chapter 1

Thousands of years ago the Autobots fought the evil Decepticons. To protect Cybertron and it's planets from horrible tyranny. The Autobots fought within the name of honor and Justice and inspire thousands of generations of robots yet come online.

The video finished.

"What a load of scrud, why must you waste you time with those history vids?" Red alert asked.

"All great leaders learn from the past," Optimus said.

"Look around prime the war has been over for centuries," Red alert told him.

"But Red alert you were there what were the Decepticons really like, are they as bad as the videos make them out to be?" Optimus asked.

"Trust me kid, you probably are better off not knowing besides, looks like the kids need a hand," Red alert said.

"Hey Hot Rod I am stuck upside down by some wire!" a bot called.

"Oi," Optimus said. They started to head out. "I know like many young Primes I given the chance to do something but I am unsure what my destiny really is, have you ever felt uncertain where you are going because your own destiny is unclear?" he said.

"We all have that feeling Optimus, but right now let's go help the kids," Red alert said. Then the went out.

"Hurry up Hot Rod I am getting dizzy," Ironhide told him.

"Hang on a second Ironhide I will get you down in two shakes of a cyber cat's tail," Hot Rod said then started to blaze at it. When that didn't work he started kicking.

"I think I am going to vomit," Ironhide said.

"Just try told it okay...!" Hot Rod said and the two of them fell.

"Is everything alright here what is going on?" Optimus asked.

"I believe it what is going on is a bunch of big rocks blocking space bridge," Hot rod told him.

"You I don't know why anyone would want to transport to this seedy part of the galaxy." Ironhide said picking himself up after untying the wire that got caught around his leg earlier.

"That doesn't matter we have a job to do, and it is made easier with using your tools, head and teamwork," Optimus said. "Everyone let's give all we got and help out together," he said. "Hot Rod, Ironhide, Red alert," he said. "Drift," he said. "Hey were is Drift?" he asked.

Then rock got slashed and the pieces fell. "You just got to know which are the real problem," Drift said.

"Next time give all of us some warning," Optimus told them.

"That would mess up my concentration," Drift commented.

"Young bots and cons can live with them, can't refuel with them, can't melt them down to make spare parts," Red alert said.

"Why is he cranky so often?" Ironhide asked.

"You would be cranky to if you were on your way to the scrap heap," Hot Rod said. Then he got slapped on the back of his head.

"I maybe on my way to the scrap heap but I can still hear!" Red alert told him.

"Remember despite we maybe on a tough assignment but we are part of the same machine that a crew makes up, each of us has a part to play, a part that works better with the others as a whole than one part alone, we all have destinies that will one day become clear, and I know one day we can catch the stars together and move mountains." Optimus said.

Then the space bridge fritzed. So Optimus managed to save his crew. "That was too close," he said.

"That was impressive," Drift said.

"Where did you learn all of that?" Ironhide asked.

"I graduated from the Autobot Academy," Optimus answered.

"So how does a graduated academy bot end up on a maintenance crew?' Red alert asked.

There was a flash, Optimus pried the rock open and there was something there it was glowing there was something next to it too. "What is it?" Hot Rod asked.

"We better toss it back through the space bridge these things were not meant to be found." Red alert said.

"Teletran one to Optimus Prime," the computer said.

"Go ahead Teletran one," Optimus said.

"Spaceship closing in identifies as Decepticon warship," Teletran one told him.

"How can that be? I thought the Decepticons were destroyed," Optimus said.

"Defeated and pushed into exile actually," Red alert told him. "Come on load it up and let's a get out of here," he said.

"What is going on Red alert?" Optimus asked he loaded the two things up.

One of which lit up when he touched and placed it inside.

"Never mind that we have to get moving," Red alert told him.

They went into their ship. "Hey Optimus you are the history bot ever heard of the allspark and the matrix?" Red alert asked.

"Yes the Allspark is what gave the spark of life to all Cybertronians and can breathe life into machines and the matrix all that is known about it is a relic with untold abilities and it can only be opened and used by one with a spark that is worthy and pure." Optimus said.

"Everybot has heard of those things," Ironhide said.

"One of the reasons we won the great war is keeping the allspark and matrix out of Decepticon hands, we sent it through a space bridge to hide them in a far corner of the galaxy. Now here both of them are," Red alert said.

"Are you saying we found the allspark and matrix?" Hot Rod asked.

"No I am saying they found us," Red alert said.

