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Something is wrong with Naruto, Hinata decided.

She first noticed the fact at school, she had a habit of watching Naruto from afar after he saved her from some bullies a few years ago, and she liked to think that she new how he acted, and that she would know if something were to him.

The first thing she noticed that was off was how he interacted with the other students, before he would be boisterous and frankly kind of annoying, but more recently she noticed he began to close himself off, flinching away and giving excuses about "Having somewhere to be! Sorry!" when people would call his name or tried to interact with him, not that many did.

The second thing Hinata noticed was that whenever he thought no-one was looking, his ever present smile would drop and he would begin looking sad and pensive, as if something heavy was on his mind. however whenever someone looked his way the smile would snap back in an instant and he would be back to the energetic Hokage-hopeful that she knew and adored.

The final thing she noticed, which was the strangest of all, was that she would catch him staring at some of the girls, this confused Hinata, Naruto has never really shown any interest in girls before now, infact the only girl she can remember Naruto interacting with was Sakura, and he was always loud and direct with his interests, asking for dates and proclaiming how pretty he thought she was.

"So no" Hinata thought, as she furrowed here eyebrows and tapped her pencil against her homework, she had already finished it and their sensei was just blabbering on about some unimportant detail in Konoha's history

"I don't think he is interested in them, so why does he keep staring at them?" she massages her head and sighs deeply, blushing when she realises that the student next to her heard the sigh of frustration and was giving her a look

"S-sorry!" she whispered, hiding her face in her work to hide her embarrassment.

'I have to figure out what is wrong with Naruto-kun, this isn't like him and obviously something is wrong!' with that thought in mind she waited until the end of class began to plan.

"Finally! that class was so boring I swear I was going to burst!" Said Naruto as the class was dispersing, shoving his work into his bag he walked out of class fully prepared to head home, when suddenly he heard light footsteps behind him, turning around he saw someone vaguely familiar to him, after a few moments of thought he snapped his fingers "Hinata-chan! Whats up?"

A blush spread across the shy girls face "H-hello Naruto-kun" a flinch she would have missed had she not been looking crossed Naruto's face "I-I was wondering if you wanted to study together? I-I had noticed you were having trouble with it and thought you might appreciate the help.." This was a horrible idea, what was she thinking? they had talked once years ago and why would he want anything to do with-

"Awesome!" the shout shocked Hinata out of her self destructive train of though, but that was nothing compared to the utter shock that went through her body once he put his arm around her shoulders

"You are super smart right? you can help me with this stupid history and stuff and i can help you with my super awesome Taijutsu moves!" he proceeded to move into some.. questionable kata, making Hinata doubt her plan for a moment 'No! I need to be Naruto's friend if i want to help him! he has always seemed lonely and maybe this will make him happier again!'

Steeling herself, she nodded and cleared her throat, "T-that sounds great Naruto-kun! we just have to figure out what we both need to learn and where we will be studying!" She had a few ideas in her mind, The library was a strong contender and she was about to bring it up when suddenly Naruto spoke up

"Why don't we just study at my place? its not that far away and hardly anyone goes there anyways so it would be super quite so no one disturbs us!"


'How did it come to this?' She thought in disbelief

Naruto's apartment was.. frankly it was a mess, but it was surprisingly well kept for an 11 year old living by himself, they were standing in the entry way and while it was messy, it was somewhat of an organized mess.

"Sorry about the mess!" Naruto said, rubbing the back of his head, laughing awkwardly "If I had known I would have a friend over I totally would have cleaned up! Believe it!" He said, walking off to begin clearing off the kitchen table.

After cleaning a bit and setting up their homework, they studied for a few hours until a rumble suddenly rang throughout the room

Blushing heavily, Naruto held his stomach and chuckled lightly "Sorry, guess I forgot to eat with everything going on!" putting down his barely used pencil that was more chewed on the end than used to write, Naruto stretched and got up "I think I have some instant ramen Somewhere if you are hungry too? normally I would go out to Ichiraku's but I got a bit carried away the other day and now i have to take it easy on the take out" he grumbled that last part sullenly.

"That would be wonderful, thank you Naruto" she replied, getting up herself to stretcher after sitting for a few hours, content with the progress she made, and of how much she helped Naruto make.

Asking Him where the bathroom was he pointed her towards it and began scanning his cupboards for the fabled ramen cups

Entering and closing the door she quickly completed her business before washing her hands, but just as she was about to head back into the dining room she noticed something extremely peculiar hanging on a towel holder, something she never expected to be in a young boys apartment, and even less Naruto's.

"...is that a skirt?"

Hinata stared at the curious piece of clothing for a few more moments, it wasn't anything special, just an orange skirt that went to about knee length, pleated with an elastic band, honestly the only thing that was out of place with it was that it was in Naruto's bathroom!

Hinata continued pondering on why it may be in Naruto's apartment, had a friend come over for a sleepover and left it here? No, that can't be it, Naruto doesn't have any female friends from what she can remember, and the only other reason she could come up with was..

The skirt was Naruto's

"Why would Naruto even own a skirt? He isn't some sort of pervert is he?" blushing at the thought, Hinata jumped as she heard the voice of Naruto calling to her from the other side of the door

"You alright in there Hinata? you've been in there for a long time!" She could practically see him pouting on the other side, should she pretend she hasn't seen it? or.. maybe she should ask him? She was sure he would have a good explanation for the skirt, Naruto has never shown any signs of being a pervert. With that thought in mind she grabbed the skirt and responded "I-I am fine Naruto, its just I- I found something curious and was thinking about it"

Hinata opened the door and came face to face with Naruto, seeing his curious look that slowly turned into shock as he saw what she was holding

"S-so umm, why do you have a skirt in your bathroom..?" She stuttered, hoping she hadn't crossed a line with her new friend, gazing at him as she waited for an answer

"W-what? that old thing?" he laughed in an awkward manner, snatching the article of clothing from Hinata suddenly "This is just something i found laying around ahaha, I uhh, i use it as a drying towel! yeah!" He scrunched his face up and hid the skirt behind his back "Nothing special about it really! Actually i found the ramen! how about we go eat now?" with a large smirk Naruto tossed the skirt into a laundry basket and quickly turned and walked off towards the kitchen, trying not to feel the suspicious gaze the heir Hyūga was giving him

"A-alright then Naruto.." she said quietly, following behind him.

Preparing and eating the ramen had been an awkward affair, ending with Naruto thanking Hinata for her help studying, claiming they should do it again sometimes, and that he would treat her to actual Ichiraku Ramen.

As she walked off towards the Hyūga compound, she couldn't help but think that Naruto was hiding something from her, and that it had to do with that orange skirt.

"I don't know what's going on with you Naruto, but i am going to find out so that I can help you as best as I can!" With her new determination in mind she continued home with a look of determination on her face.

