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Location: The Skeld

Occupants On Board: 9

Previously Killed: Dareth

Dead: 1

Imposters: 1

After a few more minutes of trying to pinpoint the perpetrator, the remaining crewmates still hadn't made any progress, so they decided to wait if any other sign would present itself and continue on with their tasks. Dareth's body had been taken to medbay and was examined by Zane and Nya, but it didn't reveal anything they didn't already know. Frustrated, scared, and on edge, they all went to the bunks to rest, thankful that nobody had been murdered in their sleep. But that wouldn't last long.

Cole and the others all walked into admin and watched as he swiped his card to access the system. The tasks that needed to be done appeared on the screen.

"That's weird…" Cole said as he scanned the list of tasks.

"What?" Jay asked, panic in his voice. "What is it?"

Pixal stepped forward and looked at the screen also. "Per my observations, it appears that someone or something has damaged all the electrical panels in every unit that has them."

"Yep." Cole confirmed.

"I think we should have a look." Lloyd said. "You know, like to investigate further. Maybe we can find some sort of clue too while we're at it."

The others nodded in agreement and went as a group from panel to panel as a group. Sure enough, each and every wire was ripped apart, some shredded to bits. While they were in navigation, Skylor took a few ends of the severed cords.

"It looks like someone took something sharp like a knife and just cut through the wires." She said, observing them carefully. "They must've done it while we were asleep."

Morro, who was looking over her shoulder, furrowed his brow and turned to look at her. "How would you know?"

Skylor shrugged. "I mean, that's just what it looks like to me…"

"You! You're the imposter, aren't you?!" Morro snarled, jumping back into the others. He grabbed Nya and pulled her in front of him. He pointed at Skylor. "It's her! Throw her off the ship! Before any of us gets killed!"

"Morro stop it!" Nya said. She turned around and grabbed his hands to calm him down. "We don't know for sure!"

"It's her!" Morro continued. "I know it is! How else was she able to tell?"

Kai stepped between the two. "Morro, calm down." He said firmly. "I know you're scared. I am too. We all are." He gestured to all the others. "But even with all this going on, we still have a mission to complete, we can't just be throwing people off the ship. Besides, we have no proof it's her."

Morro's eyes slid to the floor and darted back and forth, contemplating Kai's words.

"We're gonna find who the imposter is, Morro. As fast as we can." Lloyd said. "But right now its too early to tell."

After a few moments more, Morro finally heaved a sigh and nodded in understanding.

"Fine." He huffed. He glared at Skylor. "But don't think I'm easy prey, Skylor. I'm keeping my eye on you."

Cole called for everyone's attention. "Okay, we need to get all these wires fixed as well as do our other tasks. So we all need to stay in groups of two or more. Do NOT go anywhere alone, and do NOT let your partner out of your sight at ANY cost. Understood?"

After some voices of agreement, they all broke off to do their tasks. Skylor was with Kai, Jay with Pixal and Zane, Cole with Nya and Morro with Lloyd. There was much to be done. The shields needed to be primed, the reactor needed to be started, engines refueled and their outputs realigned, the entire electrical unit needed to be fixed, as well as the usual ins and outs of O2 and data.

Pixal and Zane were sitting in admin and were observing the incoming data of other for any abnormalities and sorting the files into their corresponding folders. Jay was fixing the wiring in the room and running back and forth with the tablets of data before handing them off to the other two. They worked quietly, not saying much except the occasional question about certain files. The silence stretched between the two, weighing down on them like bricks. Sorting through data was an easy task for Zane, so in the meantime he let his mind wander.

Dareth's death still weighed heavily on his and the rest of the crew's minds. And though he was stoic on the outside and quiet, Zane was deathly terrified for his life. Every little sound made him jump, he could never go long without looking over his shoulder, and even in the supposed safety of the bunks with his other crewmates he scarcely slept, for fear that the impostor would kill him if he did.

Who was the impostor? Why were they on board? Why did they choose the crewmates as their targets? And who was going to be their next victim?


Startled, Zane sat up fast, not realizing he had been slouching over the screen of data.

"What?" he said, meeting the concerned eyes of Pixal. "Oh, yes Pixal?"

"I was meaning to ask you about this file." She said. She handed a tablet to Jay, who left the room. "Are you alright Zane? It seems to me that you are not well."

Zane rubbed his eyes. "No, no Pixal, I'm fine. I just did not rest well."

"Are you certain? Your body language indicates otherwise."

Zane sighed. "Yes, I am alright. It's just…"


"I-I'm worried about Dareth's murder. The "impostor", Kai calls it. We still have yet to find them, and there's no evidence. How will we find them?"

