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Getting Fashion Tips from The Other Side

"OW!" Sage yelped, as he felt another needle prick his neck. "Someone please tell me again how I became a pin cushion?"

"Terribly sorry, Sage. I am almost done here," Tina apologized, working on stitching together her newest outfit.

After encountering a few of Sage's family, Fashionista Teen Tina Fitzpatrick got an idea for a special tuxedo design inspired by Whampire and Vamps. And since this was for a young male, not to mention that she left her manikins at home, she asked Sage for her help.

Sage groaned. "Please say you're having Macy be your next model? Honestly, Amy, how do you avoid getting into this position?"

"By telling Tina that I'm busy working on new inventions to help humanity," Amy answered, reading a book on 'Science Behind Invisibility'.

"And the fact that Amy usually helps out making some high-tech accessories that sometimes goes with the outfit," Macy added.

"A little task that I like to ask my big sister to do," Tina replied, nearly a few stitches away in finishing. "As for who would be next, I'm still figuring out what other designs to work on, before moving on to my next model."

"Well, maybe you'll get some more inspiration in my family, like this suit," Sage said with a smile.

"Obviously. Your family is all so different and unique. How could I not?" Tina smiled back, finishing up by putting a tiny knot in the very end. "And done. You should be good to go now."

Sage went over to the full length mirror in Macy's room. The grey and green tuxedo reminded him of his father and uncle. The bowtie that resembled a Vladat's mask was incredibly detailed.

"Macy's right. You're a miracle worker. This is fantastic and worth the needle jabs in every way." Sage said, turning around. "What do you think, Mace?"

"Wow, Wolf Boy. You look very striking in that tuxedo. You nearly look just like your Vladat dad and uncle, but in human form," Macy said, very impressed.

"Definitely outdone yourself again, Little Sis," Amy replied, looking up from her book and smiled.

"Thank you. However, I can't take all the credit," Tina said gently. "Sage and his alien vampire family were the ones who helped me get the inspiration to slightly end my fashion designing block."

Sage smiled. "Well...if you want more inspiration, why not come over? My parents and Aunt Rachel already cleared it, so long as you both keep it a secret."

"Of course. We promise not to say anything about your wolf abilities, your family as aliens, nor Macy as Black Rebel, for that matter," Tina replied.

"Agreed. We would never sell out our best friend. Or her boyfriend plus his family," Amy said, adjusting her glasses.

"Well, it's not just my family that would be in trouble. See, since Macy's parents know my family, as well, along with the secrets, it could put them in jeopardy. Along with any cases her dad is currently working on," Sage explained.

"Right. I think we get the picture," Amy replied, understanding the situation all too well when Macy kept her secret about being Black Rebel until recently.

Sage sighed. "Look, I'm sorry for repeating the past and sounding like a broken record, but I don't want anyone I or Macy care about to get hurt."

"We know and understand, Sage," Tina replied.

"So, want to try going to the Mansion the Sage Jocklin way?" Sage asked, with a wink and smirk to Macy.

"If it means us being safe and keeping your secret, then yes," Tina replied, quickly leaving the room to get something. "Just let me get my bag,"

"I'm almost afraid to ask, but what is this method of yours in getting to the Grant Mansion?" Amy questioned.

Sage smiled. "Macy, why not tell your friends on what to wear for my preferred method of traveling?"

Macy chuckled. "I would recommend some long pants and either boots or sneakers on this travel. Let's just say that we're possibly gonna go on a wild ride,"

Amy's eyes went wide, suddenly realizing what her friend his saying. "No way. You don't mean..."

"Yep," the Brunette smiled.

Sage smirked. "Meet you guys in the forest across the street," he said, as he, with quick accuracy, hung up the suit, and then disappeared into his wolf fur.

Soon, Tina came out wearing a pink helmet, white goggles with dark lenses, magenta leather jacket, matching biker gloves, white scarf, light blue jeans, and pink biker boots. Even had a maroon colored fashion bag

"I got my bag and ready for the ride!" Tina replied happily.

"Should we even be surprised to see Tina wearing a biker outfit for our trip?" Macy asked, not fazed about the situation.

"I just learned to roll with it," Amy answered, lightly shaking her head.

Meanwhile, Sage smiled, from the shadows of the woods in his wolf form.

"AAAAAWWWWRRRRRROOOOOO!" Sage called from the woods waiting.

