Misc Harry Potter story ideas

1. Calvin & Hobbes crossover, where Calvin and Susie both turn out to be magical. Hobbes is a result of Calvin's accidental magic when young as he wanted a Companion.

2. Remus always protested Sirius' innocence, however as a Werewolf he could never get (or afford) anyone to look again at the non-trial. He manages to visit Sirius a few times, which helps keep Sirius sane via their stories. They figure out where Harry must be, and Sirius encourages Remus to look in on him, and authorises Remus to access the Black funds to do so, and look into his jailing.

After tracking the youngling down Remus is angered by the state of him, buys No.5 Privit Drive (which is just inside the ward line), and steps into Harry's life. Petunia is only too glad to hand him over. Harry grows up with his 'furry' Uncle. Remus keeps Harry somewhat isolated from the Wizard community as Dumbledore wished (no Wesley connections, etc) but does tutor Harry in potions etc.

Remus does use Harry's name, and Black money to get Sirius a trial. Fudge's career does not recover from the shock of a pureblood Black being innocent and it forces him out of office and Crouch takes over- who cracks down on the Death Eater purebloods, and purges the Ministry Of their supporters where possible. He doesn't take advise from Dumbledore either.

After lots of therapy Sirius moves into No.5 as Harry reaches 6...

3. Harry has Lily's hair, and James eyes.

4. Pettigrew was innocent. He was seduced over several months by a DE inside the Ministry getting 'pilllow talk' about the Order. When he becomes Secret Keeper, a night of booze and passion sees him give up the secret. He realises what he's done, warns Sirius and Remus, then races to the Cottage too late. Peter, Sirius, and Remus raise Harry.

5. After finding his mothers potions texts as a child, and being forced to learn recipes by the Dursleys, Harry is a potions progeny coming up with combos and shortcuts even Snape cannot ignore.

6. It is James not Lily who makes the final stand in the bedroom. Harry inherits his animagi ability as well as the love protection. He discovers it hiding from Dudley, and after figuring out how to control the change, runs away from Previt Drive.

7. Peter hears the Prophesy, not Snape and takes it to Lily and James. They manage to delay Lily's delivery until August 2nd. Then spend a lot of time fortifying the Longbottom's Manor, setting a trap for Voldemort.

8. Harry bonds with Mrs Figg's Kneazle's and can talk to them. Mrs Figg goes off brief and tells Harry all about the magical world. She 'employees' him as a home help (delighting the Dursleys as he's out if the way) and tutors him as best she can. Eventually she calls in a Wizarding cousin- Ted Tonks.

9. After his introduction to the magical world at his wedding Veron Dursley divorces the 'unnatural' Petunia as fast as possible- even though she claims not to be magical, he believes he's been 'bewitched'. Petunia rinses him for half of what he has and returns home to Cokeworth. She discovers she is pregnant. Depressed and annoyed, she is stalking about in the Park when she discovers Serverous Snape and goes into a long rant about who magic ruined her life, Snape of course joins in, but generally agreeing with her. He belives Magic, money, cost him Lily, and tied him to the DE (which he now regrets). Petunia and Serverus call a truce and start talking. After some months, they become friends. Petunia helps him recover when Voldemort becomes 'cruitus happy'. It is Petunia he first tells the Prophesy (he hears all of it here) to. Petunia suggests talking it to Lily. Serverus is hesitant, but goes along when she arranges a meeting with Lily and James only. Lily is disbelieving, but Snape gives her the memory, which she verifies.

Serverus, Petunia, Lily, and James bury their dislikes as Serverus brings more info - Voldermort has found out about the Prophesy via Rookwood at the Department of Mysteries. A suggestion to bring in Dumbledore is mooted. The Old Man suggests hiding under Fidelious, but James argue they cannot hide forever. Serverous suggests using the info as bait and a plan is hatched.

10. Harry can talk to all animals not just snakes...