Pixal bit her lip and rubbed Zane's shoulder comfortingly. "I understand your concern Zane. We will find this impostor, no matter how long it takes."

Zane nodded and the two went back to sorting files as Jay returned with the tablet, silence falling over them once again.



"You're not the impostor, are you?"

"Of course not, Zane."

"You know as well as I do I'm not either." Jay said as he watched them work. "I can't even handle my own blood, let alone someone else's."

Deeper in the ship, Lloyd and Morro were in electricity calibrating and diverting power to the other units while Nya and Cole were toiling back and forth between storage and the lower and upper engines to refuel them. Though most of the blood had been cleaned, some of it still stained the grooves of the floor. Lloyd was flipping switches and hitting buttons of the different panels when he heard a frustrated growl next to him.

"Oh, come on!"

Looking down, Lloyd saw Morro on his knees at the wiring panel, desperately trying to repair the wires that Dareth never was able to fix. They were damaged badly and needed to be mended, but with his impatience Morro doing more harm than good. Lloyd finished what he was doing before dropping down next to him.

"Hey," Lloyd said. "What's the matter?"

"Get away from me!" Morro spat. "Don't think I don't know what you're trying to do!"

Lloyd huffed. "Morro, I'm telling you, I'm not the impostor. Didn't you hear anything I told you earlier?"

"Well how do I know you're not the impostor?"

"Let me offer this as a rebuttal: How do I know that you're not the impostor?"

Morro scoffed. "I'm not the impostor! Don't you see I'm trying to do my task here?"

"And I'm not either. Glad to see we're on the same page." Lloyd picked up the pair of pliers Morro was using. "Now what do you need help with?"

Nya and Cole passed by the electrical room, overhearing Morro and Lloyd's conversation as they refilled their gasoline containers. Nya looked at Cole.

"Who do you think it is, Cole?" Nya asked as they waited for the gas to stop pumping.

"I don't know, Nya. We don't have any clues right now, so it could be anyone."

Footsteps echoed quietly along the empty hallway as the imposter stalked along, sticking to the shadows to avoid being seen. So far they had done a good job at convincing their "crewmates" that they were innocent, but they wouldn't be able to keep up the cameo for long. They would have to start working faster if they wanted to slaughter the rest of the crew before they were caught.

The impostor stopped and cast a sweeping glance to make sure no one was around before lifting the cover of the vent and slipping inside, silently crawling along to avoid making any noise. Briefly they paused and reached back to their belt, feeling the cold metal of a handgun tucked inside. While watching Dareth bleed out was thrilling, a messy murder was more prone to them getting caught, so they'd have to be efficient and clean.

The impostor continued crawling through the vents to their intended destination. They knew who their next victim was, now all they needed was a distraction.

Soon light from above peeked through the slats of an overhead vent. Peering through, they watched as Morro and Lloyd walked past to O2 to accept some of the power they had diverted earlier. They waited until the pair left before silently taking some rounds of ammo from the pocket of their suit and loading it into the chamber. The gun cocked with a silent click.

The imposter waited a moment more to make sure that no one was coming. Then they quickly climbed out of the vent and slinked past navigation, where Skylor and Kai were working. Unseen by the two, the impostor slipped into the O2 chamber. The unit was filled with tanks and domes of different plants from earth that survived off the carbon dioxide of the crew to provide oxygen to the ship. The impostor shot the glass several times, creating a breach in the system. Red lights flashed and a siren blared.

In navigation, Skylor and Kai sprang to their feet. Kai ran to one of the panels on the wall to see what had happened.

"Its the O2!" He cried. "The system's been damaged!"

"Wait, where are you going?!" Skylor said as Kai began to run out of the room. "You heard Cole, don't go by yourself!"

"I don't want anything happening to you! Just stay here!"

Kai ran out of navigation before Skylor could stop him. He dashed across the hall and into the O2 unit, seeing one of his "crewmates" in the room with a gun.

The imposter whipped around. When they saw Kai they lifted the gun and pointed it at him.

"No!" Kai cried. But it was too late.


The impostor pulled the trigger, sending a bullet through Kai's heart. The imposter dropped the gun and fled for the vent, disappearing before anyone could see. Kai collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath as his blood stained his suit. Skylor came running in.

"Kai!" She cried, seeing him on the floor. She saw the blood and tried desperately to cover the hole in his chest, but the blood just kept flowing past her fingers. "No, no no!" She shook him. "Kai, answer me!"

