Hello there, this is a WhiteKnight story for these tiring times, with a spice of Bleiss (Aka. Weiss with her color palette-swapped along with her personality, being rude, lewd, crass, and thirsting only for Jaune Arc), and alternative POVs.

I will explain the warning labels as you no wonder raised an eyebrow and thought 'what the fuck is this?', well, here is it:

Warning: Bleiss, BashingFandom!ChaVer, French, Metric(SI), Hand-holding, SlowBurn (by Bleiss standards), SlowUpdates, High-er_Fantasy, Greyguard (Jaune x Bleiss x Weiss).

Bleiss: This tag means that there will be curses, slurs, an attempt of smut, and lots of F-words, like Fuck.

BashingFandom!ChaVer: This tag means that I'll not use the Cannon version of the characters, instead, I'll use the Fandom version. Fandom characters include things like Nora being obsessed with Pancakes, saying Renny, explosions up and down, saying Jaune-Jaune or Jauney, and wanting to break legs at all times; Pyrrha not being the Nicest Girl but instead, InnerYander'ed prone to violence when someone tries to take Jaune from her; Weiss saying Dolt and Dunce left and right; Blake reading smut... er… I think that's cannon, having cat stereotype is also Cannon… well, brooding a lot I guess; Yang telling puns every two sentences (something that only happens on Chibi if I recall - plus I don't know how to write puns, so all puns will be bad, but thankfully that's Cannon!); And some other things that you would find in Fics and RWBY-WrittingPromptsWednesday things... it will also mean that I'll bash, or try to, make everyone look bad. so yes, I will (try) to make sweet characters like Ruby, Nora, and Pyrrha appear filled with faults.

As for Ren and Ruby, hmm, spoiler!

French: [this is a click-bait! I know no French, but I saw it in a movie warning on Tumblr and found it hella fun.] Aka. French characters Aka. Arc-family is important, aka. Jaune-Centric, Jaune is the male-lead of this fic, so if people start to say that my fic is bad because Jaune is the protagonist and that Ruby being the main character of RWBY should be the main of fics, well... there is a reason Fics are called Fan-Fictions... I'll try to not make him a MarySue or SI character. Anyway, I will try to create a background for him, one that without making him a complete dumbass yet explain how he doesn't know about aura yet lived in a family of heroes, visited Mistral and know about camping, love his family but also feels like he is a disappointment to them.

Metric(SI): This doesn't mean Self Insert, instead, it means International System of Units, things like Meter for distance, Seconds for time, and Kilogram for mass instead of creating a new form of measurement for the world of Remnant. Also includes dd/mm/yyyy for Remnant's calendar with 12 nameless months, an Academic Semester will have 15 weeks, meaning that an academic year will have 3 semesters... even if that's doesn't make sense word-wise. and since when RWBY-Cannon starts is in the year of the 40th Vytal Festival, I'll say that the date is year 80AGW (After Great War). I'll also use a 24:00h format instead of 12:00h AM/PM one. I'll try to make 1 Lien = 1 Yen = 0.01 Dollar. That's because of that one's scene on Vol.5 Chap.6 Qrow pays 16,000.00 Lien worth for a bar-tab of a friend from his pocket with a single/few card(s).

Handholding: *blush* this will be my attempt of writing fluff - Yes, Bleiss Fluff = Handholding, yes, freaking Lewd - and I'll write them doing it without gloves! *Gasp*

SlowBurn (by Bleiss standards): It will take few chapters till Bleiss and Jaune become a thing, that's because Weiss will try to enter in between.

SlowUpdates: At the moment this was written, I've made chapter one and planned till the end of Volume 3, after that I don't know how to continue. if I continue.

High-er_Fantasy: Aura is more awesome than Cannon, except Aura being used to do energy attacks and heroic-level feats instead of just a shield and fuel for semblances.

Rankless-0 are those without aura,

Rank-F1 Primary Combat Schoolers/Atlesian Knights,

Rank-E2 First Years Trainees/Secondary Combat Trainees,

Rank-D3 Second/Third Years Trainees,

Rank-C4 Fourth Years/Average Huntsmen,

Rank-B5 Veteran Huntsmen/Atlas Specialists,

Rank-A6 Ace Ops/?,

Rank-S7 ?/?,

Rank-SS8 ?/?,

Rank-SSS9 ?/?,

Rank-Omega10 ?/?.

Rank doesn't involve things like Experience, Wisdom, Intelligence, Gear, Experience, Dust, Semblances, Plot-armor, Magic, Divinity, Relics, Grimm, Mutations, Willpower, Luck, Genes, and Anatomy.

This is just the power of Aura of how dense and powerful it is compared to the Miasma (Grimm energy) in effects, plus physical power.

Basically (Special Attk + Special Def) x (STR + VIT + DEX) = Rank.

Training aura increases the rank, but so tempering the body, since in my Headcannon Aurajust multiplies what you can do. But adds nothing.

Also, since your body impacts your rank, things like disease, old age, and injuries influence your rank. Expect old people having lower rank on average, doesn't mean they can't kick ass.

This means that the teachers have high-levels and are experienced and not empty-boasts. This also means that mere students are weaker than Huntsmen and Teachers and that Age influences how strong you are due to having to spend years training aura.

Thankfully, the protagonists are nothing but mere students. Being Genius and whatnot. And Weiss/Bleiss have an OP semblance, and Jaune will have an OP semblance. You've been warned.

Greyguard (Jaune x Bleiss x Weiss): Instead of being normal and writing a WhiteKnight Fic, and then a Blackguard fic, I go and write a mix of the two, and fuck my entire fic up! I do not even know how to write romance, let alone a Harem… is this even a Harem? And does Bleiss even know what romance is?!

Prologue - Weiss.

Proofread: Complete with reading aloud and autocorrect – expect Autocorrect common mistakes. – I'll only come here for typos or covering plotholes with ramen noodles and rice glue.

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Edit: 06/11/2020 – Covered some plot holes with duct-tape, don't mind me… also, I've reviewed the RWBY Series chapters 'No Brakes' and 'Breach', and…it appears that I have to increase the dose of reality. Plus, I accidentally added too much angst for a fic without such a tag, sounds cringe, yay.

Lonely blue eyes watched the landscape while dainty hands washed strawberries in silence.

Beacon was beautiful, this Weiss Schnee could not deny, while not as technologically advanced as Atlas, it had its charms, such as the nice weather filled with plant life instead of snow, spacious roads with real trees on the sidewalk, tall buildings made with a proper city in mind instead of a forest of concrete that is monotone enough to sound like the color grey, and, above all, is a continent away from the stiff Atlas Elites and the cage she trapped most of her life.

Even Valen ancient architectures are better than Pre-Atlas ones, not that she would ever admit as a proud Atlesian-Citizen, but compared to the Ice-Cold Castles and Efficiency-Above-Comfort Forts of the old Mantle Kingdom, Vale Kingdom ancient architecture had a powerful charm, one only achieved when nature and architecture mixed in harmony.

Ivy-covered pillars, rounded archways where grapes grew, and the lion-decorated fountain where Valen Lily floated peacefully in the water, these were the mark of True Valen Architecture.

Giving another look at the Valen Lily, she could not help but sigh in marvel at the Dust-Variants that rarely exist in the world.

Nature, but carrying the power of Nature's Wrath, an example being the world-wide famous Eastern Mistralian-Lotus Flower, – a Water-Dust Variant of Renge, commonly known as Lotus Flower – that is sturdy enough to hold several adults standing above without creating any waves, signalizing tranquility, and peace for the Mistral-Folk, such marvel of biology and Dust was what made flight travel possible after all, there is even theories of using Water Dust to produce energy and float in the air, through the concept of Hydrogen Energy is but a dream with current technology.

The Valen Lily, – Earth-Dust Variant of Fleur-de-Lys, know as Lily Flower – on the other hand, is tall and proud but not interesting for science, through it was the source of many legends as from afar it looked like a sword coming from the water, possessing two golden-yellow petals looking like a yellow sword guard, and a large petal pointing to the sky in-between.

Truly, if Arc… no, if Jaune stabbed Crocea Mors in the water of this fountain, it would blend perfectly between the Valen Lilies from a distance – its almost uncanny the resemblance, as if the sword was made to match the Lily… or the Lily was made to match the sword.

She shook her head, fairy tales and legends are just that, tales… though, looking at the sword-shaped flower, almost as if begging for someone to take the sword from the lake as Valen legends stated: of the return of the King… hah! King Jaune, what a weird notion, he doesn't have a hint of ruthlessness on his bones, nor he appears as someone with an Iron grip over the military and citizens, nor could he order the eradication of an entire village to prevent a plague… However, he is kind, like the ideal-King… sadly, self-sacrifice should not be a characteristic of a King.

Atlas High-Society is already ruthless as it is, her Father being a standard example, though not the most ruthless, – not that people would believe, especially the White Fang – he is the most successful, and thus he affects more people.

Quantity is a quality of its own after all.

'He is a manipulative and lying piece of' – Weiss breathed, before releasing her frustrations – Jacques Schnee is cruel not because he is evil, but because he ruthless pragmatic, he doesn't care about infamy, only about power.

However, some of the Atlas Elites… they are cruel because they can, for fun. With power and influence in their hands and no one above… most of them belong to families that fought in the Faunus War, the same noble families that thought that preserving the horns of animals they hunted was an example of honor and glory, like a trophy.

And Weiss saw those trophies, much to her shock and revulsion, the most notable one being a beautiful life-sized ivory angel… made the horn and fangs of hundreds of Mammal Faunus-Kind.

Weiss swears that she sometimes hear the lamentations of the people used to make that… that hideous sculpture, they scream at her in her dreams, a statue made of parts of children and elderly, of warriors and civilians, of men and women… it was easier to think Faunus-Kind were not people than to bear that sight all day every day, because that dammed statue is at her room, looking at her, a pseudo-dory from some influential family, a cursed item that she could not destroy or throw away least incur her father's wrath… she shivered as her breath quickened, the mere thought of disobedience…

… That was one of the reasons she did not study at Atlas, because she would be forced on commuting to her house on weekends.

However, as grotesque that statue was, it is tame when comparing to when Mantle was a kingdom, back before the Great War.

Brothers killing Brothers, Sons killing Fathers, and Slavery was permitted and even encouraged. Hunting Trophies included the head of famous Faunus on hunting rooms, or keeping them in jails like some pets, or 'stress-relieving' of the worst kinds.

Worst of all, the Schnee family was an ancient noble family.

Weiss sighed as she looked at the sword… no, the flower, reminding her of the gentle and kind boy that loved her the moment he lied his eyes on her.

Jaune… he would not survive such a lifestyle. He was too kind, too selfless…caring about the love of others instead of his own.

'You got some good friends looking out for ya.' Said Neptune as they watched Jaune Arc dancing with Pyrrha Nikos, while wearing a dress – and dare she say, he was an amazing dancer, with nice legs.