Macy, Amy, and Tina eventually came out. Amy had on a biker outfit in light purple and green colors with Macy wearing one in black and red.

"I am not even surprised that she managed to have extras for us," Macy replied, still unfazed.

Sage rolled his eyes, as they came into the clearing. "What took you guys so long?"

"We're not guys, we're girls," Amy corrected.

"And a certain fashionista wanted us to go in style for the ride," Macy remarked, getting on Sage with Amy and Tina in front of her.

"Well, I didn't want to go out in bland outfits. I prefer going in style," Tina explained.

"We know," Macy and Amy deadpanned in reply.

Sage rolled his eyes. "All right. Well, hope you guys are comfortable because riding a wolf is definitely a different experience."

"Again, girls. Why do you people keep getting that wrong?" Amy retorted, folding her arms.

"Oh, let it go, Amy," Macy replied, sighing in annoyance. "Just get this travel going, Wolf Boy."

Sage chuckled. "Swing up, my moon. Or would you rather I lay down so it's easier?"

Macy didn't say anything but climbed up Sage, as if he was a horse.

"Does this answer your question?" Macy replied.

"Yoo-hoo! Sage, would you please lay down so my sister and I could get on?" Tina asked politely.

Sage chuckled, before laying down on his stomach legs folded underneath him.

"As you wish," he said.

"Thank you," Tina sat plus grabbed on top of Sage. She even put her goggles down for eye protection.

"Appreciate it," Amy replied, following her sister's lead.

"Okay. We're all aboard. Please, keep your hands, arms, and legs on the Wolfblood, at all times," Macy instructed.

"We got the safety thing. Let's just go already," Amy replied, holding on tight.

Sage smirked, as he stood up shaking his fur and legs out a little. "Be careful what you wish for," he said, before exploding forward through the trees.

"AAAAAAH!" Tina screamed, holding on to dear life.

"WOOHOO! Now that's fast!" Macy exclaimed, enjoying the ride.

"We must be going at least 25 miles per hour," Amy replied, very fascinated.

"Actually, 36." Sage said, as he slid down a hill of leaves before leaping over a small stream. "You guys doing okay?"

"I'm fine! Just let me know when we get there!" Tina exclaimed, still holding on.

"Other than that incorrect grammar, again, I would say I'm doing well," Amy replied, keeping a firm grip.

"And you know me well enough that I'm always good," Macy smirked.

"Good, cause in about twenty seconds, I'm going to do a sliding stop." Sage called with a smile, as he spotted the mansion with Megan playing out front.


"Sage!" Megan shouted, racing towards him. Sage slid to a sideways to stop in front of his sister.

The three teen girls slowly got off Sage and landed on their feet.

"Woo! Now that was rush!" Macy exclaimed, getting off the helmet.

"I'll say," Tina whimpered, as she got her helmet off, too, feeling her legs wobble and close to collapsing.

"Huh...I always wondered what it would be like to ride a fast animal," Amy replied, taking off her helmet to reveal an impressed smile.

Sage puffed up his chest and raised his head proudly before lowering it and nuzzling Megan, who hugged his face. However, upon noticing the two new women, she became nervous and moved behind him.

"Who are they?" Megan asked concerned.

"It's all right. They're friends of Macy's." Sage said comfortingly, giving her a nuzzle.

"Megan, I like you to meet my besties from my big city home. Tina and Amy Fitzpatrick," Macy introduced her friends.

"Hello," Amy waved her hand at the little girl.

Tina, whom finally got over her shock, looked at Megan with a caring smile. "Awww! Why aren't you just the cutest sweetie! You must be Sage's little sister. It is very nice to meet you," she replied.

Megan gave a small giggle, before burying her face in his furry shoulder.

"Sorry, she's shy around new people," Sage said, giving Megan another comfortable nuzzle before letting her climb on his back.

"Understandable, darling. Once you get to know us a little better, I'm sure we'll be good friends for sure," Tina assured.

"Is Megan another alien or Wolfblood, like Sage?" Amy asked.

"Not that I know of. I'm pretty sure Megan is all human, like Rachel and Sasha," Macy answered.

"Well, alien or not, I still find her adorable," Tina replied, looking at the young girl. "Do you have a favorite color, sweetie? And anything that interests you?"