It had been a few weeks since the first study session, and the pair of friends had just finished their latest session and decided to celebrate having seen Naruto's grade rise up from dead last to second to dead last, leaving poor Kiba in the sacred spot.

"Yatta!" shouted the excited blond, walking along cheerfully as Hinata trailed behind him.

"This is awesome Hinata! all thanks to you I'm not dead last anymore! i can't wait to tell Teuchi and Ayame!" Hinata blushed at this praise and brushed her hair out of her face, gazing around the market place for somewhere to shop, she had been meaning to buy some more Kunai after her old pair met their unfortunate end due to the bad aim of a certain blond and the raging waters of a nearby river.

"I-its no problem Naruto! You tried your best a-and you managed to get those marks all by yourself!"

"Eh? but without your help I would have never been able to do those tests! You have an amazing mind behind all that shyness after all!" said Naruto in indignation, befuddled about why Hinata would put her own accomplishments down while praising his own!

"T-thank you Naruto, you are too kind." She said when suddenly something caught her eye, it was a hanging sign that said "Shinobi Designs" a clothing store that seemed to sell clothing specifically catered towards Shinobi

"Hey Naruto!" She called out, causing him to turn around, "Since you managed to raise your score how about we get some new clothes? i have been meaning to.. well i need to get some new clothes" She said blushing, she was a growing girl after all, and she seemed to be growing quite fast in some areas, much to her chagrin.

"Oh cool! I just got my Orphan stipend so i could totally go for some new clothes! in the totally awesome colour of orange of course" he said with a smug smirk and a wink, causing Hinata to laugh and roll her eyes.

Walking into the store she immediately parted ways with her friend telling him to go browse while she got what she needed, and walked off to find the particular item that she required. After browsing for a bit and choosing out a few articles she went off in search of Naruto in the men's section, expecting him to be looking at ridiculous orange jumpsuits and whatever horrible fashion choices he might make (visions of a man in a bowl cut running around in green spandex flashed through her mind, causing her to shiver in disgust).

"That's weird, i can't find him anywhere" and she was right, Naruto was nowhere to be found, "Maybe he already got what he wanted and went searching for me?" she thought, turning around and heading back to the women's section in search of her friend.

It only took a few minutes until she found him, standing infront of a Mannequin that was wearing some traditional Kunoichi armor with a odd look on his face, "What is he doing?" She thought, hiding behind a shelf as she observed the strange behavior of her friend, "that's the same look he gives the girls in our class!" she realized suddenly, pondering on what this could mean, "Is Naruto interested in woman's clothing? it would explain the skirt that I found in his bathroom.." While she was thinking she almost didn't realize Naruto walking off to a nearby shelf and grabbing something off of it.

"Its another skirt!" Hinata took a moment, wondering if she should interfere or not, "I would hate to put him on the spot.. but he is my friend and I need to support him!" bracing herself she began walking towards Naruto, preparing herself for what she was about to do.

"Naruto?" Naruto jumped in shock and hid the clothing item behind him, staring at her in shock.

"H-Hinata! I didn't notice you! I was just uhh.." he began mumbling about finding her and wandering off in the wrong direction, trying to sneak the skirt back onto the shelf without Hinata noticing.

"Naruto, can I see what you are holding behind your back?" Hinata asked in her best calming voice, smiling gently at her friend while his face burned red.

"Hinata I-"

"Naruto its fine, just let me see please?" She placed a calming hand on his shoulder, watching as Naruto slowly showed her the item he had plucked off the shelf. It was a skirt just as she thought, but specifically made for Kunoichi so that it could easily be ripped off incase of battle, shorts build into it for decency and made of a special material that made it both rip and blood resistant, perfect for the battlefield.

"Naruto.. Do you want to get this?" She asked in what she hoped was a comforting manner, clearly seeing the distress on the young boys face.

"Well I uhh.. I was just looking and i saw it and i just picked it up randomly and I don't know I was-" He began to ramble until he was suddenly interrupted

"I think it would look nice on you, was there anything else you wanted to get?"

Shocked into silence, Naruto looked at the Hyūga infront of him with an appraising yet shy look. "Do you really think so..? You don't think i am a weirdo or freak or anything..?" he shyly asked, hands fiddling with the cloth in his hand, "Of course i do! and you aren't weird or anything, you are my best friend and you shouldn't feel bad about what you like!" Hinata said determinedly, before grabbing the young boys wrist and began picking out various articles of clothing, including a few orange piece that she thought he would like.

"H-Hinata! you really don't have to do this!" protested Naruto, blushing in a way that would make you think the two's personalities had been switched

"Of course I do! you are my friend and I am not about to let you walk around in some mismatch of clothes!" She proclaimed, shoving some clothing into his arms before ushering him into a changing room in the back of the store, away from any prying eyes.

"Now get try those on and tell me what you think okay? if you don't like them we can put them back and find something else for you, Okay?" she asked him, hoping she hadn't been to forwards with her pushing, and she got her answer in the form of a nod and the closing of the changing room door.

After a few minutes she hear a click from the door, turning around she was met with a sight that took her by surprise, even if she was the reason this sight was happening.

Standing before her was Naruto, dressed in an orange sleeveless jacket that had a high collar, some long shorts and the skirt he had picked out earlier, his feet covered by some ninja sandals and his surprisingly long hair 'has his hair always been that long?' pulled back into a pony tail. however the most shocking part was his face, which usually held a large grin that fell whenever someone wasn't looking, was now pulled into a small, but genuine smile.

"H-how do I look Hinata-chan?" He asked shyly, rubbing his left arm and turning away his blushing face.

"Naruto.." she began, trying to find the right words

"I look horrible don't I!" he chocked out, tears beginning to build up in his eyes, "I shouldn't have put these on! I knew I would look horrible and like some perverted freak!" he began closing the door but before he could something latched onto his arm and caused him to look up in shock.

Hinata was there with a blush on her face and her hand around his right arm. "Naruto I think you look really cute!" she exclaimed

suddenly, the blush only getting deeper and she released Naruto once she realized what she had just said. "I-I mean you look really nice in those clothes! t-they are really nice and.." whatever she was saying suddenly drifted off as he saw the look Naruto was giving her, one of wonderment and awe.

"You really think I look cute Hinata-chan?" He said in a low voice, barely high enough for the shy girl to hear. "I don't want you saying that kinda stuff if you are just saying it to be nice.." he looked away sadly, gripping the bottom of his skirt anxiously as he awaited her answer.

"O-of course i do Naruto-kun! you are always cute but these clothes just make you even cuter!" Naruto flinched at the honorific and decided to risk something he never thought it would.

"Thanks a lot Hinata, that means a lot to me but.. do you think you could uhh.." He hesitated, wondering if what he was about to say would drive away his only close friend.

