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The Turtle That Beat Animo

"Anything Wolf Boy?" Macy asked, walking into Sage's bedroom.

Turning from his computer, Sage shook his head. "No, nothing. You'd think with posting it on the internet and all those lost turtle fliers that someone would have spotted her." Sage said, rubbing his stiff neck.

Few days ago, Tommy was out in the Grant Mansion backyard to show Gliss around the place. Including a shortcut from the forest to the park. He set her down on a rock for one minute to get some snacks. Next thing the Young Boy knew, Tommy returned to find Gliss gone! He couldn't believe that he lost a turtle.

"How are you holding up? I know it's been hard. Heck, Tommy has looked like something the cat dragged in, for the past couple of day," Sage asked on concern.

"I'm doing fine. Still mad about my brother losing my pet turtle, but fine," Macy answered, walking in paces with a distress look on her face. "This doesn't make sense. Gliss isn't that fast to wander off. And she would never leave her spot,"

Standing up, Sage stopped Macy by placing his hands on her shoulders and leading her to his bed; having her sit down.

"Breathe, Mace, we'll find her. It's possible a kid found her and liked her shell," Sage said, going over to the computer to try again with the search.

Macy's eyes grew wide in horror. "You mean someone could have stolen her?! Oh, my wolf, that makes so much more sense! What if they hurt her? Or crack her shell? Or make turtle soup out of her?!" She panicked, standing up again with her hands on her head.

"Macy, what I mean is that some little kid could have found Gliss, thought she was pretty, wanted to keep her, and is hiding her from their parents. So, we just need to dig a little harder," Sage said. "Don't think the worst till we got evidence."

Macy took a long deep breath. "You're right. I shouldn't jump to conclusions yet. I'm sure she's safe and unharmed."

"She is the magical Gliss, right?" Sage asked with a smile.

"She's not magical. Just my close companion since I was small. Always there when things are tough for me. And I don't know what I would do if something bad happened to her," Macy answered nearly close crying but just covered her face instead.

Giving a soft smile, Sage grabbed a bandana out of his back pocket. "Here. Use this. Just put it in the hamper when you're done," he said, tossing it to Macy before turning to the computer.

Macy sniffed. "Thanks, Sage," she dried her tears with the bandana and blew her nose on it.

Sage smiled, as he checked the local newspaper. "No prob...What in name of the Spirits?" Sage asked out loud, as he paused at an article.

"What? What is it, Sage?" Macy asked.

"Well...I think I just found Gliss…" Sage said breathily, as he leaned closer to the screen.

"You did?! Where?! Where the heck is she!?" Macy got up and went to Sage with concern yet tiny happiness. "Please tell me she wasn't eaten by a hawk or a venomous snake! Or runned over by a vehicle!"

"No, but...she's considered the Staybrook Lake Monster," Sage said, swiveling his chair so Macy could look at the screen.

"Say what now?!" Macy exclaimed in surprise, taking a peek at what Sage was talking about.

The article on the computer showed that a large animal had attacked a rowboat with a fisherman in it. Another man, who had been on the shore, had caught a picture of the creature before it disappeared.

"Says here that...the creature's shell was the size of a dome green house!" Sage said, as he brought up the picture of a large dome green house. "Guess those veggies do the trick."

Macy couldn't believe what she was seeing. The creature's shell looked exactly like her pet turtle's but bigger.

"This has to be some kind of joke, right? Just a stunt to be noticed? Because how in the name of Anur Transyl could Gliss become a giant Godzilla creature with a shell?!" Macy exclaimed, pointing at the article.

"Macy, a turtle's shell is like a fingerprint. No two shells are the same. This is Gliss, and I think I have an idea who turned her into this," Sage said, bringing up a Plumbers file showing an old man with long white hair.

"Who is this nutcase?" Macy questioned.

"Dr. Animo. He's one of Uncle Ben's old foes from back when he was first learning about the Omnitrix. Guy is a whack job scientist who likes to experiment with human and animal DNA. Aunt Rachel gave him a good kick in the can, a few years back, when he kidnapped a couple of my cousins," Sage said, showing some of Animo's past experiments.

Macy looked at the pictures in disgustment. There were photos of giant mutated frogs, birds, even a Pyronite bat hybrid.

"Are you telling me that this Dr. Amino Freak took my pet turtle and mutated her into a rampaging monster to attack the town?!" Macy shouted in anger.

"Mace, I agree that Animo more than likely took her, but Gliss isn't rampaging. She's staying at the lake and, so far, there's only this one incident," Sage said calmly.

"How long? ...How old is this article? When did this happen?" Macy tried to stay calm, pacing around.

"Looks like it happened over this weekend. But the Wildlife control kept it quiet till now so not to frighten the tourists," Sage replied.

