I had gotten up early on a Monday morning cause my mom and I were moving to Queen's ,New York I had gotten dressed , ate breakfast, brushed my hair then my teeth and then got into the car with my mom as I then put my seat belt on .

"Mom I'm so nervous about moving to New York ." I had told her . "It's okay you'll be fine ." She told me . "Alright ." I smiled as we drove off down the road.

We then got there and got out of the car and brought in our stuff I then sat out on the stairs after helping my mom bring the stuff in and after I helped put stuff away . I had seen a guy who I thought was cute actually I was thinking he was one of our neighbours. He then walked over to me .

"Hi what's your name ?" He asked curiously as he smiled , he had light brown hair that was down to his shoulders a bit and blue - grey eyes that were beautiful he was dressed in a white shirt with a black leather jacket on and some jeans . "My names Lily what's yours ?" I asked . "My names Jackie Flannery ? Are you new here in town in Queens ,New York ?" He asked curiously as he smiled . "Yes I am actually and thanks also it's a pleasure to meet you Jackie ." I smiled back at him . "You too and you're welcome it's a pleasure to meet you as well. " he replied .

I couldn't help it as I started blushing cause he was so cute ."You're cute ." I told him . "Awww thanks ,so what do you wanna know about me?" He asked . "Are you Irish ? I am part Irish actually ." I had told him while asking him that question . "Yep I am actually and that's cool ." He smiled . "Yep ." He nodded. "Hey Jackie what's your favorite color ? " I asked him curiously with a smile . "I would have to say blue and also green what about you ?" He questioned . "I'd say blue and green as well actually." I told him . "Really ?,that's cool ." He said . "Yep . I nodded in agreement while smiling .