive and kicking for the coming struggles, after all. Despite myself, I felt pity for Bruce. It wasn't his fault that he had to turn into a giant green rage monster. Accelerating towards him with a burst of speed, I hammer-fisted his shoulders. I felt several somethings crack. He hurtled towards the ground, his previous upward momentum reversed.

Disappointment rose. This was the Hulk? The being the whole world feared? The one whom Ross was still chasing after, in attempt after attempt to steal his blood and make more Gamma-themed supersoldiers? This didn't deserve to be called a fight. It was a one-sided slaughter.

As he crash-landed in the outskirts of Johannesburg, quite a bit from where we started from, I looked at my arms.

I've really got to learn how to hold back."