Wednesday Afternoon


Juliet sat at her desk with Shawn and Natalie right beside her while eating lunch.

"What time do you get off?" Shawn asked.

"I have no idea. We're in the middle of a big case." Juliet answered.

"What is it?"

Juliet picked up the file and handed it to Shawn.

Shawn opened the file and saw the information.

"Jesus Christ." Shawn said.

"I know. We have to do this the right way because he's a public figure…"

"I don't know how people have the conscience to do something like this."

"Neither do I. Especially when your life is examined by everyone."

While Shawn and Juliet were visiting and eating, someone came up to her desk.

Juliet saw someone out of the corner of her eye. She turned around and saw Frank.

"Frank?" Juliet asked.

Shawn's head popped up and locked eyes with Juliet.

"Hi Julie." Frank said.

"What are you doing here?"

"I missed you."

Shawn scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"Is there a problem, young man?" Frank asked.

"Yes there is." Shawn said.

"Who do you think you are?"

"I'm Juliet's husband."

Frank turned to Juliet furious, "You got married?"

"Uh yeah, a year and a half ago." Juliet said.

"Why wasn't I invited?"

"I haven't heard from you in years."

"Was Ewan there?"


"So it was just mom?"

Juliet nodded.

Natalie started to fuss and held her arms out for Juliet to take her.

Juliet turned around and took Natalie and stood up and bounced her.

"Who is this?" Frank asked.

"My daughter." Juliet said.

"I have a grandchild?"

"No. It does't work like that." Shawn said.

"Excuse me?" Frank asked.

"You haven't talked to Juliet in a years. What makes you think you can just pop up out of nowhere and things will be fixed?"

"I missed her."

"Ok, I miss her when she's at work. When I miss her, I pick up the phone and call her. It's not that hard to do."

"Her phone number has changed."

"No it hasn't. It's been the same number for the past decade." Juliet inserted.

"All I have is the 785 number." Frank said.

"That is my number."

"How would I know that?"

"You call the number and ask for me."

"It's not that easy."

Shawn laughed and shook his head.

Juliet rocked Natalie back and forth and Shawn rubbed the back of her neck.

"How can I fix things?" Frank asked.

"You can't." Juliet said.

"Why not?"

Juliet turned her head and looked at Shawn with tears in her eyes.

"You ok?" Shawn whispered.

"We're about to find out." Juliet said.

"Why can't things be fixed, Juliet?" Frank asked.

"I haven't heard from you in like 7 years. A lot has changed, Frank." Juliet started.

"Well then catch me up."

"It doesn't work like that. If you really missed me, you wouldn't hesitate to get in touch with me. It's not that hard, Frank."

"Since when do you call me Frank?"

"Since you started lying to us. So almost my entire life."

"I'm sorry."

"I'm not buying it. Look, I'm a grown woman with a family. My family, the one that Shawn and I created together. To be honest, that's all I want in life."

Shawn smiled and rubbed Juliet's back.


"No buts. I'm out of chances, Frank."

"Well can I know your daughter's name?"

Juliet looked back at Shawn.

"No." Shawn said.

"I wasn't talking to you." Frank said.

"Well I'm the baby's father and Juliet looked at me for my opinion, so I gave it to her."

"That's not fair."

"Life's not fair, Frank. You of all people should know that."

"You don't know anything about me, son."

"I know a lot more than you think I do."

"Like what?"

"Everything. Juliet and I don't have secrets. But I know you do and they're lies."

Frank looked at Juliet, "Help me out here."

"No." Juliet said.

"Wow, you've changed."

"I didn't change. I just grew up. You would know that if you bothered to come around…"

"So this is all my fault?"

"100%. You're the one who started lying to us. You're the one who started it all. You're the one who left."

"Why did you leave, Frank?" Shawn asked.

"This should be good. I don't even know the reason." Juliet said.

Juliet handed Natalie to Shawn and sat back down in her chair.

"Go on." Juliet said.

"You really want to know the reason?" Frank asked.

"I deserve to know."

"I didn't love you guys anymore."

As soon as Juliet heard the words, tears hit the back of her eyes immediately.

"Ok, it's time for you to go." Shawn said.

"Can I see you again?" Frank asked.


"I was talking to Juliet."

"He's right, Frank. We're done." Juliet whispered.

Juliet wiped a tear from her eye and turned away from Frank.

"Please leave." Shawn said.

"No." Frank said.

"You do realize you are in a police station right?"

"Ok and?"

