Greetings, my fellow readers, writers, and FanFiction lovers! I, Triscythe, have decided to create this challenge Fic for all your idea seeking FanFiction writers! Why you ask, I am doing this? Simple. I only wish to spread my thoughts to those who are deemed worthy of them! (Lol). I just have so many ideas in my head that I am afraid that I cannot write them down as much as I want to. (T-T).

Therefore! I have decided to give my blessing to all those who seek it! Here are the rules for my challenges:

1) All the challenges will come at random, so don't expect them to be pilling up in a single day. And if there are some challenges similar to someone else's, please know that all ideas written down came from me, and I apologize for any misunderstandings.

2) The challenges can be anything so that it can be either a crossover or a single one.

3) There is no limit to your imagination. When I show my challenges, I will write down which series will be and what the summary will be all about. It's up to you to decide how it goes from here on out. I can try to help you if you want.

4) There is no limit to whoever takes up a single challenge, for I believe in the Multiverse! There is no limit or branches when writing down the same Fanfiction with the same plot. It's up to the writer to decide how the story will play out.

5) And most important of all… have fun and do your best to complete the challenge! No need to stress yourself, just enjoy what you pick and bring out your imagination.

And there you go! I truly hope you would like the challenges I will make for all of you. This idea is inspired by davidomega59. Please look into his account and support the challenges he makes.

Happy writing!