Jackie then smiled at me we both had told eachother more about ourselves and then he thought of asking me something . "Hey , do you want to go get something to eat with me ? " Jackie had asked me as he had asked curiously. "Sure of course I'd like that ." I smiled . "Alright ." He said as he took a hold of my hand and walked out the door with me .

Next we had walked to the hot dog stand . "Hello what would you two like ?" The guy asked . "2 Hot Dogs please and thank you oh and two cream sodas to drink ." He replied . "Alright ." He nodded and cooked the hot dogs and put them in the bun then handed them it and the drinks then Jackie had paid for both of the hot dogs and both of the drinks then they walked over to a chair and sat down then started eating their hot dogs I had put mustard and ketchup on mine and he had just mustard on his since we didn't know what else to put on it . We then took a drink of our sodas then ate a bit more of our hot dogs that we had gotten .

"Man these hot dogs here are really good." I told him after chewing mine . " Heck yeah I agree ." He smiled and nodded after chewing his then taking another bite of it the same time I had taken a bite of mine again .