She sighed, thinking about her choice of partner for the Beacon Dance, it was just last night that they broke up… or not, were they really 'a thing' anyway? They never formalized their relationship, never spoke the words she earned to hear from someone, it would explain why even when they went on dates, he sometimes became flirtatious with the waitresses, or any cute passing girl really. She could forgive just a wink followed by a shinning smile, or a change of voice tone and extra pleasantries when he talked to a girl because that is how he is, he is flirtatious, but not a cheater… because she was sure Neptune understood Time and Place and was doing his best to refrain from embarrassing her, – She would be angry and jealous, like any girl in her situation would, obviously, but her crush… ex-crush, doing his best to appease her after she expressed her displeasure, pleased her greatly, and she forgave.

But when he flirted with the entirety of team NDGO… Live, onscreen of the most-watched Scroll-Televised Broadcast of all time. She… she lost it, that was not a mere flirtatious personality, it was him not giving a damn about her.

The Vytal Festival always received high ratings, but the 40th Vytal Festival was bigger than any other before, breaking historical records.

All thanks to the White Fang and The Breach incident, that forced the Council of Vale to expand the budget for advertising, entertainment, expensive fireworks, and the record-breaking of the most expensive opening ceremony to date: Extraordinary and intricately choreographed extravaganza of dances and festivities, featuring an amazing explosion of color and music, famous singers and artists from all over Remnant to counter the rising levels of negativity.

That in turn, made the Vytal Festival Opening, one of, if not the most gorgeous ever seem, – and is still Festival going on, and there are rumors of a closing ceremony that would stay on the annals of history – with all hotels, hostels, motels, and residences filled to the brim, with the citizens of Vale renting their free rooms using something called Homestay, (a foreign concept for Weiss, she cannot understand the act of lending part of their houses to others like a lodge, and at outrageous prices at that!) with people paying upfront for some basic living spaces in the chances of participating in the festivities that will last a day after the end of the Vytal Festival Tournament.

The power of Money and Dust was amazing as ever.

No wonder the Schnee Name was so recognized. So Powerful. So Worldwide. So Influential.

So much, that everything the members of the Schnee family did, would have far-reaching consequences, if Weiss said a coffee shop was bad, the very next day it would close the doors, if she put a photo in social media with her using a spa, for a month all slots would be filled, with some even selling their slots at high prices; However this fame and infamy also apply to her behavior – the media is like a shark, a predator, just waiting for her to do something imperfectly, that they would twist and turn till it became a sex scandal that somehow involved Faunus racism and government conspiracies.

Therefore, she always had to be perfect, least she destroyed the living of someone, or invited disaster to her name with the Media pouncing on her, dragging the Schnee name to the mud, decreasing her influence in the family, and making her do a step back to her dream of restoring the Schnee family name.

Hence, she wanted to be partnered with Pyrrha Nikos way back on initiation. As someone on the same metaphorical boat as her, the Invincible Girl would surely understand, sadly, Weiss not lucky in her endeavor, and partnered with one Ruby Rose… or maybe she was lucky that Pyrrha decided to, as she said, 'letting the chips fall where they may', and got the best partner ever, – not that she would ever admit that.

But now Weiss is just waiting for the media to devour her whole.

Because Neptune Vasilias – no, the Blue-Haired Mistralian, as she refused to even think of his name – flirted with team NDGO on the arena, not a smile or a compliment, but a pick-up line.


As millions of people were watching and recording, and when the Media finds out that they were dating at the time – something that wouldn't take long since this festival has the entirety of Remnant keeping its eye at – they would make her minced fish, and they would somehow make this, this treason to her love, into, into a disgusting fetish.

She can already hear it: Lisa Lavender, on ValeNews channel 12, with a new news article about how Weiss Schnee, Heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, likes to date boys that cheat on her. Then they would somehow, somewhat, find all the girls he even smiled since the dance and compile into a huge list, and using the power of money and gossip, even find some videos with audio and HD quality of her forgiving his adulterous behavior, finalizing with the label-tag of a Cuckquean that would stick with her till her grave. And beyond.

She just knows it, Atlas High-Society is just like that. They still make fun of the poor Old Marigold that farted in public 10 years ago, that is it, till he became so fed-up he made sure to punish the current chefs and forbidding them from ever cooking again on Solitas – as if is their fault – with such ruthlessness that erased all rumors of him having cancer.

Weiss is still not sure how indigestion problems became stomach cancer, turned into prostate cancer, and ended with people spreading rumors of how his heir did not relate to him… but that's how rumors work.

And squashing rumors with violence and money is how Atlas High-Society does things.

Something she does not have the heart to do.

Something her father will surely do without blinking while punishing her at the same time.

However, the damage to her image could not compare with the damage to her Heart. Her love, her first love, first crush, torn and broken, spit and mocked, made a joke, a mere conquest.

Only the arrival of Winter's Ship – named Winter's Ship, because her big sister naming capability is... well, terrible, Winter Schnee's Sabers are named Winter's Swords – as the realization sunk in, the consequences of a simple flirt Live, the fact that the Blue-Haired Mistralian did not mind time and place for such actions, not minded who he flirted, and above all not mind her.

If he did not stop his habits even on something with serious and far-reaching consequences as the Vytal Festival, then how far would his flirt go? Would he try to flirt with her sister? Would his flirt escalate on something more if he is not sound of mind like a drunk? Would he even resist the temptation if the other party flirted back?

Weiss did not even doubt people that hate the Schnee name, would try to sleep with him purely out of spite, to make her suffer even more. That is a common tactic used on Atlas High-Society to make scandals, blackmail, or vengeance.

That is when she realized she was not the Blue-Haired Mistralian Date nor Romantic Target, she just another. From the most special one to something that he got in a successful flirt.

Promised her he would do better and that she was the only one, and she believed his lies, then on the very next instant would do the same. Unrepentant of his actions. Returning to her when he failed. As if she was a backup.

No, she was the backup.

Weiss looked at her bloodied hands…no, just dirty hands, she crushed one of the strawberries in her thoughts.

"Ashes…" This could not do, Winter would be coming, and everything needed to be Perfect.

'Winter… what do I do?'

Seeing Winter for the first time since she fled, No, till she decided to go to Beacon, gave enough respite to put all her emotions into a box and lock it, as her fathe- as Jacques' taught. She managed to hold it till she cried secretly in the bathroom after she and Neptune talked things through – it involved red eyes and a slap, plus Myrtenaster and a considerable amount of Water and Ice Dust.

But it still did not make things better.

Through the break-up, on itself was… nice, a family thing, as Yang called-it. Beating up a… not cheater, but an unfilial person in a way, was a team RWBY activity, it made her feel that she belong to a group, that she is not alone, and above all, prevented her sister from taking the matters with her own hands because, unlike Yang that likes to tease and cuddle with her little sister Ruby, Winter was colder and pragmatic, be it in her affections or punishments… sadly. Even Weiss, and her, wanted a hug from her older sister from time to time.

Through, Yang and Winter were Big Sisters with a great deal of protectiveness, their protective streak and methods were… also different, Yang intimidated every boy, and girl, that looked at Ruby with anything short of 'she is cute'. Winter, on the other hand, would let Weiss live her own life and trust her judgment, however, while Yang would simply beat Neptune, Winter would use every influence she had in both the army and her family name to crush all those that made her cry.

Even if Weiss is afraid of what the media will do to her, it would not be far to crush Vasilias future completely. Not because she was kind, she was not, but because that it would crush his future, to the extend of people not offering him Huntsmen contracts and shopkeepers refusing to sell him Dust or Medicine in fear of the Schnee name.

That is part of the reason why Faunus-Kind hate the Schnee name since the idea of SDC looking down on Faunus and mistreating them is so widespread, others either copy or they refuse to employ or help Faunus in fear of the SDC, even when Jacques does not care as long he profits in the end.

And maybe the media would never find out her relationship with the boy that flirted with an entire team on Live Scroll-TV?

… as Ruby would say, Nope, only something striking like the fall of a Huntsman Academy, or White Fang being recognized by her Father, or Ruby stopping eating strawberries – impossible things just like that – would take the attention of the entire world from her faults.

Speaking of strawberries, the ones she selected for today's afternoon tea party with her sister, only survived Ruby Rose because Weiss put the strawberries into a box of raisins, the Red-Hooded girl visibility growled at the raisin's box like a rabid animal, – Well, puppy-growling cute, that thankfully Yang recorded, and even made Blake snort – maintaining a Crescent Rose slash at a minimum distance from the 'accursed' object. And yes, Weiss is trying to distract herself, but is working, so why change if is not broken.

And after speaking of strawberries, one must talk about pastries, like these she found on her visits to Vale, in a quiet and high-quality Confectionery operated by a woman with quite the familiar face, maybe a relative of someone in Beacon? Maybe Velvet since the woman had rabbit ears, but that would be racist to think someone is related just because they have the same Faunus-trait, maybe even, the woman was just another kind of Faunus with similar appendages to a Rabbit ear.

After all, Weiss did not want to be called a 'Racist Schnee' for the 10th time that week, so she had to take great care when talking with Faunus-Kind least she offends someone just by existing. Again.

Well, Weiss learned of the local luxury products greatly from the woman, that was also the owner and called Meg, and one of those products made Weiss instantly fall in love, a soft pastry called croissant.

Croissants are a local delicacy, luxury Valen pastries originate from the southwest of the Kingdom, on the Virgilian Eclogue Province that is famous in the upper society for their aromatic wines and luxury food…

Weiss should know, after all, these labels are sometimes found on the bottles that commonly roll on the cold marble floors of the Schnee Main Family Mansion.

'Thinking of it, Eclogue province is where Jaune came from, a small city called Arcadia if I am not mistaken' Weiss thought as she saw a red stain on her Rapier from the corner of her eye.

With a gasp of fear, she took her weapon and critically analyzed every edge of her blade.

Looking carefully, it was probably just the reflex of the strawberries or anything else red nearby, – her weapon's blade shone like a mirror after all – yet, the urge to clean was strong, and in a fluid motion, Weiss took the cleaning tools stored on her pouch, and promptly start to polish Myrtenaster while testing its mechanisms to verify if it is on optimal condition.

Weiss normally did not bring a kit to repair and maintain weapons, but due to recent events, the rather only Ruby does because…. It is Ruby, but due to the recent events, The Breach in specifically, made Weiss feel the need of being ready to maintain her beloved weapon anywhere, as much as such thought felt ridiculous.

But this shows how much The Breach spooked her.

Thinking on her solo fight on the train, Weiss winced, it was not the first time she fought White Fang grunts with her life on the line, but it was the first time she fought a White Fang Lieutenant… the battle was fierce, enough to destroy most of the wagon they were standing in, – great part was due to her using her Dust to attack with extreme prejudice after her enemy taunted her by keeping mentioning how he disposed of the daughter of one of the board members – including causing her opponent's Chainsaw-weapon to break.

Fighting an unarmored opponent made her arrogant and oh so sure of her inevitable victory, that decided to finish with such overwhelming firepower and style by casting an Elemental Glyph she was still training on, and as result, she almost lost… almost died.

