Chapter 2: Even the gods have to do a 9-to-5.

As I stare out at the carnage I have wrought, I take a deep whiff of the delightful scent of perforated hell-beast. Oh yeah, before I forget to mention this: Liquid affinity is op as fuck. So, story time! A game I used to play back at home, called Skullgirls, had a character called Painwheel. She was a normal girl, but for some reason, some mad scientist kidnapped her, mind-broke her, and attempted to turn her into a living weapon. One of her major gimmicks was that she could turn the blood inside of her into metal. Or maybe they just isolated all the metal in their blood from their bloodstream. Regardless, after doing this, she was able to manipulate it, creating spears and sword and whatnot. Sooooo, using my Liquid affinity…

The system would like to state that the use of "Slae Briége" is a extremely risky health hazard.

Yeah. I have been creating spears, nails, daggers, swords, even needles to abuse the local Grimm with. Sure, it leaves my pores a bit bigger than they should be, and leaves the appendages in question sore, but…. I get to be a Gallade on steroids. It's worth the risk.

Each average use reduces your health tracker by roughly 3%. The fact you have auto-heal is the sole reason it isn't below 20%.

It's worth the risk.

Anyways, I have also devised a sort of flash step technique; by manipulating the length of the ground I have my foot over, the upper limit of how far I get to "meta-step" is 20 feet. Technically, I only take 1 step, but in actuality, I am able to cover the distance of, like, 5 steps. I am unsure how this doesn't cause some kind of quantum explosion, but hey, you know the saying about gift horses.

6 meters, you mean.

I meant what I said. We do not support the enslaving tea bastards here.

Weird flex but okay.

Lastly, reflection. Right now, all I can do with it is enter a mirror world, which is thus dubbed The Inverse, because everything outside of it looks, well, inverted. MIRRORED, even, if you can believe it. A neat thing I learned, however, is that if I have a glob of water floating, it functions by similar yet different rules than just a normal reflective surface; rather than simply stepping through it, the glob of water has to completely envelope my body. Man, if this is how strong the affinities start off as, the nerf to leveling them up is worth it!... Wait a minute, if I grind up Reflection, could I get to the point where I can invert debuffs into buffs and vice versa?

Yes, but that counts as a Greater Divine Art.

…..and stuff like Slae briéga and the Meta-step?

A piece of Godhood; basically, it's something like your version of the master bolt or helm of shadows.

…...So. My great tool of power is blood that can become weapons in the span of a iota of an attosecond, the ability to gently fold the dimensions over a table then give them the whipping of a lifetime, and a whole new world?

Fuck yeah. Best god 2020.

that remains to be seen.