Civilian Identity: Shinji Nishiya

Hero Name: Kamui Woods

Quirk: Arbor

Permanent Physical Mutations: Tough wood-like skin, barely perceptible to the naked eye.


His branches grow fast, so they're very weak unless he actively focuses on strengthening them

Extreme flammability

Leaves himself open to attack by extending his arm without blocking off the possible path across his arm, leaving his face wide open for attack should someone sprint up his arm.

Suggestions: A) request a suit that periodically spreads flame retardant across the body. B) use leaves as a way to obscure opponents' vision while they are fighting them. C) attempt training with flowers to create paralytics or temporary hallucinogens. D) see if a change in diet affects wood strength/versatility/wood type/leaf type/skins' fire resistance. E) see if a change in exercise/daily activities/time spent around nature affects Quirk's abilities. F) Leave more skin exposed for higher attack ability.

Hero analysis for the future #13 pg. 19

Three weeks passed after Izuku's birthday, and things were back in a sort of routine now. Mom was around more, sure, but so was Principal Nedzu. Despite the short amount of time, the rat/bear/mouse(someone really ought to figure out what his species is) had become almost a part of the family, integrating himself seamlessly. He was around so often that hearing skittering in the vents or having him pop up out of seemingly thin air no longer startled the Midoriyas.

What did startle them, however, was the banging on their door at 7:00 on a Saturday morning. Inko's eyebrows drew together, perplexion written clearly on her face. Setting down the dish towel she had been using to scrub at a particularly stubborn grease stain on the counter, Inko cautiously moved to the door. Peering through the peephole, her confusion didn't ease as she peered at the haggard young woman at the door.

Curious but wary, Inko cracked the door open, leaving the chain lock in place. "May I help you? Are you looking for someone? I know most everyone in this building, so if you're trying to find someone, I might be able to help," the sentences tumbled out of her mouth like clothes from an over-filled dryer, her anxious nature causing her hands to change frequently between rubbing at her neck and wringing themselves as she tried to discern who this woman could be.

"Can-can I… Can I come in? Please?" The woman's face scrunched up in desperation. "You're- you're Inko Midoriya, right? My name is Donna Troy, I'd like to talk to your son," the woman paused, hesitation drawing her features together. Her voice was cautious, the faintest trace of hope buried underneath hesitation and doubt. "I hear he can teach anyone to be a hero."

A deep pang of sympathy lanced through Inko's heart. Her smile softened. Her eyes crinkled around the edges as she looked at the young woman, all hesitance and fragile, desperate hope held together by a shaky determination. Inko knew that look in the woman's eyes; she had seen it in her own son's eyes when he was told he couldn't achieve a goal he'd set for himself, or when a client said that a child couldn't possibly help them understand their own Quirk better.

"Izuku, honey, someone's here to see you," Inko's voice echoed through the quiet apartment. There was a loud crash and the sound of hurried footsteps rang through the halls. "Coming!" Izuku skidded to a halt in front of his mother, his sock-clad feet on the wood floors causing him to nearly topple from the momentum.

Inko looked to Donna. A look of shock etched itself on to the woman's face as she looked at Izuku. Colorful bandages lined his face, elbows, and knees, some in solid, bright colors, but quite a few with the visages of pro heroes looking up from the fabric. Ink stains smattered his bright red, blue, and white shirt(All Might themed) and smeared across his small hands and freckled face. His large green eyes blinked up at the newcomer, assessing her. His head tilted to the side in the mimicry of a curious bird, causing his wild green curls to fall into his face.

The young woman stared back, her face scrunched together in confusion, causing the scars rooted there to form intricate and incoherent patterns on her skin. Her long red hair fell into her eyes as she tilted her head at the child so obviously assessing her. "I thought," Her voice was scratchy and hesitant as she paused, searching for words. "I thought Rumpelstiltskin would be-" "Older?"

"Rumplestiltskin?" Inko asked, raising an eyebrow. The soft patter of paws skittering through the vents, barely there, was all the indication given before a mass of soft white fell from the vents. "Ah, yes!" The principal chuckled softly, his inhuman grin seemingly tamped down to make the unexpected houseguest less uncomfortable. Inko hazarded a glance at the young woman. Judging by her frightened features, Inko would have to say the principal's attempt had been in vain.

"Rumpelstiltskin is Izuku's online handle," the principal said by way of explanation, never breaking eye contact with the young woman across the coffee table. "He thought it sounds cool," the rodent stated, answering Inko's wordless question.

"You're quirkless, aren't you?" blurted Izuku, startling everyone in the room. A barely perceptible flinch emitted from the woman. Donna took a second to answer, her face cycling through shock, embarrassment, indignation, and guilt before settling on quiet interest. "I guess they weren't lying on the forums when they said you were scary perceptive, huh?" Donna asked, causing Inko and Nedzu to smile wickedly while Izuku's face took on the color of a ripe tomato, the small child burying his head in his hands.
A maniacal grin spread across Nedzu's face as he looked at the child he had taken an almost paternal interest in. "How exactly did you figure that out, Izuku? Walk me through your thought process," Nedzu said, a smile still plastered to his face. It was an exercise he had begun with the child to make sure that he opened himself up to new thought processes and possibilities.