"Officer Dayton, come here please."

Officer Dayton got up out of his chair and walked over to Shawn, "What's up?"

"Escort him out please. If he tries anything, cuff him." Shawn said.

"You got it."

Officer Dayton escorted Frank out of the station.

"Now, you're not allowed back in here." Dayton said.

"Are you serious?" Frank yelled.

"Yes sir. Please leave or I will have to arrest you."


Frank turned around and left the station's parking lot.

Shawn bent down in front of Juliet, "You ok?"

"Sort of. I knew the reason deep down, but to hear it out loud, it hurts like a bitch." Juliet whispered.

"I know, sweetheart. You want to go home?"

Juliet nodded.

"We'll come get your car in the morning."

Juliet grabbed her things and left a note on her keyboard saying she cut out for the day.

The Spencers walked to the car and got in and drove home.

On the way home, Shawn noticed a blue car following them.

"Someone's following us." Shawn said.

Juliet looked in the mirror and saw that it was Frank.

"It's Frank." Juliet said.

"You're kidding me." Shawn said.

Juliet shook her head.

Juliet took out her phone and called Karen.

"Hello?" Karen asked.

"Hi. How far are you from my house?" Juliet asked.

"A minute. Why?"

"I need you there right now."

"What's going on?"

"Frank came to the station earlier. We told him to leave. Shawn and I left the station to come home for the day and Frank is now following us."

"Ok. I'm pulling in the driveway right now."

"Thank you. We'll be there in like 5 minutes. Can you let the dog out while you're there?"


"We owe you."

"Just be safe."

"Got it."

Juliet hung up the phone and sighed.

"It's ok, sweetheart. We're gonna get him." Shawn said.

Juliet grabbed Shawn's hand and kissed it, "I love you."

"I love you too."

Shawn pulled into the driveway and Frank pulled into too.

Karen saw Shawn pull into he driveway and went outside.

Shawn and Juliet got out of the car and Juliet went and got the baby out.

"Hey there." Karen said.

"Hi." Juliet said.

Karen patted Natalie on the back and kissed her cheek, "Hello, tiny Spencer."

Natalie giggled.

Frank got out of the car and went over to Shawn and Juliet with Karen.

"Why did you follow us?" Shawn asked.

"To see where you live." Frank said.

"I explicitly told you to leave us alone."

"I didn't think you were serious."

Juliet handed Natalie to Shawn and got in Frank's face.

"Frank! We are done with you and your bullshit. I'm happy. Please stop. I have a family now. My life is here and you have't been in it for almost 10 years. You made your choice when you left us. Now we have healed and moved on with out lives without you in them. To be honest, life is a lot easier now that you're out of our lives now." Juliet said.


"Don't drag me into this. I'm on Juliet's side, I will always choose her over anyone else." Shawn said.

"Even your daughter?"

"Frank, do not bring my child into this. She's only a baby."

"A big baby."

Juliet looked at Shawn.

"Frank, leave now." Shawn said.

"What if I don't?" Frank asked.

"Find out for yourself."

Shawn motioned for Juliet to follow him inside.

Juliet followed Shawn and Frank followed.

"Frank O'Hara, you are under arrest for stalking." Karen said.

"That's my daughter!" Frank yelled.

"I know who she is. She's my detective."

Karen read Frank his rights and cuffed him and put him in the back of her car. Before Karen put Frank in the car she put the child lock on the door, so he couldn't open the door from inside.

"Get in there now." Karen said.

Frank got in the car and sat there.

Shawn and Juliet saw Karen slam the door and went over to her.

"Thank you." Juliet said.

"Of course. How are you?" Karen asked.

"It's been a day. I couldn't handle much more today, so I came home."

"Where's your car?"

"At the station. Shawn's going to drop me off in the morning."

Karen turned to Shawn, "I'm proud of you."

"Thank you. You know I will do anything and everything to make sure my family is safe." Shawn said.

"Well, let me go book him. I'll see you in the morning."

"You sure will." Juliet said.

"Bye guys."

Karen left Shawn and Juliet's house and drove to the station to book Frank.

Shawn threw his arm around Juliet's shoulder and pulled her in for a kiss.

"I love you." Shawn whispered.

"I love you too." Juliet said.

"Ahhh." Natalie cooed.

Shawn pulled away and laughed.

"We love you too, Nat." Shawn said.

Shawn and Juliet gave Natalie a kiss on her cheeks at the same time.

They went inside and spent the rest of the day in the house without any other disruptions.