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Pov: ?

The Mistral Regional Tournament... a place for talented youths to show off their skills in battle... granting watchers entertainment for the chance to win the grand prize of twenty thousand lien.

It's also a good opportunity for the headmasters of the four great academies to spot hidden talent, and send scholarships to promising combatants.

A certain white-haired headmaster taps his desk, bringing up a screen that is connected to a channel streaming the soon to begin Mistralian tournament.

"Ah yes, the first match is about to begin..." The man hums as he brings a mug up to his lips.

He had been watching the champion for a while... she has skill, that much is clear... but not considerable skill... only slightly more than her opponents... she has won some of her matches by the skin of her teeth... admittedly some are over quite quickly... a testament more to her opponents than the girl herself... but... he hasn't really decided any of the scholarships yet, so perhaps he could send one to the girl... but she hasn't improved all that much since her first win in the tournament... so it would perhaps be a simple waste? If she has peaked during her second year at sanctum... there's no point in inviting her to Beacon... she wouldn't learn anything... if she wishes to apply herself, that's her own choice, but there is no point in wasting Lein on someone with no potential.

The champion herself walks out into the arena, shyly looking up to all of the observers and audience.

The headmaster nearly drops his mug as her opponent steps out into the ring.


Silver eyes.

According to the announcer, this boy hadn't gone to any huntsmen prep schools, but... it doesn't matter... a male silver eyed warrior... and quite a young one as well...

The last time he saw one was...

One of his own children if he remembers correctly... one of twins...

We'll, he uses the word 'his' loosely... technically they were related to his body at the time... but he himself wasn't their father... his soul consumed their father... that damned god and his curse... they turned his wife into a monster then forced him to consume the lives of others to survive... with no choice to just lay down and die... he had tried several times, but... it really does appear that the only way for his life to end... is to kill that grimm abomination that was once his wife...

Nevertheless, the last time he met a male with silver eyes was a time before he knew of the silver eyed warrior's potential...


Silver eyes contain a bastardized form of light magic that can erase the taint of the dark god...

Light magic, even back when everyone and their dog could use magic was fairly rare... but the gods have left... perhaps the planet is trying to find a counter for the taint left by the dark god...

He keeps on trying to make a silver eyed warrior as strong as possible... perhaps then they might have enough power to erase all of the grimm...

He thought he had something with Summer... but perhaps it was too soon... it was getting a little later in her life, she was nearing the end of the age range she could receive maiden powers, but... he had no maidens nearby that he was able to sacrifice to her... then... she had a child... and was starting to grow soft due to that.

She was losing her edge, thus he decided to send her on one last mission... unknowingly she went into the heart of the grimmlands... he told her that the Summer maiden had been found there and needed immediate evacuation. Ironic... he dropped her off and had the pilot leave after dropping a bag of supplies.

He gave her an ultimatum, kill Salem... or die trying.

Regretfully she died...

If she had succeeded, she would have viewed him as a monster, sure... but at the very end of it all, he could die in peace.

Silver eyed warriors have potential even if they aren't adept at fighting... which this one may not be considering they hadn't gone to a prep school... but they can give the next generation a fighting chance.

However, males easily have more potential than females in this scenario. a female with silver eyes can only pass that trait down to a single child at a time, perhaps two if they are lucky... but a male doesn't have that limit. They could father hundreds of children... within the same year even! This boy could save humanity single handedly even if he isn't good at fighting.

He pauses as he realizes something.

Summer Rose had a daughter...

Never before had a Silver eyed warrior laid with another... as most had been related in some manner... but, this boy... he practically appeared out of nowhere... and he appears older than the younger Rose... clearly, he isn't Summer's child, so where did he come from? He does look visually similar to Summer with the dark hair and pale skin, but... black hair is a fairly common trait, along with pale skin... what if they aren't related at all? Or at the least dozens of generations apart... Clearly, genetic testing will be required, but if they aren't related in the slightest... the only common trait between them being their eyes... what sort of child would they produce? Would their eyes evolve to be even more powerful? Gain a higher affinity for them granting new abilities? Would they mutate into what he needs to put Her down for good?!