"We need to find Gliss before that Mad Doc Creep does and hurt her! Then, eventually, BREAK THIS GUY'S FACE FOR KIDNAPPING AND MUTATING MY TURTLE!" Macy yelled.

Sage shrunk back, looking wide eyed at Macy.

"Remind me to never take Gliss without permission." Sage whimpered a little.

"Come on! We're wasting time standing around here! We got to gear up, make a plan, and get to Gliss' last known location!" Macy grabbed Sage's arm and started moving out the door. "Let's go, go, go!"

As they walked down, Tommy came back with a bunch of flyers he kept putting around in looking for Gliss.

"Where are you two going?" Tommy asked. "Did you find Gliss?"

"Going to the lake because my turtle has been mutated, thanks to a Psycho Doctor!" Macy replied.

"Uh...what?" Tommy questioned in confusement.

"Apparently, an enemy of Uncle Ben's took Gliss and now she's the next Loch Ness monster," Sage summed up.

"Seriously?! That is so cool!" Tommy exclaimed with excitement.

"Cool?! Are you crazy?! My own turtle could end up getting shot by animal control or the military for creating this panic because of you!" Macy exclaimed, grabbing Tommy by the shirt using both hands and lifting him up until he was close to her angry face.

The Young Boy gulped in terror. "D-did I say 'cool'? I meant to say 'not cool'," he corrected while chuckling nervously.

"Macy," Sage said, in a warning tone.

Calming down while taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, Macy gentle put Tommy down and let go.

"You're right, Sage. We need to focus. We have to get to the lake," Macy said calmly.

"Alright! Let's go!" Tommy said.

"Not you!" Macy exclaimed, glaring at her little brother. "You're staying here."

"What?! Why? I want to help!" Tommy reasoned.

"You've been messing up from the start. And I don't trust the same people who let my pet get kidnapped and experimented on by weirdos like Dr. Animo," Macy explained, crossing her arms.

Tommy looked down in guilt.

Sage sighed. "Tommy, just stay here and wait for us. If you want to be helpful, look up places where Animo could be and let my Dad know. He should be home in a couple of hours." Sage reasoned

"Okay," Tommy said, walking away in a distressed tone and way.

Sage looked at Macy. "You know, he didn't mean for this to happen. It was an accident." he said calmly, as the two headed outside.

"He still should have known better than to leave Gliss by herself. Tommy doesn't know how to be responsible nor take it seriously," Macy retorted. "I can't trust him with anything."

"Macy, he's still young. And remember his past. He probably had to be the responsible one all the time." Sage replied. "Besides, he didn't mean for this to happen. He's been trying really hard to show his remorse."

Macy thought about what Sage said. He actually made a good point. Tommy was trying very hard to make up for his mistake. And he might have had a rough past when being with his biological parents.

"...I guess you're right. After the mission, I'll be sure to forgive him," Macy said.

Sage smiled and nodded. "Glad to hear it. Now, I already have some tranqs in my Jeep. So, we should be good," he said with a smile.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! You better plan on using those things on that Mad Creep Animo," Macy said, stopping Sage. "Gliss is still my turtle. I don't want to hurt my own pet."

"The tranquilizers are harmless. All they'll do is give her a nice nap so we can handle her. We'll need her to be still, if we want to get any samples or be able to find a cure," Sage said, climbing into the driver's side.

"Well...okay. But, at least, let me talk to her. She's my reptile friend. If she does go a little hostile, use the tranqs," Macy replied, getting on the passenger seat.

"Alright, but the instant I see trouble, I won't hold back," Sage said, sternly.

"Understandable," Macy replied.

As they left, Macy and Sage didn't notice the tarp in the back of Sage's jeep move.

Sage looked at Macy as they drove. "So, where did Gliss come from?"

Macy sighed, looking at the window. "Honestly...it's all I've ever known. When I was seven, my dad, uncle, and I were exploring around the sewer tunnels in case of an emergency crisis going on topside. At a young age, I used to be afraid of going around dark tunnels. While doing that, I saw something moving underneath a cardboard box. Slowly lifting the box, I discovered a baby turtle. She looked scared and confused, just like how I first started. Dad told me that this turtle must have lost her family by big predators since there are only crocs and gators that live around the sewers of New York. So we decided to help find a safer home by going to the tunnel that leads a shortcut to a manhole close enough to Coney island. I became in charge of holding on to the baby along the way,"

Sage smiled. "And the decorations on her shell?"

