Chapter 2 'Reborn' (or would it be rehatched, or just hatched?)

Ooh, the title chapter. Yeah, this is a chapter I'm still kind of proud of, but it mostly turned out better as I already had a story to base it off. So yeah, but now that I have actually become a good writer, I should be able to make it even better than the original story (Brazilian Life) and certainly better than the original chapter.

Oh, and for anyone who thinks I am not enjoying myself writing this due to the pressure of BestBookIsYou wanting me to write it, don't worry, as I actually wanted to do something like this for a while.

Anyways, without further ado, lets get on with it! Enjoy or suffer.


So that was it? That's my life… Just 15 years… Why did it have to be like this? I had a future ahead of me! A family, a job, a long life… Happiness… All taken away in one foul swipe… Wait, how am I thinking? Is this the afterlife? A dark, lonely, place… Is this hell, or purgatory? Well, its more than likely the latter. But it feels as though I'm cramped, constricted…

It felt as though I was in a cramped, enclosed space. I moved my arms around, and they felt… Strange. I felt some kind of wall or barrier around me. I can't stay like this… I had to get out.

My instincts told me to slam my face against something, in the hopes of breaking it. Not sure why I felt the urge to do so, but I did. And I did so, repeatedly slamming my face against the walls. In the back of my mind I took note of how different my face felt, but I focused not on that, but on getting out of this place. After 3 tries, I broke it… Sort of. A speck of light shone. Almost there… I slammed against it, again. More blinding light shone, I slammed again. My head peeked out for a split second, but I couldn't see, it was too bright. I quickly retreated back into what now became the comforting darkness.

I heard a voice say: ''C'mon… You can do it!'', it was a male's voice that I didn't recognise, and it was clearly encouraging me. I slammed against the wall again, and I fell out. I heard the same voice croon: ''Welcome to the world, buddy…''. I could tell he was very happy… I looked towards it… They were blue birds. Wait… what?!

My vision was improving, and I looked down at myself… I was hairless, my arms… were wings, my feet were all weird, like a bird… That's when it hit me, I'm a bird, and that dark place I came out of was an egg.

I immediately started panicking, hyperventilating, I tried to cry out: ''What's going on?! Help me!'', but all that came out was a scared chirp. I continued chirping in fear when I heard a soothing, feminine and motherly voice,

''Hey Sophia… It's okay… Mummy's got you.'', I was picked up in a pair of wings and brought closer to her. Admittedly, she was quite pretty. Her feathers were a well kept cerulean blue, and from what I could tell her eyes were a gorgeous turquoise. Its more than likely that she'd be considered a very attractive bird.

She brought me to her chest area, which was very soft, and cradled me into her fluffy breast feathers. It was like a cosy, warm pillow.

''Shhhhh…Its okay little one…'', she said in a soft, soothing manner. I would be lying if I said it wasn't comforting, as thanks to her my initial intense fear was fading away slightly, as I now knew that at least they welcomed me, so far, ''Oh, isn't she adorable, Blu?'' she purred. Who's Blu? I thought. That question was answered quickly.

''She certainly is Jewel.'', the same voice I heard when I cracked that egg spoke in agreement. ''Hey Sophia, I'm Blu… Your daddy, and this is Jewel, your mummy…'' he introduced me to what would now by my new parents until I can figure out a way to get back, in a sweet, tender voice. He smiled at me, with tears in his eyes. They appeared to be happy tears.

I was a lot calmer now, but I was still confused. I had many questions: Where am I? What kind of bird am I? Do I have siblings? How am I a bird now? What happened to my previous life? All of these I had to find the answer to. One of them was answered pretty quickly. Jewel, or, my mum, I suppose, put me down. I tried to stand, but I fell down. I looked and saw two more featherless freaks like me, happily chirping away. They had a white strip on their beaks, and I imagined I also had one.

''Those are your brothers,'' Jewel told me, and so it seems that I don't have a sister. I had a goal today: to walk on my two feet. Easy enough, I have been walking for 14 years, so it should be fairly easy. I stood up, and I was very wobbly. I felt a small nudge behind me, my guess was that it was my mum encouraging me to walk. So, I did, or at least tried to. I took a step and fell over. I got back up and felt the same nudge, so I tried again, but again, I fell over. This is going to be great… I thought sarcastically.

So, I tried again, and again, and again. Each time I got slightly better. It was attempt 9, and my brothers were walking like pros. Meanwhile I could hardly walk a few steps without falling over. I tried again, and I got it… Sort of… I was a slow, wobbly walker, but a walker, nonetheless.

''Good job Sophia!'', my parents cheered me on. I felt like a champion, playing that Queen song in my head victoriously, even though my brothers had done it before me… Oh well, I get the participant medal. Aka: 'You suck ass. Here, have a medal to make you feel better.' I practiced over the course of an hour or so, I was still wobbly, but I was marginally better. And certainly better than my first attempt, as at least I can stand and take a step without falling flat on my ass.

