Chapter 4 'Learning How to Fly'

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By the way, I did change the chapter title from 'Flying Lessons' to 'Learning How to Fly'. Because the latter is a more accurate title, as the chapter isn't a lesson on how to fly, its more just "Jump, flap your wings and hopefully fly", which is what I imagine bird flying "lessons" would be like. They sure as hell are like that on the archive.

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I woke up to the beautiful tropical morning and being snuggled between my loving avian parents. I still had no idea where I was, but I was probably somewhere in Brazil or at least some other South American country, probably in the Amazon or the remnants of the Atlantic Rainforest. I was still comfortably snuggled right between my mother and father, and everyone was asleep. I guess you could say I'm an… early bird. (ba-dum-tiss)

Today is my 21st [Century Schizoid Man] day as a Spix's Macaw, and pretty much all of my immature feathers have come through. I figuratively can't wait until they are all fully developed, that way I don't have to feel the persistent slight irritation over my body.

I guess I took hair for granted, as it never caused this irritation. Maybe its because I'm a girl and I wasn't as hairy as guys, but I assume their body hair doesn't cause any itchiness. If it does, or at least does initially or after you shave, I'd feel very sorry for them. But when my feathers fully come through, I won't have to deal with this feeling anymore, except for when I moult. That ought to be fun.

I decided to relax for a few minutes until my parents and my siblings who snuggled against my mum get up, as I usually do. I had one thought on my mind: When will I fly? Because if there's one major positive to my new life, it's the fact that I can fly. But I don't know when that day will come, nor do I know how hard it might be to learn how to fly.

While I am very well spoken, and intellectually developed, I don't have the best motor skills. I'm still a slow, somewhat wobbly walker, but I am far better than how I used to be. I also had no idea how to eat, and I'm afraid flying will prove to be a challenge. But only time will tell…

It was day 32 of me being a bird, and I woke up snuggled with my mother along my month-old siblings. I relaxed for a few minutes, before carefully crawling out, so as not to disturb my sleeping family, and I walked around the hollow. It wasn't very big, but as I was small, I could walk a bit and practise my walking skills a little bit more. It also gives me something to do apart from laying down and thinking. Now I can walk around and think. I've been doing this for the past week or so, and I plan on doing this whenever I wake up early, which I normally do.

My family eventually woke up, and my mother went out to get the usual for breakfast, which was delicious as usual. However today was going to be a very special day. My mum and dad announced to us the good news:

''Kids, today is the day you reach an important milestone in life: The ability to fly.'', they told us with a hint of pride and excitement in their voice, and it sure did make us feel the same way. Upon hearing that, I let out an involuntary excited squawk. Yes! But I soon grew anxious, as the many thoughts went through my head of what could go wrong. Am I ready? Can I do this? What if I can't fly? I started shaking slightly, letting out a few quiet whimpers that seemed to go unheard of by my family, possibly for the best.

My enthusiastic siblings excitedly rushed over to the hollow edge, and dad flew down to the ground. Mum turned to us, with a sympathetic smile,

''Don't worry, dad will catch you if you can't fly.'', she told us. This made me feel a bit better, but I was still very anxious about doing this. Jose was first up. He stood on the hollow edge, and it seemed he was nervous. He closed his eyes, took a breath and he made the leap of faith. He dropped out of view, before an overjoyed squawk was heard coming from him.

''Woohoo! I'm flying, I'm flying!'', he cried out in pure joy as he flew up and I saw him. A very wide smile was on his beak, and it seemed that flying was a truly magical experience. Miguel was up next, and it went the same. He stood by the hollow edge, nervously,

''Come on Miguel, you can do it!'', Jose encouraged his brother on as he continued flying about with joy. His words of encouragement seemed to work, and Miguel readied himself with determination, and he took a leap of faith like his brother and every other bird that flew did. A joyous squawk erupted from his beak as he flew up and joined his brother in a celebratory flight.

I was next, and by now I was trembling and whimpering. I approached the edge, and my feet were stuck to the floor. We were really high up. My guess would be 50-80ft off the ground. (15-24m for everyone in the world except Myanmar, Liberia, and the USA)

''M-m-mum… I-I'm scared. W-what if I don't fly?'', I asked, trembling with fear. She wore a sympathetic expression and walked up to me and gave me a hug.

''Sophia, you'll be fine. Dad will catch you.'', she said, soothingly. I was still shitting bricks, though, and I just wanted to bail right now.

