"The world isn't fair, the world isn't right." Kazooie muttered with distaste in her mouth with it being a quiet morning.

Banjo was casually strumming his banjo as he turned his furry head to his breegull bird friend. "What's gotten you worked up, Kazooie?"

Kazooie squinted her eyes since she wasn't taking any of it. "Nothing, you wouldn't get it."

Banjo stretched his arms, the honey bear looking out to Spiral Mountain from his yard just outside their home. "Coor, I don't know, something is definitely wrong here. Guh huh!"

"Yeah while you say gu-huh I'm here wondering where I went wrong!" Kazooie snapped before pulling out her kazoo, sighing upon not feeling up to playing it. "Maybe it's best if we didn't do much today..."

"You really don't sound into it."

"Well of course; it's been a year and yet I feel like we're being forced into a sequel for it!"

"Well most would say I'm a man of pleasure..."

"...I don't even want to know where you got that from."

It was going to be a long day.