The headmaster frowns.

He simply can't throw away this opportunity... he mustn't waste the lives of this... 'Azure Jade' and Ruby Rose... he must do everything within his power to keep them both safe.

He quickly opens another holographic screen from his desk.

"Qrow. I am positive your last mission had you end up in Mistral. Go to the MRT. Now. This is deathly important."

Qrow's only response is a simple. "?"

He taps on the first holographic screen and drag it over to the second, uploading an image of the silver eyed boy staring down the current champion.


At least Qrow understands the importance of the silver eyed warriors...

Well, not the 'I am going to try and breed your niece with someone' sort of importance... he would most definitely send me to a new body for that, which is understandable, the immortal supposes, he had the desire to protect Salem that way... back before she became what she is now, and if that is anything like what it's like to desire to protect your children, nieces, and younger siblings, the wizard understands... somewhat... but it has been far too long... and he cannot afford to play around anymore.

Ah, right, the earlier point... Qrow understands that Silver eyes are the greatest chance of defeating Salem... and also have a considerably higher chance of being targeted by her and her dreadful inner circle.

He wonders what sort of person would ally themselves with someone who looks like... that... and honestly, he didn't even know she had an inner circle... At least not until that faunus woman with the immunity semblance killed him... something about being in 'too advantageous of a position' tch! That fool! Look where he is now! That clearly backfired for her and it pleases him to no end to know that he managed to get one over on the grimm who had taken over the love of his life.

He glances back to the original screen with a small smile, for the first time in a while... he feels like he might actually win this endless war...

Now it's time to see just how competent this boy is.

The two fighters lunge forwards as the announcer begins the fight.

Pyrrha begins with her shield up as she charges, while Azure seems to have no weapon.

She lowers the shield as she swings her weapon at the boy, but he ducks it and with a dull glimmer a hand shoots out from his cloak, wielding a crystalline blade, causing the headmaster watching to freeze in place once more.


The boy with the earth control semblance...

He had thought that it had slipped through his fingers when Qrow could not find any sign of him... but he had silver eyes... all along?

When the headmaster first saw him, he was quite far away from the camera, so he could get no real confirmation on eye color, nor did he spend very long looking at the camera... he hadn't really thought more of it... it was just 'he had a hereditary semblance; thus, he must live'.

But now, one thing is certain... he must have him.

Silver eyes and a hereditary semblance? Do you know how incredibly, indescribably rare that is to appear without his meddling?!

He had a small plan to introduce the Schnee boy to the Rose, so something like this would happen, but he had run into a small issue as to how exactly to get said boy interested in just a simple tomgirl with no real financial importance.

There was also the issue of the white fang recently... should they killed Miss Rose due to her proximity of the young Schnee, he feared the Silver eyed trait would have gone extinct.

This new boy must survive at all costs. He doesn't care how many people must die for this boy to survive.

The champion locks blades with the boy, white markings cascading throughout the grey crystalline weapon he wields as it violently crashes with her steel.

Again, and again, and again, there's a flourish of lightning-fast swordplay.

It is clear that both are fairly skilled... but the boy has just a slight edge over the girl... but that advantage is immediately stripped away by the girl having the more durable weapon.

The boy twists around the redhead just as the sword takes all it can shatters, another immediately reappearing in his grasp as the redhead's sword goes wide, the boy using the last dregs of durability to open up her defense slightly.

The boy stabs his new sword at the girl, but she raises her shield and easily parries the attack, the tip of the boy's sword chipping off and flying into the distance as it crumples.

He brings up his knee into the girl's stomach, knocking her back as she uses the blow to gain more distance.

All is calm for a moment as they stare at each other, seemingly gauging each other's combat potential, but the boy abruptly smiles and blurs forwards, much faster that he had been going moments before.

The girl raises her shield and parries the attack, using the brief moment of pause to swing her blade at the boy's stomach, but he steps back, just barely avoiding it, then he steps forwards and lands a brutal haymaker on the girl that causes her to stumble backwards.