"What's that Naruto?" Hinata tilted her head, gazing at her best friend with a confused gaze, wondering what they wanted to ask her that would make them hesitate, in all the years she had known Naruto (which admittedly was only a couple) She had never known the hyperactive blond to hesitate for anything!

Naruto thought for a few more seconds before deciding to ask something simpler "I don't like it when you call me Naruto-kun, do you think you could use some other honorific please..?" he asked pitifully, scared that he may have insulted his best friend for such a measly reason.

Hinata stood there in shock for a moment before shaking herself out of it "Oh I am so sorry Naruto! I didn't know that it made you uncomfortable!" She stepped closer and wrapped her arms around the shaking Blond, "if it makes you happy I will call you whatever you want!"

Shaking from some unrecognizable emotion, Naruto wrapped Their arms around their friend and began thanking them over and over again.

Once their emotions had cleared up Naruto got changed back into their orange jumpsuit and went with Hinata to buy all their things, the cashier giving the young blond a dirty look but not daring to do anything with the Hyūga heir with them.

After buying all their items and walking to the blonds apartment, Naruto turned to Hinata and gave her the biggest smile she had ever seen on the blonds face. "Thank you so much for being my friend Hinata. You are super amazing and understanding and.." they struggled with their words for a moment before settling on something "I am so glad I met you, I don't know what I would do without an awesome friend like you!"

Hinata blushed and smiled at the praise, being incredibly happy that her childhood crush and best friend thought so highly of her, but most of all she was glad they were smiling so genuinely again.

"O-of course Naruto! You are my best friend and I would do anything to make you happy!" with on last hug they said their goodbyes and Hinata made he way back home, trying to think of an excuse about why she had stayed out so late past school closing, it had been hard hiding her friendship with Naruto from her Father but it was worth every moment.

"Naruto seemed so much happier wearing those clothes, but i can't help but think there is still something Naruto isn't telling me.."

Hinata and Naruto were once again finishing up their homework, stretching their sore muscles after sitting for hours on end, Naruto was once again wearing some of their new clothing, the two friends had gone shopping a few more times to get some more casual clothing for Naruto once they realized that only owning Shinobi gear wasn't very practical.

Naruto had taken to always wearing their new clothing while they studied at home, having been too shy to attempt going out in them yet, merely wearing them in the comfort of home and Hinata's company. The two friends were packing up their books and writing supplies when suddenly a rumbling rang throughout the room.

Looking up at Naruto with an amused look on her face, Hinata asked "Hungry Naruto? You didn't have anything for lunch after you woke up late and had to rush to school"

"Hey! its not my fault that school starts so early! a super awesome Shinobi like me needs plenty of sleep! plus all this studying makes me super tired!" they protested half-heartedly

Hinata laughed and finished packing away her things, she was about to turn to leave when Naruto suddenly spoke up "Hey uhh, Hinata-chan? how about we go get some Ichiraku's? it feels like its been forever since i had any! And you have to try it!"

"Ichiraku's? isn't that the ramen stand you are always going to?" she asked, despite knowing very well that's exactly what Naruto was talking about, having seen them there many a time before while shopping in the market-place.

"Yeah you have to come along! Teuchi-san and Ayame-chan are super nice too! you will really like them!" Exclaimed Naruto excitedly, Pumping their fists infront of them excitedly with a large grin on their face.

Tapping her finger against her cheek in thought Hinata made a show of thinking very deeply. "Oh I don't know Naruto.. it might ruin my diet!" she sighed deeply, shaking her head in despair

Naruto reeled back in shock "Ehh? A diet? Why would you need to be on a diet Hinata-chan? You already look great as is!" proclaimed the blond as they placed their hands on their hips and gave the young girl a disapproving look.

Laughing aloud at the reaction of her friend Hinata tried to hide her blush by waving her hand infront of her face "I was just kidding Naruto, I am not on a diet so don't worry." she gave her friend a small smile and held her hands behind her back shyly, looking away from the confused blond. "But thank you for saying that I look great.."

Naruto smiled and gave her a thumbs up, "No problem Hinata! So is that a yes or no to Ichiraku's?" They asked, doing an odd pose that had their left hand on their hip and their right hand pointing up and to their right.

"Oh uh- Yeah of course!" Confirmed Hinata

The two of them were about to head out when suddenly Hinata realized something. "Naruto?"

"Yeah? what's up Hinata-chan?"

"Are you going to be going out in those?" She pointed down at Naruto's chest, making them look down at what they were wearing.

It was nothing outstanding, Naruto was wearing a black and orange jacket that was slightly unzipped to reveal a black women's v-neck, some orange shorts that didn't seem very loose at all and some basic black Shinobi sandals. Naruto's shoulder length hair was also pulled back into a high ponytail. all in all it made Naruto look very.. Feminine.

"I uhh. well i just thought that maybe since I am going with you and we are just going out to Ichiraku's then maybe i could.. stay like this?" Naruto had a hopefully look on their face, clenching their fists at their side and grinding their right foot against the floor. "If its weird i can change back into else, I don't wanna embarrass you by looking like this.." a sad look began dawning on their face at the realization that they may be embarrassing their best friend.

"No no! I think its amazing you are going out like this! You look great and not weird at all." she finished wish conviction, giving her friend a quick hug before turning towards the door. "So are we going to get ramen or not?" she turns back and gave Naruto a wink before walking out.

Naruto gave a huge smile and grabbed their bag before chasing after the retreating form of Hinata. "Hey wait up! you can't get ramen without me!"

The walk to Ichiraku's was rather peaceful all things considering, there had been a few double takes whenever someone saw the young blond but no-one had actually approached the pair, making the trip to the ramen stand rather quick.

Entering Ichiraku's, the two friends quickly sat down at the counter and waited while Teuchi took the order from someone who had gotten in just before them.

"I will be with you two young ladies in a moment!" called out the distracted man, having only taken a quick glance at the two.

Naruto's eyes widened in shock before a large blush crossed their face and they began began rubbing the back of their head while smiling a bit. Hinata watched this with interest as dawning began to rise up in her, but she had to be sure before making any assumptions.

"Naruto? are you alright? I am sure Teuchi-san didn't mean to mistake who you are." Hinata asked the blushing blond, hoping to gain some insight on what they might be thinking.

"Maa maa~ its fine Hinata-chan! i really don't mind at all ehehe~" consoled the blond, containing a glow that they didn't have a few moments before.

'Oh i see' thought Hinata, understanding dawning across her completely and she gave the blond a kind smile before turning back to Teuchi, who had finished taking the order from the other customer and had given it to Ayame.

"Now what can i do for you two- Naruto?" Teuchi asked in surprise, having not recognized Naruto until he had gotten a good look at them.

"H-hey Teuchi-san! how's it going?" answered the blond, a bit embarrassed from the calculating look they were getting from their pseudo father-figure.

