I am sitting in my private airplane, with my coworker Oleg flying. I go though my backpack, making sure I have everything. I have everything, including my foldable rifle, and two pistols. "Time to go," says Oleg. I grab my pack and jump out into the freezing cold air. I am falling toward some overgrown forrest near DC. ' The good thing is that I'm close to my target.' Soon I am so close to the forest that I start to worry about where I land. I see a nice big tree that I could try to attach myself to. But at the moment I curl myself into a ball to not get caught yet. Then as the tree branches get bigger and wider apart I let my parachute get caught on the big trees branch. "Umff" I immediately stop falling as I ketch. Accessing my situation, I see I am not more than 25 feet from the ground. I take a deep breath and unhook myself from my parachute. I fall and roll safely on the ground, until I stop due to a downed tree I roll into. 'Why can't the people living here take care of their land?' I ketch my breath and pick up my phone, " I'm on the ground now," I tell Oleg. "Good work Natalia, now I need you to use your phone to locate the package's home. "I know I'm on it right now," I respond.

20 minutes latter:

"I'm here Oleg, but like I expected there is a high wall and men patrolling it." Oleg was silent for awhile, "You know what to do kitty," he teases. I just shake my head, "you know to not tease me on a mission," I say. "Yeah, but I like it," he adds with a laugh. "I got to go", I say seeing two patrollers on the wall heading my way. I hang up the phone and hide behind the side of the wall. There is some greenery along it that I hide in. I slowly pull the rifle out of my pack and load 12 darts into it. Quickly I pull it up and aim it a guard who is, unfortunately looking out my side of the wall above me. He falls off landing 5 feet of me. The other comes toward his fallen companion and I take him down too.

Using a rope I climb the wall. I see five men on the ground below the walls. After I easily take them out, then I contact Oleg. "I'm on the wall, be ready with the plane. I should have the package and be ready for pickup in 5 minutes." "Ok, I will be there soon, I have the box you wanted to," says Oleg. "Good, see you soon," I say. Hanging up I head up the wall toward the house.I'm almost to the side of the house, when I see two young men exit a back door to the court yard. I quickly take in there dress suits and their fancy house. 'My government will get a nice price for this man, whoever he is,' I think. Studying the two figures, I instantly start wondering which of the two it is.

The American

I was sitting at my desk in the sun room going though my many letters. The room was silent, except for the occasional yawn of my dog and the sound of shuffling letters. I had gotten through all my family and friends letters first, leaving just my work and and fan letters. "It's such a nice day," I say looking though the many windows, "And a day when one hardly wants to be inside." I am speaking to no one in particular, but I reason that I'm keeping my chocolate lab awake.

Just then my friend and colleague rushes into the room waving a letter at me. "What is it?" I ask. "It's a letter from our boss," he replies. "Oh," I exclaim, grabbing the letter out of his hands. I quickly open it, read its contents and then start burning it. " Are you not going to tell me what it said?" He asks. I just smile, waiting tell the letter is all burned up. "Does this have anything to do with our current project?" He asks again trying to get a hint. I reply, "It says that we did a good job and that our project is going to start being used next Monday!" I reply.

"Come on, I know you're not telling me everything. You got a raise didn't you?" He asks. " You're right, I did." I say astonished at my friends knowledge of me. Oh, I am so happy! My friend thumps me on the back in congratulations."Let's go outside, and celebrate," I say, rushing over to open the door. I start taking off my dress coat, then with a shout I run and do three cartwheels across the yard. 'Today may just be the happiest day of my life!' I thought.


I still wondering which of the two lite brown heads I needed, when I decide it would be best to take them both out and then grab the right one. I shot the one standing, then I waited for the second one to stop doing cartwheels before I shot him too. I jumped off the wall rolling and getting up again. Soon I was over the two bodies. I checked the second one first, going though his wallet. I smile as I see he's the one we want, his drivers license identifying him as Ethen Wright...

Soon the helicopter is hovering over the court yard. "I got the package, over." I tell Oleg. "Good, is it ok to land?" He asks. "Yes, go ahead" I reply. He land it so gracefully it barely touches the ground. "I drag the package and shove him in the copter, jumping in beside him. "Go," I tell Oleg. We quickly lift of the ground and are flying away as Oleg does peeks through his rear mirror. "He sure looks young," he states. "Yeah, his DL says he is 24," I reply. "so when is our next stop?" I ask. "In about half an hour," Says Oleg.

We land at a standard airport on the east cost. We go though the terrifying experience of hiding a full grown man in a large old box. Or to be honest with myself a casket would be a better name for it. But right now people are looking at us as we exit the helicopter. Two men who work there lift the crate with a high lift as Oleg instructs them where to put it. They have already checked it, finding it a crate full of raped Washington apples. Luckily they didn't dig very far in the box. Thereby missing the second layer of the box containing a very tall person. I take a deep breath and start walking from the helicopter to the small new jet we are going to fly across the ocean. "Thanks," says Oleg to the person who they left their plane with. "Did you have a nice flight over DC?" The man at the airport asked. "Yes, and thanks for letting us rent it for a day," says Oleg. "No problem, have a good trip." Says the airway man. " I saw Oleg nod and wave goodbye, then he hoped in the plane. Within minutes we were up, and I was so happy we had no complications. We did have to stop twice to refuel but it didn't take long and the checkups weren't bad as we had a secrete compartment we hid the box in. All went as planned, with Ethan in the box in the back on a long trip to Russia!