(Rated T for harsh language (F-Bombs galore), adult references, and tobacco and alcohol. I do not own YYH or Fairy Tail)

(Hello loyal readers! Welcome to the first installment of my Yu Yu Hakusho - Fairy Tail Crossover! Before we start, I want to say thank you to all the people who've stayed interested in my work. Also, I want to thank Iron117Prime. He's written so many good stories, many of which I follow closely. In fact Fairy May Cry was the inspiration behind this story. At first, I was afraid about having this idea. But then I delved a little deeper into both the YYH and DMC fandoms, comparing the characters, content, and the like. When I noticed all of these differences[Some more quickly than others], and I talked to the guy about it and got the green light, I decided now would be a good time as any. For those that saw the update in my last story concerning all the content I have planned for this story, you already know what you're in for. For those that don't, I'll re-release the information momentarily. For now though;

"We'll begin, with a spin, travelling in the world of my creation! What we'll see, will defy...explanation". - Gene Wilder.)

It all began when the peace between humans and spirits had been thrown out of balance. Several spirits and demons had decided to make the great pilgrimage to Earth and immigrate among the humans. Those whose agendas' were of a violent nature plotted to torment, enslave, and even destroy the human race. There were many times when all life on the Earth was believed to be at the brink of destruction.

Fortunately, the ruler of Spirit World, the mighty King Yama, had sought to return the balance of life on Earth, to seek out and destroy or contain the many malevolent demons and spirits who wished to do harm to the humans. Many brave and strong humans fought on the side of Spirit World. But there was one minority that stood out among them all. Spirit Detectives, special individuals chosen by Prince Koenma, King Yama's son, were charged with protecting the human race from various supernatural threats caused by the various evil apparitions and demons that with their incredible mastery over the Spirit Energy emanating in their body.

There was one, however, that stood out from the first two predecessors. Yusuke Urameshi, Spirit Detective of the late 20th Century, was by far the youngest chosen to be Spirit Detective. Brought back to life and granted extraordinary powers by Koenma, Yusuke proved to be worthy of the position time and time again. He fought in many epic battles, faced terrible foes, and even learned a startling truth about his past; he was a descendant of the Mazoku, a tribe of Demons whose evil and thirst for human flesh were equaled only by their power. Though his ancestors' demon blood commingled among his human blood, Yusuke continued to fight the forces of evil in order to maintain the balance.

He soon found himself joined by three fellow Spirit Warriors; Kazuma Kuwabara, his rival turned best friend who was attuned to spiritual phenomenon. Yoko Kurama, a fox spirit that inhabited the body of a newborn human. And Hiei, a powerful demon who once fought alongside Kurama against Yusuke before the young Spirit Detective earned their respect. There was also Botan, pilot of the River Styx and his liaison to Spirit World, and Genkai, a skilled martial artist who trained Yusuke to hone his Spirit Energy, shortly before bequeathing him her own upon completing his final test as her student.

Together with his friends, they took down many enemies. Such as the Four Saint Beasts, demons who sought to migrate to Earth and reshape it in their image. Toguro, a former human turned demon with insurmountable strength. Sensui, a former Spirit Detective and Yusuke's predecessor, who planned to destroy the barrier between Earth and the Demon World. All of these would soon give way to Yusuke's greatest and toughest battle, in which he battled in Yomi, a Demon King, for the right to rule Demon World. In the end, even though Yusuke lost, a new more benevolent ruler of Demon World was chosen and humanity was safe once more. With peace restored, Yusuke was relieved of his duties as Spirit Detective and was free to enjoy life and all its' trappings . But this story begins long after said events had concluded.

Throughout all his victories, there were two things that Yusuke couldn't beat, even with his Spirit Gun; Time and Fate. Keiko Yukimura, Yusuke's beloved fiancé, tragically died in a car accident a few months after they graduated high school. The tragedy, however, didn't end there; halfway into the summer, Genkai soon felt time begin to catch up with her. Sure enough, she soon passed away as well, having given in to her old age.

Now a broken man, and hardened by the loss of the love of his life as well as his master, Yusuke became bitter and began distancing himself from everyone, including his friends. With no place left to go, Yusuke soon found himself at the doorstep of the home of Kuroko Sato, the first Spirit Detective of Earth. Having sympathized with Yusuke's despair, Kuroko invited Yusuke to live with her and her family until he was able to stand up on his feet again and overcome his depression. And this, as you might have guessed, is where our story begins...