"I didn't recognize you at first! you look very.. nice today." Teuchi gave Naruto a kind smile before grabbing his notebook and pen. "So what can I get you and your friend today?"

Naruto ordered a miso ramen and Hinata got some pork ramen, the two just chatting between each other and the father-daughter duo working behind the counter, Ayame had been surprised at Naruto's new fashion sense but accepted it just as quickly as her father, seeming more interested in the young girl sitting next to Naruto.

"So how long have you two been friends? i don't think Naruto-kun has ever brought you around before." asked Ayame, not seeing the flinch that Naruto gave at the honorific. "Well uhh.. Me and Naruto first met a few years ago when they saved me from a group of bullies, but we only really began hanging out about a month ago.." Said Hinata, looking over at Naruto she could see that it looked like they wanted to say something but couldn't decide whether to or not, seeing this Hinata placed a comforting hand on Naruto's shoulder and nodded her head at Ayame.

Feeling comforted by Hinata turned to Ayame and began to speak, "Uhh Ayame-chan? i was just wondering if maybe you wouldn't use -Kun anymore, I don't really like it and it makes me uncomfortable.."

"Huh? Well alright then Naruto, I will do my best to remember that, you are our best customer after all!" Having said that Ayame gave Naruto a kind smile and turned back to go prepare some more ramen for some of the customers that were coming in.

"Thanks a ton Ayame-chan!" shouted Naruto after her, causing some glares from the other patrons to come their way, making Naruto laugh awkwardly and shrink into their seat.

After a few more bowls of ramen the duo were significantly stuffed and had begun walking back to Naruto's apartment. In comfortable silence the duo walked along the streets thinking about all that had happened.

'Now is my chance.. i have to ask Naruto about what's going on, and preferably not on the streets where someone can overhear' thought Hinata, wondering how she would bring up the subject, before getting an idea that would both get her inside and give her one last confirmation of what she thought.

"N-Naruto-chan? do you mind if I go back into your apartment? I have something I need to ask you." Hinata looked at Naruto to gauge their reaction to the feminine honorific, hoping that she was right about this.

What she saw was Naruto standing completely still and staring off into nothing, 'Oh no, i hope i didn't offend them!' thought Hinata as she stood there watching the blond stand there.

it had been a few seconds with no reactions when Hinata decided to try again "N-Naruto-chan? are you alright?"

Hearing their name caused them to snap out of whatever had happened because Naruto's face lit up and they Turned to Hinata "Yeah of course! You are welcome inside anytime Hinata-chan!" having said that Naruto began walking towards their apartment again.

'that was odd, but if anything it practically confirms what I was thinking... Naruto wants to be a girl!' Hinata resumed following her friend, determined to ask Naruto about this directly.

Hinata was sitting on Naruto's couch while Naruto was in the bathroom, She was thinking about how she was going to bring up her suspicion, Hinata was fairly certain that she was right, after all the hints were all there! The clothing choice, their dislike of -kun and the joy at being called -chan, the smiling and blushed when Teuchi-san referred to the both of them as "ladies", it all lined up! it also explained why Naruto gave the girls in class jealous looks!

Steeling herself Hinata turned her head towards the hallway when she heard the door opening, and there was Naruto walking towards her with a smile.

"So Hinata-chan! what did you want to ask me? We didn't forget to study anything did we?" Naruto frowned, a look of thought on their face while they sat down next to Hinata, throwing her a questioning look.

"A-ah nothing like that Naruto, I just wanted to ah.. talk about everything that's been happening with you recently" Hinata stammered as she tried getting out her thoughts in a understandable way.

"Oh" he said. "its not.. its not weirding you out right?"

"No no! that isn't what I mean!" she shook her head, wringing her hands together. "I was just wondering about something!"

"Oh alright! what is it you wanted to know?" Naruto tilted their head, giving Hinata their full attention.

"C-can I ask how long you've liked girly clothes?"

"E-eh?" stammered Naruto, "I guess I always liked them I guess? I mean I always thought that it was unfair that all the girls at the orphanage got to wear cute dresses and all that."

Naruto got an odd look on their face, "Actually it wasn't only clothes to be honest, when I was younger I uhh" Naruto stopped here, giving Hinata an appraising look before finding what they were looking for and continuing on, "well I uhh.. i always tried playing with the girls, cause all the boys played stupid games that always ended up with me being bruised and roughed up, and the girls always looked like they were having so much fun!" Naruto proclaimed enthusiastically, "Not that they ever let me play with them.. they always called me "demon" and "weirdo" before running away.."

Hinata looked at Naruto with a pitying look, The poor blond had such a rough time with most of Konoha's Population, only some of the clan kids ignored the prejudice against the whiskered child and allowed them the hang around them, but even then only Hinata, Shikamaru and maybe Choji could claim to be friends with them.

"I am sorry to hear about that Naruto.. Do you mind if I ask something else?" It was here Hinata hesitated, would Naruto think she was weird for asking this? if her suspicions turned out to be wrong this would be incredibly embarrassing.

"Sure thing Hinata-chan! I don't mind answering any questions you have" Naruto gave her a thumbs up, hoping to encourage the shy Hyūga to get whatever it was off her mind.

"Well its just.. I've noticed some things when I've been hanging out with you, or just watching you when you are alone! A-and its made me come up with a theory of sorts..

"A theory?" asked Naruto, a confused but curious look dawning on their face

"I-it may sound weird but I just wanted to ask incase its true!" Hinata stammered out in her own defense, suddenly wondering if this was the right thing to do before shaking her head to throw out her doubts, if Naruto did want to be a girl then she would do everything she could to help!

"Well come on! tell me your Theory!" asked Naruto excitedly, Hinata never really spoke up much so Naruto was very curious about what was on her mind.

"W-well.. I've noticed that you stare at the girls in class a lot." Naruto flinched at this and went to speak up but Hinata continued on, "A-and that whenever you wear feminine clothes you seem happier? Y-you also seemed really happy when Teuchi-san thought you were a girl and when i called you Naruto-chan instead of -kun, which i know you don't like." Naruto began to look slightly nervous and uncomfortable, as though Hinata was bringing up some things they didn't want to face.

"S-so i was just wondering.." Hinata looked up to stare Naruto in the eyes.

"Naruto? do you- do you want to be a girl..?"

Naruto had a panicked look, "W-what? T-there is no way I would want s-something like that ahaha! its impossible y'know? P-plus wouldn't that make me super weird or something?" Naruto looked away and got a sad look on their face.

"Plus, its not like that-" Naruto got interrupted by a sudden hug from Hinata, who had tears in her eyes and was.. shaking? wait no that was Naruto, who also had tears in their eyes and couldn't seem to keep their hands still.

"I-its alright to tell me the truth Naruto-chan, i won't judge you!" Begged Hinata, she could see the struggle in Naruto's eyes and what seemed like the onset of a panic attack.