It's clear that she has a lot of aura... nearly... double what she had last time?

The boy begins to capitalize on this opening, but the girl swings around her sword and deflects the attack, smashing her shield into the boy's face.

Now it is his turn to stumble backwards as she abruptly thrusts her sword forwards, the blade scraping just under the boy's armpit as he holds his sword vertically, his other hand grabbing the cloak around his shoulders and flinging it over the girl.

It wraps around her head, and immediately the boy punches the covered girl in the face, snapping most of her body to the side.

His leg lifts and smashes right into her chest with a brutal snap kick, sending the champion rolling away.

His entire figure is revealed now, he is surprisingly muscular, but not overly so, more of a lean muscle than a bulky muscle, he wears just a long sleeve shirt that hides some of his musculature, but not all of it, he wears long dark pants that were frankly able to be seen with the cloak, but the thing that grabs the most attention is the crystal square on his lower back, white in color, but with several black highlights throughout.

It's thin, about maybe an inch thick, and a little long, about maybe six inches, making more of a board than a square, but on the end near the left side it has three prongs, two very thin, about four inches long, curved inwards towards the third which is thick and longer than the other spikes by a good two inches.

He rolls his shoulders and waits for the champion to free herself from the cloak, which she does so a second later, she gets to her feet and flings the cloak away with a small frown.

Out of the two, the boy has taken the least aura damage, sitting at nearly ninety four percent... but that was from only a shield bash... he on the other hand has been absolutely whaling on the girl, yet she has only dropped to eighty two percent... she clearly has much more aura than the boy...

The girl narrows her eyes slightly and swaps her sword into a rifle.

The boy blinks and is forced to tilt his head out of the way of a bullet as the girl brings the rifle up to her shoulder and squeezes off a shot.

He frowns slightly as he hops to the left, avoiding another bullet, then he begins running forwards, abruptly leaping a new direction every now and then to avoid gunshots.

The girl swaps her the rifle into a spear and lunges forwards just as the boy's front foot leaves the ground, she becomes just a blur as she stabs forwards, the boy grimacing in pain as he is picked up off the ground and launched backwards.

He rolls to a stop near the edge of the arena and kips up, returning to his feet with a small frown.

That single blow... brought him down to eighty percent, easily evening out the fight.

The headmaster pauses at the speed the girl just showed off... for a moment... that really exceeded all she has shown off...

Was she... hiding her strength?

Wise. It's easy to catch enemies off guard with that. He is just a little annoyed he was about to miss out of a gem like that.

He nods once as the two stare each other down again; he is definitely going to send her a scholarship.

The boy cracks his neck and smirks and points at the girl and says something, luckily, being revived over and over and over has granted the headmaster ample time to master several useful abilities... like reading lips.

"Now we're talking."

He abruptly points upwards, causing the girl to widen her eyes and backflip, avoiding the massive stone spike that easily reaches five feet.

The headmaster makes a small mental note, this girl either has a precognition semblance... or these two know each other... the first would be a great find, but the second is perhaps even greater...

If she knows him... she must have met him before... and if she knows his semblance to that point, they are probably friends... thus, if the boy disappears again, he must be somewhere near Argus...

It sinks back into the ground as he opens his palm, shooting four large darts of rock about the size of his forearm that arc through the air and towards the champion.

She widens her eyes and slashes through one, slips by the second, and blocks the third and forth with her shield, gaining surprising dents in the metal.

Judging by how her eyes widen, she notices the dents as well.

The boy lets out a small huff and raises both of his hands.

Dozens of stone spikes wink into existence above him, causing the red-haired girl to pale slightly.

The boy flings his hands downwards, causing the spikes to rain down on the girl, kicking up dust and practically shredding half of the arena.

All is quiet for a moment... before the girl bursts from the cloud and charges for the boy, her speed reaching something that is incredible for someone her age. She's nearly reached a third of Qrow's speed... and he has trained for nearly his entire life... he's Vale's 'best huntsmen' for a reason... for a girl to reach that after training... potentially not even five years...


