Erazor Djinn laughed while towering over Sonic, having bested the hedgehog in combat. "You thought you could just run away from your problems right?"

Sonic could barely stand on his feet but he smirked for he knew something that the evil genie didn't. "You seem to always be up and about; but did you ever bother looking up?"

"What?" Erazor questioned in confusion, looking up to see the shadow of a bear and bird heading for him, being struck by the musical instruments for which they bared.

"Guh-huh! Thanks for the call Sonic!" Banjo said to the blue blur, giving a thumbs up sign.

Kazooie shook her Breegull bird head while flapping her wings, looking down on the djinn for which they landed on. "Psh, this moron gave you trouble? What a joke!"