"Teletran one calling Optimus prime, ship closing in identified as Decepticon warship," Teletran said.

"We are a repair crew, please tell me you are not thinking of taking on Decepticons?" Hot Rod asked.

"Not without back up, patch me through to Autobot HQ," Optimus said.

"Wow when you want back up you go straight to the top," Ironhide said.

Highhorse answered. "Well look who it is Optimus Prime they still allow a loser like you to lead other bots?" Highhorse asked.

Then Sentinel came up. "Highhorse why did you push me out of the way? I was getting it," Sentinel said as rubbed his head.

"Yeah good luck so called head of security," Highhorse said.

Sentinel saw Optimus. "Hey Optimus how have you been pal?" Sentinel asked.

"We got a situation Sentinel and Highhorse I need to talk to Alpha Trion," Optimus said.

"Alpha Trion why would the grand elder of the Autobots want to talk to you?" Highhorse asked.

"Is something wrong?" Sentinel asked.

"Display cargo bay visual," Optimus said.

Then the Allspark and the matrix appeared. "Whoa!" Sentinel said.

"I will put you through right away," Highhorse said.

Alpha Trion appeared on the screen. "Alpha Trion here, Optimus we are tracking your Decepticon ship, ever since they were driven off Cybertron they tend the wander the galaxy. They wouldn't be stupid enough to invade Autobot space. But they may try something risky. So do your best to avoid them while we send out a strike force. Optimus remember don't do anything to risky either remember you still have yet to find out your destiny," Alpha Trion said.

Then they started to head towards cover. "Yipe!" Ironhide said.

"It's a command ship I have seen those markings from the history videos and you know what that means," Optimus said.

"Yes it means Megatron," Red alert said.

"Megatron you mean the Decepticon war lord who was said to have popped off an Autobot's head clean off it's shoulders when he was first sparked?" Hot Rod asked.

"Yep," Red alert said.

Starscream was relaxing and not enjoying this. "You know I am afraid to say this, but I had a feeling for a long time since I was sparked that Megatron doesn't have anyone best interests but his own. He should be thinking about how to better his peoples needs not chasing after relics and fighting against the Autobots, if we just learned to share the planet life would be easier," Starscream said.

"Starscream you are the most pitiful excuse for a Decepticon," A snide robot.

"Thrust has a point, Megatron is bold, wise and powerful, he will return the Decepticons to Cybertron!" A large Decepticon said.

"And clear our homeworld from Autobot Tyranny, pfft, more like cause another war and make more loss of lives on both sides, Dreadwing," Starscream said.

"Starscream you are truly a sorry excuse for a con and probably will be booted out of this ship after being blasted by Megatron if he heard you talking like that you lunkhead," a femme said.

"I agree with Nightbird, you are truly a unworthy of being called a Decepticon," Blitzwing said. "It is as weak as that pathetic minicon pal of yours," he said.

"Oh get rusted you tank with wings," Starscream said.

"My name is Blitzwing you lousy and weak second in command of the Decepticons!" Blitzwing said.

Then Megatron came in. "Report Starscream," Megatron said.

"Energy readings are pretty high sir, they are almost off the charts," Starscream told him.

"I want to fire on the Autobots can I?" Thrust asked.

"You can thrust but cripple the ship but don't destroy it," Megatron said. "Starscream I want you to come with me to retrieve the allspark and Matrix." he said.

"Yes sir," Starscream said and followed Megatron out.

Thrust then placed something on Megatron's back and placed a transmitter bug on Starscream. "I wish you and Starscream luck Megatron," Thrust said.

"We don't need luck, come along Starscream," Megatron said. "My destiny awaits." he said.

Starscream followed but he had a bad feeling. "Sir are you sure this is a good idea, trying to lead another war?" Starscream asked.

"It is the only way to Starscream we are the galaxies rightful rulers and the Autobots cannot see that so we must do war to get what we want," Megatron said.

"But sir it will lead to more lives lost on both sides I think it is a bad idea and doesn't have anyone's best interest at heart." Starscream said and then he was slapped.

"Starscream I will not tolerate you acting like this any longer keep in mind we are the ones who took you in off the street, I hope you realize we are right and the Autobots are wrong so it is time for you to start acting like a con then a weak minded Autobot," Megatron said.