She remembers moving at speeds comparable to Speed-Semblances, all while attacking an opponent who had no way of fighting back with light but painful pokes, basking under the superiority that her Glyphs provided… with the trumpets of victory were already playing on her mind.

She also remembers the effect abruptly ending due to her low mastery, resulting in the White Fang grabbing her by the throat and preparing to throw her out of the wagon.

She remembers the feeling of death. Her future destroyed by those that were at war with her family for as long as she can remember, her dreams of restoring the SDC name destroyed, a caged bird endless silence – This gave her a second wind as she slashed at the White Fang Lieutenant's eyes, and with it, breaking that accursed Grimm mask that caused her more pain and misery than the Grimm they represent.

She remembers the 'S.D.C' brand in the middle of the White Fa- of the man's forehead, as his eyes were closed in pain.

She remembers how she intended in pushing him out of the wagon, by stabbing right-center on the abdomen.

And instantly she got pale. Her breath quickening as fingers recalled the sensation of her Rapier's pristine white blade hitting the Chainsaw Wielder's Aura like striking rubber, – a sensation then followed by breaking something, and replaced by piercing flesh instead – as her momentum continued unstoppable, penetrating flesh and evading bones, the same move she trained countless times in front of a military-grade hologram target. The same move she finally got to use on a terrorist-grade living one.

Weiss still remembers the wet sounds of her Rapier's stained red blade leaving the body, of how the White Fang stepped backward, his hands grasping his stomach, then missing a step, and failing from the train towards the Grimm horde following them.

Feeling too horrified by what she did, to do anything but gasp in shock.

Did she kill him at that moment, or was the Grimm that finished the job?

'Aura users are notoriously hard to kill,' she remembered, 'even with broken aura their bodies are several times stronger than regular civilians, she told herself.'

That White Fang Lieutenant was a Rank-D3, – Equivalent of a 2nd/3rd Year Huntsmen-in-Training – a whole rank above Weiss' Rank-E2, she only managed to close the gap in that fight due to her sister's teachings in fighting smart instead of elegantly, – something that made her fighting instructors snort in disdain and labeled it barbaric and ungraceful – and the perks of being the heiress of the SDC, with the facility in getting hold of high-grade Dust for a simple 1st Year mission that is extremely compatible with her fighting style, Weapon, and Semblance.

'It was a battle of life and death', Weiss explained, to herself, 'Mercy on your enemies is Cruelty on oneself', Winter told her several times during their training seasons.

Regardless of her reasoning, of her Logic side agreeing that it was inevitable, Weiss swears that from time to time she can spot a bloodstain on her pristine weapon, an act that made her weapon-maintenance and cleansing routine nearly as constant as Ruby's.

The same Ruby that talks to Crescent Rose when she thinks no one is looking.

Sometimes Weiss ponders if she should talk with one of the Beacon Staff for counseling, but first, she wants to ask Winter's opinion about it – after all, if the rumors that the Heiress of the SDC requests psychological counseling reaches the Media's ears… well, stories about how she killed a Faunus, nevermind if it was in an official mission and to protect herself and civilians…

Weiss sighed, not intending in thinking more about the Media and her reputation. Her apparent trauma was already bad and it's not like she didn't talk with anyone about it, Blake has helped in providing limited support, – nevermind that Blake probably did and experienced something similar to her, but targeted an SDC employer… oh, the irony, – and truly, after The Breach, they had two weeks of respite, and spending time with her team and sister-team was great in decreasing the need to clean her weapon. Much to Ruby's disappointment.

Gradually the hallucinations would surely disappear as the reality of her future job settled it, – she did research, after all, what she is experiencing is by no means uncommon for Huntsmen-in-Training, only, they generally start at the 3rd year on how to deal with the guilty, and fighting sentient opponents at the 4th year – though it seems that her psyche didn't have much time to rest and recover before she received another emotional blow in the form of a betrayal of her trust and love just yesterday.

Hah! Breaking up woes was comparable to the trauma of maybe taking a life. What would the therapists say about that?

Speaking of counseling for students that were forced to take a life, Weiss questioned herself if any of her teammates would also need it.

Maybe Ruby and Yang did not realize yet, but Team RWBY indirectly killed several of the White Fang present on that train, – maybe because the sisterly duo was focused on knocking the grunts out, or never thought of the consequences of their actions to begging with, – after all, there was a literal swarm of Grimm following the train, meaning, all White Fang that fell from the train were swarmed by Grimm… in an enclosed space.

Frankly, at the time, Weiss did not think that any White Fang in that train survived, Aura or not.

The White Fang that was knocked out and left in the wagons certainly died, because the wagons were detaching and exploding, and even if they survived the explosion somehow, or even if the bombs were disarmed, there was still the Grimm swarm.

A wagon would merely provide a moment, enough for the terror of their inevitable ends settles in as the Grimm tears it apart and devour what is within.

And finally, when the train met Vale, it exploded while traveling at high speeds, even Team RWBY that were being protected by her Elemental Glyph of ice shield, they received a great blow in their aura, – who knows how injured they would be without the ice to absorb the majority of the blast.

Weiss only saw Grimm and scared civilians around as she opened her eyes … but no traces of White Fang… well, in their entirety.

Weiss remembered exchanging glances with Blake as Ruby and Yang jumped head-on to fight the Grimm going towards the civilians, on that silent conversation they decided to do their best to make their partners fight as far as possible from the gaping hole where Grimm was coming from. Finding lumps of burned flesh and red smears on the pavement was the last thing they needed to show to their young leader amidst a Grimm attack inside the walls of Vale.

Weiss sighed, even if she despises the White Fang, there were dozens, maybe over a hundred of White Fang, of people, boarded on that train on the orders of Torchwick.

Lives lost, at what cost? And for what?

Oh, how she wished to stab Myrtenaster on that Mascara-Wearing-Clown. Seeing that Torchwick came out alive and well, with a smug smile even when he was being apprehended by the Atlesian Knights and the exchange students, made her eye's twitch, and from the way Blake's eyes narrowed, Weiss was not the only one with murderous intentions.

Thankfully, after that failed terrorist attack the White Fang attacks ceased. Like Blake said after that event, Team RWBY put a lot of dangerous people behind bars… meaning, while they did not see at the time, some White Fang did survive the train crash and Grimm.

From what they were informed, a dozen in total were apprehended after searching the rubble, most being of Rank-E2 White Fang Second Lieutenants, – The White Fang follows the same military rank that the Faunus-Kind Army used during the Faunus War Revolution, and her sister, Winter, was quite insistent in making Weiss learn of the Army Ranks and Insignia they used, – except two others, being Rank-D3 White Fang, having the rank of First Lieutenants like the Chainsaw-Wielding Lieutenant she… possibly definitely killed maybe.

Suddenly, Weiss scroll alarm rang displaying the time of 16:15, and a few heartbeats later she heard the sounds of footsteps on the stone floor, looking at the side, Weiss saw her sister, Winter Schnee, entering the pavilion generally reserved for dignitaries, while off-handily noticing that the sounds of footsteps decreased to a muffled, almost imperceptible, sound.

"Winter!" Weiss said standing up in a hurry, before slowly doing an elegant curtsy.

Winter raised a single fine eyebrow, but Weiss saw a flash of disappointment in those steely eyes. Hiding and reading emotions and facial expressions were drilled into them by the same person after all.

"Hello, Weiss." Winter smiled, a rare smile that Weiss only saw being shown to her, and Klein, but it was enough to dispel all Weiss' negative emotions that the flash of disappointment she saw brought to her.

Weiss truly admired her sister after all.

Cold and hardened blues visibly softened.

Winter smiled as she watched her little sister expertly brewing a coffee pot, using solely her semblance and Dust, – one of their little victories against their father was making him think that Weiss was using her semblance for menial tasks, with the goal of semblance training, when in truth her little sister just wanted to play around, – her little sister tried to rein her emotions and put on the façade of a noble lady, but her mask has flaws, glaring ones such as the small smile and the fact that she was humming.

A Schnee did not show emotions, even less hummed while doing chores fitting for a servant.

But they were not Schnee right now, they were a pair of sisters trying to reconnect.

'Weiss, how good to see you well and happy' Winter though but did not express her emotions.

Her dearest sister is always so happy in seeing her, possessing a smile and genuine emotion that warms her dead-cold heart. Winter is sure that her metaphorical organ died after her interrogation lessons… how can she even dares to hug her little sister with these bloodied hands she does not know. Must be because she is simply selfish. Truly.

'A shame that I cannot give you the happiness you need, the attention you deserved…the love you desire' Winter though as she looked at Weiss with greater detail.

Weiss was genuinely happy being on Beacon, however, the loneliness and fear hiding within are still present, something that Winter could not aid as much she wanted. And is one of her greatest regrets.

Even if Weiss was more mature than her age shows and certainly more than some drunken adults, this is simply because Weiss was forced to mature even faster than her peers.

Peers being, scions of Atlas High-Society that need to grow up fast at least they get used by others of the same standing, or someone from a lower standing pulls them down to go up.

A cold and pragmatic environment that simply kills the childish innocence with ruthless efficiency.

Sometimes Winter could see briefs parts of the happy and attention-seeking little girl Weiss used to be, bits of a little Weiss before she had her 10th birthday before her entire world crashed and burned like an SDC shipment attacked by terrorists.

Winter could still remember that cursed day, the sounds of glasses falling and breaking, tears being shed as innocent was lost, and as servants were left gasping after seeing their father slap his wife, then admitting that he only married for the family name, right in front of a Little Weiss, before she could even blow out the candles.

Because Little Weiss spent an hour standing in place, changing the melted candle after melted candle with patience and even eagerness. Because all Little Weiss wanted and wished for a birthday gift, was for the whole family sing happy birthday to her… so she awaited her father.

A father that promised that he would be present and thus Weiss insisted on waiting even when the rest of the family begged for her to start. Because for Little Weiss, there was no way her pappa would break his word, right?

A scene that made Winter accept General Ironwood offer to enter Atlas Academy a few years earlier, a scene that made their mother do something.

She interrupted Jacques Schnee while he was having a business meeting, and brought him using force, – their father looked down on Huntsmen and Aura users for several reasons, most of them due to how restricted they were by safety laws, – kicking and screaming in front of Little Weiss.

A scene that Winter could not even smile because of what happened earlier and later.

Their mother, Willow, had enough of her husband's attitude.

But too had Jacques, in acting as if he cared about his wife and family.

Words were exchanged in the form of screams and shouts, slurs beneath of a Schnee were uttered, guests were throw out, and everyone could hear Willow's heart breaking into pieces.

All in front of Little Weiss, who stood like stone in front of then melted candles.

A Little Weiss that was slapped by her pappa, – because she dared grab his sleeve as he intended in returning to his office, all while his wife cried on her knees and the rest of the family unable to even go against his word.

'It's Father for you. It is time for you to grow up and act like a lady instead of a spoiled brat' Was the only thing he uttered to Weiss.

A traumatic experience that awakened a part of Weiss that they thought it had disappeared, Increasing the burden Little Weiss carried even more with such an unstable bomb within.

