Izuku Midoriya was an oddity. From the age of three, he analyzed everything with pinpoint accuracy. He dove into the quirks of the adults that surrounded him, teaching them new ways to use their power. He was, in every aspect, a prodigy. To the point where even the pro heroes began to notice, and seek his insight.

Civilian Identity: Shota Aizawa

Hero name: Eraserhead

Quirk: Erasure- He erases the quirk of anyone he stares at

Permanent Physical Mutations: None


Erasure deactivates if Shota blinks or if his line of sight is obstructed.

His Quirk gives Shota bad dry eye, forcing him to blink more often when he uses the power continuously.

Mutant-Class Quirks are immune to erasure, due to the fact that his quirk is a mental emitter-type quirk that convinces whomever he activates it on that they can no longer use their quirk. If it actually erased the quirk gene, mutant-types would not be immune, their mutations would fall off or dissipate. The fact that this does not happen lends credence to the theory that Aizawa's quirk is actually an eye-contact-based suggestibility quirk.

Erasure makes Shota's hair stand on end while it is active, allowing his enemies to see when his Quirk is active or not.

No offensive potential

Tips given: A) request some form of goggles, preferably ones that secrete a saline and water mixture in mist form to reduce dry eye, and quarter-sized mirrors placed at a 135° angle to improve rear visibility. B) hydrate or die-drate. C) the reason people give you money for food when you're walking down the street is because you look homeless, please care for yourself. D) see if suggestibility is only capable of being used for things outside of Quirk erasure. E) multiple capture weapons. F) short-range weapons would be necessary seeing as his current weapon only serves to bring potential opponents towards him or keep them in one spot. More durable clothing that can adapt for hot days. G) find a way to keep your hair from floating by tying it back, cutting it, or otherwise securing it to the scalp. H) see potential for possible secondary telekinesis Quirk. I) incorporate distress communicators into costume that automatically ping nearest pro heroes or police.

Hero Analysis for Future #1: pg.326

The first time Midoriya Inko was stress-cleaning her house and found a roll of 500 yen notes stuck between her couch cushions after one of her son's consultations, her heart dropped to her toes. She exhaled shakily, her smile wobbling slightly—a deep breath, a quick brushing off of her clothes, and determination set in. I'm going to find out who this belongs to, and I'm going to give it back to them because it's not mine, it's not mine. It. Is. Not. Mine.

Slipping on her coat and grabbing her son's appointment book, she made her way out of the house, intent on tracking down whichever one of her son's clients had left such a startling amount of money behind. Who even carries around that much money in cash? Inko thought, somewhat bewilderedly. The last client had been at 1:00: an up-and-coming hero named Present Mic. Ok, Inko thought determinedly, I'll start with him, then.

As it turns out, pro heroes suck at acting. When presented with the money, Hizashi Yamada immediately begins to sputter out an excuse, which makes the narrow doorway he's standing in seem that much smaller thanks to his theatrical movements. Over his shoulder, a dark figure shambles up behind him. Inko almost calls for him to look out before breathing out an internal sigh of relief.

The dark clothes and hair, as well as his stubble and bloodshot eyes, cut an imposing figure, but Inko remembers him as being one of the few clients who she trusted enough to tell of her son's Quirklessness. He was kind but firm and, to Inko at least, seemed like he would be a natural parent. Oh, goodness, Inko thought, almost in a state of panic, did I barge in on their home? Oh no, this is their house and I'm intruding! What's more, I'm practically interrogating them! Oh, this is so rude of me, I can't believe I'm doing this, I was raised better than this!

Amid Midoriya Inko's internal panic over practically interrogating what appeared to be a newly-awoken couple who both worked in law enforcement, she managed to squeak out the purpose of her visit. The tired-looking man, previously identified as Eraserhead, raised a brow in recognition.

With a deadpan stare, Aizawa simply stated, "we couldn't pay you officially for your son's services, so I told Hizashi to be subtle in leaving some money," He paused to level a glare at his partner, "I should have known he would have all the finesse of an elephant." Hizashi squawked in indignation.