"Ever since she walked through the door, she's been curled in on herself, like she expects to be attacked. She's had her head down and her eyes trained on the floor, and she flinched backward when she heard you fall from the vent. Most people, when they hear a loud noise, tend to jump upwards, not backward. That and the handprint-shaped bruising on her wrist, indicates that she was bullied." spouted Izuku, his head slowly rising from his hands. Curious, Nedzu replied, "could that not indicate trouble at home? Perhaps an abusive father?"

Izuku shook his head. "She's an orphan," he stated, like it should be obvious. "But, besides that, she's shown no aversion to adults; she hasn't flinched away when Mom got close or seemed perturbed when she raised her voice." He paused, looking thoughtful. "In fact, she's looking around like she doesn't recognize a domestic scene."

"As I was saying, Donna tracked in a small amount of red clay, which can be found around three separate places in the city; the closest being the Mustafa homeless shelter. Now you may be wondering why I chose the closest location, well it's due to the fact that she clearly does not have transport— or if she does it's a bike— the bottoms of her jeans are scuffed, and also appear to be stained with asphalt, like she's fallen a lot. She wouldn't take the bus at this hour," he said, putting a rest to the question.

"She has been called several derogatory names," his brow furrowed, "N-No, not just called, they branded you?!" he exclaimed in disgust. Donna looked away but nodded. Lifting her shirt to reveal her stomach— or more specifically, the marred flesh that surrounded the burned kanji spelling out 'useless.' Inko let out a disgusted gasp and pulled Donna into a hug. "You poor girl, no one should ever have to go through that! how long have you been on the streets?"

Seemingly startled by Inko's sudden concern, Donna shot a panicked look over Inko's shoulder, her eyes boring into Izuku. The girl struggled in Inko's grip, attempting to distance herself. Inko, realizing quickly that the girl was uncomfortable, backed up with an apologetic look.

"If she doesn't have a home," Izuku said, "she could stay with us!" Inko blinked, then looked to Donna, a look of shock on the woman's face. A soft smile spread on Inko's face and she shrugged good-naturedly. She looked at the woman, hoping to convey her

Nedzu laughed. "Splendid! I will help you draw up adoption papers, it will take about two days-"

"Wait, don't I get a say in this?" Donna asked, mild panic creeping into her tone. Shocked and confused looks were exchanged between the rooms, other three occupants.

"Don't you want a family?" asked Nedzu, " Isn't it natural for humans to seek out affection from other humans?'

"What if I could give you a quirk?" Blurted young Izuku, drawing every eye in the room.

"What do you mean?" The young woman said, trepidation barely peeking through her obvious curiosity.

Izuku stretched out his hand, making a motion like he was being handed something, and a rolled paper materialized in his hand. The paper was an aged yellow, frayed and torn at the edges, bound with a leather cord. He handed the scroll to Donna, who gingerly took it.

She unrolled the parchment and began to read. As she read, her face changed; confusion, shock, joy, disbelief. She looked up at Izuku, confusion overtaking her features. "I thought that you didn't have a quirk?"

"I do now!" said Izuku, prompting a proud smile from Nedzu, and a glint of mischief in his eyes. Izuku immediately had a notebook out, "as far as I can tell, my quirk allows me to create contracts that can do anything, the one downside is that there is always a price, but the price depends on me, so I can make it as big or as small as I want to, I could even do silly things like, 'have a cuddly friend on you at all times."

"Cuddly friend?" Donna questioned, confusion written on her face. "Stuffed animal" replied Inko and Nedzu in unison, fond little grins on their faces.

"What is the price on this one?" Inko asked. "This is the first time I've seen him use this," Inko muttered, hesitation clear in her voice. "I was under the impression that he was most likely going to be quirkless, I hadn't been to the doctor yet but his father was a… special case."

Donna handed the scroll to Inko, the scroll read:

The Gift Of a Quirk

This contract, if signed and accepted, will give the recipient the abilities of: kinetic energy absorption for use in any endeavors she deems it suited for, such as flight, enhancement of speed, and strength enhancement.

Terms and conditions: the single condition is that Donna Troy accepts the offer of adoption from Inko Midoriya.

The issuer of this contract and contract partner to this agreement is: Izuku Midoriya, aliased Rumplestiltskin

X Izuku Midoriya, Rumplestiltskin.

Accepted by: Donna Troy


The room was filled with a disbelieving silence. The first to break it was Donna. She took the contract and signed it with an obviously overexaggerated flourish, eliciting a giggle from Izuku. A glow illuminated from Donna, casting her in a golden light

Nedzu seemed struck with a thought and he looked to Izuku. "If you're able to hand out contracts now," trepidation entered the mammals' voice. "Perhaps we should create a more appropriate setting, somewhere that is not as domestic as this?"

Izuku's eyes lit up at the idea. He quickly pulled out his notebook, eyes almost feverish with excitement as his pen raced across the page, ideas and intricate designs spiraling out of his pen in dark lines and hurried scratches. A smile seemed to carve into the boy's face, and a dangerous glint flickered into his eyes. The shadows of his curls curved down his face like a gnarled, monstrous hand grasping at its prey.

The older people in the room were baffled, Izuku's ramblings were striking the smallest amount of fear in their hearts. At this moment, all three shared the same mindset, the same thought in all of their heads. This kid is going to rule the world.