Macy chuckled. "I'm getting to that part. Since the walk was long, I kept close to my loved ones. I was still scared of the dark tunnels. That's when I noticed the turtle running her head close to me. Although she was scared, she didn't want me to feel the same. It was like that the turtle was telling me to be brave. And you know what? She totally helped encourage me to continue. When we reached the surface, I noticed how beautiful and detailed her shell was. It just glistened by the sunlight. Dad said he was proud of me for staying brave and told me to put the turtle near the beach so she can be free. I actually became sad on doing it. Once I placed her on the ground near the water, I waited for her to leave. But, turns out, she didn't. Instead of going to the water, she just crawled towards me. From there, my dad and uncle knew that the turtle has found her new home and family. I got so happy that I scooped the turtle up and gave her a gently hug. I even promised to take extra good care of her. And naming her was easy. Inspired by her shining shell, I called her Gliss."

Sage smiled. "Well, she's one special turtle. I'll say that. You said she gave you the courage on our first date. Who knows where the two of us would have been if she hadn't nudged you in the right direction?" Sage said, as they came upon the lake.

"It was more than just our date she's helped me out in. Gliss was there to encourage me on my first day in high school, my first night patrol, and when I feel sad. Even when she couldn't talk, I somehow manage to understood what she was trying to tell me...kind of like how I keep understanding you in your wolf form," Macy explained.

Sage smiled, as he parked. "So, let's go get your friend," he replied, hopping out.

Macy smiled back. "Yeah. Hang in there, Gliss. We're coming to save you."

Sage and Macy made it down to the edge of the water. The Wolfblood reached into his back pocket, bringing out a folded piece of paper before reaching into his cargo pants on his thigh and grabbing a small pair of fancy binoculars.

"Here. Take a look around," Sage said, handing over the binoculars to Macy, as he unfolded the piece of paper revealing the article's photo.

While the two were distracted, neither noticed a small familiar figure climbing out of the back of Sage's Jeep.

"Come on, Gliss. Where are you, girl?" Macy asked, looking around the place with the binoculars. "Anything yet?"

Sage looked up from the article to the lake. "Hmmm. This view doesn't match the article. Lets go down a bit and talk to some of the local fisherman maybe they can give us a few ideas." Sage suggested.

"Good call. Who knows what sicko besides Animo could be after Gliss?" Macy agreed.

From a distance, the small figure was following the two heroes. It revealed to be none other than Tommy.

"I know Macy's mad at me and that this really is my fault, but I got to make this right. I just got to," Tommy quietly said to himself, continuing his search.

As they walked, they noticed two fishermen with rifles loading into a boat down at the shoreline.

"Remember, keep it cool," Sage whispered to Macy, as they approached.

"Hey, guys. That doesn't look like what I use for fishing," Sage said, smiling.

"Not going fishing. Going monster hunting," an elderly man said. "Reward to catch that beast is fifty grand, and I plan on getting a nice retirement from it.

"Lake monster sounds like a Saturday night with one to many cold ones to me," Sage replied.

"And what's this about a reward? When and where did you hear of something crazy like that?" Macy asked suspiciously. "Maybe you should leave and let the authorities or the Wildlife rangers take care of this. Otherwise, someone is gonna end up getting hurt."

"Go home and play, kids. We have work to do," the other man said, before jumping and two paddled onto the lake.

"Better let your dad know about them," Sage said, as he took out the article again and tried to match the picture.

The Wolfblood expected Macy to discreetly call her dad. But the Brunette had another plan in mind, after seeing a large figure in the water doing something.

"Well, okay then. You boys do what you got to do. I'll just tell my father, Sheriff Hank Monroe, about the illegal hunting in a restricted area bit you're doing. I'm sure he'd love to hear it," Macy calmly said, hiding her sly smile as she turned around and was gonna walk away. "Enjoy your fun."

"Nice try, missy, but we're gone," the first man said, continuing to paddle out into the water.

"I thought you were supposed to get wiser with age, not dumber." Sage said to Macy.

"Relax, Wolf Boy. They're not going far," Macy assured, now revealing a sly smile.

Curious, Sage watched the two men in the boat before something caught his eye. A large shadow under the water was swimming towards them from the opposite bank.

"Mace, look!" Sage said pointing to the shadow.

The shadow drew closer to the boat and, to both teens' shock, a large clawed foot rose quietly out of the water; plucking the men's cooler then disappearing down under the water again. For a few minutes, all was quiet until it looked like the boat was jostled; making it rock side to side.

"HELP! LAKE MONSTER!" one of the men cried, as the jostling got worse.

Suddenly, the boat shot forward towards the shore; reaching the speed of a speed boat before moving several feet up the bank and capsizing on the grass. Sage and Macy rushed over and moved the boat off the men, who lay unhurt but shaken.

"You guys okay?" Sage asked, as he helped one of the men sit up.

"Y-Yes. Did you see it?! It was the lake monster!" the man said, grasping Sage's shirt like a frantic person.

