Ghosts, Goblins and Murder

Chapter Five

Doctor Perlmutter was called to the dump with his assistant to pick up the body of Rebecca Chase. They were driving the coroner's van into place of the maintenance building for where the dump was located.

The area was closed off to the public with the yellow banners placed by the Metro police to keep the public away. Doctor Perlmutter's mood was one of a foul one since he wasn't able to go on home with Doctor Lisa Anderson going to be late.

Gerald his assistant parked the coroner's van over in the corner with moving out to bring the stretcher and body bag. It was a real shame that this kidnapping had turned bad with the shooting of the young model.

Walking over to Sergeant Esposito and Kevin Ryan waiting for Perlmutter to arrive. "When did they find the body detectives?" He needed to asked with the question moving over to the woman shot in the head and chest when he pulled off the sheet covering her.

"Just a little while ago Doctor. You do know that answers need to be answered quickly on whether she was raped or not while she was being held?" Sergeant Esposito had to tell him to make sure he understands the orders.

"I already know detective just what needs to be done. I am just feeling bad that no doubt her mother or father has to be told." He stated..


Captain Kate Beckett had gone along with Special Agent Seth Hutchinson back to Louise Fletcher's condo for where she will be told about her daughter being found dead.

Walking into the living room with the F.B.I. agents packing up the electronic equipment. She wanted or rather she insisted on what was going on with the abduction case. Captain Kate Beckett had to be the one to tell her since Seth asked her since he hates doing these things in the first place.

"Louise please sit down. We some news to give you in regard to your daughter Rebecca. " She looked into her eyes of the captain seeing the pain there. She knew something must of happened.

"What happened Captain Beckett? Is my daughter dead? Those bastards must of killed her prior to the money drop." She said with tears her eyes that were now for real.

"Yes, she is dead. Her body was found at the local garbage dump a few miles from the park with two bullet wounds to her head and chest. She died instantly with the first shot to the head. We are going to be doing an autopsy on her at the coroner's office and see if can come up with any further answers along with other issues." She said without mentioning the word rape into the conversation.

"OMG! Do what you must do Captain in order to find those bastards and whether or not my daughter was raped as well. I need to know the answer. I am willing to put out a reward for anyone that might has any answers to the murder of my daughter." She said to the police woman and F.B.I. agents in her living room.

"I am truly sorry about all this Louise. I do hope with the reward that someone will be able to come forward with the information on the two brothers?" Kate said to the distraught woman moving into her bedroom telling everyone to leave her alone.

There was nothing more they could do accept give her telephone numbers on whether she is able to asked for counseling with the death of her daughter.

And in the meantime Kate asked Seth on whether he would be interested in bringing his wife Suzanne over this evening for Chinese food at the loft.

"I will call her in order to have our daughter Elizabeth to watched by the babysitter. Let me call her before I head back to the office for a quick meeting with the regional manager. He's not going to like the idea of our abductors once again killing in their wake." Seth said with emotional anger...


Four hours later at the Loft

Richard Castle was home from his meeting with Gina Cowles and Black Pawn Publishing. He had a shipment of books arrived at his loft for "CAT'S EYE" to give to his friends and for Seth and Suzanne to be arriving in a few moments.

He was dressing when Kate came in telling him that the Chinese food had arrived."I will be right out Kate and two books for our friends." He will say to her as she turned to face him feeling uneven for some reason.

"Are you alright Rick? Ever since you came back from the book tour your been somewhat off?" She stated...

"Please explain the word with being off Kate?" He needed a clarification of the word to him.

Shaking her head she will change her mind. "Never mind Rick they are here now. Shall we attend to our guests?" Beckett made mention with walking out of the bedroom first.

Sometime later after eating Chinese in the dining area with the fireplace going strong. Castle had asked Seth on whether or not he wanted another drink.

"I will Castle with the Whiskey. Suzanne what about yourself my dear?" Seth asked his wife feeling slightly tired after working at the Manhattan lawyer's office with two big cases coming up.

"I will have a Scotch again. However I need to have a clear head in the morning with work. Since Elizabeth is old enough now I have been able to go back into practice again." She will state to the group. "Kate tell me about this case you and Seth are working on with the two brothers? Maybe I will be able to come up with something at the office with my sources on the streets." She replied to surprise even her husband of ten years.

"I am going to be very much appreciated with any help you can give us. Castle do you think that your P.I's will be able to help as well with Hayley Shipton and your daughter Alexis to search for any dirt on them and try to catch the two that is driving everyone plain crazy?" Kate said to Rick sitting with a blank stare for some odd reason as if he was in a trance...