''I-I… can't do it.'', I trembled in defeat. I was so scared. I knew that fall would be fatal for someone like me. Hell, there would be a pretty high chance that the fall would kill me even if I were a human. If it didn't, I'd just break many bones and be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. On the plus side, I'd get to have a cool wheelchair and I'd get a disability pension. Mum held me closer and we looked eye to eye.

''Sophia, don't worry. Look, I was scared too, I was scared that I couldn't fly. I jumped, and I was so scared, I flapped my wings and I was flying. It's easy, and even IF you don't fly, dad will catch you. It's alright if you don't fly on your first try, but you need to try. You'll be fine. Just take nice deep breaths. You can do it Sophia, mum and dad believe in you. C'mon, you'll be okay.'', she gave me an encouraging speech, her voice full of sympathy for my fears and it was actually very encouraging. She moved closer and gave me a quick hug, kissing me on my head, which added even further encouragement in her comforting actions.

''D-do I have to do this?'', I shakily asked, whimpering in fear. My mum still wore that sympathetic expression, and it softened even further.

''Well, if you truly feel that you can't do it yet, then you can stay. It's okay, I understand.'', my mum answered, sympathetic to my worries. I sure was glad this wasn't mandatory, and that she understood her chick's fears well enough to allow me to stay back in the hollow. ''But trust me, its not as bad as you think and I know you can do it.'', Mum finished, encouraging me further. I still had an unsure expression, and so she continued even further still.

''Now go… Don't think about it, just… Do. You can do it!'', she said encouragingly. I took a deep breath; I can do this. My heartbeat was through the roof, but her encouraging speech was what made me decide to do this. I took a few steps back and closed my eyes. I ran forward and jumped out of the hollow.

Oh shit! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! I thought in panic, I screamed and flapped my wings wildly. I braced myself for impact… An impact that never came.

''Sophia, you're flying!'', I heard mum cry out in joy. I am? I opened my eyes, and to my utter delight, I really was!

''I did it, I did it, I'm flying!'', I cried out in joy, with a small trickle of happy tears flowing out. I was joined by mum and dad, as well as my brothers Miguel and Jose who joined the group. My heartrate went down, as the intense nerves and adrenaline faded away. Now all that was left was the ecstasy of flight.

''See? Sophia, I told you, you could it!'', mum told me, with a wide smile on her beak. I was overjoyed, this felt… great, exhilarating, empowering. Basically, every adjective used to describe amazing things like this. I had never felt so happy in either life. This was truly amazing!

The sensation of wind going through my feathers was awesome, and it kind of tickled in a very good way as it must've stimulated my sensitive nerves in my wings and feathers. It was a very pleasurable sensation.

We all flew together happily as a family. I looked at the scenery below me and was amazed at this. When I was Alice, I remember seeing birds in the sky and I wished I could join them… Well, now I can! We flew for 10 minutes, and we returned to our hollow. I wish I could've flown for longer, it felt shorter than 10 minutes. But I guess time does fly when you're having fun.

But at the same time, I'm glad we didn't fly for much longer, as it was very tiring and responsible for my parents to have our first flight not last too long. As it was, you know, our first flight.

I sat down. Flying sure was fun, but it also was tiresome. Me and my brothers had a nap, while our parents stayed up. I must've slept for 2 hours or so, as I could tell by reading the direction the shadows were pointing. I remember doing this when I didn't have a watch, or a clock or phone nearby. I would stand straight and look at where my shadow pointed.

If I wanted, I could create a sundial with dad to help us and any other bird or animal that could read a clock/sundial tell the time. The only drawback is that it doesn't work at night, except maybe under a very bright full moon. Then again, most diurnal animals would be asleep and won't need to tell the time much. Any nocturnal animals probably won't care much about telling the time, as they'd probably be too busy hunting or getting food, or whatever things nocturnal animals do in their spare time.

I had lunch, grapes, a nut, and a few bites of mango. I was still an awkward eater, but I ate faster and I was better at eating with my beak, but I do feel as though my odd way of eating will remain a trait of mine. Regardless, as usual, it was very delicious.

Soon night came, and I was quite tired. Today was a very big and important day for me and my family, and I sure did need the sleep. I'm sure my brothers Jose and Miguel can relate. My parents sat down in their nest, and we joined in, snuggling against our mother, though my brothers were closer to dad in their position.

It was very cosy and warm, and I let out an exhausted yawn, as my eyelids grew heavy and they slowly closed. I relaxed, letting out a soft coo, as I began to slowly drift off to sleep, thus ending this incredible day for not only me, but my family.

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