"Yes sir," Starscream said rubbing his face. He truly had enough he was going to do what was right and that was guard the allspark and matrix because they were meant for something better than to gain power, the allspark grants life and the Matrix is for wisdom and hope. He had to do what was right. Even if it meant betraying the cons who never fit in with.

They made it to the ship. Megatron went on the attack and opened the ship.

"We're breached," Optimus said. There was an explosion and Megatron was attacking ship. Starscream tried to rescue Optimus and Hot Rod. Only to be knocked unconscious.

Optimus managed to fight Megatron and knock him out of ship as they were entering a planet's atmosphere. Megatron crashed on the ground in field near a house. A young woman ran off to find out what it was and saw Megatron.

Optimus entered and got was rubbing his sore arm. "Everyone into the stasis pods. And place him inside too," Optimus said.

"A Decepticon?" Ironhide asked he looked at the Starscream and the minicon.

"Yes he tried to help us now do as I say," Optimus said. Starscream came to and was helped to a pod with his minicon.

"What about you?" Hot Rod asked.

"Not until I get us clear of this populated sector," Optimus said.

He piloted the ship out of the way and headed for his own pod and went inside it and the pods closed. "Activating emergency stasis mode." Teletran one said. The bots went into stasis.

43 years later.

"Many years ago Dallas Texas was best known for making pick up trucks, now it manufactures Automatons or Robots, they can many things now there is no job that can't be done because of them," a woman said.

"Ms. Talin how did you come up with idea for your robots?" a boy asked.

"It's something we kind of stumbled upon," Ms. Talin said.

"Steeljaw come here!" a young girl said chasing her robotic dog.

Then she bumped into Ms. Talin. "Sorry mommy," Hannah said.

"Forgive me this is my daughter Hannah," Ms. Talin said.

"Hi," Hannah said. Then forgot to cover her mouth when she sneezed.

"Gross," the kids said.

"Sorry," Hannah said.

"So what is it like growing up around all these robots?" a kid asked.

"It's alright but what is it like to go to school with other kids?" Hannah asked.

"Sorry but Hannah it's time for you to get back to your studies," Ms. Talin said.

"Okay," Hannah said.

The field trip was lead to another part of the company. The a creature got out of control.

A bunch of emergency workers arrived. A police captain saw what was going on. "This is why machines are a pain," he said. "Okay swat team move in and police move it away from civilians," he said.

They blasted the creature and it was in many pieces. Part of if it went into the river and ended up in the ships. Then it came back together.

Then the bots came out of stasis when the alarm went off when something entered the ship. "Ugh, how long were we in stasis?" Hot rod asked.

"I don't know," Optimus said.

"Ugh thanks for helping me," Starscream said.

"No problem you helped us first," Optimus said.

"What is going?" Hot Rod asked.

They found the part of the blasted beast. "It's got circuitry and it's part organic," Red Alert said.

"Whoa freaky," Ironhide said.

"Teletran 1 scan the area," Optimus said.

The satellite went up. They saw what was going on. "Looks like they need help," Hot Rod said.

"Scan the local life forms we can hide that way," Optimus said.

The satellite scanned many different vehicles.

The Bots and Starscream went into the chamber. and saw how they looked different.

"Okay Autobots, and Decepticon transform and roll out" Optimus said.

Optimus was a fire truck. "Pretty neat," he said.

Hot Rod was a hot rod sports car. "Sweet," he said.

Ironhide was a large truck with big tires. "Cool," he said.

Drift was a orange Japanese sports car. "Impressive," he said.

Starscream was a fighter jet. "Nice," he said.

Red alert was a ambulance. "Seems fitting," he said.

"Come on now let's go," Optimus said.

"Are you coming?" Hot Rod asked.

"No I am staying here and analyzing this," Red alert answered.

"Okay suit yourself," Hot Rod said.

The Autobots and Starscream came out of the lake. Then they transformed. "Whoa," the people said.

"Are they yours?" the police captain asked.

"No but something about them is familiar," Professor Talin agreed.

Hannah was looking around. "Steeljaw, here boy, where are you buddy?" she asked. She saw him and he ran outside.

Hannah ran out side after her pet. Then she saw the bots. "Whoa," she said.

Then the creature grabbed her. "Let go of me!" Hannah said.

"Oh no," Optimus said.

"We got to help her." Starscream said then kicked the monster.

Hot Rod saved her. "I'm Hot Rod," Hot Rod said.

"I'm Hannah," Hannah said. Then Steeljaw ran up. "Steeljaw I am so glad you are okay if anything happened to you I don't know what I would do," she said.