An awakening that caught the attention of undesirable parties.

Parties that made Winter glad she enrolled the Black Ops Division of the Specialists when they invited her to the Specialist Program, because what did to her little sister, well, Winter made these Parties experience the pain of death several times over and again and again. And gave her connections to teach Weiss Atlas' anti-personal combat techniques and lend military training machinery specialized to train such deadly techniques.

From time to time, Winter could see the little girl, lonely, childish, and dorky, – even if Weiss denies with all her heart of being a dork of any kind, – still buried and trapped by years of training and conditioning that their father forced them to, by being raised alongside other children receiving the same education.

Because each flaw the Schnee siblings did in front of Atlas High Society, resulted in a raised voice and… discipline in the hands of their father.

Oh, how Winter wanted to hug her little sister, how she wanted for the little girl within that had her childhood stolen and molded into a puppet set free – yet Winter could not.

For she was also a puppet, the mere thought of acting nothing less than a Schnee, than a perfect heiress – even when she abandoned the heir title and entered the military – made her body ache in phantom pains, made her tremble in irrational fear, made her obey.

How ironic, Jacques Schnee calling the Faun – or Faunus-Kind as they prefer to be called when in plural form – mere animals when he disciplined his own children like an animal trainer does to pets.

And isn't Humankind part of the animal kingdom as well? Winter doubts Jacques cares about that, or the Atlas Society for that matter – there is a reason why Fauns are part of the animal kingdom in all of Remnant's biology books, but Atlas Kingdom, Humankind has their own taxonomic kingdom rank on didactic books.

Winter wanted to snort, but this is not Schnee-like, she also wanted to turn her head, but simply decided to raise the knife in front of her and inspect it. A dirty or rusty silverware is not fit of a Schnee – or so people would think she is doing.

Instead, she used the pristine reflection of the metal to watch behind her. All while using a sliver of aura to envelop the knife, gauging how much aura it could bear before breaking down, and If it could be used as a weapon of any kind or if using her bare hands is preferable.

Her trusty sabers were not present, all because diplomacy, politics, and military laws involved – so she had to make do in case of a fight.

'A bird?' She watched the red-eyed corvid looking at her for a moment, then fly away. Only after she could not see it anymore, she dropped her guard. Slightly.

Exists a myriad of Semblances after all.

Winter raised her awareness; a property of the 6th Sense Aura provides passively but could be enhanced with training and actively using Aura.

In her enhanced peripheral vision she didn't sense any listeners, nor noisy reporters – through with the advance of technology, telephotos are easily available to resourceful photographers, which they sadly use to take photos of her from extreme distances, especially in her private time. – That is why even when drinking coffee on a recluse location, she requires perfection, least the media sees something beneath a Schnee. Something that Jacques will hear it.

On the other hand, due to her constant observations for reporters, she managed to hone her 6th Aura sense to an incredibly high degree of mastery… or so it seemed. Winter feels that she is slacking off and needs to train it more if she thought that a mere Valen Crow's gaze held the same intensity as a person.

'And it seems that I need to study more, I always thought that only Mistralian Ravens had red-eyes.'

After Weiss proudly made a coffee pot, she poured the boiling-hot beverage through a small ice-Glyph, cooling it down enough for instant consumption.

With practiced movements one would mistake for an Eastern Mistral Tea Ceremony, Weiss gave a teacup filled with the beverage using elegant and calm movements,– that was betrayed by the not-so-hidden expectation held in Weiss' gaze – to Winter, who promptly sipped a bit of the drink of the gods, not wanting to deny the hard-work of her little sister or make Weiss suffer by waiting a bit before drinking.

"Perfect as always, Weiss," Winter said, making Weiss try to act as if it was nothing, but standing a little prouder, and with her smile appearing regardless.

"I-It was nothing, Winter, I've been training my Aura Control through the creation of small Glyphs," Weiss created a coin-sized Glyph above her finger "but it seems that I have to train more, as I – Winter!?" as Weiss' half-bragging and half-humbling confession over the perfect brewed coffee, she shouted, making Winter raise a curious eyebrow as the small Glyph broke.

"Why are you doing something so, so barbaric!?" Weiss said as she pointed at the fact that Winter is dunking the croissant into the coffee before eating.

Winter laughed.

"'Tis but a habit I've picked up in the military. They serve Mantlenese Blackbread as staple food there, true, its full of nutrients and calories, it is cheap and can last for few years in a closed pack at Mantle's ambient temperature, and above all, the taste is a step above compared to the MREs Crackers the military feeds us. But I swear Weiss, you can break your jaw trying to eat that raw," Winter said, or ranted, to Weiss, and seeing her little sister horrified visage made her chuckle a bit before continuing, "Eating hard-bread requires dipping it into a hot liquid such as soup or beverage, before each bite. Sometimes in the field, you only have hard-crackers and water as sustenance, it is so common that the Military Crackers' format is perfectly made to be used by putting into a cup – that can be filled with either soup or beverage"

Winter could admit that she had difficulties in drinking soup in a container made to hold coffee or tea… well, admit to herself, she still wanted to appear as a perfect Big Sister for her Little Sister after all.

Weiss was still horrified but nodded, and while visibly disgusted, tried to dip the croissant into the coffee cup, however, she left the soft and flaky pastry too long in her hesitation of eating something in a way she probably perceives as barbaric, and when she finally removed the croissant, part of it remained in the teacup.

The pastry piece rapidly dissolved, creating a… 'blob of bread' floating in the coffee.

Winter snorted at her little sister expression, true, she did the same when she tried to eat wet bread for the first time, but it was better than trying to eat that piece of rock they call a military cracker.

"Winter…" Weiss whimpered, and Winter laughed, her hand covering her mouth with eyes closed, while in truth, she concentrated on summoning a few Nevermore outside Weiss vision and made them spread them out – she just confirmed on her scroll search that Red-Eyed Ravens do not exist on Vale or on this continent at all.

"-And then, after the 7th day I had enough and boiled everything together – the appearance was hideous, the texture was disgusting, but the taste, the taste was heavenly… as they say, Weiss, the best seasoning is hunger… when you start going into missions in the wilds, weeks and days living on rations will temper your stomach and cumber your pickiness..." Winter finished her tale as she ate one of the sweetest strawberries she had. Fruits are plenty available on Vale and Mistral, but for Atlas, only the rich and the powerful may consistently eat such delicate fruit that dies on cold due to the eternal cold that plagues – and protects – Solitas, and even them, the best one are imported… and few fruits can hold the same taste and texture after being frozen and transported.

Weiss nodded, enraptured by her story, not like Winter was a good storyteller, or that it was an interesting tale, but because it was hers, and Weiss was always fascinated for her big sister… because it was the only source of warmth in that cold prison they call home.

Maybe Klein and Whitley… but Klein had his duties, and Winter was not allowed to meet her little brother, least she 'corrupts' him with her idea of fleeing home.

And after she entered Atlas military, their little time together as sisters shortened even more… and she does not remember the last time she saw Whitley.

"…like eating that soggy pastry would be a delicacy." Weiss blurted out before she blushed as Winter smirked.

"I still don't know how you can eat that, that…eat that! It is disgusting!" Weiss said, her face in disgust, probably remembering the appearance of dissolved bread and imagining the texture it had.

Frankly, it dissolved too fast for bread, maybe it was due to the ingredients used, truly, luxury food is fragile and has low shelf-life, Winter mused.

"It is not that bad, Weiss," Winter chuckled while hiding her smile behind her elegant hand. Hands that even when having long nails and nail polishes are forbidden in the military, or that she is forced into plenty of physical exercises forcing her to crawl in the mud, her hand was perfect as always, one of the benefits of Aura "You just left the pastry too long in the hot coffee… and yes, soaking bread in coffee is an acquired taste."

Weiss sighed, and pouted – and Winter inwardly relaxed – finally her little sister relaxed long enough to show her true personality.

However, a glance in the sky showed that the twilight would come briefly, and with it, her departure. Winter wished that her little sister would relax more, but she also desires for her little sister to succeed, – that's why she did not mention what her summons found out, least worry Weiss and distract her from the talk they will have, plus, this could count as a test for the 15 years old leader… and if she fails, making Winter need to interfere… well, Winter will not let an incompetent person lead her little sister – And to do that, her mind must be clear, be it her fear of her summoning semblance, or… what happened yesterday.

"Now… Weiss, who is the boy I need to cripple?" She said in a calm and serene voice.

Lonely blue eyes widened, as a hint of red appeared around the blues for a single instant.

Winter's words were filled with malice and killing intent, but since it was not focused on her, Weiss felt fine… however, the memories and bottled emotions rushed forward, and it froze her solid. Bringing a chill on her spine.

Weiss felt her semblance and aura stir, a part of her that she despised and feared awakened for a moment, a part of her that will always stay rotten and corrupted, a part that will always stay there as a grim reminder of her failures, or her past.

As the warmth left her, and her fear and worries took over, she felt her eyes blurry – she did not perceive how, or when, but she spilled everything, all her fears, and anger, her bloodied rapier. All while her sister hugged her.

Winter's impeccable white uniform was drenched in tears and snot, but she did not appear mind, only hugging Weiss closely while caressing her back.

"Shh… everything will be alright, Weiss…your first kill is always hard, even more, as you are young and undisciplined, you realize that life is easily extinguished and that it could be you that is the one dead… and that's what I want you to focus on, that it had to be done, you were in a mission, you had your orders… if you didn't pull the trigger, the child would grow without parents, or it would be your corpse lying in the snow…" Winter tried her best to help her, and Weiss was grateful for that, even if she was not sure who was reassuring who.

Time passed in a blink of an eye, they traded stories, explained what they felt, and how they copped it.

It was not an assassination, it was a battle, to protect their people, their friends, their way of life.

"… father will squash all rumors; however, it would require you to do some favors… nothing is free Weiss, it is always exchanged for him, one that he always profits." Winter's hug tightened, and as hateful it is to be crying in the presence of her big sister, Weiss is glad as well.

Glad to unload everything she was repressing, to have a shoulder to cry on, to feel the warm embrace of family… how long ever since she hugged a family member? How long ever since Winter hugged her?

Weiss sighed; it was probably on her last birthday.

Must be it, Weiss loved her birthday because Winter would hug her while wishing a happy birthday. Specifically, because her elder sister would use her rare and few vacation slots to take a leave and they would have an amazing afternoon together.

Yet, on her birthdays, Winter would act like it was just another day of the year.

How sad, the life of Schnee. They were so poor, so poor, that they only had money.

After Weiss vented her feelings, both sisters sat on the ground with their backs on the wall. For some reason Winter insisted on sitting at the other side of the pavilion for better protection and lookout, she does not know why acting this way, they were in Beacon for Gods' sake! One of, if not the, safest place on Remnant, but maybe living in the Military made her elder sister paranoid for safety. Weiss wonders if she will become paranoid when she graduates and start doing missions as well.

A Schnee does not sit on the ground, A Schnee does not cry, A Schnee – she is not, at least right now.

