The sounds of high heels echoed across the white metallic corridor as a 6-foot amazon walked down it. She was dressed in a unform that was different to the standard Imperial one. For starters her top was cropped so that it exposed her muscular midriff. Thigh high boots encased her legs and hotpants hung from her hips. Her belt supported a whip and a pair of binders as well as s number of pouches.

Turning into a door she walked into a dimly lit room where several people waited for her. 10 of them stood to attention wearing the same uniform as she. At their feet was 10 women on their knees with collars around their necks. These women were traitors to the empire, and instead of being killed they were put into a special project. This project was aimed to turn traitors into cum loving cum dumps for the soldiers and officers.

Officially known as the 'Retention bureau of Imperial citizens,' but it's more common and unofficial name was the 'Imperial Slave Corps'. The Corps had been set up to ensure that when the empire faces resistance, it's the least amount of resistance. But why get rid of perfectly useful people? The answer is you don't, you just brainwash them and turn them into something else. In this case the 'agents' were tasked with joining rebel cells and turning them into docile sex slaves.

The focus would be on female aliens, but the agent would have their own tools to deal with the situation, and because that they needed to stay hidden, they also could not be charged for crimes against the empire during their duties. Unless it was outright treason.

The officer walked up and looked at each of the 10 slaves with a smile.


The Ghost, a rebel ship, sat on the planes of a rocky planet hiding from the empire with only two people on board. The rest of the crew was out on mission that didn't require them. Hera, the pilot, and Sabine, the demolitions expert. While the others where away, the two decided to make some repairs to the ship while they had the chance. Currently Hera had her head under a console while Sabine worked on the controls themselves.

"I think I see the problem," the Mandalorian said as she got a better look at the wires and circuits. "The main control unit is fried, and the auxiliary systems have fused,"

Hera's head just fell onto the floor in frustration and annoyance. "Great, that means replacing them and that's going to take a while," she rubbed her forehead in annoyance. "And the others won't be back for two weeks, this is just perfect,"

"Yes, it is," Sabine said.

Hera pulled herself out from under the console only to be met with a punch to the face knocking her out. The twi'lek fell unconscious and asleep allowing Sabine to fulfil her plan. Copper began to complain but Sabine just pulled her blaster out and destroyed the droid.

Around an hour later Hera awoke with a start. Quickly she looked around only to release that she was chained to the celling and her clothing torn from her. She was as naked as the day she was born. Looking around she realised that she was in Sabine's room due to the art around the room. Her mind spun with what was happening and tried to come to a conclusion, but all her questions were answered as Sabine walked in making the Twi'lek's eyes widen.

Sabine was no longer dressed in her armour but something else. Her legs were encased in black latex boots with high heels and her toes poking out. Her hips supported a pair of hot pants with a gap between her legs allowing her member to hang out with ease. A corset was wrapped around her waist holding up her breasts which had a pair of rings though her nipples and a chain connecting them. Her arms where encased in elbow length latex gloves with the fingers missing.

But what shocked Hera the most was the emblem on the corset, that of the Empire. She looked up at the human with wide eyes.

"You're an Imperial agent?" she asked.

"Surprised?" Sabine mocked. "I was never one of you traitorous fools," she said walking up then grabbing the Twi'lek by the jaw. "But we will soon sort that out," leaning in she then licked the side of the alien's face with a moan but Hera just recoiled in disgust.

"Who are you?"

"Sabine Wren, Citizen retention agent,"

"Citizen retention?"

"Otherwise known as the Slave Corps," Sabine smiled. "In the next two weeks, you will bow before me like the slut slave you are,"

"I will never become a slave to the Empire!" Hera declared but Sabine didn't lose her smile.

"No one said you had a choice," she said before placing a pill on her tongue and kissed the Twi'lek.

The green girl tried to resist but she swallowed the pill unwillingly before the kiss was broken and she let go before standing. As soon as it was broken her body began to heat up fast and her pussy began to leak. She cried out in bliss as her body became uncontrollably horny.

"W… what ….d…did yo…you gi…give … me?" she asked between moans.

Sabine just smiled. "You'll see," she said as she unlocked the Twi'leks cuffs allowing her to fall to the ground in a heap.

Soon the sudden heat stopped allowing Hera to jump up and tried to attack the Mandilorian but her hand stopped centimetres from her.

"The control pill, it sends your body into heat wile dulling the aggression centres in your brain. It makes you more submissive and obedient,"

Hera pulled her hand away and looked at it. "Liar," she muttered.

"Kneel," Sabine ordered.

Hera's body refused to respond to her as she knelt down in front of Sabine who just smiled.

"Why?" the Twi'lek asked. "Why do this?"

"Because the Empire offers, order, stability and peace. Fools like you never understand that," Sabine shot with a hint of venom. "All you care about is mindless destruction. You have no concept of collateral damage. My sister died because of you, she worked at a plant. Not belonging to the Empire in any way, and yet you rebel blew it up. Her along with it," she then squatted down and looked Hera in the eye. "Now, you'll pay for it. By becoming a slave, and you don't have a choice in the matter,"

Hera gulped as Sabine stood and walked out. She came back a few moments later with a collar, headphones, blindfold, dildo gag and a dildo saddle with chains on it. Setting them out in front of the Twi'lek she could only shiver with horror.