Inko could hardly contain a giggle. They just acted so… married. "You know, you two were the only two of my son's clients that I trusted with the truth about his Quirklessness, so I'm happy you two are close. I hope I'm not being rude by asking, but how long have you been together?"

Twin looks of shock settled on their faces. Aizawa carefully schooled his into a neutral expression. Hizashi, who wore his heart on his sleeve, was not as discreet, and his face contorted itself while he seemed to cycle through the five stages of grief simultaneously. "I apologize. I must have heard you incorrectly," Aizawa stated blandly, "but whatever my idiot friend may have told you, most likely as a joke," another glare is leveled at his friend, "was just that. A joke."

Inko's face flushed. Oh, Kami, they must hate me now! They're just friends. I'm so stupid- Inko's desperation was interrupted by Aizawa's voice, now lower and softer. "You're not the first person to incorrectly assume," his soothing voice not in any way matching his blank expression, "and you won't be the last." Maybe she was just imagining the small twinkle of regret in the man's eyes.

"Yeah, people think Shouta and I are together all the time," his friend intoned loudly, his strained smile and stiff posture making the cheeriness he was portraying seem forced, "so it's no big deal!" Had either of them been looking at her eyes, they would have noticed the mischievous twinkle that sprang to life.

I shouldn't interfere, Inko thought, but I have been getting a little bored now that I don't have to work full-time, a wicked grin split her face, and they would make a cute couple. Hizashi Yamada and Aizawa Shouta would learn sooner or later where her son got his intelligence. That doesn't mean they have to know right now, Inko chuckled to herself, no, not yet. Not yet.

Time skip: Izuku's 4th birthday

Izuku sat in his living room, his party having ended some time ago, and thought about the days' events. Kacchan had been temperamental since learning that Izuku's Quirk hadn't manifested yet. Hope that isn't an omen for the future, Izuku thought. Kacchan would get over his whole 'I'm better than everyone and you should act like it' phase, eventually.

"Am I a bear, am I a mouse, who cares; I'm the UA principal!" an animal that fit exactly that description fell from one of the ceiling vents with an audible thud. Izuku, being four years old and easily startled by spiders, loud noises, and small, talking animals falling from the ceiling, let out a shriek. His mother ran into the room, skidding slightly from the speed she was going on varnished wooden floors.

"Greetings!" The seemingly amicable mouse/bear/dog said, flashing a wicked grin. Inko immediately got the sense that she should not ever play chess with him(or anything for that matter). The same feeling that she felt around her son.

Why was he in the vents? How did he get there? How did he not spill a drop of tea from the cup in his paws on his descent? Izuku muttered to himself. Had he used his quirk to calculate the right angles to hold the cup and to drop out of the ceiling without spilling the tea? How quickly could he use his quirk?

What was the time limit that he could use his quirk before quirk exhaustion hit? Was his quirk subconscious or were there times where he gained the natural intelligence of whatever animal he was? "What wonderfully perceptive questions!" Izuku startled.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to be rude!" Izuku's voice pitched higher than normal in embarrassment. "I-it's just that y-you're one of my favorite h-heros….."

A manic grin carved its way onto Nedzu's face, reminding Izuku faintly of a jack o' lantern. "Well! I'm so glad to hear that!" The principal chirped cheerfully. Nedzu took this moment to analyze the child in front of him.

"A fan of All Might?" Nedzu questioned, gesturing at Izuku's All Might onesie with one paw, his teacup delicately perched in the other. The little boy's eyes lit up and his smile mimicked that of All Might's in terms of brightness. "He's the awesomest!" The youngest Midoriya was practically vibrating with excitement at this point.

Nedzu chuckled, the boy was energetic and reminded him of himself. Just as Nedzu wanted to be like the humans that experimented on him, so too did Izuku want to be a part of the society that would both fear and worship him when his quirks came in.

I quite like this child, Nedzu thought. Perhaps a bit of help on his path wouldn't be remiss. And, for just a moment, the world as a whole shuddered for fear of something that had not yet come to fruition.