Right now, she is but a little girl that is with her big sister talking about matters of the heart.

"… while I am not as experienced in the matters of love Like other women at my age, it is not as if I never had a crush, I had an admiration, like an average teenage girl having a famous singer as a fan and idol… at least you experienced your first breakup early on in the relationship and with friends and family at your side," Winter said with a small smile as Weiss gasped in surprise.

Weiss did not know her elder sister had an idol-figure, but maybe it is not so difficult to believe, Weiss herself has…had a Girl Crush on Pyrrha.

As much as Ruby would pout and whine if she knew, the one Weiss wanted to be BFF at the beginning of Beacon was Pyrrha due to their similarities, – and her ambition – and shared problems with fame. But unlike Pyrrha Nikos' reputation that made virtually impossible to find something bad about the girl, Weiss Schnee's reputation was filled with controversies, thus Weiss wanted to develop a friendship with Pyrrha and frankly, maybe learn from the girl that is called 'Goddess' by an entire continent, Humankind, and Faunus-Kind alike. To be the girl with power, fame, and personality that everyone loves.

Maybe it was envy, maybe it was the desire to talk with someone with the same problems. But this girl crush faded, – but not disappeared – as Weiss became friends with Pyrrha, and as much as she would deny, she started seeing Ruby as a partner and leader.

However, being a BFF of one Ruby Rose was a bit too much, Weiss would let Jaune posses the 'honor' of debating about badly made B-Movies with too many explosions and poorly written romance, violent videogames, comics, and complain about homework. Hah! As if Beacon should lower their standard and sent less homework, no way, instead, they should stand above all other academies and sent even more homework. A shame that no one of her friends sees how marvelous this would be, learning is fun, they just do not know how to appreciate it!

"I, for instance, when I discovered that one of my heroes was a drunk and failure as a human being, I despaired, badly, and drowned myself in work till Klein slapped me out from my self-destructive behavior." Winter sighed with a smile, making Weiss realize she dozed off for a second. Huh, she must be more tired than she thought.

"Klein did?" Weiss smiled, while she would rage and try to kill anyone that dares to hit her elder sister, knowing its Klein makes it… different.

"He is like the mother and father we never had… and General Ironwood sometimes acts as a paternal figure for me, even if the man did take me from the Schnee household to the military with the second intention of being nurtured as a card against Father, he does care, in his way." Winter sighed, while Weiss nodded, General Ironwood does appear on her birthdays and talks to her more than her mother, and while the General is not a parent-figure for her, Winter is.

Through the good General do show more warmth than her father… not like it is hard. Even her teammates that she knew for less than a year, even team JNPR, with Jaune showing and giving, even… even Vasilias perhaps.

"Winter… when you said crush, do you think that's what I felt for that blue- for Vasilias?"

"Weiss," Her sister carefully worded "Crush – or Passion as I know it – is a fleeting emotion and based on physical appearance, sometimes lust," Weiss blushed and sighed while Winter continued ignoring her blush.

"Passion liberates dopamine… it makes you think that the target of your affection is perfect, you will ignore all his – or her – faults, or, you will think that you can change and solve these imperfections, that with your love, you will be able to mold your target to your liking, to better them, you will also like being around your target at all times… but like I said, it is a powerful emotion as is as fleeting, as it can end easily such as a new haircut is enough to, as they say, 'break the spell.'"

Winter sighed and looked away, looking at something only she could see… all while Weiss blinked while thinking that no one says 'Break the spell' for falling out of a crush.

"Love, however, … I admit that I have never experienced this specific kind of love before, but from what I've read and talked, with Love, you will want to make your partner happy, Love triggers oxytocin – the hormone of trust and belonging – however, you will also see the flaws of your partner, but instead of trying to change, you will accept it as part of them. Love will make you happy, but it will not be the only thing in your mind...even though it will never leave your mind like Passion," Pausing a bit to sip her coffee, Winter continued.

"However, you would die for Love, you would give up everything and anything depending on how much in love you are, nevertheless, it could become an obsession, or, it could become a healthy partnership…" Winter sighed, then looked at Weiss with a serious expression, as she continued slowly in a grave tone.

"…But remember Weiss, Love is a dangerous and powerful emotion, one that could be used to nefarious actions if manipulated, because, Weiss… it was Love that made our mother marry our father, she loved him, she loved the Mask he put in the early years of their marriage. Love made her stand with him until he… until he took everything he could take, leaving our Mother with nothing but empty bottles. Jacques spat on Mother's feelings, literally and metaphorically… on the day of your 10th birthday, that is the reasons why she hates parties and instead prefers to hide in her room drinking, because it was in a moment of festivity that her world ended" Winter then looked down, a gloomy look on her face. "– even when she didn't have a world, to begin with."

Weiss gasped, as she relieved the memories of her mother crying, of their father, saying that he only married for the family name, the day she sang for the first time for guests – in hope and vain attempt to make everything better, to make everything right with the power and emotions of her music. – The day her father discovered her voice, and then transformed her passion for music into an instrument of profit and politics, to spread the family name influence, the day she started to hate her gift of singing, because of it, she was just a bird in a cage, singing at her father's desire for money and fame.

Trapped on the birdcage, her singing unleashed.

"I… I don'– I do not understand Love. Crush is an easy concept to understand as… as it is a mixture of greed and lust. But Love, of being selfless and kind, is not something we experienced much when growing up…" Weiss said, shaky.

"Indeed… well, Love does not necessarily mean romantically in meaning, it can be familial love or love of self. Using the Arc boy for example," Weiss perked up, Jaune? "he loves his teammates, he loves you in his childish way, he loves his family from what you wrote on your letters, but he does not love himself… or take your partner, for example, you hate her flaws, of being childish and not thinking about the consequences of her actions… something you and your whole team seems to lack," Winter said with a glare and Weiss blushed, going headfirst into the danger is not something unknown to team RWBY.

"However, when previously I asked if you wanted me to speak to the headmaster to replace your partner, you denied and even protected your leader from me, that is a form of Love; Companionship, friendship, familial love… you call JNPR your sister-team, and it would not be wrong to think like that… after four years of Academy with missions in-between, your team and all those you shed blood with will become your family... do not commit the same mistake as me, Weiss, enlisting the Specialist program two years early for personal advancement… broke my team apart."

Weiss nodded and smiled sadly at her sister, but as she thought of her team… true, they would become family, they are family.

"That's impressive Winter, where did you learn such knowledge?"

Winter smiled proudly, and there was a spark of excitement in her eyes that amused Weiss.

"Ah, my favorite book, Cold Heart/ Hot Love, explains Love and Passion with detailed contend. I highly recommend it and its series, Ninjas of Love, it is of the adult literature genre and talks about the highs and downs of huntsmen love life… one of my favorite part of the book is when the main love interest of the protagonist says 'Passion strikes light lightning, but Love endures forever.' showing that her affections towards the male lead shouldn't be mistaken by first impressions or first-sight love, but instead-" Winter excitedly explained while looking to Weiss.

Weiss' smile faltered as her sister started to describe the plot of the book, and without the smut involved it was rather short… that book… that same book she saw just this morning n Blake's lap, before the quiet girl that reads smut all the time, blushed, and went to the bathroom. Weiss' eye twitched in the rhythm of madness.

Trying to ignore this newfound flaw in the sister she loved dearly, she tried to shift the topic to anything else but that.

"So, using this logic, does Jaune have a crush on me, while Pyrrha has a crush on Jaune, and Nora and Ren have a crush on each other?" Weiss tried changing to another topic that, dare she say, was interested. Of gossiping, oh, how the might have fallen, she thought she was above such flicky things after looking at the Atlesian high society madams doing it daily with nothing but disdain, but now… she couldn't help but want to hear her sister's opinions and guesses.

"Passion… it generally last few months, however, I have seen on one of my colleagues a passion that lasted up to two years, sadly I am not interested in getting in a relationship… *ahem* Miss Valkyrie and Mr. Ren love each other, that's for sure, but what kind of love I cannot say… it could be a sibling or romantic love. As for your friend Miss Nikos, the Mistral Champion is having a crush, or at least started like that… come on Weiss, you are better than that, I know that using the knowledge of face reading and emotional analysis feels wrong to use on a friend, but in the matters of love and war, everything is permitted!" Winter said with great interest, making Weiss wonder if her elder sister liked romance stories. Because her selective amnesia forgot that her sister liked smut.

"That's… that's fair I guess…?"

Weiss said unsurely but closed her eyes anyway. Thinking about what she knows about Pyrrha… and what Pyrrha's facial expression and tone of voice told.

Using her aura to stimulate her memory is an art she is very adept at, even more, when she uses traditional – non-auric – strategies of memory enhancement to boost it.

The Auric Memory Art is an art that all Huntsmen-in-training should master before they enter Beacon, how else would they, as mere children, be able to craft and design their personal mechashift weapon at the Primary Combat Schools and then develop a fighting style for the said weapon, or remember all the Creatures of Grimm names and weakness around Remnant, or learn and master martial arts in mere years after they unlock their aura, or calculate bullet ballistics enabling them to block and parry bullet shots at close range?

Not like these techniques were a cure-all thing or as Ruby says, cheat-code, there was a reason why Huntsmen and Huntresses all had quirks, even when possessing larger than life presence – through Jaune is the sole exception. He must be adept at controlling his Mental Library to not be affected by it… though it did not explain why he is going so badly in some classes.

Using Aura Technique, plus Traditional Techniques, and her intellect, Weiss Schnee stood above the rest, since she can be considered a genius, be it dancing, singing, Dust Knowledge, Dust Mastery, Aura Mastery, Semblance Mastery, Combat, Grimm Studies, History, Geography, Politics, Administration, Etiquette – granted, she received the best of money can buy, but her hard work and talents shouldn't be denied.

As someone that always scores the best in Grimm Studies and History even when she cannot fully comprehend what Professor Port and Doctor Oobleck say, one should not doubt her memory as well.

And thus, with some difficulty due to the long time ever since she used it, Weiss used her Aura to boost the power of existence of conceptual entities of Memory, Knowledge and Mind, At the same time, she imagined the parts of the brain responsible for episodic memories, the Hippocampus, like a library, and all books were filled with these episodes.

Finally, she entered the library of her mind. A technique that she despises because it enhances all memories and things related to memories indiscriminately, such as the Amygdala that controls the emotional memory would become even stronger, or even the fear that said memory carried.

Things that she had forgotten are remembered, nightmares and traumas will likely occur in the next few days since memories that carry a strong emotion attached will resurface…

Whether she likes it or not.

And sadly, for Weiss, the books that had happy memories written down were overshadowed by the large stack of memory-books carrying stress, fear, and loneliness within.

'Where I was…What I was thinking… what I was doing…What I was going to do?' she started, questions that would revive what she had forgotten.

'We met property on the initiation of Beacon… I wanted to secure my partnership with Pyrrha Nikos, the Invincible Girl because we would be the best duo, the greatest mind with the strongest warrior… I was going to the Cliffs' with the image getting clearer, books attached to this image started to appear around her, and with a thought, she started to revive that moment.

