The future of Canterlot High was in the hands of 23 year old Sunset Shimmer and 22 year old Twilight Sparkle. After Canterlot High, the mane 7 went to University. Many things happened, including Applejack and Rainbow split up. Soarin' and Rainbow Dash were dating then. When the girls were ready to leave uni together, Vice-Principal Luna and Principal Celestia left Canterlot High in the hands of the Rainbooms. The Rainbooms wanted Sunset and Twilight to take on the leadership in general but they would all rule together. The girls became young women, and each of them had different jobs. Applejack didn't marry and worked on her farm and sometimes worked as the cafeteria lady with Granny Smith at Canterlot High, Fluttershy married Nightstar, Sunset's half-brother and worked in the Canterlot Animal Shelter. They had a daughter, Lily. Pinkie Pie got together with Cheese Sandwich and they helped Mr and Mrs Cake look after the bakery, while Pound and Pumpkin were at High School with Flurry Heart. They had a son, Lil' Cheese. Rarity took over the Carousel Boutique and married Trenderhoof. Trenderhoof ran the carousel boutique whilst Rarity helped in the evenings. But in the day, she worked as the sewing and art teacher at Canterlot High. Sweetie Belle was a secretary to Trenderhoof and Rarity. Applebloom taught english at Canterlot High and Scootaloo taught maths at Canterlot High. Rainbow Dash married Soarin'. Rainbow Dash taught PE and Games at CHS. Soarin' helped her. They had 3 daughters, High Flyer, Ashleigh and Rainbowshine. Sunset Shimmer got together with Flash Sentry. Whilst Flash played with his band, the Flashbacks, Sunset ran Canterlot High, along with this world's Twilight. Sunset and Flash had 3 children, Becky, Vincent and Tom. Twilight Sparkle got with Timber Spruce and had a son and a daughter, Tara and Brian.

Every so often, the mane 7 would meet up to create a new album and songs. But also, Sunset Shimmer would visit her brother Sunburst and his wife, Starlight Glimmer, and sometimes, pop in to see Princess Twilight of Equestria.