"I don't why Flutters chose to do Anon-a-miss," said Rainbow Dash. "It haunts you, right?"

"Yeah," said Sunset.

"Sunset? What did happen?"

Sunset sighed. "Twilight, it is a long story. To cut it short, some bitch posted a load of stuff on My Stable and framed me."

"And who was it?"

"The Cutie Mark Crusaders." said Rainbow Dash. "AJ, Rarity and I punished them to make sure they didn't pull that shit again."

"Wait, what?" said Sunset. "I hope you were lenient on them! They were kids!"

"I know," said Rainbow Dash. "But I had to, to make sure they didn't pull it again."

Sunset rolled her eyes. "This was what life was like at CHS before you arrived." said Sunset.

Rainbow nodded."

"Listen. I'm gonna visit Fluttershy after school so I'll speak to her," said Sunset. "I'll see if we can convince to choose something less..."

"Shitty?" suggested Rainbow Dash.

"No," said Sunset. "I was thinking less haunting."

"Oh." said Rainbow Dash.

"Hey," said Fluttershy.

"Hi, Shy." said Sunset, giving her animal loving friend a hug. "Um, can I talk to you? In private?"

"Sure," said Fluttershy.

Very soon, the 2 women were sitting in Fluttershy's kitchen with steaming cups of coffee

"Fluttershy, why did you choose Anon-a-miss? Wouldn't Friendship Games or the Memory Stone or even Detention is Magic would be better?"

"Um, I just wanted to make sure that nothing like that would happen again."

"Flutters. I'm pretty sure that Celestia told the entire school what happened. What's the odds of it happening again?"

"Um, 20%?"

"Really? I'd say 10% or less."

"So what do you think, Sunset?" asked Fluttershy.

"Detention is Magic was the best. Remember?"

"I think the Friendship Games would be more convincing," said Fluttershy.

Sunset smiled. "Alright, Shy. Friendship Games it is. I'll save Nightstar and you a seat."

Fluttershy laughed. "Thanks."