"Sir, you're mistaken. Your rope got caught and pulled you back with the waves," Sage replied, calmly releasing himself. "It was like a slingshot-effect."

"Exactly. A slingshot-effect. I told you that you won't find any monster. Just a pile of hurt," Macy warned, gently helping the other guy. "Now, how about you guys go and I won't report you both to my dad. Unless you want another go back there," she said, picking up her phone ready to call her father. "I do still have him on speed dial."

"Come on, Jake. We're too old for this. Besides, we agreed on a nice slice of my wife's pie and a football game today. Let's go and enjoy it," the man by Sage said.

The other man sighed but nodded, as the two picked up what was left of their gear and headed for their car. Sage smiled before becoming serious and looking at the lake.

"Mace, tell me you saw what I did before those two went for their wild ride," Sage said.

"Oh, I did. Why do you think I let them go in the first place?" Macy smirked, placing her hands on her hips. "I saw Gliss from a distance, gave me that mischievous look saying she got this, and let her handle it,"

Sage looked at Macy, for a moment, before shaking his head. "Did I ever tell you that you and your turtle scare me sometimes?" he asked.

It was then that a thought came to Sage, as he looked at the article again.

"The last boat had retrieved all its gear except the cooler with the man's fruit salad," Sage read. "Seems Gliss has been hungry."

"Well, can you blame her? When being a giant, you also gain a major appetite," Macy shrugged. "Just proves she was around the lake to eat leaves and veggies, her favorite food."

Sage sighed. "Okay. So, we know it's Gliss now. However, what are we going to do? She's as big a truck and has the appetite of King Kong. Where do we take her and how do we get her there?" Sage asked concerned. "I mean, I give her a checkup, but animal mutation isn't one of my majors."

"Maybe we can give your uncle, Frankenstrike, a call. He is the alien scientist doctor expert," Macy suggested. "Even if we do knock Gliss out, she's too big to be carried around by your jeep. And not to mention, hide her from many people to prevent a panic."

"Yeah. Of course, we could play the "its a giant robot for a school project bit", saying that we were making a parade float to promote saving turtles," Sage said with a smile.

Macy chuckled. "How do you come up with these crazy yet clever things?"

Sage shrugged his shoulders. "I take a page out of Tommy's book of craziness. Anyway, if we can get Gliss to the far side of the lake, that forest connects to the one near the Grant Mansion so we could use it for cover. Then, we could have Gliss stay with Way Big while we wait for Frankenstrike," he replied.

"Sounds like a plan. Let's get my friend back," Macy said, walking over to the lake and crouched down near it. "You can come out now. Those idiots are gone."

As on cue, a giant creature slowly emerged out of the water. It was a humongous, mutated form of Gliss. She looked a bit wrinkly, had sharper claws, along with some spikes sticking out of her shell, and pointy pinchers. She approached the Brunette, both eyeing each other so serious. Few seconds later, the turtle licked Macy and nuzzled her.

"Hehehehe! Okay, okay! I missed you, too," Macy giggled, giving her turtle a hug. "Don't worry, Gliss. We're gonna get you back to normal."

Sage stepped closer a little nervously, unknowing of how Gliss would accept him now that she was big enough to deal with him.

"Hey, Gliss." Sage said, holding a hand out to her.

She looked at the Shapeshifter. In response, Gliss smiled and leaned her head towards his hand. She even gave a growl-like purr.

"Gliss says she's happy to see you, as well, Wolf Boy," Macy translated.

Sage chuckled giving Gliss a pat. "It's great to see you. Now, let's get you back to the mansion and see what we can do about fixing you up," he said, giving a quick text to his aunt to see if she could pick up his jeep.

"And while you do that, I'll see if I can guide Gliss somewhere to hide from anymore reward hungry goons coming for her," Macy said.

Meanwhile, Tommy was searching deeper into the other side of the forest that was few miles away from the lake. He remembered that, after Gliss disappeared, he found traces of pollen all over the rock. Tommy looked up the sample using an app on his phone installed by his friend, Andy, and got the result of an abandoned greenhouse that wasn't too far from where Macy and Sage were heading.

Soon, he had found it, down a hill.

"This must be where Dr. Animo is hiding. Time for a reckon mission. Full stealth mode," Tommy said, going forward.

Meanwhile, hiding in the shadows, someone followed him.

"Hmm. He is being very brave and foolish to go in without back up. I must follow him," the shadow thought out loud, walking a careful distance behind Tommy so not to be spotted.

Entering the building, Tommy found many plants running wild all across the building; making the greenhouse look like a massive jungle.

"Yeesh. It's like Swampfire or Wildvine did this. You'd think a crazy mad scientist would make a little effort in tidying up the place. Even my room isn't that messy," Tommy said, walking over the vines and looking around.