A wall of rock springs up in front of the girl, but she leaps once and reaches the top of it, landing on the rather thick wall with a crouch and using it as a springboard to launch for the boy.

His speed surpasses her for a moment, aura violently crackling as he ducks under her attack, the blow creating a small crater behind him as he blurs forwards, through the wall as it opens up for him to pass through, and suddenly, he's on the other side of the field.

He crosses his arms as he stops, wall sinking back into the floor and allowing Pyrrha to see his back.

The boy's aura seems to have taken a tremendous hit... even though he didn't actually get scratched by that attack.

"Aura empowerment..." The headmaster whispers in awe. That technique is fairly useless against grimm as that's an endurance battle... so it isn't taught... so this kid must have figured it out on his own...

Dear gods who is this kid?!

The girl looks like she is about to rush forwards again, but pauses as the camera shakes...

The entire arena is shaking.

The arena abruptly splits as a small spiraling mountain appears, the boy's aura flickers as it is now about five percent higher than it previously was, large crystals protrude the ground in several spots of the mountain as the boy smirks, each about as long as an arm, you have brown, a murky yellow, murky blue, light blue peeking out from in between the cracks of a pointed rock, orange running like magma throughout the cracks of a second... but at the top...

At the top... lies a massive crystal... white in color and practically glowing, it has few impurities, and is by far the most beautiful crystal out of those climbing the mountain.

The boy turns and walks forwards slowly, putting his left hand behind his back and grabbing the middle most prong and removes it from his back.

The crystal extends, becoming a short gladius-type sword... then a moment later, the blade splits in half, one piece rotating forwards as if there was a hinge on the tip of the other blade and locking into the very tip as it becomes a single edged blade, about four feet long.

The blade slides into the other, becoming a more manageable three feet.

The boy hops up the mountain until he reaches the top, where he stands beside the crystal and props his hand on it with a smirk, leaning on it while looking down at Pyrrha.

This is a show of force... clearly... but...


It took the headmaster a moment to figure it out... but that is dust.

"That crazy kid did it..." The man mutters in awe, for the first time in a while... he is utterly shocked.

Dud Fire Dust, dud Ice Dust, low quality Lightning and low quality Water... reasonable quality Earth dust... and... a dust he has never seen before...

C-could that be?!

Dust... is magic... but how?! He had hoped that the boy's semblance would evolve into dust when he first saw it... but after remembering just what dust is... that hope died a painful death... it's so easy to forget where exactly dust comes from.

My gods... this kid's semblance... h-his eyes are letting him crystalize ambient magic... he has an earth control semblance, yet h-his eyes... they are naturally magic... his semblance is being augmented by his eyes! They are letting him turn regular inert crystals into DUST crystals!

And if silver eyes are naturally connected to light magic... I-is that?

Light dust?!

He had thought that only hard light dust existed... and that's a combination made in labs between earth, water and lightning dusts... it doesn't have any real properties to slaying grimm nor can it be found out of the synthesized powder form or out in mines... but... to bestow the power of his eyes onto a dust crystal?!

The boy haphazardly stabs the sword into the massive crystal to his right causing it to glow brightly.

True Light dust.

The glowing fades as the crystal is sucked into the blade as it begins radiating a light so bright that it obscures the kid's entire upper torso.

The boy leaps downwards with incredible speed, and with a single attack, he smashes the blade into the girl's stomach, sending her skipping right, to the corner of the arena.

That single blow did thirty percent of the girl's aura...

He raises the blade and swings it again, creating a massive arc of light that strikes the girl head on... even as the boy remains unmoving.

Thirty five percent... the second blow reduced her aura to thirty five percent and removed the glow from the boy's weapon as he uses all of the remaining dust power to strike the girl who is a good thirty feet away.

He smirks and snaps his fingers, causing crackling booms across the mountain behind him, a clump of rock, and ice, small gouts of fire, a large gush of water, and cracks of lightning...

The girl stares at the boy with one eye closed... probably from the bright flash of light, raising her sword and shield at him.

He stares at her for a long time as the crowd is violently cheering.

