Chapter 36: Dare You Brave the Darker Dungeon?

When the others had actually managed to open the thing, I was still standing there wondering how the fuck it went unnoticed until literally just now. Like, seriously, at least one of us should have noticed it was different. This is what I get for playing treasure hunter.

A: "Alright, so, previous formation. Any complaints?"

I didn't even give them the chance as I slid between them all to wind up in first. Summer whined about my "Hogging up the front and going so slow", but I am trying to keep them alive here. Their opinions don't count here. Using a domain that I have only really passingly or subconsciously used -the very definition of exponential utility, Dimensions- I start shortening the distance between our position -point A- and the end of the hallway. Trippiest part is, since this is really a perspective thing, it simultaneously looks like I am moving forward and the hallway is moving towards me and I am surprised that the only motion sickness I am experiencing is a bit of dizziness.

S: "Wait, are you oka-"

A: "M' fine, just a bit of motion sickness."

R: "Wait, what do you mean..."

At that, I crossed what could not have been less than 25 steps of stairs in about 6 steps, constantly waving a rod in case these likely-cultists prepped booby traps to fend off, well, people like us.

Q: "Okay, how are you doing that?"

A: "I can tell reality to bend over and shorten the distance between any 2 points. In a more complicated description, I can take the length, width or height of an area, or 2 of those 3 dimensions, and push them together. I suspect with enough practice, I will attain the power to manipulate the fourth dimension of space."

S: "Wait, Isn't it just those three?"

A: "Well, yes, but actually, no. Those are the 3 that we exist in. It is theorized that time is yet another spatial dimension. That is why I suspect I will gain the ability to manipulate it later on."

Q: "That is fucking broken."

A: "Let us hope that the brothers never nerf it, eh?"

Q: "Whole-heartedly."

Surprisingly, there weren't a lot of traps down her. There were 2 pitfalls, a couple of spike traps, and oddly enough, an arrow trap. Like the ones from skyrim, where some holes in a wall would jettison out arrows. Except, thankfully, much less. And un-poisoned.

And eventually, we came face-to-face with the only ornately-designed object down here. A set of doors that were made with pretty much nothing but onyx, except for 2 small pieces of plain metal for hinges. It had some... Not safe for work carvings on it involving inflicting pain of innumerable amounts on people. Not at all something you would see in church. Thankfully, there was no sexually graphic images, because I don't have the brainpower required to keep Summer's eyes covered for this trek.

A: "Alright, so, if tropes have taught me anything, it's that this is either gonna have treasure, a cult ritual, or crippling disappointment for us. So, I am going to take a couple of precautionary measures in case it is the second. Give me a couple of minutes."

Without any room for discussion on their end, I begin stringing up some wire to give us plenty of time in case the Ancestor is behind these borderline-gates, in the process of creating the Swine Prince. They should last for about 3 minutes under appropriately-expected stress, giving us plenty of time to get the fuck out of dodge. Projectiles might be able to slip through if they're thin enough, but I can create a massive fuck-off wall for those. Either way, we all have aura, giving us even more of a buffer window for response. All of this should take care of every scenario we could reasonably expect taken care of.

A: "Alright, we are good to open now. And Summer, if you rush in, I will refuse to let you leave the room for anything other than meals."

That managed to still her, because I refuse to let any die to the startlingly effective lure of the Shiny. Even still, I had nothing to worry about, because what we ended up seeing made us collectively go "What the fuck?" hard enough that I think we managed to give Goodwitch psychic damage. I should probably volunteer for clean-up duty as recompense.