"HA, HA, HA! Soon! Very soon, the perfect beast will be awakened!" a cackling voice laughed farther away in the building.

"Something tells me that Dr. Animo is that way," Tommy deduced lowly, following the sound of the villain while tip toeing there.

Hiding behind a large planter, Tommy found Dr. Animo standing near a large operating table with a large snake creature clamped to it.

"Reptiles lived before mammals! They are the way to the future!" Dr. Animo laughed. "Soon, the reptiles will rule and I will rule them!"

"Of course. The old 'mutating reptiles as part of a monster army in taking over humanity' plan," Tommy whispered while rolling his eyes and taking out his phone to video record the scene. "I better record this and send it to the others,"

However, without him noticing, a large clawed hand grabbed Tommy from behind; pulling him to a scaly chest that made him drop his phone.

Tommy struggled, screaming in fright but could only be heard through muffled noises from the hand covering his mouth.

"Ah, my lovely Komodo Soldier has found a pet," Dr. Animo said, as he walked up to Tommy and raising his chin with his hand. "You are rather small, but maybe a re-egging will make you better."

After the Komodo mutant let go of Tommy's mouth so Dr. Animo can see the boy better, he gave a glare at the mad scientist. "Don't even think about mutating me into one of your monsters! No matter how awesome that kind of sounds!" Tommy exclaimed, trying to kick him from a distance. "Besides, I came to stop you for stealing and mutating my sister's pet turtle!"

"Oh, the turtle was a failure. Not ferocious enough," Dr. Animo said, walking over to the table. "Now, Alligator Snapping Turtles, on the other hand, are ferocious. However, with you, I think I will go with something more exotic. Perhaps a viper or a crocodile. Komodo, prepare him. Then, bring him to me."

"Ugh! Let go of me, you overgrown lizard!" Tommy shrieked, still struggling to free himself.

HISS! The Komodo soldier hissed.


Abruptly, a large amount of swirling wind filled the room that sent Animo and the Komodo soldier flying; making Tommy drop to the floor.

"Whoa! Who or what did that?!" Tommy exclaimed while getting back.

A figure jumped down from high above, landing between Dr. Animo and Tommy. It looked like a sea turtle with large flippers and stumpy legs.

"Leave the child alone," the turtle said, before hiding his head in his shell while his fins and legs acted like fan blades that smashed Dr. Animo and the Komodo soldier into the wall.

"No. Way! That was shell-tastic!" Tommy exclaimed with excitement. Suddenly, a horrible realization came to him. "Wait...are you one of those rogue mutants who follow his own rules and plan to do worse on me?!" He asked, keeping his distance.

Seeing his enemies were unconscious, the turtle-like being turned around giving a smile.

"Of course not. I'm known as Terraspin. I am an alien from the Grant Mansion," Terraspin said, holding out his flipper.

"You're one of Sage's uncles?!" Tommy asked, totally surprised while shaking it.

"Yes, and I saw you climb in and hide in his car. However, right now, we must leave. I have told the Plumbers where this lab is and they are on their way now. Come with me," Terraspin said urgently.

Not wasting any time, not to mention already trust him, Tommy went his way to Terraspin but stopped. "Wait! I still haven't found an antidote to turn Gliss back to normal! It's the whole other reason why I came to find Dr. Animo! I can't go back with my sister still mad at me for what happened!"

Terraspin went to the computer, quickly hacking the files, and downloading them to a memory stick.

"Now, come. We must leave," Terraspin said, stashing the memory stick away.

Tommy stared in awe, amazed that someone with flippers could actually type with no apposable fingers and thumbs. Thinking he'll worry about that later, he then followed Terraspin to the exit.

Entering the forest, Terraspin remained quiet for a while before stopping in a clearing.

"We should be safe now. Were you hurt, Tommy?" Terraspin asked calmly.

"No. I'm okay," Tommy assured. "So, you followed me from a distance until it seemed safe to show yourself when the time was right?"

"Yes. It is a common but sound strategy. Another such strategy is listening to your elders when told to stay in one spot," Terraspin replied in a Zen-like way.

Tommy couldn't help but give a blank look at Terraspin while turning his head to the side a little. "You're one of those wise, sensei-like, turtle aliens, aren't you? And I couldn't stay at the Grant Mansion because I wanted to make up for my mistake in getting my sister's pet turtle captured days ago. She was really angry at me and I couldn't stand anymore guilt about her hating me forever," he explained, looking down sadly.

"Anger flows like a faucet. Very soon, its beginning will end and things are forgiven," Terraspin said, with a smile. "Macy will forgive you in given time."

"I hope so. Even after I give her the antidote file to turn Gliss back to normal. I really am trying to be a good young brother in the family. But it looks like I only make things worse and end up getting in trouble," Tommy admitted.

