I woke up to the sound of my stomach rumbling. Oh, I forgot to eat dinner last night. I check my watch, it is 6:30am. I realize I am still on my chair in the living room. I can't believe I slept like this. I get up and go to my bedroom. I change into clean clothes and make myself coffee. I decide to make the usual chicken sandwich for breakfast. Sandwiches are so good for breakfast, they are fast and easy so average people can get to work on time. I grab a plate and put my sandwich on it. I am bringing it to the table, when I hear moaning.

"Ethan?" I ask as I set my plate down on the table and rush over to him. His eyes are crunched up in pain as he is trying to moving his arms and legs. Then I see his arms go up to his head as his head turns from side to side. "Ethan! Open you eyes," I command. "Let me out, let me out, please let me out!" He yells. I sit down on the edge of the couch. "It's so dark in here," He whimpered. "Ethan open your eyes now!" I yell, hoping he will hear me this time. I tap his shoulder and I am about to shake him when I see his eye lids open, revealing his beautiful hazel eyes. I smile, "There you go," I say relieved to have him awake.

"Here, drink this," I say as I lift his head with one hand, while with the other I tip the glass of water to his lips. He drinks thirstily and it is all gone within seconds. "No more for now, however, I want you to eat something. Wait here," I say as I get up and grab my sandwich off the table. I see Ethan's eyes follow me across the room as I swiftly come back. I sat down on the couch and lift the sandwich to his lips. Slowly the sandwich disappeared until there was only half of it left. "That's enough, I say as I set the leftover sandwich on the living room table. do you need anything for your head?" I ask. "Yes please," He says. I go to my kitchen cabinet and grab two ibuprofen tablets, and fill his glass with a little more water. I put the tablets into his hand as I lifted his head. One at a time he swallowed the pills with the water I gave him.

Seeing his eyelids drooping and fluttering as he tried to stay awake, I slid his head back down to the pillow. "Try to get some rest," I say and he instantly fell asleep. I leave as soon as I hear his slow peaceful breathing. I refill his glass of water and set it down besides him. Then I wrapped up his leftover sandwich and put it in the refrigerator. I'll save it for him later. I make myself another sandwich and finish eating it as I listen to the radio.

I remember I should call the doctor and tell him that Ethan woke up. I check the time, it's 7:35am, he should be up by now. I make the call. "Hello Doctor Aslanov, I wanted to tell you that Ethan woke up a little while ago." I say. "Good, is he awake now?" He asked. "No, but he was up for about half an hour as I took care of him just as you wanted me to." I reply. "Ok, I'll plan on giving him four hours. Yeah I think that should be long enough. Is it fine if I come over at 11:30?" He asked. "Yes, that's fine," I answer. "No need to feed me, I'll bring a lunch to eat in my car." " There is no need to eat in your car, why don't you eat your lunch with me. I like having company, plus you don't make your car dirty that way." I say. "Ok, see you then," He said before he hung up.

I texted Oleg, telling him that Ethan woke up this morning. 'Good to hear,' Oleg replied. 'I have some paperwork to go through this morning, but may I come this afternoon?' He asked. 'Sure,' I texted before getting off the phone. I put my phone in my purse and headed toward the door. It's 8:00, I have time to do some shopping. I was just about to leave when I decided it wouldn't hurt to leave a message for Ethan in case he woke up again while I was gone. Grabbing some paper I wrote: 'Ethan, I am going shopping and should be back soon. Don't get up, I will try to be back by 9:30. There is water and a protein bar on this table for you.' I set down the note on the table where he would be able to see it.

Ethan was still dead to the world when I left. And honestly I would want it no other way right now. He looked so young and content with his long brown eyelashes gently curving away from his long fair face. And one side of his lips turned up happily as if he was remembering some good memory. I finished waking to the larger grocery store 3 blocks away. I put all these thoughts about Ethan away as I start getting the things I need. Plus somethings that are just too good like dark chocolate and seasoned almonds.

After I got though shopping and both the grocery and the pharmacy I headed back toward my flat. I love walking up these clean streets though the beautiful parks and getting to see all the people around. There is also the beautiful trees lining every street. I glance at the clock on a church I pass. It reads 9:42! Wow! I really lost track of time, I should have been there by now. Five minutes later I was at my flat. I hung up my coat and gloves as I work to get out of my boots. I peek around the corner to see if Ethan is awake. He is still asleep. I pick the groceries off the floor and put them away in the kitchen. I check and see that the note I left is still in the same place as before, with the water and bar still sitting there. That meaning that Ethan was not awake while I was gone.

The doctor arrived at 11:30. "Спасибо," he said as I hung up his coat and gloves. I smile, "Нет проблем, спасибо что пришли." (No problem, thank you for coming) He followed me in after he took off his wet boots and slipped on a pair of slippers. We walked into the living room. I sat down in a chair at Ethans feet, while Doctor Aslanov dug around in his bag. Finally he pulled out a stethoscope and sat down on the chair I left beside Ethan's head. Ethan this whole time was still asleep. He put the ear pieces in his ears and put the other end above Ethan's heart. I waited, holding my breath as the doctor listened to him.