Megan looked at Sage, who gave a smile and a nod.

"I like reading and tickles. My favorite color is sky blue," Megan said, hugging Sage's neck.

Sage gave a soft smile. "Megan was found at the doorstep of the local shelter, during the Winter season a few years, before I joined the family. Apparently, a man believed to be her father left her there. However, now she's got not only a father and mother, but a fun-loving big brother." Sage said, doing a few bucking movements that sent Megan into a giggling fit.

Tina chuckled lightly, giving a remorse smile. "I'll be sure to keep those in mind. I'm glad you found a family that loves you, Megan. You're more special than you think,"

"I'll say. Sage and the rest of his family are lucky to have you around," Amy complimented.

Megan smiled, as she giggled while hugging Sage again. "Sage is my protector. What are you doing today?"

Sage smiled. "We're going to visit some of our Uncles to help her get some inspiration for her dress designs."

"I'm a fashion designer who owns a boutique in New York. I already made a fabulous tuxedo inspired by Whampire and Vamps, and with your older brother being my male model in wearing it. Now, I'm hoping to see what other exquisite details I'll get when meeting more of your family," Tina explained.

"And I'm interested in what other extraterrestrials are waiting for us. I'm curious about their race, what planet they originate from, and abilities each of them has," Amy answered.

Megan smiled. "Cool. I have to go with Mom to the grocery store, before going the police station. Oh, I need to go clean up!" Megan said, sliding down Sage's side and running inside.

Sage smiled, giving a chuckle before looking at Amy and Tina. "So, want a tour first before I start introducing the family?"

"Sure. We might as well see your home, first," Tina replied.

"Besides, we might end up meeting your family along the way," Amy added.

"Well, welcome to the Grant Mansion, the haunted house of Staybrook," Sage said, shifting to human form and heading up the porch steps.

Amy just rolled her eyes. "Haunted House? Oh, please," she retorted, folding her arms while moving.

Tina elbowed her sister. "Don't be so rude, Amy! Sage is just trying to lighten the mood and keep the reputation of making the Grant Mansion rustic plus scary,"

"I just find it all so ridiculous. There is no such thing as supernatural stuff," Amy argued.

If only she knew that three phantasmal beings had heard her comment.

"So, she doesn't believe this house is haunted?" one of them questioned.

"No, but we'll show her why this house is to be feared!" The other said with a devious chuckle.

"And make her see to not doubt our scary reputation," the final figure stated, before disappearing with his pals.

Meanwhile, Sage began showing them around. "Now, the house is under some construction, so we'll stay clear of that area. However, this house does get the occasional haunting, now and again.

"I can see that. The dark and somewhat old fashion décor does give a creepy vibe," Tina replied, rubbing her jacket sleeved arms.

"You be surprised on how big it is on the inside than out," Macy commented.

Amy just continued walking, studying her surroundings.

Suddenly, the air became colder to a point that the windows were frosting over with ice.

Sage gave a sigh, as he walked, hardly noticing the drastic chill in the air.

Tina suddenly shivered, making a stop that caused her sister to bump into her from behind.

"Tina! Why did you stop?!" Amy questioned, slightly irritated.

"Sorry, but I just can't help but feel cold. And since when did it become Winter with those frost patterns on the windows?" Tina pointed out.

Amy looked at the windows in slight surprise. This was beyond weird to see temperatures dropping so suddenly.

"The conditioning here must be broken. Or someone is playing a cheap scary prank on us," Amy deduced.

Sage sniffed the air, before motioning with his head to Macy.

"Here, take my jacket, Tina." Sage said, offering his leather jacket to her.

Tina smiled while accepting the jacket. "Thank you, Sage. I truly appreciate your kindness,"

"Maybe we should go somewhere warm. I think the halls are getting cold for some logical reason," Amy replied.

Sage smirked. "All right, let's keep going."

However, things slowly began to get stranger. From lights flickering to scratching in the walls.

Tina let out a terrified squeak. "What was that?!" she asked in fear.

"Either you people forgot to pay your electric bill or someone is messing with the lights and scratching the walls just to scare us off," Amy retorted, clearly not amused by all of this, as she placed her hands on her hips.

Sage shrugged his shoulders. "Hey, just because I've said I haven't seen a ghost, it doesn't mean there aren't any."

"Oh, come on! You can't possibly tell me that ghosts are behind this! They don't exist!" Amy argued.

