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EOTU: Scary Stories of the Universe


Magellan Universe

Event Horizon

The Event Horizon was an abandoned space station built around a massive asteroid belt. The base was big enough to be a football stadium and a hotel all at once, as it was a main circle and glass topped observatory with several sphere structures branched by tubes that were their own separate buildings. Though it also served as the main base for the USSCS Falcon and its crew, the Explorers. Of which much was going on in the main Station area.

Main Station Area

The main area, which was basically a giant lobby hall of sorts with a front row view of the stars and asteroids that hovered around, was being decorated all over. It had orange streamers and lights shaped like flames planted about. Currently, Kala and Genji were carving up oversized gourds that the human-cloned Floranite had grown into Jack O'Lanterns. Lumi and Kori were flying about, placing up what looked like webs. Even Adam Wesker, Ernesto, and Teo were helping with decorations including food supplies as they were taking them to the kitchen. As they were decorating, the whole place looked like a Halloween party setup.

At the moment, Isaac, Jeff, Ragit, Tak, Chunk, and even Ben were walking out of the boarding shoot pressurizer door, as they had arrived from going out. Isaac set down a sac, as he huffed, "Phew, This supply run was crazy, even for a holiday."

"This ain't a holiday, Shepard," Ragit said as he got into his face. "This is the Magellan shut-in. This is the night when all around the galaxy, explored or unexplored, the Sun's solar rays make all the moons around the planetary bodies go blue. This happens once a year. And once a year, we shut ourselves in, whether in our own homes or in shelters."

Jeff shrugged, as he huffed, "This and what's going on around the station seems and feels an awful lot like Halloween."

"Yeah, except everyone's just giving up supplies, instead of us saying Trick or Treat," Ben prompted.

Chunk hopped on the boy's back, as he asked, "Trick or Treat? What is that?"

"Trick or Treat is a tradition you say when you go up to a house on this night," Ben explained. "If you say that, they'll give you candy."

"THEY GIVE YOU CANDY FOR FREE!?" Chunk's eyes twinkled like stars, and his smiling mouth dripped with salivated anticipation. But then he reverted back to normal as he arched an eyebrow, scrunching his face with suspicion, "What's the catch?"

Isaac stepped in, as he smirked, "Well, if they don't give you candy… you get to play a trick on them."

Suddenly, both Ragit and Chunk looked in awe as they both got teary eyed, and Ragit chimed, as the heavens opened above the angels' choir, "That is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard so far about your planet."

Gwen and Misty popped up, along with Jonie and Kera, who the former was dressed like an old fashioned G. gal and Kera a sexy zombie nurse, while Gwen was in her Andolite form with her outfit makeshifted into a Witch's outfit including a cloak on, "Hey, were you guys able to get supplies?"

Chunk pulled out a plasma-tipped hatchet axe, "I got a hatchet."

Ragit used his Beam-O-Trons and out appeared boards and nails, "I got what we need to barricade the doors. For a cheap price."

Ben pulled out two med boxes, "I got emergency First Aid kits."

Jeff pulled out two weapons, "I got the Flame Compensator and a RYNO Mk 3."

Everyone blinked at that, as he held the weapons out all Rambo-style, while Gwen smacked her forehead. Though Misty turned to Isaac as he held two sacs, and asked, "What'd you get, Shep?"

Taking account to his nickname, Isaac laid the two sacs out, as he replied, "I got two bags of rock…." And then opened them up to reveal them to be colorful rocks, as he smirked, "Rock candy, that is. They were on sale, and they're straight from Petropis IV, the Petrosapien homeworld."

Suddenly, Kori flew down, and smiled, "Oooh, they grow the tastiest candies of rock. My sister and I would fight over each other on who had the tastiest one."

Lumi flew over to Isaac's side as she snugged, "Oh, I'm so happy that tonight I'm gonna be with my Darling."

Isaac blushed, as he wasn't able to make eye contact with the Saiyaoni princess. But then felt a tug on his right, as Kori pulled him to her, "Lumi! Stop being the Threndaxian swamp leech! You are smothering him."

But then Lumi grabbed Isaac's left, and the tug-of-war began yet again against the Zamaranian princess and the Saiyaoni princess: the two who fell in love with the Earth Boy that charmed their hearts… unintentionally.

"Man, you're a real cheater, aren't you, Isaac?"

Isaac blinked, as he looked behind him, and saw Tendry, Lumi's 3-year-old cousin, floating on by. He blinked, as he asked, "Tendry?"

Suddenly, Tendry was picked and pulled down by Vivian, who was dressed as a ghost bride, followed by Starlee and Zhanni, who were also dressed up as a ghost princess and a ghost pirate, as Vivian smirked, "Yeah, he popped on over, and Lumi's parents said he'd have to stay the night while the Blue Moon Shut In starts."

Isaac looked around, and saw all the decorations, as he pointed out, "I still think this is a holiday, since there's decorations and Jack O'Lanterns all over the place."

DRU slurped up, as he explained, "Well from what I've read, they're actually referred to as Fear Gourds, and the decorations make the place seem abandoned."

Kera arched an eyebrow, as Salu walked in as a mad scientist, "And what's with the costumes?"

"It's simply used to fool the Beast into thinking that there's no real people about," Salu explained.

Then all the Earth residents blinked, as they all asked, "The Beast?"

