All roads lead back to you

N.B. Everything belongs to Holby City

Chapter one

Joseph sipped his wine; the conference had been a great success – he felt a chill shoot down his spine – he was near Holby City and that meant he was near her… he had felt a jolt of excitement and the familiar magnetic pull that he had never been able to ignore. Every now and then he glanced towards the door – half hoping, half not hoping to see her. Faye had been less than impressed and had offered to accompany him.

'I don't want a catfight in front of everyone thank you very much.' He had replied.

'There wouldn't be…it's just that you know what she's like – she'd do anything to split us up.' She narrowed her eyes. 'Unless that's what you want!'

'Oh don't be so stupid!' He lied.

'Well I don't know what you want anymore.'

'I'll see you on Monday.' He coldly replied.

So here he was; he was never ever able to explain the pull he felt towards her – he only had to kiss her and he just forgot everything that was around them – he could never forget the last time he saw her – that sad, pleading look in her eyes. He closed his eyes and thought about their kiss, her taste the softness of her lips and the smell of her perfume – he just couldn't help it – he melted every time. Suddenly a bottle of wine appeared and he heard a familiar voice that had always been able to make his heart skip.

'Hey Byrne! What are you doing here?'

He turned to see Jac looking half-surpised, half-weary at him. 'Hello Jac!'

Jac's heart quickened, it was fate, it must be! 'What are you doing here?'

'The same reason you're here I'm guessing.'

'Right…' She approached him slowly. 'So what do you think?'

'Well…could be revolutionary with a bit of work.'

She snorted. 'Aren't they all?'

He laughed. 'Ever the cynic!'

'Well…do you blame me? I mean look what I have to work with! Amateurs most of them!'

'You don't change do you?' He poured her a glass.

'You may accuse me of many things but not of inconstancy.'

'That's true!'

There was an awkward silence. 'How's Faye?'

'Like a new woman thanks to you.'

'Glad I could help.'

He looked sideways at her. 'Look…I'm sorry.'

'For what?'

'For everything.'

Jac swallowed. 'Why- why didn't you come home to me?'

Joseph looked away. 'You know why.'

'But- but we were going to make a go of it remember?'

'Yes…and then you decided to stay which was your prerogative.'

'So? We could still have worked something out!'

Joseph sighed. 'Jac…we're not good together…'

'How can you say that?'

He slowly moved a strand of hair out of her face. 'You bring out the evil in me – I become so exasperated that overnight I become something I don't want to be!'

'Rather that than be stuck with someone you pity!'

'We've been through this – I love Faye!'

'Yeah but never as much as me and you know it!'

He groaned.

'While we're on the subject what was that invitation about?'

'What invitation?'

'To your wedding! Were-were you trying to hurt me?'

He stared at her. 'No! Of course not! I just thought we could be happy for each other.'

She sipped her wine. 'I made one mistake and I've paid for it ever since.'

'Yes but it wasn't just with anyone was it? You wrecked my family.'

'I was only using him!'

'Oh that's much better!'

'Then there's that bitch! Sitting there like the cat that's got the cream! She actually made fun of the shooting you know? I could have been killed!'

'Have you ever stopped to think that it's because she feels inadequate? She knows she can never replace you. She's never come close – no-one has!'

'Yet you go with someone else and then with her – you don't come home to me!'

Joseph sighed, then frowned. 'What do you mean she made fun of your shooting?'

'…She said "I heard you got shot, I hear they're narrowing down the suspects."' Jac turned and saw with some satisfaction that Joseph looked startled.

'She wouldn't have meant it.'

'There we go! Make excuses for her! You don't care about me!'

'How can you say that? When I heard what had happened I was terrified! I thought you were…' He stopped himself.

'Just not enough to get in touch!'

'Why does everything have to be an argument with you?'

'Look, Joseph! I don't need this right now! Why don't you just leave me to it?'

'You know what? Maybe I will!' He grabbed his room key and headed upstairs.

In his room he angrily threw his key across the room – why did she still get to him like this? Suddenly his mobile rang, "Faye calling" great! That's all he needed! Caught between two women! Nothing changes even after ten years he thought. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, he opened it to see Jac standing there they looked at each other with hungry eyes.



She stepped in. 'Joseph…'

'Jac…I'm sober...'

'Oh! Good for you!'


He stared at her, willing himself to be stronger than he actually was, she came nearer and nearer, finally, they both gave in and before he knew what was happening, they were kissing passionately, unable to hear his mobile.