'Yes, it was a memorable day since it was when Arc tried to hit on me for the first time for my family name and… he didn't know Pyrrha Nikos, how could that creep not know-'

Weiss frowned, the memory-books carried a heavy bias with them in the form of emotions, emotions that became enhanced because of her Aura, feelings that she is disgusted to even have experienced.

'Not Arc, Jaune. Not a creep, only a boy possessing Love… crushing on me.'

And questions why someone would even like her…

'…no, that's not important now. Pyrrha…'

Weiss saw Pyrrha like a goddess in her memories and frowned, her girl crush certainly influenced how amazing Pyrrha was on her mind. And Weiss could not help but sigh at how she was at the beginning of the year.

'How Ruby wanted to be friends with me, I still do not know...'

Struggling, she started to remember Pyrrha as the girl she knew, and the foggy image of Pyrrha shinning like a goddess transformed... no, returned to what her eyes saw and recorded, and not what her mind and emotions perceived.

A strained, yet perfect polite smile – one even more refined than hers… and Weiss lived amongst people wearing masks.

'She… Pyrrha was doing the same fake-smile I always did when someone important tried to ask me for a date for my family name…like Jaune did…like Jaune did?'

She frowned as the emotions and feelings at the time came back loud and thunderous like Yang's snoring.

Sadness and frustration, her perfect face forever marred, a stigma of her incompetence – something the Atlesian high society was oh so happy to remember all day every day, even making a charity gala for facial reconstruction in her memory… of how her value decreased, one that she was forced to attend by her father.

She breathed out. Trying to focus on something else, and it was easy, a curious thing that she never gave importance, but now thoroughly confused her.

'Jaune didn't even know my name, and after the Beacon Dance… how could he be someone that wanted to go after my family name, if he could take advantage of my emotional weakness and catch me in the rebound?'

'And… if he did not know about Pyrrha Nikos, it shouldn't be a surprise that he didn't know about Weiss Schnee… oh… so that's why Pyrrha did not want my presence on the lockers before initiation. She was happy at Jaune's ignorance… she wanted someone that would talk to her without being one of her fans. That is one of the reasons why Ruby was easy to get along with, she did not know what Schnee implied, no expectations…'

Satisfied, Weiss slowly opened her eyes after leaving the deep meditation while explaining what she reviewed.

"Pyrrha has a crush on Jaune because he is oblivious of her name and fame, and I do not think what she feels for him truly Love, for Jaune still cannot seems to comprehend how high her fame goes, If Jaune watched her tournament fights and due to it changed to a fan, I do not think Pyrrha would have a crush on him anymore – if it was love, even if he became her fan and held high expectations of her, she would continue loving him… and frankly I do not think this would happen… I know how some fans are, they are stalker at the best and…Nevermind."

"Oh, someone that doesn't know you and doesn't hold any expectations… appears lovely," Winter said with a sigh, one imitated by Weiss.

"Yes… it does sounds…wonderful…" Weiss said as she looked away, not knowing how to think about this information, and what to think of Jaune.

Her team did not hold any expectations of her like the media, citizens, Atlas, and Faunus (Blake?... Partially?) did. Though she still needed to act like a Schnee in public settings, she relaxed in the dorms, and partially on Beacon.

As for Winter, as a military person on a uniform, she requires to act prim and proper, as the worth of a Schnee and an Atlas Specialist.

"Does your team or other Beacon students hold that expectation for you or Miss Nikos?" Winter asked.

"Now that this subject came, I think that apart from Jaune who was completely clueless, and I that specifically wanted the Pyrrha Nikos as my partner, everyone from our group of friends acted normal around Pyrrha, maybe at the beginning of the school year things were hectic for other students, but the novelty ended fast, only when the Vytal Festival approached the made murmurs resurfaced. Not unexpected, as she managed to defeat the entirety of team CRDL – the third strongest first-year team, as they managed to enter the Festival representing Beacon First-Years – single-handed without receiving a clean blow. The students, they all know her – since she appears on didactic material on several Primary Combat Schools, apart from being… anywhere – but they are not fans…or partially interested." Weiss paused, there was no one of their friends seemed to care of their – Weiss Schnee and Pyrrha Nikos – fame, with the glaring exception of Blake who did for a… well, no good reason, but they made amends.

There are probably one or two students that didn't watch Mistral Tournaments or hear music, or that they did but didn't care for who sung or fought… if you search really, really hard, Pyrrha is even more famous than her and appeared on Scroll-TV several times on endorsements… through Weiss did appear on a few Movies about music and art.

Pyrrha probably thought that everyone was a fan, and thus, only saw fans… like her views that all Faunus were terrorists or possible terrorists. A jaded view. Due to their biases, they may unconsciously have taken actions that cause the projection to happen, for better or worse.

As if someone expected to sing badly in a show, and don't even train or work hard for it, and finally complain that it was inevitable to lose… was that how the Invincible Girl's competitors felt? If Weiss had to fight Pyrrha Nikos in a month, would she give up or train harder for it?

'She is the only one I could not defeat in Professor Goodwitch classes… but this doesn't mean it is not impossible, right?'

"…As for me, they knew the Schnee name, only Blake and Pyrrha knew me by name and face, Jaune only knew me for my singing and he didn't think I belonged to the same Schnee of the SDC – I don't know how or why he thought that, but that's how Jaune… Arc though things.– plus, he is not interested in Dust since he is the only one in all Huntsmen Academies that doesn't use Dust. Consequently, he does not seem to comprehend how big the Schnee name is…" Weiss continued monologuing before she sighed at how her first impressions judgment caused only problems, making her a terrible judge of character. Not that she would ever admit that.

"Jaune… it does seem that he has a crush on me, but after the dance, he could've taken me on my rebound quite effortlessly, I admit I would give myself to him in a heartbeat…" Weiss blushed, but she knew herself enough that, after gathering all courage she had to ask someone out, only to be rejected… well, her self-worth was all-time low like a musical instrument that couldn't be played, pretty but useless in function and worthless in the end… maybe not even pretty since she had a scar on her face. The loneliness that was always present almost took control, to be loved, to be accepted – and that loneliness would jump into Jaune's arms in a single beat.

This memory made her remember of a white rose lying in the ground, and just like her, it was abandoned and alone, someone must have to throw it away for something better, for someone better – Weiss even nurtured the flower and brought to the dance to give her company… where she tried to make it stand tall like the other roses with her fingers, to no avail.

To make it 'unbroken' and get it to stand straight and pretty, sadly it was too damaged to stand with the other proper goods, and because of that, it stood out, since it was the only flower wilting, the only flower blemished while all others were all perfect.

Part of her wanted to keep that white rose safe, and she agreed – even if that small and insignificant part of her was… well her – After the dance, she brought it to her dorm…so the rose is now forever preserved between the pages of her diary.

A small, little action that every child probably did in their life, but not her. Too childish and not worthy of a Schnee, but at that time, she did not care.

"Instead he… he gave me up because he wanted to make me happy… I, I don't think is love, though, if it was, it is…was either a budding one or he is well-mannered…maybe both." Weiss said as she played with the hem of her skirt.

"And Miss Nikos crush on Jaune Arc, couldn't it instead be a form of Love? As you said, everyone, but Mr. Arc, knows that she likes him, yet she chooses to let him go for you?" Winter smiled. Enjoying the fact that Weiss tried to resist the idea of Pyrrha loving Jaune.

And Weiss did not know how to answer, that is something that only Pyrrha could tell.

Did Pyrrha love Jaune so much that she would rather him be happy with another or was she just a coward or maybe shy? Shy surely, someone of her standing should have countless suitors and paramours, so it is not like she is not experienced in the matters of love… as for coward, Hah! Weiss does not believe it, the Four Times Mistral Champion a coward. No way… probably Pyrrha is too proud to ask him out and is waiting for Jaune to ask her, something the dense dolt cannot see, and the reason she does not flirt is not due to inexperience, but because of her high standing, Pyrrha Nikos doesn't flirt, she just smiles suggestively and she has any man that she wants.

That is, any man that is not oblivious like Jaune Arc…

Resuming, Pyrrha likes Jaune more than mere friendship.

Weiss blinked at the thought, a part of her, the ugly side, felt sad about losing someone that likes her… losing… losing to a girl that could not even flirt right!

Pyrrha Nikos likes Jaune, but she never… properly flirted with Jaune, she was nice to him, nicer than to everyone else and that was obvious, but Yang probably flirted more with Jaune in this week than Pyrrha on the entire school year.

Frankly, if not for their outsider perspective, Weiss would not be able to see it as well, Pyrrha did inquire about Jaune's life, sat near him as much as possible, and asked if he was alright at all times, even offering to train him, something Weiss is secretly envious since it was one of her girl-crush dreams to receive pointers from Pyrrha Nikos, the only ones that inquired about Jaune's well being openly was Pyrrha and Ruby, thought Weiss did remember that Nora and Ren helped and were helped by Jaune on several instances – Jaune also volunteered for Nora-duty, something just a 'nice person' wouldn't simply do, only the love of their friendship made Jaune accept this burden, as even Pyrrha, the nicest girl Weiss knows, did not volunteer herself to bear and clear Nora's antics.

As for the rest of Team RWBY… they suddenly had something to do when Ren was unable to perform Nora-Duty.

Nora-Duty aside, Jaune has a good team that cares for him, and he cares for them, like her, RWBY cares for each other, they are a good team.

Caring for their partner is an obvious action then, not solely something Pyrrha does, nor should be mistaken for romantic interest, but at the same time, they do not care for their partners to the extend Pyrrha does for Jaune, or Nora for Ren – but the 'Nora and Ren' combo should not be thought aloud least you want to get crazy.

"We are too young to experience love, maybe, only Ren and Nora knows what romantic love is in our entire group… perhaps Blake as well, she did say that she dated someone, through from the way she said it, it didn't end well… but she does draw someone from time to time when she thinks we aren't looking, so Love, I think." Weiss sighed, finally admitting that what she had was a simple crush. And a bit annoyed that she could only make guesses.

"One thing I don't understand, is, why did you not accept Jaune Arc?"

"Why? Is not it obvious that I thought that he was only after my family's money? Something that I deeply regret judging him without proof but at the same time being overjoyed for being completely wrong at that. Or that Pyrrha Nikos, the girl that I admired and still admire, likes him? On a like-like meaning?" Winter raised an eyebrow at that, but let Weiss continue her rant, it was quite easy to infer from the context what like-like and together-together means.

Only Ren does not get it. Frankly, where all the boys of Team JNPR that dense?

"Or that we are too different socially… Father would do his best to crush Jaune, indirectly or directly, if we became more than a friend. the Media would also round him like sharks, the Atlas Society would mock him to suicide, and or use him as a target for those dislike the Schnee family, do not forget the gold diggers that want to be part of the Schnee family through marriage, they would also move to remove him from the picture," Weiss spat as she thought of the rich and spoiled Atlesian brats looking at her with either lust or greed, most of the time both.