Soon he was done with that and dropped it into his bag. "Итан, ты можешь проснуться ради меня?" He asked as he very gently shook his shoulders. Ethan moaned as he opened his eyes. "Вот ты где," The Doctor said as he started to take his pulse. Ethan was still blinking from the light and trying to make sense of his surroundings. He looked like he wanted to fall asleep again so badly, but every time he would let his eyelids droop Doctor Aslanov would tap the side of his face. The doctor handed me a piece of paper from his pocket. It was written in Russian, the headline telling me to translate these questions to Ethan, and then write his answers in Russian below the questions.

I nod as I start, How are you feeling? I ask Ethan pulling my chair up closer to his head. Ethan looked annoyed, "Isn't it obvious?" He asked. "Ethan! Answer my question," I retort. He took a deep breath, "my head hurts," he replied simply. I wrote down his answer. "Do you feel dizzy-" "Yes," he cut me off." I wrote that down. "Are you seeing two of me?" I ask. "Yes," he answered. I wrote that down too. "Lastly, do you remember how you hurt your head?" I ask. Ethan looked so confused and lost at this question. "Ok, the doctor here is going to look at your head," I say nooding to the doctor and handing him the paper. Doctor Aslanov read it then started to unwrap Ethan's bound head.

I watched as the doctor carefully unwrapped him. He inspected his head and then put some gloves on. "Наталья, можно мне на руки нанести крем с антибиотиком?" (Natalia, can you squeeze some antibiotic cream onto my hands) he asked holding out his gloved hands. I do as he asked and take a step back as he applied it to Ethans head wound. "Aargh!" Ethan screamed. I quickly retreated to my chair as he let out another yell of pain. "Ш," Hushed the Doctor trying to both calm and quiet Ethan. Soon the doctor was done spreading the antibiotic and bound his head securely.

The doctor reached in his bag again, his hand producing a small bottle of pills. "Возьми это," he said as he handed Ethan a pill and a glass of water to take the pill with. Ethan swallowed it as well as half of the glass of water, before handing it back to the doctor. Doctor Aslanov set the glass back down on the table as Ethan settled down on his pillow. "Можешь принести ему еды?" Asked the doctor. "Да уж," I reply jumping up from my seat and rushing over to my refrigerator. I pull it open and grab Ethan's leftover sandwich. I unwrap it as I head over to Ethan. "Eat this," I command him as I hand Ethan his sandwich. He eats it hesitantly at first, but within a minute it was gone.

I watched Ethan's eyelids flutter and listened to him suck in deep breaths of air. The doctor left to clean his tools in my kitchen sink. Ethan was definitely showing signs of nervousness, ether from the medicine or us speaking Russian. "Calm down Ethan," I said as I saw him tense up. Doctor Aslanov came back at that moment. He nodded toward my entryway. catching his meaning I left Ethan and walked into my entryway. The doctor was right behind me as I stopped. "Что ты ему дал?" I ask. "Я только что дал ему аспирин для головы," he said. "Теперь он в ужасе, потому что не знает, что случилось и где он находится. К тому же не помогает то, что я говорю только по-русски. Это может значительно снизить его уровень сахара в крови и вызвать его частоту сердечных сокращений к спайке. Делает его более вялым. Так что мне нужно, чтобы ты успокоил его и дал ему это, чтобы помочь ему расслабиться и уснуть." Says the doctor.

"Now he is terrified because he does not know what happened or where he is. Besides, it doesn't help that I speak only Russian. This can drastically lower his blood sugar and cause his heart rate to spike. Causing him to be more lethargic. So I need you to try to calm him down and give him this to help him relax and sleep." Says the doctor.

With that doctor Aslanov took his leave. I meanwhile walked over to Ethan to try to con him into taking this pill. "Ethan, do you hear me?" I ask. "Yes," he murmured. "Good, now I need you to trust me"-"Who are you? And where am I?" He interrupts. Taking a deep breath I say, "I'm Natalia Semyonova, and you are in Moscow." I watch him swallow, "You mean Moscow Russia?" I nod. "So... Are you going to turn me over to your government?" He asks after a while. "Yes, but not until you are better," I say with a smile. "Right," he says while looking absent minded. I bet he is thinking about escaping. I should keep a close eye on him and always make sure my door is locked when I leave from now on. I make note.

"Now this will help you sleep, the doctor wanted you to take this, I say gently. "I can fall asleep by myself," he stated. "Ok, then try to sleep, I'll be in the kitchen if you need me. I start wiping my kitchen counters. About three minutes later I turn around and see Ethan fast asleep.