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Maybe eating mysterious Korean food at a bar hadn't been the best idea after all.

Phichit was thinking this as he threw up into the hotel bathroom's toilet. He hadn't even eaten that much, he recalled as he sat up.

After placing second in his first Grand Prix Final event in Seoul, he went out with the other five skaters: Yuri Katsuki (who'd taken second), Seung-Gil Lee (in third), Guang-Hong Ji (in fourth), Leo de la Iglesias (in fifth), and Minami Kenjirou (in sixth). Their coaches (save for Victor, who had insisted on eating with his husband) had all spent their evenings elsewhere.

Before the second round of nausea could come up, Phichit decided to get some closer help. He wouldn't be leaving Seoul for a few more days, so he had to rely, for once, on the friend who wasn't probably asleep with a significant other next to him.

"You do realize what time it is. Am I correct, Chulanont?"

"Yes, but—"

Suddenly, the second wave hit, and Phichit abruptly dropped his phone to get sick again. After a few minutes, he picked it back up.

"If you couldn't tell, last night's dinner isn't really agreeing with me."

"I see. You're staying at the same hotel as everyone else?"

"Yeah. Room 1804."

"And I'm assuming you called me for company?"

"Yeah. I would've let you sleep if I didn't feel so bad."

"Min-So has been calling me to practice for the past half hour. I enjoy skating and want to perfect my routines, yes, but I'm no machine. Letting you rest at my apartment will be a good enough reason for her to give me at least a day or so of rest. I'll pick you up shortly."

And then, Seung-Gil hung up. Phichit slowly stood up and began to gather his things, keeping a trash can nearby.

He knew that Min-So, his unlikely friend's coach, could be pretty intense, especially when it came to the Grand Prix serious. He must have been happy to have a reason to relax with his husky, Eun.

And even if Phichit felt as though he were about to throw up something vital, he was happy to get to spend time with Seung-Gil as well.


After hanging up, Seung-Gil had shot Min-So a quick text that he would be busy for the day before turning off his phone and leaving it on his nightstand. If Min-So wanted to argue, then they could do it later.

Seung-Gil was by no means an emotional person, but he knew that how much he cared for one of the few skaters who was worth his time was beyond the level of friendship. He scratched his husky behind the ears before leaving his apartment and going to the hotel where the other skaters were staying.

Competing on his home turf put him under higher pressure than any other competition did, but at least he could just drive without the hassle of travel. He went up to room 1804 and knocked on the door. When the door opened, he felt a pang at his stoic heart.

Phichit was much paler than normal, wearing his practice attire of a t-shirt and sweatpants. "Thanks again," he said, his voice tired.

"I'll take these. You're already checked out of the hotel. Call the coach with the ponytail in my car. The apartment is a decent drive away and I would rather not clean your vomit from my floorboards. There is a trashcan in the passenger seat," Seung-Gil said, shouldering Phichit's backpack and taking his suitcase.

Phichit blinked once in surprise. He knew that Seung-Gil liked him, but to what exten, he had no clue. A bit of hope fluttered in his chest; maybe something nice could come out of today after all.


Seung-Gil was mostly silent on the drive over, with the exception of minimal replies to the small talk Phichit tried to have with him to distract from how horrible he felt, especially after emptying out his stomach another time or two.

Once they arrived at a small apartment building in downtown Seoul, Seung-Gil grabbed Phichit's bags and lead him up to his apartment. It was small; after all, he only lived with his dog. But it was clean, and had a modern yet cozy feel.

"you can set up camp in my room. There is a bedroom and a bathroom," Seung-Gil said. Phichit looked up from where he was petting Eun, ever a happy husky. "Are you sure? I mean, I don't mind sleeping on the couch," he said.

However, he was lead to Seung-Gil's room by a pale hand holding his tanned one. His room was small, and a little messy as well. He hadn't quite been expecting a tennant today.

Still, the Korean laid Phichit's things on the unmade bed, where Eun hopped onto the bed. "Make yourself at home. I'll be back shortly," Seung-Gil said.

Phichit sat down on the cushy mattress. "Am I that bad of a guest?" he joked. "No. I'm picked up ingredients to make a soup my mother made whenever I got sick as a child," Seung-Gil said. And then, he left.

Phichit relaxed into the bed, pulled the comforter over him and Eun, who had apparently decided to be his cuddle buddy. It didn't take long for him to fall back asleep.


Seung-Gil was gone for an hour, at the most. Making the soup and gathering medicine for Phichit only took about half an hour. Why he noted things of the sort in silence, he would never know.

Still, he went towards his occupied bedroom and found a sight that made his pale cheeks flush red. He abandoned the soup bowl, putting it onto his desk, and tried to remember how to breathe as he took another look at Phichit.

The Thai man was stretched out on the bed, his t-shirt forgotten to expose his lithe, fit figure. Seung-Gil walked over at last and sat on the bedside, avoiding sitting on his dog and his crush.

"Nae salang, jal jageola," he whispered before pressing a kiss to Phichit's warm forehead.

And he could've sworn he saw Phichit smiling as he left.

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