"Then how do you explain all of these strange happenings?!" Tina questioned in fear.

"This is all just part of the Grant Mansion's scare routine to get us freaking out and leave. If we start doing all that, then we're only letting them win,"

Sage sighed. "Well, your funeral."

"Funeral?! Oh, please, no! I am far too young to die!" Tina exclaimed.

"Calm down, Tina. Everything's going to be okay," Macy assured.

"Yeah, sis. You're just giving what these pranksters want," Amy retorted.

Sage stared at Tina. "Seriously, Tina, chill. We're in an old house. No biggie."

"Easy for you to say. For a big, rustic house, it seems to be infested with something creepy and terrifying!" Tina replied.

"I'm sure the only thing this mansion is infested with is something scientifically and nothing but a cruel prank," Amy said.

Sage gave a kind smile. "Believe it or not, but when I first started living here…this place freaked me out, too. I stayed in my wolf form, as much as I could."

"You were scared of this place, as well?" Tina asked, a bit surprised by Sage's honesty.

Sage nodded. "Not only the Mansion, but of the new family that had adopted me."

"What? Why?" Tina questioned.

"Yeah, how come? For someone who can turn from human to wolf, wouldn't being adopted by monster-themed aliens be a walk in the park for you?" Amy asked.

Sage shook his head, unconsciously shifting to wolf form with his ears partially laying back, as his tail wrapped around his paws.

"It's not necessarily the adoption part that was the frightening bit. It was the learning to trust again that had my nerves and instincts on edge," Sage replied, looking at Macy.

"Sage has been abused before in the past, and starting with a new family has made him feel weary," Macy explained.

Now understanding, Tina took off the jacket Sage gave her, placed on the floor, and then laid her knees on top of it so she could be low enough to pet the Wolf Blood.

"Oh, Sage. It's okay to be afraid, but you must learn to let go of the past and look forward," Tina reasoned. "You're truly fortunate to be with a unique family that loves you as yourself."

"And even after all of that, you manage to gain a girl that likes you for who you are on the inside," Amy pointed out, giving a sly smile on Macy. "Especially someone who is very picky on guys as much as me,"

"Hey!" Macy exclaimed, glaring playfully.

Sage smiled. "I'm very fortunate, as Macy sees something than the damaged pup at her door step. Letting what happened go hasn't and continues to be hard for me, but I'm getting better."

"And we hope that you continue healing," Tina smiled back.

"Why don't we continue moving? We're already burning daylight standing here," Macy suggested.

"I'm in, if my sister and Sage are," Amy answered.

"I am in, as well," Tina replied, standing up and picking the jacket back up. "I really hope to find some new inspiration very soon today."

Sage stood, nodding before trotting down the hallway. It was a little while later that the sound of chains clanking and a large amount of mist and fog began to envelop the hallway.

"Anybody else hear that unsettling sound and see this creepy fog?" Tina questioned, slight fear in her tone of voice as she continued walking.

"Tina, just ignore. Fog indoors while it is nice outside is impossible," Amy explained, getting more annoyed by all of this. "Clearly, it's the pranksters next step in scaring us. This is dry ice in water combined with a motorized fan science work here. And the chain rattling is just another extra sound effect using hidden speakers to echo in the halls and scare us off."

"Well...I suppose you're right," Tina reluctantly agreed.

Sage looked at the fog. "Uh, Amy? Hate to tell you this, but this isn't from dry ice. The smell is different than that. Also, none of my uncles are able to do something like this to my knowledge."

"You's a r-r-real g-g-ghost doing all of this?!" Tina exclaimed, nearly close to screaming and or fainting.

"Nu-uh! There is no such thing as ghosts! It must be something else at work here. One where there's a reasonable explanation," Amy argued.

"Well, if it's not a ghost doing this, then what is?" Macy questioned the Redhead.

Amy opened her mouth before closing it. "...I don't know, yet. But, hopefully, we'll get to the bottom of it,"

Sage gave a small growl. "All right, two stay behind Macy and me. If something happens, run for the front door. We'll give you enough time to get away."

"Be careful, you two," Tina replied, wrapping her arms around herself.

"Stay close. Tina, place your hand on Macy's shoulder. Amy, your hand on my backside. So, we don't lose each other in this fog."