Steeljaw barked and snuggled up to her. Drift was absorbed into the monster.

"Prime I am sending a kill code it will destroy the creature we need the fastest bot on our team to do it," Red alert said.

"Okay I'll do it," Hot Rod said.

"Go for it Hot Rod," Optimus said.

"Will do," Hot Rod said.

The monster started to attack. "Is just me is that thing getting smarter?" Ironhide asked.

"Yes it seems that way," Starscream said helping Ironhide.

"Yes smart like Drift," Optimus said. Then realized something. "It's merged with Drift's com-link it knows what we are saying," he said.

"Hot Rod better hurry," Starscream said.

Hot Rod did it and the creature turned to dust.

Drift came too. "What happened?" Drift asked.

"Your teammates just saved your plating Drift, you must learn you are never alone," Optimus told him.

Drift groaned and Optimus saw Drift was hurt. "Red alert prepare the medical bay we have casualty," Optimus said over the com-link. "Ironhide load Drift gently,' he said.

Ironhide loaded Drift onto Optimus.

Hannah followed along in Hot Rod. Hannah started to look around. She saw something it was the all-spark she bumped into it. Then it showed something and Hannah was shocked then they had a mind conversation. "Did you just talk to me?" Hannah asked.

Then a flash appear and Hannah got something from the all-spark. "What is this thing?" Hannah asked looking at it.

"What are you?" Optimus asked.

"A human," Hannah said.

"Human?" Optimus asked.

"Optimus get in here," Red alert said.

They went into the medical bay and Red alert was trying to repair Drift. "The damage is too extensive I can hardly keep him stable," Red alert told him.

Then the device that the all-spark gave Hannah glowed. Megatron placed her on the table. Hannah came over and touched Thrust with it and he was healed. "Wow," everyone said.

"Can all humans do that?" Hot Rod asked.

"I don't know how I did that," Hannah said.

"At this point nothing surprises us, I have seen more in this day than my entire career." Optimus said.

"The day isn't over yet," Red alert said.

"I think my mommy is looking for me," Hannah said.

Hannah came out with the Autobots and Starscream. "Put your hands up," the police said.

"Why?" Hot Rod asked Hannah.

"Just part of police procedure," Hannah said.

The Autobots and Starscream put their hands up.

The police held up their guns. "Wait their friendly, except the one handed one he's a little cranky, but other than that they are friends," Hannah said.

"Hannah," Professor Talin said and hugged her daughter.

"Lower your weapons," the police captain said.

"So can we keep them?" Hannah asked.

"All me to extend my hand in friendship to the Autobots and Decepticons, especially Optimus Prime and Megatron the leaders of this brave band heroes," Professor Talin said.

"Is this what was like in your day?" Optimus asked.

"The Decepticons didn't give us much to cheer about on many levels," Red alert said.

"And with the cons losing things didn't improve much for the cons either because of Megatron," Starscream said.

Life on earth was going well many humans were curious about the bots and cons. "Guys you need a place to stay and a ship at the bottom of White rock lake isn't good," Hannah said. "Check this place out, my mommy got it in a merger, she has no idea she owns it," she said.

"It looks like what you humans call a fixer upper," Starscream said.

"Any place where I can rest for awhile is good enough for me," Ironhide said.

"We can make this place feel like home," Hot Rod said.

Starscream was starting to fit in just fine. He was being quite helpful and not complaining and explained much about himself. "Well Starscream it seems you unlike other Decepticons have a conscious, so how do you feel like joining up with us?" Red alert asked.

"I will think about it, but I will let you remove my Decepticon insignias," he told him.

"Fair enough," Red alert said taking them off.

Life continued as normal. The Autobots and Starscream were learning about earth. Thrust came for the allspark and matrix. Optimus was badly damaged in the fight and Hannah used the key the allspark gave her to heal him.

"Is this the well of all-sparks?" Optimus asked.

"This is Dallas," Hannah said and started to cry.

It was quiet a relief.

"The Autobots prove to be even greater heroes than before not only fixing damaged structures and helping with damaged lives with their reassuring presence. They saved the world from the Decepticon menace, I am speaking for this city when I say thank you," the reporter on TV said.

"We don't know where to begin thanking them," Dr. Talin said. "But if they knew the truth of our robotic and technological empire will they ever forgive me?" she said.

To be continued.