The fact that they made her remember that accursed statue made her frown as well… even more when the worst part of being in a relationship with her was the danger not only on Jaune's private life due to reporters, or social life due to Atlas Elites, but to his very life due to the war her family is on, and the target that will go to his back.

"Above all, the White Fang… they, they killed all those that associated with us, Winter, family, friends, and even those only related through business contracts… there are only four people with the Schnee Blood in their veins, the others are all buried in the family graveyard – some not even with their corpses complete, and some of the caskets are empty! others with only pieces of fingers and ears… their weapons. – You have seen it as well, Winter… the execution videos…the torture videos the White Fang send us. Jaune does not deserve choke on his own blood for some… puppy love, He does not deserve to be taxidermied alive! and above all… she likes him… I don't, I do not know what would happen if she gets her hands on Jaune." Weiss sighed, as much they call her ice-queen, she does not enjoy being cruel in crushing the boy's feelings for her. It was for his protection and his own good.

"Oh? Are you not being a hypocrite? The White Fang Cell from Atlas attacked even stores that we liked, places that we frequented, schools that we- what about your teammates and Mr. Vasilias?" Winter said raising an eyebrow, with a hint of a sad smile on her face…

"That's… that is true, but I reckon that unlike Jaune, I know they can hold long enough to help, or even defeat all White Fang grunts. Jaune… he is... unskilled, and she likes him for whatever reason, so he is in greater danger than anyone else… Winter this is serious, she hates everyone, sometimes less, most of the time more, but she never liked someone… it is unnerving, and with how, how… lewd she is, my dreams… I almost miss the nightmares. This also means that I have to wake up early to take a bath, and every time I see Jaune I have to do my best to not show any expression… and sadly, the only way I can do it by using one of the Glares we were forced to train in front of the mirror."

Winter winced slightly, and Weiss could not help but sigh – those glares were either to intimidate, to annoy, to humiliate, or worse…

"Have you ever thought about accepting his courtship?"

Weiss acted like any Huntress at her age would.

She spluttered in her saliva before, red-faced turned to her older sister as her heart thumped like a drum.

"W-Winter!" Weiss said aghast "Not only I just broke up for the first time ever yesterday, and that Jaune stopped asking me out ever since the dance, me accepting him now would only appear as a palate cleanser or worse! Plus, Pyrrha likes him, and while we started shakily, I consider her a friend!"

Winter just raised both eyebrows as she spoke "You do not need to sleep with him, but do talk things through, know each other, explain to him all the demerits of courting you, and exaggerate it, seek to know this boy that your other self likes so much, and discover why she does it… In preference in a private setting like a dinner, have the one talk that could end either with possible friendship, or, If he does not back down even with how dangerous and problematic getting into a relationship with you is, a hotel room."

Weiss became entirely red, as she gasped and tried to understand, her sister, prim and proper, insinuating to take a boy to have… have – to sleep with him! Or go to bed and not sleep, but still! Her head and heart a mess like a heavy metal band clashed against a classic orchestra, mayhem of sounds and notes, creating the melody of chaos itself as Weiss, the singer of both groups tried to sing aria and rap at the same time.

And failing terribly.

Winter laughed, making Weiss sigh in defeat, this was just teasing… probably.

However, something came to her mind, the face of a red-haired friend looking at her downcast, with a betrayal and hurt in her green eyes.

"And Pyrrha? This is not fair to her," Weiss said quieter than before while dreading the lack of mention of her friend.

"Nothing is fair in love and war, Weiss, and as cold as it makes me look like, your happiness to me, matters more than Miss Nikos' entire love life," Winter sighed, "Both of you fell for the same person for the very same reason, because Jaune Arc is ignorant of your fame and reputation thus carry no expectation, you girls can act like a normal girl and he will not judge; From what you wrote to me – and you talked about him a lot – he is a man of his word, dancing in a dress for his partner, and helping you when you were down with Vasilias … I can't imagine anyone on Atlas doing that, not even General Ironwood, the man I respect the most, would do something like that for a promise."

Weiss bit her lower lip, thinking, and then sighing.

"I didn't fell for Jau- for Arc, she fell."

Winter just sighed, and dare Weiss to say it, she seemed a tad disappointed. Something Weiss pointedly ignored.

"It seems that I cannot help you if that is what you truly think, and soon, I'll leave for Atlas…" Winter stood up and helped Weiss to rise from the floor as the day started to become night, with the red and orange twilight starting to appear "… however, do question yourself – would you rather regret about what you did, or regret about what you did not?"

"I…" Weiss didn't know what to do or think, not even bothering to clean her dress from the dust of the ground, she sat back at the table with the croissants, empty fruit plates, and cold coffee on the teacups, before her elder sisters departing notice register on her mind.

"You're… leaving?"

Steely blues eyes acted as a mask, as Winter tried to impart a lesson on her sister. Even more when the event that happened not far from here was dealt with perfection, thus validating Miss Rose enough, with Weiss and her shared interest certainly safe and sound in the hands of that ex-specialist.

After a mix of praising, reassuring, and disheartening speech about Weiss' danger when fighting a Prototype Paladin at her first-year, while winning, and ending the talk about how amusing their father's face was after Weiss packed her bags and left for Beacon instead of Atlas Academy, Weiss straightened up her posture, smiled proudly with arms crossed.

"I cannot wait to show him what I have learned!"

And this, made Winter stare amusedly at her younger sister.

"Oh, then tell me, what do you think you've learned?"

Stuck with this question, Weiss proud and smug smiled died as her eyes looked away.

"What do you mean? I am getting better and better with my glyphs!" she pointed at the coffee pot, one that she used only glyphs and dust to make a delicious coffee, "I've even started Time Dilatation!"

That should have made Winter proud, Time Dilatation was a technique belonging to the second part of the Schnee Semblance, the Elemental Glyph.

Unlike the first part of the Schnee Semblance, the Motion Glyph, where using Lighting Dust would result in throwing lighting bolts to the desired target, using the Elemental Glyph would cause a different effect of accelerating the target's reflexes and physical bodies akin to low-output speed-semblances.

Elemental Glyphs enable a Schnee to possess a great deal of versatility depending on the Dust used, though it is a difficult technique as it requires precise control over Aura, Dust, and their Semblance.

Even more for the Time Dilatation technique that affects the caster directly, making the caster simultaneously bear with an accelerated body and mind without breaking the technique, and you can add another layer of difficulty if you try to use it mid-battle.

Since the Schnee Semblance isn't superspeed, this would mean that moving at that kind of speed will cause massive strain on the muscles while giving painful headaches for trying to divide the attention into several things at the same time after being used.

Resuming, Time Dilatation is hard to cast, hard control when successfully cast, and after the effects stop, you are likely confused and injured.

Hard to Cast, Hard to Use, Hard to Bear, and Hard Aftereffects – you could also add that is expensive to use as it requires a high-grade Dust for greater efficiency, and eats a lot of Aura, a resource that the Schnee family aren't known for having in spades.

Overall, a technique that should only be used as a last resort to end the fight. Something that Weiss did not pay attention to when she tried to fight against that White Fang Rank-D3 that used a chainsaw of all things – What's wrong with those people using weapons more fitting for gardening than proper weapons, at least Clover's use a weapon used for hunting…fishing is hunting with bait. Yes. Not technically correct but better than an oversized gardening tool! – and because of that, Weiss was forced to use drastic measures to ensure her safety, measures that caused a great deal of mental and emotional strain, and possible trauma.

Time Dilatation for all matters and purposes should be a useless and failure of a Glyph Technique whose time and resources should be better spend in any other Elemental Glyph Techniques… However, it was more than that, while akin to, it was not a speed-semblance, it was Time-Dilatation and as the name stated, it dilates the target's time.

The true power of this technique is the sheer versatility it provided in the right circumstances, such as casting on items such as grenades and bombs and making enemies mistime, or cast it on an ally – provide they could control the new speed – to boost their power.

It could also be used to deaccelerate and even – even go clockwise.

'An arrogant idea, challenging fate and time like that, even the most powerful Schnee that ever existed, Nicholas Schnee, our grandfather, failed – and paid with his life as he tried to reverse time and save his wife from a bullet wound in the head. Not only he failed, but he also became a cripple, unable to use his aura as the price of defying time and fate.'

Sighing her depressing thoughts away, Winter thought about the other Schnee power that, if not careful, can end their lives. The third and last part of the Schnee Semblance.

And in Weiss' case, in the not-literal meaning – Life could also mean social life, romantic life, and even personal life.

Speaking of ending lives, Winter routinely gave another cursory glance around, with the White Fang causing problems in Vale, it wouldn't be unusual for them to attack their greatest target, the Schnee family, in a fit of rage or vengeance. While Winter would love to fully drop her guard down, the life of her little sister is at stake, Weiss is current relaxed and thus open to attacks, so as her big sister Winter will have to raise her to guard for both.

"And what about your Summoning?" she said while looking intensely at Weiss, even more, because of the dangers she will face.

"I…" Weiss' eyes widened in fear and her posture straightened, Winter could see her body's hair rising and, as much she knows Weiss need to face her fears, it pains Winter's heart to see Weiss suffering like that "You know I can't, the hold I have on her slips every time Jaune is mentioned or is nearby, or in distress from struggling on quizzes or combat practice, even more, when Pyrrha or any other boy and girl look at Jaune with anything less than respect or neutral gazes, be it lust or hate, disdain or love, she stirs, making me stir as a reflection, making me do… making me want to do things."

"I… I won't lie and say that I know of your problems, but you do know that semblance is like a muscle, the more you practice with it, the stronger it will become, and if you only focus on one aspect of it…" Winter created a glyph, and from it, a white-and-blue Beowolf "…if you fail to test the limits of what you think is possible, then you'll never truly grow."

Weiss smiles, a sad smile, of something she knows she would never be able to reach. Winter sighs but dismisses the summon.

"Weiss, she is part of you, your semblance mutated when you were still an unborn – when a Chill that lived in the old Schnee castle attacked mother amidst her kidnapping by the Faunus War veterans, the same place that several prisoners were left to die thus becoming haunted by the esoteric-class Grimm. They wanted to kill her there as some form of vengeance, as if our mother, just because she belonged to the richest and most influential Atlesian noble family, was entirety at fault." Winter sighed with an angry frown, little did Weiss knew that there were several factors for Winter go to the Military, vengeance was one of her greatest motivators.

Unlike her moniker of Ice Queen, one that Weiss shared if it was to be believed in her letters, Winter wasn't cold as ice, instead, she just bottled all feelings and emotions, because, in truth, she was very emotional and acted on emotion most of the time. Fear of failure and disappointment being the greatest motivators for her, she was not cold as ice, she just feared not being perfect, resulting in appearing cold as ice.

She was not a soldier or general, instead, she was a slave of her fear.

"Mother unlocked your aura, and as unborn you managed to defeat your first Grimm, your first enemy, an enemy that marked an important moment of your life, satisfying the first requirement to the Third Part of our Family Semblance."