The Fitzpatrick Sisters did just that. They kept hold of their partners, as they walked through this mysterious fog.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH EWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOO!" a deep voice hollered making Sage freeze in place.

"That is definitely not someone from here." Sage stated

"Nope..." Tina squeaked, too scared to even scream.

"Uh, it's got to be someone pranking us. I'm sure of it!" Amy reasoned, slowly getting scared on the inside.

"Whatever it is, we need to keep calm. And Tina, could you please go easy on clutching my shoulder?" Macy replied. "It's starting to hurt."

"Sorry, Macy!" Tina apologized, easing up on her shaky grip.

Sage gave another growl. "Okay, I'm going to go down there first, take a look around, and then you follow," he said calmly.

"Works for me. If anything happens, I'll get Tina and Amy to safety," Macy replied.

"Oh, do be careful, Sage. I don't want that no good ghost hurting you," Tina said with concern.

"Again, it's not a ghost! But you should still be cautious on who or what is doing all of this," Amy replied.

Sage smiled. "Nothing new with that."

The Wolfblood then disappeared into the fog, his senses on high alert till, suddenly, four sets of claws grabbed him and pulled him away quietly.


"AH! There it is again!" Tina shrieked, holding on to Macy again tightly.

"Sage? What's going on over there?" Amy hollered from a distance.

They waited for an answer, but got nothing.

"Sage, can you hear us? Sage!" Macy cried, getting concerned. "Something's wrong. We need to run. Now!"

Macy grabbed her besties by the hand and began running opposite of where Sage disappeared to.

"Oh, I hope Sage is okay," Tina responded as she continued running.

"Me, too, Tina. But right now, we need to find somewhere safe," Macy reasoned, doing her best to run through this fog.

Just then, Macy felt something trip her and collapsed with her friends piling on top of her. The Brunette gets and helps the Fitzpatrick Sisters up.

"You girls okay?" Macy asked.

"Other than that nasty bump, I say so," Tina answered, rubbing her arm.

"What happened, Macy? You're not one to stumble like that," Amy pointed out.

"It wasn't my fault. Someone or something tripped me. And I didn't see anything," Macy answered.

"Maybe we're dealing with something invisible. Like someone using a cloaking device! Yes, that makes much more sense!" Amy exclaimed.

"Yeah, but who?" Tina questioned.

Before anyone could answer, Macy felt something grab her by the jacket collar and float her up.

"Whoa! Hey! Put me down!" Macy shouted, struggling.

"Macy!" Tina shouted, only to scream when she felt getting picked up and held upside down. "This is not comfortable for me nor how a lady should be treated!"

Amy looked in fear, wondering what to do and how to get her sister plus friend down. "None of this is making any sense! There's got to be something I could do to help!" she said out loud, completely stumped as she placed her hands on her head in distress.

Just then, something managed to lift Amy up from the ground, as well. She couldn't see anything but felt something long like a tentacle grab her waist and arms tied together.

"WHO DARES ENTER OUR TERRITORY!?" A deep voice yelled.


"What?! No! I-It can't be!" Amy replied, totally disbelieved. "There's no such thing as ghosts!"

"FATHER, STOP!" Abruptly, Ghost Freak appeared in front of where the three girls floated.

"Ghostfreak, you're just in time to watch me get rid of these trespassers," the deep voice said, revealing himself to be a darker Ectonurite holding the girls up by his alien tentacles.

Tina was too terrified to let out a horrified scream in seeing who has held her captive. Macy was just visibly shocked as much as Amy.

"They're not intruders. One of them is one of your great nephew's mate." Ghostfreak said urgently.

"MACY!" Sage hollered, as he raced down the hallway with Big Chill and Rojo flying beside him.

"SAGE!" Macy exclaimed.

"WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IN THE NAME OF LADY LIBERTY IS GOING ON HERE!?" Tina screamed, just having about enough of all this stress while squirming from this ghost's hold on her.

"YEAH! WE'RE NOT INTRUDERS! WE WERE INVITED!" Amy shouted in anger, doing the same as her sister.

Sage sighed. "Macy, Amy, Tina, I'd like you to meet my great Uncle Phantasmo."

"Father, this is your great nephew Sage, the son of Whampire, and that is his courted Macy, and her friends Tina and Amy." Ghostfreak said calmly. "They are honestly not intruders."