It was a few minutes of just hugging before Naruto stopped shaking, but the blond hadn't made a single sound since Hinata had spoken other than a few sniffles and sobs. Hinata let go of the hug but kept her hands on her friends shoulders, "Naruto-chan?"

She got a few muffled mumbles as her answer, causing her to lean in and ask again, "Naruto-chan? could you say that again please?"

"Ah said.. yes.." Said Naruto, who had a defeated look in her eyes.

"I-I know its stupid and that it'll never happen but- but its not fair!" Naruto cried out, punching the back of the couch as tears welled up in her eyes once more.

"Its not fair that I gotta be stupid "Naruto-kun" while all the girls in class and all that get to be all happy and- and girly and all that! I hate it when I gotta be all manly and all that cause 'I'm a growing boy', its just not right! I don't like being called a boy and I- never have!" Naruto pulled Hinata into another hug, crying into her shoulder and shaking once more, "I-I never understood when I was younger, I tried asking the Matron there why i couldn't play with the girls and wear dresses once.. she locked me in my room until I got those "perverted notions" outta my head!"

Naruto leaned back and looked into Hinata's milky eyes, "Y-you don't think imma pervert right Hinata?"

"Of course not Naruto!" Hinata was sitting there with her eyes wide open, overwhelmed with the mass of information she had gotten, this had been going on for years? how had she not noticed sooner! She sat there holding a crying Naruto for what felt like hours, but according to the clock in the main room it had only been ten minutes.

Patting Naruto on the back she pulled back, observing the blonds flushed face and red, puffy eyes, "Naruto? Do you want me to treat you like a girl from now on? I can called you she and her, I can call you -chan all the time! You are my best friend and i want to do what's best for you!"

Naruto sat there in silence for a bit, staring at Hinata in disbelief until finally nodding her head and wiping her eyes on her arm, "Y-yes please Hinata-chan.. I would really like that!" and with that she gave Hinata the biggest most genuine smile she had ever seen on the young girls face.

Hinata had left to go home after that, already having been running late for getting home and would have risked a search party if she stayed any longer. and Naruto had gone to bed with a smile on her face, feeling giddy that she had finally gotten a secret she had been keeping for years off her chest.

Both of the friends were sitting at Naruto's table, having had little homework meant they got it done quickly due to both Hinata's tutoring and general determination to get it over an done with.

"So!" Hinata stated suddenly, having just finished putting away her things, "I was thinking we could both go to a training ground today so that we could practice our Kunai and Shuriken throwing!"

"That sounds awesome Hinata-chan! Let me go get changed and my Kunai and we can get going!" Proclaimed Naruto, getting up and beginning to make her way towards her room.

"Naruto-chan? Maybe you could wear those Shinobi clothes we got you the other day? It would be nice seeing you get used to wearing them outside!" Hinata suggested, glad things were going according to plan.

Hinata had decided that after the big revelations last night, it would be good to get Naruto used to wearing more feminine clothes while outside, having already done it once before and it having gone well she thought it would be good practice for Naruto in gaining some confidence in who she is, She can't always rely on Hinata reassuring her after all!

"E-eh? I guess that is alright.. but what if somebody we know shows up? They would think I'm a pervert or something!"

"You aren't a pervert Naruto, you are a normal girl who is just going outside to do some training" Hearing this caused Naruto to blush and smile, filled with Euphoria and some of her doubts going away.

"And luckily for you I already thought about that!" Proclaimed Hinata, before she began digging in her bag

"Eh? waddya mean Hinata-chan?" Naruto approached to try and see what Hinata was doing.

"Aha!" Hinata smiled as she pulled out what looked like some vials and some containers full of powdery stuff.

"What is that" asked Naruto, confusion crossing her face.

"This Naruto" she held up her prizes with a look of mischievous glee on her face, "Is makeup!"

"Ehh?" Naruto recoiled, clearly not having expected Hinata to have had that in her bag. "You wear makeup Hinata? I never noticed!"

Hinata shook her head with a smile and placed the vials and containers on the table, "I don't wear it often, only during formal occasions at home, like meetings between clans and stuff like that." She looked up at Naruto and pointed at her whiskers, "But we will be using it to cover up your whiskers and make you look a bit more feminine!"

Naruto nodded along, seeing where Hinata was going with this, "So if we come across anyone we know then they shouldn't recognize its me! your brilliant Hinata-chan!" Naruto smiled wide and scooped Hinata up in a hug, before dropping her and going towards her room, "Let me get dressed and then we can do this makeup stuff!"

Hinata's face was as red as the roses in the the compound gardens, clearly not having expected to be picked up by her longtime crush like that. "O-ok Naruto-chan! I-I'll be here!" She called after the already gone blond, fanning her face in an effort to cool down.

Naruto had changed and was now sitting in a chair across from Hinata with her hair tied back, nervously eyeing the various items that Hinata was looking through, "Now we shouldn't have to use too much, since we are just trying to cover your whiskers and make you a bit cuter, so at most we will be using some foundation, concealer, eyeliner and some mascara, those last two are just to make your eyes stand out, which tends to make you seem more girly, are you following me Naruto-chan?" Naruto nodded along at her explanation, looking at each of the items that had been mentioned to her.

"How long does this usually take?" Questioned the Blond, eager to get started with her first experience with make-up

"Not long at all! when I first tried putting makeup on I looked horrible and it took forever, but with practice comes accuracy and speed, just like kunai throwing I suppose!" Hinata chuckled at the comparison, before opening the first container and looking at Naruto.

"Now I need you to close your eyes and stay still, okay?"

"O-okay Hinata-chan, I will do my best." Naruto said before closing her eyes, as Hinata began applying the makeup Naruto began to feel her mind wander, so many things had happened recently thanks to her best friend, from getting more feminine clothes, learning to go out in them and now she was even getting to do makeup! Never in her life had Naruto thought that she would get to do these kinds of things without being seen as some sort of pervert, but Hinata made it seem like she was completely normal! Infact, Hinata was so kind that Naruto thought that maybe, just maybe, other people would be accepting of her as well.

"Annnnd done! just one last thing we need to do Naruto-chan" Naruto opened her eyes and blinked her eyes at the sudden influx of light, when she finally adjusted again she saw Hinata holding a pink tube, "now this is mascara, I am going to hold it close to your eye and when I tell you to I need you to blink, alright?" Naruto nodded at this and watched as Hinata twisted the top and pulled out what looked like a brush, She then held it right infront of her eye, 'is she going to poke my eye out?' before speaking, "Blink"

She blinked, she did this a few more times before Hinata nodded and put it away, leaning back for a moment to observe her friend, "Hmm.." she hummed and got a thoughtful look on her face, "Something is missing.. Aha!" Hinata then dug into her bag again and pulled out another tube, black this time, "Pucker your lips for a second, I'm going to put some lipstick on you"

Naruto blushed, L-lipstick? like Hinata's lipstick? that would be like an indirect kiss! from Hinata! this thought made her blush even more as the words circled in her mind, snapping out of it she shook her head and looked up at Hinata, seeing her confused face looking at her made here mentally facepalm, obviously Hinata hadn't even thought of it like that! she was just trying to help! after a few more moments of hesitation Naruto puckered her lips and watched as Hinata carefully applied the light pink lipstick, careful not to get any outside the lines of her mouth.

