Chapter Nine

"So this is where you live?"

I questioned her, looking around the giant apartment.

"Yeah, well one of my places anyway. This is my main home."

Santana replied, walking into what looked like the kitchen. Taking this as my chance, I started to explore the living room. lowly I walked over to the grand piano that was centered in the middle of the room. Running my hands along the keys I called out to her. "Do you play?"

"Yeah." She hummed back, strutting over to me with a bottle and two glasses in hand. Nodding her head over to a long table, gesturing for me to take a seat, I walked over with her on my tali.

"That's enough, thanks."

I said taking the glass of whisky and gently sipping on the dry liquid, I could feel it burning my throat, and now I remembered why whisky was my least favorite alcohol. Slowly putting the long glass down, pushed its way from me. I looked up to see Santana gently smiling at me, taking a long sip.

"Don't worry I felt the exact same way. You will learn to love it, promise." She told me, before pulling out a thick wad of paper.

"What's this?"

"It's a non-disclosure agreement. It means that you cannot discuss anything about as to anyone, I'm afraid my lawyer insists on it."

She continued. I looked down a sighed.

"I wouldn't tell anyone about us anyway."

When I looked back over to her, she gave me another small smile, the same smile she has given me the last couple of days. Normally I can read someone by their smile, heck it's my specialty. But Santana was just impossible to crack. Realizing that I have just been staring at her for the last few minutes I quickly looked back down with a bush.

I turned to the pen and picked it up, scribbling down my full name along with my signature. Taking another deep breath put down the pen and looked back over at Santana ho had her drink in hand, taking another big sip she placed her drink back down on the table and stood up.

"Are you going to make love of me now?"

I asked her looking up at her. She just chuckled and looked down at me, then leaned over the table coming face o face with me, a smirk pulling up the corner of her lips.

"Two things, one I don't make love, I fuck."

"And the second?"


She said, extending a hand out which I gently took. Santana lead me up an spiral staircase to a hallway with four doors. Stopping at the first door Santana let go of my hand and pulled out a key from inside her black jacket.

"The second is just behind this door."

"What is it?"

I questioned, looking at the door.

"My play room."

She said, a smirk playing on her lips.

"What, a slide and some swings?"

"Not quite."

She replied staring intently at me.

"Now it's important that you know you can leave at anytime."

"Why what's in there?"

I said looking back at this mysterious door.

"I meant what I said, the Helicopters on standby to take you whenever you want to go."

"Santana just open the dam door."

I snapped, not understanding why she was being so weird about it. It's just a room.

Sighing she unlocked the door and walked in, I closely followed. The room was pitch black, but from the little light I, had from the hall I could make out the red walls.

Looking back round and standing in front of me Santana flipped on the dim lights, slowly she moved out of the way. Showing of the once mystery room.

I gasped looking around, taking a step forward I let out a quiet:

"Oh my god."

A/n: sorry about another long wait I am trying to get better at updating sooner. I know this is just a short chapter but there will be another in the next two weeks.