"Sage and Macy will be upset that you didn't listen, but they will also be proud that you stood your ground." Terraspin said. "Come. Let's return now."

Meanwhile, at the Grant Mansion, Sage and Macy watched as the children of the Grant Mansion played on Gliss' shell, pet her, and fed her leaves and fruit.

"Hey, Mace. You sure we can't keep Gliss like this? It gives the kids someone to play with other than me," Sage said, smiling.

Macy chuckled. "Tempting as that sounds, I prefer having Gliss as her normal, tiny, adorable self. Just as I don't want my life to be any more different as it already is...Also, I miss having her at my nightstand when going to bed."

Sage smiled. "Okay. However, think you'd be okay with helping me find a forever friend?" Sage asked

"You mean find an animal companion besides your own wolf form?" Macy smirked.

"He's different...Faolan is like an older brother. Annoying and caring at the same time." Sage said, though he smiled looking thoughtful.

"You named your form Faolan? Sounds like he and my brother have a lot in common," Macy remarked.

Sage shook his head. "No, it's not like that. See, in either form, I have two voices in me. Myself and Faolan. He's the one that helped me through being on my own. We're two separate people but same body. I control it, he just gives me advice and helps me to understand things better." Sage explained.

"Ohhhh...That's actually interesting," Macy responded, very intrigued.

"Faolan is important to me. I'd be lost if I were to lose him...or you." Sage murmured, before suddenly sniffing the air. "Oh, Tommy's coming and...any idea why he smells like a giant iguana?"

"Giant what now?!" Macy exclaimed.

"I said he smells like he was hugged by a giant iguana," Sage repeated, as Tommy came into view with a turtle-like being behind him.

"Uh...You call that an Iguana?!" Macy asked in disbelief. "Tommy, please tell me you didn't bring in a stray animal that was mutated by a mad scientist...again."

"Again?" Sage asked. "What do you mean 'again'?"

"Oh, please! Not the first time I had to encounter a mad scientist who was dangerously experimenting on not just animals but also people to attack the city," Macy retorted with her hands on her hips. "But that's a story for another day. What I want to know now is, why my brother is with a giant mutant turtle?"

"He's not a mutant, sis. Terraspin is another alien who lives here!" Tommy explained.

Terraspin smiled, stepping forward. "I am an alien. I was saved and given shelter here at the Mansion, years ago." Terraspin said calmly.

Sage stepped forward, sniffing the air. "Mace, the scent I got when they came up wasn't from him. He's different. The scent I have is definitely coming from Tommy. It's like the change in Gliss' scent."

Macy slowly looked at her brother. "Tommy..."

"I went out to find Dr. Animo's hideout while you and Sage went to find Gliss, got captured by a Komodo Dragon mutant, and almost became one of Animo's latest experiments, if Terraspin hadn't shown up and saved me!" Tommy quickly explained.

Sage looked at Tommy. Then, at Macy. "Tommy, why did you not do as I asked?" he questioned without heat, knowing that right now anger was not going to help the situation.

"Because I couldn't bare Macy not speaking to me ever again after what happened. It was my fault Gliss ended up in Dr. Animo's clutches. The least I could have done was find the cure by tracking him and call the Plumbers to stop him from unleashing an army of mutant reptiles," Tommy explained. "This was my responsibility that I had to clean up myself."

Sage smiled, stepping forward. "Well...I am going to say I'm disappointed that you didn't listen and do as I said….But, if you settled your debt, it's fine. However, next time, let's do as the elders say. Okay?" Sage said ruffling his hair.

"I know. Terraspin already told me his wise, sensei, Zen, fortune cookie lecture, after we escaped," Tommy explained.

Macy looked at Terraspin carefully, something that seemed familiar. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you possibly one of the five elemental alien species from the Andromeda Galaxy?" She questioned

"Yes, that is correct. I am from the planet Aldabra in the Andromeda Galaxy," Terraspin replied. "Oh, here is the information to help heal your friend."

Terraspin handed the memory stick to Macy.

"You mean...this holds the cure to turning my pet turtle back to normal?" Macy asked, taking the stick.

"Yes, indeed. The formula is fairly simple, so it should take no time to make." Terraspin replied.

Macy looked at her brother. "You actually went through all this trouble just to help cure Gliss?"

"Yeah. I felt so bad that I made you upset for losing her that I wanted to find the antidote to make up for my mistake," Tommy explained.

Macy couldn't help but smile, getting down to hug the young boy. "Thanks, little brother. And I'm sorry that I made you think I stopped caring for you. I would never do that to my own family."

Sage smiled. "Let's take that stick to Uncle Frankenstrike and get Gliss back to normal size," He said with a smile.