"Now then sit and lock yourself onto the device," she then ordered.

Hera pulled the saddle to her and lifted herself up. She tried to struggle with what she was doing, but it was no use. The dildo slid into her pussy making her moan before her hands moved over to the ankle cuffs and locked them around her ankles. She then did the same with a pair of thigh cuffs on the device.

"Good girl," Sabine smiled. "Now put the collar and dildo gag on,"

Still struggling, Hera did as she was told. First was the collar, a durasteel collar with a part of it that made it clear was a shock collar. She then picked up the dildo gag.

"Stop," Sabine then ordered. "Kiss it," Hera puckered up and kissed the tip of the dildo. "Lick it, like a lover," her tongue extended and she licked the shaft of the dildo lovingly, almost as if it was a real cock. "Now strap it into your mouth," she obeyed, but not by choice.

The plastic cock slid into her mouth and throat with ease and locked the strap around her head.

"Good slut, now stretch your hands out," Sabine ordered.

Still resisting, Hera outreached her hands. The Mandlorian then picked up a pair of latex ball gloves with cuffs and slid them onto the Twi'lek's hands. Once on, she then tightened them so that her hands couldn't be used to try and escape. She then pulled them behind Hera and used an armbinder to keep her arms there. Sabine then picked up the blindfold and covered the twi'leks eyes. After strapping it on she then picked up the headphones, but before she put them on, she leaned in and whispered into the pilot's 'ear'.

"Listen closely, what I say your mind will repeat. You are a slave, you like being a slave, you are a slut, you like being a slut, you belong on your knees in front of the Empire. You like to obey like a good little slave, obedience makes you happy," she spoke in perfect Twi'leki. "You are a slave Hera, your race will always submit," she then slid the headphones on and turned the saddle on making Hera moaned as the dildo vibrated in her pussy.

Smiling Sabine then stood and walked into the bridge and sat at the communications station. Turing the frequency to a highly secret channel she then began to broadcast her position.

"This is agent SM-04 requesting 1 conversion ship to be sent to my location," she said and waited for a response.

"SM-04, conversion ship on the way. Eta 2 days," a voice said making Sabine smile.

4 hours later Sabine walked back into her room where Hera was still strapped to the saddle. Smiling, the Mandolorian walked up to the Twi'lek and removed the headphones and dildo gag.

"Let me out of here you bitch!" she yelled but with an air of heavy breathing.

"Look at you, like a bitch in heat. I'm sorry I should have told you that, the machine you are on, will stop you from cumming," Sabine said with an evil smile as she removed the blindfold.

The look she got off Hera could kill, but it was clear that she wanted some kind of release to the pleasure. But Sabine did nothing other than stand at her full hight. She then moving in closer so that the Twi'lek got a face full of cock.

"Kiss it, and lick it," she ordered.

Despite the resistance the pilot kissed the tip of the cock. Her mouth then opened wider and she began to lick the futa cock with a moan. Sabine sighed with pleasure and licked her lips as her cock began to rise and harden.

"Now suck it, suck it like you suck Kanan slut,"

The Twi'lek just shot her a venomous look before taking the cock into her mouth. She then moved up and down the length of the cock with ease and experience. Clearly Hera and Kanan were fucking each other. She then popped the cock out of her mouth and began to lick the shaft before sliding back into her mouth. Despite not wanting to enjoy this, she couldn't help but moan as she sucked on the futa cock.

Why, why did she enjoy this? Sabine betrayed her and the others, but this cock in her mouth felt so good. Moaning as she sucked on the cock a thought crossed her mind, Twi'leks had been dealing with oppression for years making the majority of them submissive. It dawned on her; she didn't escape that trait it seems. Her mind then turned to when she and Kanan had sex. She was always submitting to him, always on the bottom, on her knees, and more.

Right now, she was doing the same to Sabine, submitting to her like a slave. No, she refused but the cock tasted so good. Maybe submitting wasn't such a bad idea. Her mind was in conflict as she sucked the cock. Just then Sabine came inside Hera's mouth, flooding it with white hot cum making the two moans.

Sabine then pulled Hera off the clock. "Don't swallow," she ordered. "Close your mouth, savour the taste,"

Hera closed her mouth and began to taste the cum. It was sweet and tender, she moaned as she savoured the taste. This was her reward for sucking off Sabine.

"Good slut," Sabine then said with a smile. "Now, swallow," the Twi'lek did as she was told before licking her lips. "Now, thank your mistress. Kiss my toe and thank me for letting you eat my cum,"

Hera gulped, but obeyed as she leaned forward and kissed Sabine's big toe. "Thank you for letting this unworthy slave drink your cum mistress,"

"Good girl," Sabine then said as she pulled the blindfold off, unclipped the cuffs from the saddle then added a leash to the collar. "Stand,"

The Twi'lek stood and was led out of the room and into her room. Inside was a cage, it was big enough to hold her standing an lying down. Sabine opened the cage door and lead her inside the cage before unlocking the leash and attaching a chain to one of Hera's ankle cuffs.

Sabine then left and locked the cage behind her and left the twi'lek to contemplate her new life as a slave.