Phantasmo looked at the three girls, before setting them down on the ground. "So, why was it I sensed distress before?"

Ghostfreak rubbed his head sheepishly. "It was kind of the Chill brothers and myself that caused that."

"I knew it! See?! What did I tell ya!" Amy exclaimed while pointing at the culprits and glaring. "There were no ghosts! Just more aliens with ghost-like abilities! All science, no paranormal mumbo-jumbo!"

"So, all of this was just an elaborate scheme to scare us off?! Well, I never!" Tina huffed in anger.

"That was seriously uncalled for, you guys. We could have gotten hurt," Macy replied sternly, whom was equally mad as her friends.

Sage got in front of his uncles. "Wait, let me explain. They were intentionally trying to scare us off. My uncles were trying some new scaring techniques and didn't realize they were going too far. When I went through the fog, I found them practicing their moves in Uncle Chill and Rojo's room. When they saw I knew what was going on, they grabbed me and explained. However, when we heard the scary holler and it wasn't them, we ran to find you guys. Great Uncle Phantasmo hasn't met me yet, and when he saw you three, he thought you might be intruders."

"Still, it wasn't very nice," Tina pouted, folding her arms, and turning her back on them. "We were really worried about Sage. And all of you nearly gave us a heart attack."

"Not to mention almost tried to get us believing in this place was haunted by almost trying to kill us!" Amy replied with no heat.

"Girls, Sage has a point. Some of his family members may have gotten carried away in scaring us, but they were trying to protect their home," Macy reasoned.

Sage stepped forward. "Uncle Ghostfreak is one of the first residents of the Grant Mansion. It's thanks to him that I have a home now. I know it seems weird, but think if people new the Grant Mansion wasn't haunted. The Forever Knights would be at our doorstep and many of the women and children here including myself wouldn't have a home."

The Fitzpatrick Sisters looked at each other, slowly easing up.

"Well, when you put it that way, I guess I understand why your uncles work hard in this scare routine," Tina replied.

"And I guess letting people believe that this place is haunted does has it's reasons in keeping such a reputation. Even if it does sound absurd," Amy added gently.

Sage nodded. "Macy and I have had our hand in things, as well. Heck, I couldn't tell you the amount of times I've played guard dog."

"It's true," Macy replied.

"So, now that we're calm and cool, can we start over on introductions and get to know your uncles better?" Tina asked.

Sage nodded, moving to the front of each alien. "This is my Uncle Ghostfreak and my Great Uncle Phantasmo. These are my other uncles, Big Chill, and his brother Ultimate Big Chill or Rojo for short. Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Macy's friends from New York, Tina and Amy."

"Hi," Tina greeted with a smile.

"Nice to meet you all," Amy waved her hand.

"It's nice to meet you, as well. Sorry for the scare." Big Chill said.

"Oh, don't worry. You were just doing your job," Tina reasoned, now getting close to study Big Chill better to check the detailed patterns on him. "And while I was a bit terrified, I am very relieved that it was only more members of Sage's extraordinary family."

Big Chill followed Tina's movements nervously. "Uh, what are you doing?"

"Hm?" Tina stopped and looked up, grabbing her mini sketchbook from her handbag purse. "Oh! Forgive me. I just can't help but notice the stunning patterns on you," she answered, already doing something on a page. "Is that cloak a part of you?"

Big Chill looked at Sage and Macy for answers.

Sage smiled. "Tina's a fashion designer. And yeah, Tina, the cloak is a part of him. It expands to be his wings."

"She wanted to come here for some more fashion inspiration. And it would seem that she has found another inspiring design," Macy added with a smile.

"Oooh, wings, you say? May I see them?" Tina asked, hopefully.

Big Chill looked hesitant, for a moment, before opening up his cloak and stretching his blue and black wings.

"Rojo is like Big Chill, as well. Only he's an Ultimate form of his species," Sage explained, as Tina studied Big Chill's wings.

"Oh, my! These wings are just absolutely beautiful!" Tina exclaimed in awe, already looking from the front to the back. "It's like looking at a giant pair of moth or butterfly wings! I had no idea Sage had uncles with remarkable features. It's all simply divine!"

Big Chill blushed at the compliments. "Thank you."

Sage smiled. "I guess this is kind of like with someone imitating tiger strips or leopard spots."

Macy chuckled. "Looks like it."