''Okay kids, mummy is going to get you some food. I'll be back soon.'', my brothers chirped away. I had no idea what they were saying, which is odd as it seems I am also a newly hatched chick of the same species as them. Unless I just so happened to be a cuckoo like bird, in that case I'll defy my biological urge to murder my siblings and become so fed that I become a disgusting fat blob.

My mum flew off, and my dad looked after me and my brothers. It still felt weird calling them so, as I did have parents when I was Alice. I hope they're okay, I really do. But I guess I should call Blu and Jewel my parents, as technically, I am their child.

After 10 minutes or so, mum returned. I quickly realised something; it was not good. Because I was a baby bird… Ewwwww. I didn't even want to think about it. My mum had three mangoes, which might be her favourite fruit or the only good fruit around here. She passed one to my dad, and had one on the floor, probably for herself, and another, for us… Uh oh.

She took a bite out of one and walked up to my brothers with a smile, and they were chirping happily. I looked on in disgust as she connected beaks with one of them and regurgitated food into their mouths. They didn't care… Oh god. Once she was done, she nuzzled her beak with her baby.

''It's alright, you'll all get fed.'', she told us with the intentions of comforting us hungry chicks, not knowing that her words weren't comforting for me. In fact, they were the opposite. But at least they were for my two brothers.

Ah crap, this is not good! She fed my other brother, and just like before, she lovingly nuzzled her beak against her son's tiny beak. Admittedly, if you ignore the regurgitating food part, it was a sweet scene. I walked over to my dad and tried to take a bite out of his mango, but he held it away from me.

''Nuh-uh-uh-uh…'', he said, shaking his head. If he had hands, he'd probably stick his index finger up and wave his hand, ''Sophia, you're too young to eat solid food. Don't worry, mummy will feed you…'', he told me, probably trying to comfort me. Great… Oh god.

Mum came over to me, ''And lucky last…'', she cooed. I sighed. I have to do this… I have to get fed. I guess it's marginally better than starving to death. I closed my eyes, clenched my wings, which was more like tensing them up, and opened my beak for her to feed me. Oh god this is gross…

She locked beaks with me, and so many thoughts of disgust ran through my head. She then 'fed' me. Bits of pre-chewed food, bird saliva, and God knows what else filled my beak… I hesitantly swallowed and just barely held back the urge to projectile vomit in repulsion.

That was fucking disgusting. I thought. But I knew they were good parents. To them, they were just feeding me and doing what any good bird parent would do. They had no idea what was going on with me. I can't blame them. She stood up and smiled at me.

''There you go…'', she purred in a sweet, motherly and caring voice. I decided to chirp happily at her, I couldn't speak yet, and I wanted to make them happy.

''She likes you,'', my dad chuckled. My mother just nodded, and she walked up to my dad and they lovingly nuzzled beaks. It was a sweet sight, if I was honest.

''I love you, Jewel,'', my dad crooned, ''I love you too, Blu.'', my mother purred in response. They gave each other a quick kiss and smiled at each other.

My brothers were playing with each other, and they walked over to me. One of them walked up and gave me what appeared to be a hug. Even though they looked really weird, I still liked them. They were my innocent little brothers. I smiled slightly, and I heard my dad say,

''That's Miguel, your brother. The other one is Jose. Say hi to your brothers.'', he introduced me, pointing his talon at them. I chirped at them, and they chirped back. Miguel parted from me and chirped at me. He was walking back slowly, looking at me. It appeared he was inviting me to come over. I declined, walking back to my parents. I probably wouldn't do well in whatever bird games they'd play. Maybe if they were playing human games, but with my slight change in anatomy, I probably wouldn't do well.

They simply smiled, and my brothers continued playing. An hour later, and it was dusk. I had a big day, if you include my last day as Alice, and my first day as Sophia, it was pretty big, and… interesting, to say the least.

I sighed, I missed my family and friends. I hope they're okay. I do plan on confessing this to my parents first, maybe I'll tell my brothers later, when they're more mature. I grew tired. And my mum went over to the nest, I followed her, and so did my brothers. I climbed in, and my mum drew out her wing, and tucked it over us like a blanket.

It was quite comfortable, and I felt… happy, and loved. I nuzzled against her soft, fluffy feathers and let out an adorable yawn.

''Goodnight sweeties.'', she purred. My eyelids grew heavy, and I gave in and closed my eyes. What a day, I thought. A few more thoughts entered my head, and I said my final words for the day. I softly chirped,

''Goodnight mum.''. All that came out was a chirp, and I drifted off to a peaceful and surprisingly happy slumber. I wonder what tomorrow will bring… I thought as I fell asleep, finally ending this eventful day…

Well, that wraps up this remastered chapter, I hope you enjoyed it! I certainly enjoyed writing it, and I must say this is a great improvement.

I am aware that newly hatched baby parrots wouldn't be able to walk on their first day. In fact, they don't have properly developed eyes, and are born blind. At least I got them being hatched featherless, and with immature Spix's macaws having the white stripe on their beak, right.

Anyways, next chapter should be out soon as I just want to improve at least the chick/child part of the story. The adult part is something I honestly am not proud of.

Until next time, goodbye.