"Agreed," Macy replied, looking at her Turtle from a distance. "You hear that, Gliss? We're going to turn you back in no time."

Gliss let out a small roar, saying she can't wait.

"Whoa! That's Gliss?! She looks like an armored dinosaur!" Tommy exclaimed with excitement, getting a closer look.

Macy chuckled, smirking while folding her arms. "Yep. The Legendary Loch Ness Gliss of Staybrook."

Sage smiled. "While you two make the antidote, I'll make Gliss the large fruit and vegetable salad I can make," He replied, looking at Gliss.

"Wouldn't it be easier to use that size-changing device the To'Kustar Brothers use to help make the food bigger and the perfect size for Gliss?" Macy suggested.

"And squash my creativity? No wayl," Sage retorted.

"Okay, then," Macy raised her hands in defense. "You work on Gliss' meal, I'll help Frankenstrike on the antidote, and the rest of you will keep her company,"

"Macy! You got to see the inside of Gliss' mouth! Her tongue and snappers are so huge!" Tommy shouted in eagerness, sticking his head towards the Turtle's opened jaw to study her.

"And make sure that my brother doesn't do anything stupid in the process," Macy replied flatly, not even turning around to see what Tommy was doing.

"You know, it's kind of late for that. Right?" Sage called, as Macy walked towards Frankenstrike's lab.

"You know what I mean!" Macy retorted loud enough for Sage to hear while not turning around, already gone to give Frankenstrike the formula for the antidote.

A few hours later, Macy and Frankenstrike came out with the antidote to find a fruit and veggie salad the size of a hot tub laying in front of Gliss who was eating happily.

Sage and Tommy were laying in the hammock next to her; watching her enjoy her food.

"See? What did I tell you?" Sage stated with a smile.

"How did you even manage that?!" Macy asked, astounded.

Sage shrugged his shoulders, before stretching them above his head.

"A chef never admits his secrets," Sage replied with a wink.

Macy rolled her eyes, smiling. "Well, Frankenstrike was able to make the cure and we were about to change her."

"Can you wait until after she's done eating? I'm kind of enjoying the show from here," Tommy said, watching Gliss in awe. "Seriously, it's like having a pet dinosaur while being in the Jurassic period."

Sage rolled his eyes. "Probably better to stop her before she gets too full. We don't want her to have a stomach ache after changing back. She can have the rest for later. And tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow...And..." Sage laughed, looking at Macy when listening to her boyfriend's scenario.

"I think you overstocked on her bowl. Where am I going to put all these leftovers? My refrigerator can't hold leftovers this large," Macy questioned, giving a stern look on her Wolf.

"Oh, I can let you borrow my vegetable freezer," Sage said with a smile. "Though, good luck at getting Gliss to stop eating."

"Who says I have to?" Macy smirked, folding her arms while taking a few steps back.

Before Sage and Tommy could react, Gliss flipped the salad over that landed on the boys.

Macy laughed at the sight, holding her stomach. "That's my Gliss. Good girl," she said, still laughing.

Gliss let out a chirp-like laugh, enjoying the funny scene while claw bumping Macy.

"Uh, geez...Gliss! That's the thanks I get for making you a king-sized salad," Sage asked, as he crawled out from under the large salad with fruit sticking out of his hair and on his face.

"And that is why I don't underestimate plus mess with Macy or her pet turtle," Tommy said, crawling out of a veggie leaf with his hair and face similar to Sage's.

"Yep. Mess with the turtle, you get the chops on your fingers, buddy," Macy remarked with a smirk.

"More like the salad on my head," Sage stated, shifting to wolf form and thoroughly shaking out his fur with the leftovers splattering onto Tommy.

"Hey! Sage!" Tommy argued.

Sage looked at him mischievously, before pouncing Tommy to the ground and licking the fruit from his face and hair. His tail wagging happily at Tommy's laughing.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SAHAHAHAHAGE, QUIT IT!" Tommy said, unable to control his laughter.

"Yum, fruit salad," Sage said, licking his chops before moving to Tommy's neck and licking some fruit juice from there.


Sage stopped, after a little while, and pulled back. "Consider that your punishment for not listening," he said, licking his chops free of any leftover fruit juice.

Macy chuckled. "Okay. Enough goofing around. Let's turn my turtle back to her cute tiny-self already."

Nodding, Sage watched as his Uncle Frankenstrike walked toward Gliss; sticking a large needle into her neck. Slowly, he emptied the plunger before pulling it out. All was quiet, for a few moments, before Gliss started shifting and changing till all that was left was a familiar pal- sized turtle with a very knowledgeable face.

"Gliss!" Macy exclaimed, running over to pick up the turtle and gave her a gentle hug in happiness. "I am so glad to have you back to normal!"