But Kai was silent, his body going limp as he drew his last breath. Skylor fell on his chest, weeping, when something caught her eye.

"What?" She asked. Laying beside Kai's body was the gun that killed him. Confused, she picked it up.

That's when the other crewmates came in. They all stopped at the doorway of the O2 unit when they saw the bloody scene, save for Jay who dashed over to one of the panels and entered the PIN to activate the backup O2 system. Zane walked over to Kai and rested his hand on his neck, feeling a pulse. He shook his head.

"He's gone." Zane said solemnly.

"See?! I knew it was her!" Morro yelled, pointing to Skylor. "She's the impostor!"

Skylor dropped the gun. "It wasn't me! I swear!" She said. "I would never kill him! Or any of you! Please, you've got to believe me!"

"Hold on!" Cole said. "Zane, take Kai's body to Medbay. We can probably use it as evidence. The rest of us head to the cafeteria and talk this out. You too Skylor."

Kai's body was briefly examined before placed in a bodybag and on the bed next to Dareth's. He had died from a single shot to the heart. After Zane and Nya had finished with the body, everybody sat around one of the tables in the cafeteria.

"So how are we doing this?" Nya asked.

"Well, Skylor and Kai were together in navigation last time we saw them." Lloyd said. Morro nodded in agreement. "And Kai's body was found in O2 with Skylor, which is right across the hall from navigation."

"Zane?" Cole asked. "How did Kai die?"

"Single shot to the heart." He said.

Cole nodded grimly.

"And Skylor was holding the gun when we walked in." Jay said.

"And I saw on the way to O2 that a couple of guns were missing from the racks in the weapons unit." Nya said. "And that's just to the left of navigation where Skylor and Kai were."

"I say we vote." Morro said flatly. "And I vote that we eject Skylor from the ship!"

"What!? Skylor cried. "No! It wasn't me! Kai told me to stay while he checked O2! Then I heard a gunshot and when I went in he was dead!"

"Then who was it then?" Jay asked. "Did you see?"

"No, but-" Skylor began, but was cut off by Nya.

"Seems to me that Skylor stole the gun from weapons to sabotage O2," Nya began.

"And then when Kai walked in she killed him to keep him quiet so she wouldn't get caught." Lloyd finished.

"No! That's not what happened!" Skylor said. "I didn't kill him!"

"Based on all the presented facts it seems the most plausible solution would be to assume that Skylor is responsible for Kai's death, making her the imposter." Zane stated. "And therefore my vote is to eject Skylor off the ship."

Skylor's face paled as she listened to the rest of her crewmates vote to eject her off the ship. She would be thrown off the Skeld and cast out into the emptiness of space, helpless and left to die. Desperate to prove her innocence, she turned to Cole, who had yet to cast his vote.

"Cole, please, you have to believe me!" Skylor pleaded. "You know me, you know I would never do that to Kai! Please don't let them eject me."

Cole swallowed thickly as a pained look came over his face.

"I'm sorry Skylor, but all the evidence points to you." He said solemnly. "I vote to eject Skylor off the ship."

Zane and Morro got up and seized Skylor by the arms. She tried to fight against their hold, but it was no use.

"NO!" She cried as she was dragged out of the cafeteria. "IT'S NOT ME! PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!"

Her cries echoed through the ship as she was taken to the storage bay, where the hatch opened and she was shoved out of the ship and left to the mercy of deep space. Zane and Morro came back and the crewmates disbanded to clean up the mess and continue with their tasks.

"I told you it was her!" Morro said as they regrouped in admin to see the remaining tasks to be done.

"That you did." Lloyd said.

"Do you really think we got the imposter?" Jay asked.

"All the evidence presented shows that it's highly likely we did." Zane said. "I concur that Morro's earlier statement was correct and that Skylor was indeed the imposter."

Relief washed over the crewmates at Zane's statement. Finally free of the imposter, they were able to focus on their mission without having to worry about a mystery killer.

Or so they thought.

Relieved that Skylor was gone, the crew had gone about doing their tasks without taking care to still be cautious of their surroundings or keep an eye on one another's backs. Little did they know that they had fallen right into the real imposter's plan.

Soon it was time for the crewmates to come to the bunks to rest. They were all settling into the bunks when Jay noticed something was amiss.

"Hey, has anyone seen Morro? He's not in his bunk."

"I'll go look for him." Nya said, getting up and walking out. She searched the ship room for room but couldn't find Morro anywhere.

"That's strange…" She said as she walked towards the engines. "Where could he be at this hour?"

And that's when she walked in to see Morro's dead body laying in front of the reactor.

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