"There!" Hinata clapped her hands together in glee, "that is a very good colour for you Naruto-chan! i never used it myself since it never seemed to match my skin tone" Naruto groaned internally as she heard this, berating herself for thinking such weird things, especially about her friend.

Hinata grabbed a mirror out of her bag and handed it to Naruto, "Here! tell me what you think!" she exclaimed excitedly, eager to see what the blond thought of her makeover.

Looking into the mirror Naruto stopped breathing, shock overcoming her at the sight before her. Gone were her trademark whiskers, replaces with smooth tanned skin and a slight blush, did Hinata add that or was it just showing through the makeup? Her eyes were the same but the eyeliner and mascara caused them to pop in a way Naruto had never seen, and the lipstick just completed the look, however basic it was.

"W-wow Hinata! I look amazing! you can barely recognize me at a glance!" Naruto gushed, staring at herself from multiple angles in the mirror while Hinata flushed at the praise coming her way.

"Of course Naruto! it should be resistant to sweat so you don't have to worry about it coming off while we train!"

"That's great! lets get going then!" Exclaimed the excited blond, grabbing her bag that held her kunai before racing to the door to get her sandals on.

"W-wait up Naruto-chan!" cried out Hinata, grabbing her bag before racing after her friend, leaving the makeup on the table in her rush.

Hinata and Naruto had arrived at a training ground with some targets set up for throwing weapon practice, shaped in the vague shape of a person to help with the accuracy practice, there was also a small stream that ran past it.

The pair had been practicing for about an hour before they decided to take a small break, having practiced both their kunai and shuriken throwing in equal parts.

Hinata sat beneath a nearby tree to get some relief from the scorching sun, as it was unusually hot that day. "Wow Naruto! you've really improved since we first began hanging out together! have you been practicing without me?" Naruto rubbed the back of her head at this, "Yeah a bit! seeing how hard you were trying to help me with my grades really made me want to work on my other skills to!"

"That's great Naruto! You can really tell the difference now." Hinata took off the large jacket she usually wore, revealing a grey tank top.

"You too Hinata-chan! You are really good at this!" Naruto chuckled, beginning to feel the heat herself. Summers in the land of fire were always hot, which was a given, but honestly! would it kill the weather to take it down a notch? she felt like she was going to melt into a puddle here!

The two were going to continue their chatting when suddenly a new voice rang out, "Hey! Is that you Hinata?" at the sound of the voice the pairs heads snapped towards the source of it, before them was Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara and Choji Akimichi, it was Ino who was calling out towards them, waving her hand as the two boys followed here, Choji eating from a bag of chips and Shikamaru looking as though he would rather be anywhere else.

"Its not often I see you outside of school! I didn't really expect you to be here! and who is this with you? I don't recognize her from school?" Ino gave Naruto a curious look, the blond was frozen in place and wasn't moving a muscle, what was she supposed to do? if she said her name then Ino might think she is some sort of weirdo! but if she didn't give a name then Ino would be suspicious! And everyone knew that Shikamaru was too smart for his own good, he would probably pick up on some sort of hint!

Giving a panicked look towards Hinata, eyes begging for help, Hinata saw this and decided to improvise, "Y-yeah Ino! I don't get out much but today was so nice i couldn't give up the chance to train! and this is my friend Na- Naruko-chan?" Hinata internally flinched, great going with that name Hinata, you might as well announce who she actually was "W-we met not too long ago and she asked to come with me to train! yeah! She is in a different year so you probably wouldn't know her! Ehehe~"

Ino had a strange look on her face before smiling and getting a sparkle in her eyes, "Well its nice to meet you Naruko! its kind of weird we never came across each other before but now we have!" She stepped aside to show the two boys behind her, "The one with the pineapple hair is Shikamaru, he is a lazy bum who sleeps all the time be he is super smart!" Said pineapple head muttered a "troublesome.." underneath his breath, clearly not appreciating his introduction but waving none-the-less, "And this one here is Choji Akimichi, He eats always has the best snacks! and is really nice as long as you don't insult his weight~" She whispered that last part to the other blond girl, making her giggle a bit, having seen what happens when someone called the plump Akimichi "fat".

Choji gave a kind wave before going back to his chips, Ino continued on "And I'm Ino Yamanaka! The brains, beauty and bronze of the group~" she added with a wink, earning a grumble from Shikamaru and a chuckle from Choji. "Why don't you tell us about yourself Naruko? since everyone knows each other here except for you!" Ino said, "Our parents made us all come here to train, but personally i find it much more interesting to get to know someone new~ Especially someone who managed to befriend someone as shy as Hinata-chan!" Hinata eeped at this, a flush coming across her face as she covered her cheeks with her hands.

"W-well-" The newly dubbed Naruko said, "I am Naruko Uzu- Uzushi?" She proclaimed, in a tone that sounded a bit more like a question then an answer, "I like.. traps? and ramen too! I-I hope to be your friend!" Naruko internally groaned, she was totally messing this up, Saying traps instead of pranks and not even bothering to try and hide her love of ramen, she really needed to get some more hobbies..

Ino on the other hand merely smiled wider and clasped her hands infront of her, "That's great! do you mind if we join you? we can't really go back home right now since its too early and our parents would know we hadn't been training ehehe~"

"Oh yeah that sounds fine! right Hinata?" Naruko looked over at her friend, who had been sitting in silence as the introductions went on, seemingly calm but slightly anxious on the inside, Ino was the class's beauty queen and if anyone would be able to see through the disguise it would be her!

"O-oh yeah! that sounds fine! we were just practicing our throwing when we decided to take a break." Hinata stumbled over her words, clearly not used to having so much attention on her. "W-we just sat down actually, you don't mind if we just sit here right?"

"Not at all" Said Shikamaru, who was already in the process of laying down against a nice tree underneath a shadow.

"Really Shika? taking a nap at the first chance you get? what a lazy bum!" fumed Ino, stamping her foot on the ground, there was no real malice in her tone, already being used to this kind of behavior from the Nara heir.

Shaking her head in annoyance, she sat down next to the other girls and began to chat with the two of them, trying to pry more information out of the two of them about how they met and how long they've been hanging out together.

This went on for a good ten minutes, causing a great deal of discomfort for the two girls as they tried to cover up the fact that Naruko Uzushi was infact not a real person. While Ino was trying to squeeze as many juicy details out of the two as possible.