"See you later, Pyrrha." He states, the headmaster once more reading his lips.

He winks once and takes a step forwards... dropping out of the arena as the sword refolds into a gladius... then shrinks back to its compact state.

The crowd is immediately reduced to silence as the boy calmly walks down to the exit and leaves the arena.

It was a statement...

This boy has now become THE most valuable person on Remnant...

But why did he do this? Does he have some sort of goal... Is it to threaten any enemies into submission?

To attract allies? Perhaps he understands the threat of the grimm and wishes for some help.

Another screen pops up, showing that he is getting a call from one of his dear friends... perhaps his most trusted one... he knows how to get things done if it really comes down to it.

He accepts the call.

"Ah, James." The white-haired headmaster smiles. "I trust you just saw the exact same thing I did?"

Pov: Returned

I smile as I quietly activate stealth and sneak through the halls as I make my way to the nearest exit. 'I wonder what the look on Ozpin's face was! Pfft- oh I bet it was great.'

And now to sneak to the train station... like a ghost... did I ever really exist?

Emerald was watching in the stands, and she should meet me there... I already texted her to.

I pause.

'oh damnit! I forgot my cloak...'

I let out a sigh. 'ah well.'

I make sure no cameras are watching me, nor are there any people nearby, then I equip another cloak and continue on.

Loaded Dice: Jacques has decided to find you and invite you to the family instead of sending hitmen to kill you. A semblance to make dust? and a dust no-one has seen before? That may be quite profitable! Also. Finding a hitman that could actually put you down after your apparent little show would be incredibly expensive... However, should you decline, Loaded Dice holds no responsibility for what happens to you.
Cooldown: 1 Week



I roll my shoulders and let out a pleased sigh. 'and to think... I only needed to have one of those manticore killed for a single level... the rest was just my elementals using up all their Mp'

Still, I believe I made my power quite clear... and nobody knows about the elementals... or my new level of golems...

I look down at the sword with a smirk.

Crystal Sword: Level 80

65000/65000 Hp
-/- Sp
0/0 Mp

Str: -
Dex: -
Vit: 1200
Int: 0
Wis: 0
Luc: 0

Heals 7150 Hp per 37 seconds

Deals 2430+Str*3

Crystal of Purity: +50% to Str and Dex, -60% Str and Dex against any grimm touching it

Mechashift: Compact and Sword

Dust Infusion: Can be infused with dust to increase damage and gain special effects
Duration: 0
Extra Damage per hit: 0
Flying Slash: No
Special Effect: None
Sword Beam: No

No armor, yet incredible health... no strength or dex, yet huge amounts of damage.

This sword is my current masterpiece. Elementals are one thing, they are fairly strong and can use magic, earth elementals can even follow me wherever I go... but golems?

Golems hold all the potential... If I went all out again, like I did for that one golem I dropped in forever fall... who knows how powerful I could make a golem...

Maybe I should find out.

If Canon Pyrrha is level seventy... I'm fairly certain me with my golem army can take on whatever threats Canon has the offer. Bring on Cinder, a maiden, even that big ass wyvern grimm! Just give me enough time to prepare an endless army of golems and I-


I gain a chill as I look over my stats.

Strength: 150 (153)
Dexterity: 200(204)
Vitality: 150
Intelligence: 250
Wisdom: 100
Luck: -381 (119-500)

I glance around my surroundings. Nothing seems out of place.

My eyes narrow slightly.

I get a full body shiver as I whip around to look at an older man wearing an untucked tuxedo top, dress pants, and a tatted red cloak, he has a bit of scruff going along his lower jaw, slicked back black hair, red eyes, and a sideways cross necklace.

Qrow Branwen Level ?

"Oi. Kid."

WELP he poked plot with a stick and maaaaay have slightly overestimated himself...

Well, I mean, technically he could have taken plot by the hair and absolutely obliterated it with his golem army... yet he wanted to make his appearance at the MRT and didn't have time to make said golem army.

Anyways, hope you all enjoyed the 2 part special! I'll see you all when I update next... now I need some rest.

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