"So, how exactly did you all do that fog effect? The chains, claws, and lights flickering I get, but not the fog part," Amy replied, definitely curious.

"Combination of hot and cold attacks," Rojo said with a smirk.

"As Necrofriggians, Big Chill and his older brother have the power to not only go intangible, but also generate and control ice," Macy explained.

"Cryokinesis? Amazing," Amy replied, truly fascinated.

"Except with Rojo, it starts as fire and ends a flash freeze," Sage explained, as Rojo gave him a hug from behind.

"You mean it's like fire that's so cold that it burns?" Amy questioned, smiling at Rojo hugging his nephew as she adjusted her glasses a bit.

"I called it 'freezer burn' once when I first heard he could do that," Macy admitted.

"And what about Phantasmo and Ghostfreak? What species are they and other abilities do they acquire?" Amy asked, seeing Tina already checking on the other two aliens plus sketching on her notebook.

"Ghostfreak and Phantasmo are Ectonurites. They're from the same system as my dad's side of the family," Sage explained.

"Our abilities you can based on a ghost's, so going invisible, intangible, along with our alien tentacles to scare." Phantasmo said

"I've noticed," Amy remarked.

"Despite being gaseous-like, the chains and lining do look remarkable, as well," Tina replied, figuring out the next design and tapped her pencil on the edge of her book. "I wonder if I should go with a chain belt, chain headband, cuffed bracelets, or chain necklaces on what I'm working with?" she thought out loud.

"Personally, I think a chain belt and one bracelet would be enough," Sage said calmly.

"Good point. Less is more, after all," Tina nodded her head in agreement, already working on the finishing touches on her sketch. "I so can't wait to design these!"

Sage smiled. "Remind me again, how long are you staying here?"

"About five or so days. Possibly a full week," Amy answered.

"But that shouldn't take me that long to give Miss Rachel and some of the residents that live her an exclusive sneak peek of my newest couture," Tina replied with a smile. "That is...if you're willing to be part of my showing,"

Sage smile. "Sounds fun. Do you do clothes for kids, as well as adults?"

"Sure do! I was actually wondering if your little sister, Megan, would like to be part of the fun, as well," Tina answered.

Sage smiled. "I'm sure she'd love to. Hey, I have a thought. What if you did designs for a few of the kids that matched their parents? Like how you did my tuxedo."

"That's actually a neat idea! So, for Megan, I should design something that resembles the pattern of a Vladat?" Tina questioned. "I do plan on making something in the color sky blue, since it is Megan's favorite color."

"That works out fine. Vladats come in different colors, with the normal black. However, if you do one for Macy, don't do magenta or their will be heads rolling," Sage said with a chuckle.

Macy glared at Sage on that terrible joke. "That is not funny," she deadpanned.

"Oh, Sage, don't be ridiculous. I know my best friend long enough that she would never wear anything so frilly and girly like pink or magenta," Tina scoffed. "Besides, that's something I would wear."

"And when it comes making outfits for specific people, Tina is a natural at making the right designs on what she believes they like," Amy added.

Sage smiled. "Sorry, but it's not being girly that I was joking about. You see, another alien we've fought is that color."

After registering that, Macy immediately facepalmed with a groan. "Oh, tell me you did not just go there,"

"What? I don't understand. What alien have you two fought that was in that color?" Tina asked in confusement.

"Yeah, can someone please tell us what you two are talking about?" Amy questioned, equally confused as her sister.

Sage chuckled. "Sorry, but I felt like it needed to be said."

"Seriously, what alien are you to referring about that has gotten Macy so anxious?" Tina questioned again.

Macy placed her hand down from her face before answering. "Remember when I mentioned about some evil alien vampire that tried to force me into marrying him?"

"You mean he forced you in wearing something pink?" Tina guessed.

"Not exactly..." Macy gently replied, having a deadpanned look on her face.

"Transyl, the evil Vladat, wore black and magenta colors. The thing is that every time Macy is near him, he goes all lovey dovey and treats Macy like, well...a doll, to put it mildly." Sage explained.

"Ohhhhhh," Tina and Amy chimed, now understanding the predicament.

"Does that happen often with other aliens or just him?" Tina wondered.

"So far, just Transyl. But I still keep getting a bunch of snobby thug human guys hitting on me," Macy answered. "And, from my list, Transyl takes the top of most insane villains that want me to be theirs. What's even more frustrating is that Lord Lunatic is older than me and still wanted me to be his queen."

