"Hey Kazooie is Rock okay?" Terry asked while he was coming out of a match, being in the lounge with his fellow 3rd party characters.

"I don't know Ter, does he?" Kazooie squawked while playing as herself in a certain racing game involving planes on the GBA, being too advanced for the game as she was clearly winning.

Terry shrugged and proceeded to approach Mega-Man who was simply sitting on the couch with a saddened look on his face. "Hey champ, you all right?"

"Yeah. I just need to think." Megaman said while rubbing the back of his head. "You think there will be more robots like me?"

"Well I mean ROB over there is quite happy to be here," Terry pointed out for R.O.B. waved a fellow hello while going through the hallway. "Maybe you just need to have a little bit of perspective. It's what got me the motivation to come here!"

MegaMan smiled while looking up at the matured king of fighters. "I guess that does make me feel quite better. Thank you man!"

"If only things were that easy to solve," Kazooie said while proceeding to beat her game for she was focused on trying to best her record.