Grihl stomped in along with Vax, who had finished putting up steel beams and barricades on all the windows. "Da. Every once a year on dis date, de Sun of our galaxy turns blue, a cycle of it to refresh its fires for another 1,000 years…"

"Still not feasible," Gwen argued.

"And ven dis happens, the solar errays reflect on all de moons, causing them to glow blue," Grihl finished.

Asia popped up, as she said, "They say that if you stare into it, you'll be hypnotized by its rays…" And then roared out, towering above them, as she bared her fangs and teeth, "… TURNING YOU INTO A MONSTER! A HIDEOUS MONSTER!"

Isaac felt someone jump at his chest, and sure enough, Shia was grasping him, as she shivered like a cute little bunny. Starlee arched an eyebrow, as she thought of it aloud, "Hmmm, nothing weird happened on our world for this to be a thing. Maybe the radiation rings around our world block out whatever turns you into a monster."

But Isaac shrugged all three girls off, as he blinked, "Okay, first of which, this sounds like the mythical curse of the Werewolf from where we're from. And second, mostly everyone in our team shapeshifts: DRU, Vax, Asia, Lumi. Heck, even Vivian turns into a dragon-like space creature."

"True, that's all true," Asia explains. But then looked serious, "But this is a form that isn't our own, and we're not in control of our instincts."

Isaac arched an eyebrow, "Has anyone ever dared do it? Go out and looked at the Blue Moons? I mean, is this legend true? Because sometimes it's hard to get a handle on what's real in this galaxy."

Kori got close to his face, as she replied, "No one knows, Isaac."

"And no one whats to find out, Darling," Lumi chimed in, getting close to it as well.

"Ever," Both Shia and Tendry said, as they got behind Isaac.

"You guys are really close to my face right now," Isaac pointed out, not scared at all. "You know that, right?"

An Hour Later

After preparing the base, the shutters for the main observatory glass barrier was closing up with steel. Everyone was sitting down at the lounge area, with the couches all in a circle around a table with treats and a small plasma fireplace in the center of it acting like a campfire. There were even sleeping bags on the floor, with Shia, Kala, Misty, and Kera lying down. Ernesto and Jonie shared a blanket together, with Gwen and Jeff doing the same. Isaac sat alone, though Kori was on his right with Lumi smooshing on the left, both wanting to share a blanket with the unfortunate but lucky guy. Though it got weirder when Attea slipped in front of him, leaning on him, claiming he makes a good chair, much to the boy's embarrassment and the two girls' annoyance.

Starlee got comfy with a sleeping back unzipped with Vivian sitting next to her, eating a bag of chips, as the former pointed out, "Wow. You guys really get into this."

"It's actually kinda nice. Even the Inzurgons get in on this," Attea said, as she snuggled in with Isaac, once again earning annoyed looks from Kori and Lumi. "We sit by the fire, having snacks and hanging out."

"We even tell scary stories to one another," Tak replied, as he roasted a marshmallow with Grihl and Adam.

This perked the Warrior's interest, as he replied, "Scary stories, eh? We do that on Earth as well. You sure this isn't a holiday?"

"NOT A HOLIDAY," All the xeno teens replied.

Ernesto then asked, as eh raised his left bionic arm, "So out of curiosity, what are the conditions of the stories?"

Sphere flew around and explained, "Well, from what I've learned, the stories have to be real or not real, but they all must reach a criteria of horror so powerful, they remind you…." And then spoke in a deep grizzly spooky voice with his blue eye turning eerie red, "…NOT TO GO OUTSIDE!" Everyone jumped back from that, as Sphere returned to normal, "So who should go first?"

"Oh, me, me! I'll go first," Tendry replied as he flew up ahead, as he cleared his throat, "This is the first one this year that was really scary."

Isaac looked to Lumi for an answer, as she replied, "Tendry always tries to tell scary stories, but they don't always work out. Mostly because everyone's heard of them or they're not really scary."

Ignoring that, Tendry cleared his throat, "Anyway, this is a true story. It's called… THE NIGHT OF THE FALCON. The spaceship known as the Falcon was floating in the orbit of a dead world, inhabited by a race of undead killer creatures, and…"

"This already happened," Ben pointed out.

Tendry blinked, as he floated towards Ben and Misty, as he arched an eyebrow, "Huh?"

"Night of the Falcon? More like Night of the Ishimura," Misty explained. "This sounds like back on Aegis 7. It was overrun by a Xenecromorph outbreak, including the colony."

Tendry sighed, as he floated down and sat next to Rei, who assured him, "I'm sure you'll think of another one."

Jeff then held his hand out, "I got one. And this actually happened."

Ragit sighed, "Oh man, is this the story of that you-know-what happened to yours truly?"

"Sure is," Jeff smirked.

Kori was excited to hear, as Isaac, who knew about it, didn't say anything, as she asked, "Oooh, what is it?"

"It's called… HANDS OFF!" Jeff started. But then pulled something from Tendry, "No, hands off. I called dibs on that." He then placed the soda bottle on the table, as he began his tale, "Okay… HANDS OFF!"

Next Chapter: Hands Off

Next chapter, Jeff starts his tale of him, Gwen, Isaac, Sphere, and Ragit, as the Sleazonian soon learns that his thieving hands will be a wicked one's playthings.