"Yeah, that does raise a lot of red flags there," Amy quipped, folding her arms.

"So, wait a minute. This Transyl character is an evil vampire from royalty who was serious in making you his queen?" Tina asked.

"No, Transyl is a tyrant who took over Anur Transyl, my Dad's home world, where he almost made Vladats extinct. Transyl was ruler, for a while, until he was captured. He was then released and has been causing trouble ever since. He tried to change Earth into a look alike Anur Transyl, a few months back. As for the Queen thing, he has hit on her and put her in a wedding dress." Sage said stiffly.

"Was the dress in a color Macy disliked that made her look frilly?" Amy asked.

"Strangely, no. It was actually red and silver with bits of white around it, detailed with bat and spiderweb designs," Macy answered, gently. "Although the dress wasn't half bad, I still didn't enjoy being controlled against my will and forced to be with someone I hate for all eternity! Especially someone who tried to turn the people I cared about into monster-like aliens!"

"Yeah, that makes sense," Amy replied.

"I was mainly saying the warning so Macy didn't get caught in the same color as that womanizer," Sage said, pulling Macy close and nuzzling her.

"Noted," Tina responded, smiling at the cute scene.

"Yeah, you don't have to worry about that," Amy replied.

"Sorry if I embarrassed you, Mace." Sage apologized, kissing her hair.

"It's fine. You were just trying to help Tina out," Macy smirked, closing her eyes while nuzzling Sage back with a smile.

Sage closed his eyes and nuzzled her. "So, what dress would you like?"

"Honestly...I'm not sure," Macy admitted, finishing her nuzzle and opening her eyes. "As long as it's something that is sharp, cool yet hot, and makes me look good, I'm happy."

"Don't worry. I already have something in mind," Tina assured, smiling proudly.

Sage smiled. "I know you'll make her as beautiful as I see her."

Tina chuckled. "That shouldn't be a problem,"

Sage smiled. "I have faith. So, what's the thought now? Do you guys want to see more of the house? Maybe spend the night?"

"Well, I do need to know more about the following children's alien parents to figure out the designs for them to model plus keep. So, I don't mind seeing more of the Grant Mansion plus staying for the night," Tina answered.

"And since we understand that it's not haunted but prefer to have people think that it is, in order to protect their home, I suppose I can do the same, too," Amy added. "Plus, it would help me figure out new gadgets and devices for any catastrophic events or emergencies."

Sage smiled. "Great. Hey, maybe you'd like to join us in a Pack Pile tonight?"

That got the Fitzpatrick Sisters' off guard, staring at Sage as if he was speaking a foreign language.

"...I'm sorry, Sage, but I have no idea on what a 'pack pile' is? Do you, Amy?" Tina responded, looking from Sage to her sister.

Amy shook her head. "For once, I don't know. But, taking it from Sage, it must be a wolf thing,"

Macy chuckled. "That's part of it."

"Pack piles are basically like a sleepover. However, instead of multiple sleeping bags, Macy and the gang use me as a pillow in a nest of blankets and pillows," Sage explained with a smile.

"Oh. Well, in that case, I'd be happy to be part of your Pack Pile," Tina politely accepted. "Um, to be clear, you're free from ticks and fleas when going as your wolf form, right?"

"Tina!" Amy exclaimed, placing her hands on her hips.

"What? I'm just checking," Tina defended.

Sage chuckled. "Interesting fact. Wolfblood's are immune to fleas and ticks; they just don't like us."

"How come?" Amy questioned, now curious about that fact.

Sage shrugged his shoulders. "I wasn't told why. It's just a weird fact that my mom told me."

"Still pretty fascinating, though," Amy commented.

"Tots! So, what next on the tour? Or should we take a quick lunch break?" Tina asked.

"Mom should have lunch ready. Believe me, you're going to die when you taste her cooking." Sage said.

"Hopefully, you mean that as an expression and not literally, right?" Tina pointed out.

"Boy, I hope it's the first one. We've already faced a life-death experience today," Amy quipped.

Sage smiled. "You'll just have to wait and see."

The Wolfblood was happy that the Tina and Amy liked his home and that he could help Tina with her creative block. It was another amazing day at the Grant Mansion.

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