"W-we've been sitting down for a while now, maybe we could practice out taijutsu together since we are all here?" suggested Hinata, desperate to get away from the interrogation of the villages top T&I expert's daughter, "S-since your parents wanted you to train? it would be suspicious if you came back in perfect condition!" Reasoned the white eyed girl.

Ino considered this, "I guess you are right.. we have 5 people though so one of us would have to sit out." She snapped a glare at Shikamaru, who was already raising his hand to volunteer to sit out, "Not you! you could use the exercise!" Shikamaru groaned at this but didn't protest any more, "What about you Choji? you are already pretty good at your clans Taijutsu style so you don't really need the practice."

"Sounds good to me." Choji said with a shrug, not about to pass up a chance to sit and eat while his friends fought in the scorching sun.

"Alright! So I think that Me and Naruko could train with each other while Hinata and Shikamaru do the same! Choji you can train against one of us in a bit!" Nobody spoke up against her so Ino took that as agreement.

Naruko was standing across from Ino, they were standing next to the stream while Hinata and Shikamaru were a bit off to the side, next to the training dummys which were infront of the tree's.

"Now just because you are in a year lower than me doesn't mean i will take it easy on you! you are gonna have to fight to survive here!" said Ino with a kindly look on her face that did not at all match the words she was saying.

"I would be mad if you took it easy on me! I am gonna grind you into dust!" Claimed Naruko, pounding a fist into her hand, clearly excited to fight against the Yamanaka heir, Naruko didn't have the best Taijutsu in class but she was confident that after the practice she had with Hinata that she could beat the other blond.

"We will see about that Naruko-chan! now lets do this" and with that she made the seal of confrontation.

With a cocky grin and a returned seal, the two of them rushed at each other and began to battle. Throwing the first punch Naruko attempted to get a hit on Ino's face, but the punch was dodged and countered with a hit in the stomach.

Breathing heavily after being hit in the gut Naruko mentally facepalmed herself, of course it wouldn't be that easy!

"Careful there Naruko, I would hate to have to beat you up so early in our fight~" Ino teased

"Har har, lucky hit blondie!" snapped Naruko

"You are blond too!" stated Ino, before blocking a series of punches launched her way, quickly twisting to her side she tried to sweep the feet out of underneath the other girls feet, which was dodged and countered with a kick towards the her.

Barely having dodged the two continued their dueling, being fairly evenly matched all things considered. The two kept trading punches and kicks, slowly making their way towards the stream, seeing this a devilish plan began to hatch in Ino's mind.

"Y'know you are pretty god for being a year underneath me!" She dodged a kick aimed towards her side, "But there is one thing you learn when training to be a Shinobi!" taunted Ino, almost ready to enact her plan.

Naruko gave the other blond a confused look, "And what's that Ino-chan?"

"Always pay attention to your surroundings!" with this Ino ran towards Naruko and launched herself into the blond with a tackle, launching the both of them into the stream.

After a few moments of confusion the both of them surfaced, Ino laughing while Naruko protested at the treatment, "What's the big idea! We're both soaked now!"

"Well it is super hot today so I thought it would be a good chanced to cool down!" Ino laughed at the look Naruko was giving her, before something caught her eye.

"Hey Naruko? Are you wearing makeup? it looks like its coming off!" Ino pointed at Naruko's face, and true enough the eyeliner and mascara were both causing black streaks to appear on her eyes and the concealer was beginning to come off, starting to reveal Naruko's whiskers.

"W-what?" Said Naruko panicked, as she began to scrambled to get out of the river, trying to preserve what she could of the makeup.

"H-hey! watch it!" complained Ino, who got splashed by the panicking girl.

Naruko climbed out of the stream and looked back into the water, seeing that the concealer had practically all came off, completely revealing her whiskers, "Oh no no no, this can't be happening!" She said as tears began to leak from her eyes.

"Naruko is everything alright? I am sorry I pushed you into the river! I didn't know you were wearing makeup!" Ino tried apologizing, having climbed out of the river and began approaching the other girl to try comforting her.

"N-no Ino! Don't look at me!" protested Naruko, hiding her face behind her hands. She heard the sound of more footsteps approaching, "Hey what's going on Ino? Don't tell me you made her cry, crying girls are so troublesome.." said Shikamaru, though you could hear concern in his voice.

"W-what happened you two? you're both soaked!" asked Hinata, concern on her face as she approached her friend.

"Well we were sparring and then I got her back to the river and decided it would be fun to tackle her into the river! i didn't know that she was wearing makeup!" Ino defended herself, feeling bad that she had made the girl cry.

Hinata approached Naruko to offer to put the makeup back on, but realized she had left it all at the girls apartment, 'Dang it! this isn't good..'.

"Naruko-chan? are you okay?" Asked Hinata, trying to comfort her distressed friend.

"N-not really Hinata-chan.." Naruto had stopped crying but her voice was still hoarse, upset that she had both lost the makeup and ruined the fun mood that everyone was having.

"I-its alright Naruko-chan! Everything is going to be alright! C-can I see your face?"


As she slowly removed her hands from her face and revealed it to the group, dawning began to spread over them.

"Naruto!?" Exclaimed Choji, "Why are you wearing makeup and dressed like that?" Choji asked in shock, having not even recognized their friend while they looked like that.

Hinata snapped at the boy, "What does it matter what Naruto wears and what she does with makeup? She has every right to do what she wants!"

Choji raised his hands defensively and backed up, clearly not having expected the shy and gentle Hinata to snap at him like that.

Shikamaru spoke up next, "What do you mean 'she'? Naruto is a guy isn't he?" Upon hearing this Naruto chocked back another sob, emotion overcoming her,

Hinata rubbed Her back in comfort, trying to keep the blond from crying again, "Naruto? do you want to tell them?" Naruto shrugged her shoulders and stayed silent, not trusting her own voice at the moment.

"I think I know what's going on here" Ino said gently, as she kneeled down next to Naruto and grabbed her hands, "The Yamanaka clan is known for its mind techniques, but we also study the mind and everything about it, so we have learned quite a few things about it" began Ino, causing Naruto to look up in confused, "One of those things is something called "Gender Dysphoria" and "Transgender", do you know what those are Naruto?" Naruto shook her head, clearly never having heard those words before, infact the only one who seemed to recognize them was Shikamaru, whos eyes widened as he began to understand what was going on here.

"Gender Dysphoria is defined as "the condition of feeling one's emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one's biological sex." and Transgenderism can be defined as "a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.", Now I have to ask you Naruto, does that sound like you? do you feel more like a girl inside than a boy?"

Naruto stared for a few moments, not believe if this was true, she wasn't a freak? not the only one who had gone through this? Wiping away her tears she spoke up, "Y-yeah.. I never liked being called a boy or anything like that.." Ino gave her a slightly sad smile at this, feeling bad at all the stress the young blond was going through.

