Autumn term at Canterlot High was just beginning. Rebecca, Tom and Vincent were preparing for school. Rebecca, aged 14, would be starting Canterlot High for the first time. Her 2 older brothers, Vincent and Tom, aged 18, were in their final year at Canterlot High. Sunset was proud of her 3 kids, Tom had reached grade 8 acoustic guitar.

Flash came down for breakfast. "See you, honey." he said, pecking a kiss on his wife's cheek, before rushing off to meet his band members.

"Bye dad!" called out Rebecca.

Someone's phone pinged. "MINE!" called Tom. "New tictok stuff."

Rebecca rolled her eyes. "Mom, why is everyone so obsessed with Tictok?"

"Might be our fault," said Sunset. "You have... 5 more minutes to eat. Then brush your teeth. Be at the door by... 7 o'clock."

Sunset's phone pinged.

AJ: Rainbooms meeting on Friday.

Me: Yes. But on Saturday I'm going to visit Princess Twilight

Dash: Cool.


Rarity:Okay, when you see Princess Twilight, tell her we say hi!

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, repeat what she said

Fluttershy: Yes.

Nightstar: Don't forget I'm coming with you! For Sunburst. I miss him. WAAAAAA! Ha, just pulling your leg. I do miss him. But not a baby.

Me: Okay! Okay! Relax, peeps! Of course I'll do all those things! You're sending too many!

Twilight Sparkle: Sorry, Sunny. See you at school. 😃 👔. Spike says hi.

Pinkie: Oh my gosh!



AJ: Are ya copying me?

Me: All of you, SHUT UP!

Sunset laughed awkwardly.

"KIDS! Where are those dang kids?"

"Hi, mom!" cried Tom. "Ready."

Sunset held the door for her children. "Come on."

"Hey, Ash," said Rebecca, at school. "First day! Come on, assembly!"

Ashleigh grinned. "Sure, let's go!"

Twilight and Sunset walked onto the podium. "Hi, everyone!" cried Sunset. "Welcome back for another fantabulous year at Canterlot High! This term, we have our annual Fall Formal, where the Rainbooms and the Flashbacks will be performing, the Christmas play for the students, this year's to be Frozen! And also, the Musical Showcase, to raise money for our trip to Camp Everfree in the summer term! The Rainbooms will be playing some of their old songs when they were at High School, specifically this school, and the Flashbacks will be featuring in some of their songs, as the Rainbooms will be featured in some of the Flashbacks' songs. Now, auditions for the school play will be held tomorrow at 3:30 pm if you want a main part. For minor parts, the auditions are at 5 pm tomorrow. Staff, our Christmas play will be Anon-a-miss, by request of my brother's wife, Fluttershy. If you could meet Twilight and I at my house at 5:30 pm this Friday , then you can audition."

Twilight nodded. "Students, if you'd like to be manager, please could you let Miss Cheerilee know by tomorrow, by 3:00 pm. Thank you. Now, there's the bell. I'm sure you'd want to get to your lessons."

"Sunny!" called out Rainbow Dash. "Wait, can I talk to you?"

"Sure," said Sunset.

"Sun," said Rainbow Dash. "Why didn't you tell the students it was our band?"

"I... I was going to tell them during the formal," said Sunset. "Don't you have to teach the Seniors sport?"

"Yeah," said Rainbow Dash. "Bye!"