As much as the truth hurts, Weiss needed to hear it and defeat her fears, being afraid of one's semblance, of your very being manifest… it is not healthy, as they say, an enemy from within is more dangerous than external threats.

"A Grimm… she is merely a Chill a mix between Apathy and Geist, A Grimm that has the power of possessing living beings without aura, I know, I researched all possession-type Grimm to understand what she is… but Winter, she isn't merely a summon, I feel it in my soul, I know in my heart, that part of my semblance, part of my aura is corrupted by Grimm, and… and I am afraid, Winter, of that part of myself. When she exploded when I was ten and I…We almost killed Father and attacked Mother, and again before going to Beacon on the battle against the Geist on our old castle…the sad thing is, I would've died going against that many Geist"

Winter's stern face dropped, and she rushed to hug her little sister.

"We don't know if she is your summoning semblance or one of your Summons…"

Weiss smiled sadly as if she did not believe it.

And maybe she was right, a semblance is a manifestation of their metaphysical bodies, and while they possess the same Glyph Semblance, Weiss should know her semblance the best.

"I've never summoned her at my own volition… maybe, maybe you can help me with that?" Weiss asked hopefully.

Maybe it was the clear desire of her little sister to spend time with her, or maybe it was how much her little sister needs her help, but Winter nodded first, and though later.

'And I've never used those vacations more than once a year… maybe I can spend time with Weiss, and watch the Vytal festival with her… General Ironwood always tells me to relax, so maybe this is a good idea…yes, a perfect idea, spending time with my little sister and helping her semblance, why have I never thought of that?'

"Yes, I… I am not always going to be around to save you, Weiss, but know that I will always be here for you."

Weiss smiles at her.

Ice-blue eyes interchanged with blood-red at a visible pace, like an erratic song of black and white, life and death, creation and destruction.

Weiss' confident smile faltered as she felt the demon within was winning the fight for control, her song stronger and louder, slowly, and surely – the harmony broke – the duet became an Aria.

And it was not her the one singing it.

Control, what she loved and hated. All her life, she lived without control of her life, her future not in her hands, and now, she was losing control over her body and mind… to her semblance, to her soul.

A Schnee will never work for others, only for themselves… how ironically fitting.

But as scary as that was, that is the objective of this test, is it not?

Not to lose control – but give control – in a controlled setting – but not giving herself entirely as a form of control.

And finally, gain control of her Semblance.

Control… Control.

Weiss breathed as she relaxed her mental defenses and let loose control over her semblance, before attempting the summoning glyph.

Weiss Schnee closed her blue eyes as her white hair waved under the gentle evening breeze…

Steely-blue eyes resembled swords as Winter entered in battle mode, like a pulled arrow, she was ready to be launched at a moment's notice.

Winter waited with halted breath, as she saw the White Summoning Glyph, not in front of Weiss where Myrtenaster pointed, but under its caster.

As the glyph rose, Weiss' color scheme completely switched from white to black, from blue to red, from red to purple.

Illogically, but that's how semblances were, illogical.

The soul was not something that could be understood with science and technology, even Penny, the robotic girl, became an unknown the moment she gained her own soul instead of a part of Pietro's Aura.

Weiss white dress with tinges of blue became black and grey, even the inner red parts of the dress changed to purple. Not only the clothing, but some physical characteristics changed as well.

The Schnee white hair became jet-black, and Weiss' previous ice-blue eyes became red and glowing – 'Like a Grimm' her traitorous mind added, and her body tensed in the resemblance.

"Weiss?" Winter asked, hopefully, that a part of her little sister still had control.

"Not anymore, the snow-white is whining like a bitch in my head tho." the creature said, as Winter mentally corrected her little sister with 'thought, not tho'

Same voice but different intonation, a different presence.

Winter sighed as she prepared to restrain the girl, least she caused problems for Weiss' life – but also ready to ask for long a remunerated vacation from General Ironwood.

It seems that Black Weiss returned – she could already imagine the chaos and destruction that Weiss' Chill Summon would cause.

"I am back, bitches!" said the Blood-Red-Eyed Schnee.

Author's Footnote. (something that all authors want their readers to read, but readers mostly skip, like me as a reader, however, me as an author… not beg, but asks you the reader to read at least only this prologue footnote since I mention other's authors and the inspirations of this story.)

Greetings Reader!

My username Reiki27, but you can call me Reiki… unless your username is Reiki, if it is, you can call me... dunno, be creative.

This is a WhiteKnight story with a touch (bordering-sexual-harassment) Bleiss goodness.

I've read somewhere on , Reddit, or Tumblr that the ship between Bleiss and Jaune is called Blackguard. I think is Reddit.

And Greyguard if is (Jaune x Bleiss x Weiss) – why not GreyKnight I don't know. Greyguard came from Tumblr.

Still, this is My first Bleiss story being posted, meaning, I have some that didn't leave chapter one or they were just drafts or forever incomplete, this is the only one that I have a clear idea of what to do, at least till the end of Volume 3, which sadly means that my idea of writing Blackguard Fluff will crash and burn as Beacon falls.

What inspired me was the several Bleiss stories on FF and Tumblr, especially those involving Bleiss as an alter ego of Weiss. One I can remember as I write here is from Razorblade180 from Tumblr, though Bleiss being Weiss with a touch of Grimm comes from several sources. So, if you are one of these writers, thank you!


A long time ago, when there was still RWBY on Youtube and in the beginnings of the 2020 quarantine, I was reading RWBY Wikia for the new 'RWBY: Fairy Tales of Remnant' that will be published. There I saw the Chill, a Possession-Type Grimm said to be 'indistinguishable when possessing a human, other than their inability to speak more than the victim's last words'.

Then mention something about Salem as well.

Now, (Possessing-Living-Beings Grimm) plus (Summoning-Semblance) = Bleiss, that's the first thing it appeared on my mind when I saw it for the first time.

This gave me the idea of creating a Bleiss origin story of my own, and if you noticed the similarities, then Yes, I've been inspired, borderline copied, the idea behind 'A White Knight's Serenade (Jaune x Weiss)' by dam1994s on Tumblr, the Guy/Gal/ApacheHelicopter also has an account on with several nice fics, I recommend… it's a bit lewd thought. Yay! (?)

The idea is that Weiss break up with Neptune after seeing him flirting with other girls Live, and the fact that Weiss is famous, and thus the media will cause problems to her.

Now, I've taken this idea and cracked from 11 to 16.5, because, if Weiss was so important on Remnant being the heiress of the biggest company evah, then the media would also do try to dig all they can about her teammates and friends – and I plan to add lots of sexual things due to Bleiss-factor if you did not understand the 16.5 thingy.

Huh, this could be a thing, cranking up to 11 means exaggeration, cranking up to 16.5 means exaggeration that led to NSFW.


Hell, Pyrrha that was supposed to be even more famous, should have the demerits of her fame show, like hundreds of people hounding her the moment she steps outside Beacon, to photos and mics on her face.

Because, clearly, reporters and fans would pay a fortune to students to discover who she was teaming with, who she was partnering with, then they will discover that there are two boys in the same room as their 'goddess of victory' and clearly, these fans would dig out everything they could about Jaune, Ren, and Nora. Thus, revealing their past and dramas… and well. Everything.

Also, Weiss mentions that her family friends were attacked before, and probably will be attacked in the future if it follows the trend, even more, when they clashed against the White Fang on the docks and against the Proto-Paladin, Roman Torchwick just needs to go to the bar he frequents for muscle work, and ask for information about team RWBY.

And hell, Junior would gladly give info about the gal that basically sexually assaulted him, gave thousands of dollars worth of damage reparations, injured his staff, maybe injured his clients, and clearly, got away scot-free. (I know it uses Lien but, we don't know how much is a lien, since I am using 1 Yen = 1 Lien it would be millions of Lien in my head-cannon, and that sounds an exaggeration for people that think 1 Lien equals 1 Dollar… this also means that Menagerie things are dirt cheap, I guess.)

And Jaune… well, he made a ton of mistakes, that will be addressed in the fic, but since the Fandom already cursed him to the point of making a petition to kill Jaune, even to the point of saying that Miles Luna killed Mounty Oum to make Jaune Arc be the protagonist… hell – RWBY Fandom is the worst, I know because I belong to the Fandom! I (want to)write Jaune-Centric fics where he is a stud with powerful background and dormant potential and win the girl in the end while acting like an OOC, you know, replacing RWBY protagonists on its entirely. You know, like an RWBY fandom Trash.

Meaning, I belong to the Jaune-Centric-Tash-fan category. I curse others that speak ill of My Boi Jaune Arc! While at the side, I cry when I hear rumors of Jaune dying in the next volume since, well, a petition of characters that a lot of people hate is heard.

As a proud JauneTrashFan, I am ones that WhiteRose-Trash fans hate the most, from what I've seen at least.

Though Arkos-Trash-Fans will curse me too as I am a WhiteKnight and Lancaster Shipper, that is writing a story, though not to the extend of being a WhiteKnigh-TrashFan and a Lancaster-TrashFan since I don't go out of my way cursing others… mainly because I find WhiteRose cute as well. And cursing a homo ship is begging to drown in spit and labeled things.

Meaning, Cuteness is justice and prevents me from being a more trash fan than I already am!

And… what I am talking about again?

Anyway, today, day 16 of the 10th month of the year of 2020, the lost year as they call it, I am ashamed to say that Chapter 01 – (Name still being decided), is already done, sort of, but when I reread it today I cringed, and writing it was a pain, so its quality and execution are terrible and I am thinking in just writing another chapter 1. Or maybe try to save, well, I'll try to save it first, before giving up and writing a new premise for chapter 1, one that will lead to the premise of chapter 2 without making me cringe.

Day 24 of the 10th Month Me: The next chapter was fixed! I guess, instead of breaking it tried to patch it, and I am still not sure if it was worth it, though I spend two weeks trying to do it, and I didn't even publish chapter 01!

Day ? of the ? month Me: This chapter was revised. I tried to add more characterization to Weiss and Winter. And I'll revise the next chapter because clearly the patchwork I've done sucked balls.

If you noticed, Weiss makes references to music, sounds, and melodies in her head, and I pointedly tried to make her and Winter use and think using 'Do not' instead of 'Doesn't' and so on and tried to make them speak the high-society speech.

That is basically, taking a sentence, and putting in the net to translate to the fanciest sounding thingy I could find.

By the way, I always thought that the rose Weiss was poking during the dance was the same rose Jaune dropped because of how the scene transited.

I searched on the net about what people experienced when they killed someone, hope it stays faithful and believable, but I didn't want to focus too much on it.

Winter should appear paranoid and protective, broken from the way she is raised and what she did on Black Ops, references to weapons and military terms, sadly I am not knowledgeable in military slang enough to put on every POV, so I used older military terms I saw on some other medieval novels.

Lastly… yes, I'll be going to use bold Grimm_ for Grimm names, but also for other technical terms like Huntsmen Ranks and such. Blame LightNovels for this one… 'Campione!' Specifically, if you got the reference.