"So how would you feel about us all calling you she and using the name Naruko? Would you like that?" she prompted gently, trying to be as careful as possible not to send the young girl into another freak-out.

"W-would you? I've only told Hinata so far.. I don't wanna weird you out." Naruko responded, not wanting to believe her luck, not after all these years of being unlucky.

"Of course! You are our adorable friend Naruko who is a adorable young girl ready to take on the world!" With that she gave Naruko a hug and prompted the others to join in, Hinata did instant, Choji following right after and Shikamaru after grumbling about "troublesome girls and their hormones"

Naruko sad there in the middle of a group hug, still dripping wet and with her makeup ruined, but never had she felt happier then that very moment, "T-thank you guys! your are the best!" she returned the hugs to the best of her ability.

This group hug lasted a bit longer before suddenly a groan sounded out and Shikamaru spoke up "How much longer are we gonna be doing this? I'm getting sweaty here"

With a look of unholy rage appearing on her face Ino walked up to the lazy boy and pushed him into the stream, "There! Now you are nice and cooled off!" She harrumphed, silence overtaking the group before Hinata began giggling, soon the laughter had spread across the entire group while Shikamaru sad in the stream with a exasperated look on his face, muttering his famous "troublesome" once more.

After that day, many things changed, but many things stayed the same.

For a while Naruko didn't come out to anyone outside her small friend group, happy to be supported and cherished by the few friends who knew and loved her, but after a while she decided that she didn't want to hide who she was anymore. With the support of her friends she got an appointment with Ino's father, who after a few sessions of talking and questioning officially diagnosed Naruko with Gender Dysphoria. However before being able to take any medical or legal action Naruko needed the permission of her official guardian, who just so happened to be the Hokage.

Hiruzen was concerned when Inochi walked in with Naruko, but after sitting down and explaining what exactly Naruko was going through Hiruzen gave the young girl a kindly smile and introduced himself, "Hello Naruko, its wonderful to finally meet you.". After some more explaining and with the proper forms Naruko managed to begin some testosterone blockers, to prevent any further change from a male puberty.

Naruko was standing in her room in front of a body length mirror, staring at her reflection. "Today is the day!" she thought, almost bouncing in place from her excitement and nervousness. today was the first day that she would be going to school as a girl! She could barely wait! But despite her excitement and the support of all her friends she couldn't help but be nervous, would they accept her? would they think she was a freak and call her names? Shaking her head she steeled herself, no backing out now! She was going to be who she wanted to be and no-one could tell her otherwise! She could barely wait to see the face of that Teme when she walked in.

A knock sounded at her apartment door, "Naruko-chan? Are you awake? We agreed to walk to school together remember?" called out the familiar voice of Hinata. Looking in the mirror one last time she observed how she looked. Her hair was tied up in twin ponytails, and she was wearing an orange jacket with a netted shirt beneath it, a short orange skirt with some black shorts beneath it along with some bandages wrapped around her thigh to prevent chaffing from the kunai holder she had there. She also had some basic makeup on, just eyeliner, Mascara and some lip-gloss, Hinata had let her keep when she had left on the table claiming that she had plenty back at home.

"Yeah coming!" She responded, grabbing her bag before rushing out to meet Hinata, hurriedly slipping on her sandals before opening the door. "Naruko-chan! You look great! Now come on we have to get to school." Hinata smiled at the blond girl before turning and beginning to descend down the stairs.

The way to school passed quite quickly, the normal morning bustle making the young girls practically invisible to the crowd as they all tried to get where they were going. Once they arrived Hinata waved to Naruko promising to see her soon, before making her way to class. Naruko took a deep breath and made her way to the teachers lounge, where she was told to meet Iruka-sensei so he could explain how she would be introduced to the class. Standing outside the door she took a deep breath before knocking.

"Come in" called out the familiar, soothing voice of the Chuunin sensei. Opening the door Naruko walked in to find Iruka sitting at a table with some official looking papers in his hands, upon looking closer it seemed one of them was a file on her, not on Naruto, but on Naruko Uzumaki, this sight brought her a small rush of joy as she smiled and greeted her teacher. "Heya Iruka-sensei! Sorry to make you do all this!" Iruka raised and eyebrow at this and smiled at the young girl.

"Its no problem at all Naruko, and if I can say something I must say that you look a lot happier now." Iruka had noticed how sad and lonely the girl had seemed in class, but never knew how he could approach her about it, he was glad that she had good friends that she was able to go to about how she felt.

"So Naruko, We are going to be doing a fairly standard introduction all things considered, I go in, announce that we have a new student and that you will be joining us from now on, and then I will call you in and then you can introduce yourself to the class." Iruka explained, flipping through his class plans for the week and waiting to see the reaction of the blond.

"That sounds good sensei!" Exclaimed Naruko, however a mischievous grin spread across her face, "Hey sensei? do you think you could drop some hints? I think it would be hilarious if you said some things like, "you may know her" or "might have seen her around before"." having asked this Naruko got excited to introduce herself, her mischievous nature showing itself.

Giving the girl an amused look Iruka rolled his eyes and stood up and went to stand by the door, "Now wouldn't that be unprofessional? To purposefully give up information on my new student?" Naruto got a disappointed look on her face, getting up to follow her sensei, "However, I might let a few things slip on accident, I have been quite scatterbrained recently after all." Hearing this Naruko got a great big grin and let out a "Yatta!" of celebration, following her sensei as he walked out the door towards the classroom, mirth sparkling in her eyes.

Arriving in front of the class he signaled for the girl to stay where she was and walked in, walking to his desk and turning to face the class. Eying the students he felt his gaze drawn to a group of 4 students, the Ino–Shika–Chō Trio and one shy Hyuuga, who all seemed to be waiting for something, with an empty seat amongst them. Clearing his throat he began to speak, "Attention everyone! I have an announcement to make!" He went silent for a moment while he allowed what he said to sink in, waiting for everyone to give him their full attention. "We will be having a new student joining us today! You may have met her before, or maybe even have befriended her already!" Murmuring began to spread throughout the class, confusion on who this mystery new student was, many of them wondering how they may have met this new student already.

Iruka observed this before going over to the door he came in from, opening it and giving an encouraging look to the young girl standing there. "You can come in now. Please introduce yourself to the rest of class." Iruka stood aside and let the young blond walk in, causing mass confusion amongst the majority of the class and either mirth or shock overcoming the few that did recognize the blond.

Turning towards the class she let out a great big smile, her whiskered cheeks on full display, and began her introduction. "Hey everyone! My name is Naruko Uzumaki! I like ramen, my friends and training to be a ninja! and my dream is to be the future Hokage! Please take care of me!" With a bow and a smile she went to join her group of friends, ignoring the shocked looks the class was giving her, greeting her friends before sitting down next to Hinata and the window, ready for the beginning of her new life!

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