Gliss let out a happy noise, saying she was happy to be normal again, too.

"I thought I might not see you again! You really got me worried sick! I'll make sure that this doesn't happen again, I promise," Macy said, lifting her to be eye-leveled.

The turtle just nuzzled her face against Macy, causing the Brunette to smile and nuzzle her back.

"So, this is what I'm considered to look like on this planet?" Terraspin asked, stepping forward curiously.

Macy yelped plus jumped in surprise, keeping Gliss close to her when hearing the alien show up unexpectedly.

"Oh! Hey, Terraspin," Macy said, calming down while showing him Gliss. "Yeah. This is kind of what earth turtles look like. Some are usually bigger than others. Like...nearly the size of a foot stool big.

Sage smiled, before an odd look came to his face. Leaning closer, the shifter looked puzzled. Gliss was staring intently on Terraspin. Almost like she was in a staring contest, but different too. Instead of a hard-stone gaze, she was looking at him with...admiration and something else. Cautiously, Sage waved his hand in front of her face and Gliss didn't even flinch or blink.

"Oh boy," Sage finally said, after looking back and forth between Gliss and Terraspin.

"What's wrong, Wolf Boy?" Macy asked.

"I think Gliss has goo-goo eyes for Terraspin," Sage explained, waving his hand in front of Gliss again.

"Goo-goo eyes?" Terraspin asked, cocking his head to the side.

Macy stiffened a small laugh. "He means that my pet turtle has a crush on you," she explained to the Aldabran, giving Gliss a sly smile as she read her face. "And apparently, she thinks that you're very handsome for an alien turtle."

Gliss finally snapped out of her train of thought and her green skin around her face was turning a different color. She became light red before hiding in her shell, as if she was embarrassed.

"Awwww. Gliss, don't be embarrassed. At least now you have someone to be with when I steal Macy from you," Sage said, giving a thumbs-up.

Macy finally let out a laugh. "Not sure if that's making Gliss feel any better."

"Gliss...and Terraspin...as a thing?" Tommy asked, thinking about it before laughing. "Wow. Gliss must have some taste. She's nearly picky in choosing mates like you, sis," he teased, still laughing.

The Brunette gave her brother a cold stare before looking at her turtle, whom was hiding. "Come on, Gliss. There's nothing wrong with falling in love. Especially to an alien-like turtle. I should know from experience."

Sage stood with a smile. "As long as you care for someone and they do the same for you, all is right with the world." he said nonchalantly.

This made Gliss slowly come out of her shell.

Terraspin held out a flipper and Gliss climbed aboard. "I would be honored to care for you, Gliss."

The small earth turtle smiled and gave a small noise, indicating she was happy.

Sage smiled before clearing his throat. "Let's leave the first date for next week. I think my Moon needs some personal cuddle time with her long-lost friend," he said politely.

"Nah, I can wait. At least, let them know each other a little better," Macy assured, smiling thoughtfully at the cute scene.

Sage smiled, as he watched Terraspin take Gliss over to a nearby tree and begin a conversation with her. Calmly, the shifter wrapped his arms around Macy and rested his chin on her shoulder.

"Feeling better now?" Sage asked.

"Sure am. I just feel bad that I didn't get to punch that Dr. Ani-Monster for what he did," Macy admitted.

Sage nuzzled her close. "Believe me, you would have done more than punch him. Tommy told me that the doctor wanted to make him a reptile by doing a rebirth thing on him," he said, giving a growl-like purr into her ear.

"And I seriously missed out in beating him hard on that, too," Macy said. "Glad Terraspin came to the rescue. Maybe next time, I'll show that Mad Scientist not to mess with my family, if he shows up again."

Sage nuzzled her again. "You'd have to go after me, my love, but I'd be happy to share," Sage said, kissing Macy on the cheek.

Macy chuckled, kissing her Wolf back.

Things were calm again. However, new storms would be on the horizon. As Sage looked at Gliss and Terraspin, the shifter wondered who would be the next target and what would happen next time.

"When will peace be achieved?" Sage asked himself quietly, before nuzzling Macy again. "Let's go get a slushie from Uncle Goop. I think he said he had a watermelon cherry one to try this time," he said calmly.

"Sounds yummy," Macy said.

"I'm going for Goop's Lime-flavored slushies! They're my favorite!" Tommy exclaimed, smacking his lips together.

"Seriously. How are we related again?" Macy asked, a bit disgusted that the lime-flavored slushies were literally slime pieces from the Polymorph.

Sage sighed. "Okay, Tommy, let us get ours first so Macy and I are clear and don't end up losing our appetites on you," he replied

"Yes!" Tommy ran off to find Goop.

"Nice save," Macy said to Sage.

Sage smiled. "Hey, anything to keep us sane."

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